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Want My Heart? Give Me Food

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one | reese's cups


Lan WangJi was standing at his locker looking over his timetable when he heard a familiar voice start whining.


“I’m so broke I can’t even get them… Jiang Cheng...”


“Fuck off, Wei Ying.”


Ah, Wei Ying. Lan WangJi was very familiar with that name, there wasn’t a single day that went past without him hearing his name. Lan WangJi shifted his eyes towards the two boys and saw Wei WuXian leaning against someone’s locker while pouting as Jiang WanYin rummaged through his locker with a frown on his face.


Wei WuXian continued to whine. “But I want them...”


Lan WangJi had no idea what he wanted and tuned more into their conversation as he looked back his timetable, no longer concentrating on what other lessons he had left.


Jiang WanYin clicked his tongue. “Well it was your fault for spending all of your damn money on something useless.”


“Hey! I happen to like my white stuffed bunny!”


Jiang WanYin slammed the locker shut and turned to his brother. “You called it Lan Zhan.”


Lan WangJi’s face started to heat up as Wei WuXian hissed at his brother to be quiet, throwing nervous looks towards Lan WangJi who was only meters away.


Wei Ying has a stuffed bunny named after me?


(Lan WangJi chooses to ignore the fact that he too has one named after the loud student. Only in the colour black.)


“Not so loud!”


Jiang WanYin simply rolled his eyes. “Well it was because of that bunny that you have no money to buy your shit chocolate!”


A third voice joined in on the conversation and Lan WangJi recognised it to be Nie HuaiSang.


“What are we talking about?”


“Wei Ying wants Reese’s Cups but he’s a broke ass bitch,” Jiang WanYin replied simply.


Apparently Nie HuaiSang approached them with two others as Lan WangJi heard the familiar voices of Jin Ling and JingYi.


“You can’t afford Reese’s cups? What did you do with your money?!” Jin Ling said.


“Buying stuffed animals and naming it after – mmf” Jiang WanYin was cut off by a hand slapping to his mouth.


Wei WuXian fake laughed loudly and awkwardly as he sent nervous looks towards Lan WangJi’s way who made the decision to flick through his book instead of always looking at his timetable.


“You spend your money buying toys?! You’re two years older than us and you still buy toys?!” JingYi laughed.


Wei WuXian had gotten him into a head locked and the two wrestled for a while before Jiang WanYin smacked them both across the head and told them to stop acting like idiots.


“Oh? Look who it is,” Wei WuXian nudge both his nephew Jin Ling and his brother Jiang WanYin as he gestured towards Lan XiChen and Lan SiZhui walking down the hallway.


The two blushed heavily and Jing Ling pushed a laughing Wei WuXian away. They both gave awkward hello’s and waves of the hand as the two greeted them. Lan SiZhui stood by Jin Ling’s side and smiled down at the blushing boy.


Lan XiChen made his way over to his brother as Jiang WanYin watched him leave with wide eyes. Smacking Wei WuXian when the boy said that he was staring again.


“WangJi, what seems to be troubling you?”


Lan WangJi looked towards were Wei WuXian was teasing Jiang WanYin and then back at his brother.


“Wei Ying wants Reese’s Cups.”


Lan XiChen rose an eyebrow. “Oh? And what are you going to do about it?”


“...May we go to the shop after school?”


Lan XiChen laughed softly and nodded his head. “We may.”


The loud bell erupted through the hallways and as soon as it’s long shrill finished, Lan XiChen turned around and called out, “Jiang Cheng, lets go to class together!”


Jiang WanYin was so shocked that Wei WuXian had to physically push him towards the bright smiling boy. JingYi and Nie HuaiSang went their own separate ways while a blushing Jin Ling and a smiling Lan SiZhui passed by Lan WangJi.


(If Jin Ling saw the subtle thumbs up Lan WangJi gave to SiZhui, he didn’t say anything.)


That left only Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi and the two stood close together as they walked to class.


“I really want some Reese’s Cups Lan Zhan, but I have no money,” whined Wei WuXian.




Do not worry, Wei Ying. You shall receive your Reese’s Cups.



Lan XiChen and Lan WangJi stood in the candy isle and looked over the two different Reese’s chocolate. Reese’s Cups, Reese’s Pieces…


“Should you get him Reese’s Pieces?” asked Lan XiChen, picking up the small bag. “Do you think he would like these more?”


Lan WangJi pursed his lips. “He did say he wanted Reese’s Cups.”


Lan XiChen hummed and nodded his head. Both brothers stared at the two options, frowning. It was a very difficult decision.


Finally, Lan WangJi reached forward and grabbed two packets of Reese’s Cups. Lan XiChen smiled at his choice and patted his shoulder.


“I think I’ll get Jiang Cheng something,” Lan XiChen suddenly announced as Lan WangJi looked at the shocking amount of sugar in the chocolate he was holding.


He turned his attention to his brother and rose an eyebrow. “Jiang Cheng? How come?”


Lan XiChen adverted his eyes and shrugged his shoulders, grabbing a packet of skittles. “Just thought I should do something nice for him.”




(When they got home, they both placed the candy into the fridge ready for tomorrow.)



Lan XiChen leaned against the locker next to his brothers and smiled at Lan WangJi. “Ready?”


Lan WangJi glanced over at the smiling boy a few lockers away and then at the two packets of Reese’s Cups in his hands.


Lan XiChen hit him softly with the packet of skittles in his hand. “It’ll be fine.”


His brother says that but Lan WangJi can clearly see Lan XiChen is just as nervous. He takes a deep breath and nods his head, about to walk over when he chickens out and faces his brother again.


“I can’t do it! Not when he’s like that!


Lan XiChen rose an eyebrow and glanced behind him at Wei WuXian laughing brightly at something his friends say. Lan XiChen is amused but he can’t help but know exactly how his brother feels when he sees the smile on Jiang WanYin’s face.


“We’ll do it together then! And look, their friends are leaving so it’ll just be us four.”


Lan WangJi glanced back and realised his brother is right as he watched Wei WuXian and Jiang WanYin wave goodbye to their friends and start talking to each other.


“Mmm, okay,” Lan WangJi said quietly, already feeling his heart about to beat out of his chest.


He wipes his sweaty hands on his school pants and walked over to the two boys with his brother.


“Jiang Cheng,” called Lan XiChen softly causing the boy to tense and spin around to face Lan XiChen with wide eyes.


“H-Huan! Uh – what’s u-up?” questioned Jiang WanYin, trying to keep calm but failing miserably as Lan XiChen gives him that sweet smile of his.


(He ignores the snicker behind him.)


Lan XiChen opened his his mouth to say something but his nerves got the better of him and stutters slightly. Lan WangJi raises his eyebrow at his brother, never in his life has he ever seen Lan XiChen stutter.


“Um… I got you these. Here,” Lan XiChen said awkwardly, handing Jiang WanYin the packet of skittles.


Jiang WanYin blinked at the red packet in front of him, a blush slowly forming on his face. There’s a nudge in his back and a, “what are you doing? Take it!” from Wei WuXian and Jiang WanYin only just realised he’s been staring at the packet for a while.


He blushed more and took the skittles from Lan XiChen’s hand and smiled up at the boy. “Th-Thank you.”


Lan XiChen ducks his head slightly to hide the silly grin on his face and tucks a lock of hair behind his ear when he looks back up. “No worries, do you want to walk with me to class?”


“Yes!” Jiang WanYin is quick to answer, startling everyone by the loud tone.


He blushed heavily once again and cleared his throat. “I mean, sure,” he replied in a much softer tone.


Lan XiChen smiled and glanced back his brother to give him a look before gesturing Jiang WanYin to follow him. Wei WuXian watched the two with a wide grin.


“My brother likes your brother Lan Zhan! So cute!”


“Mn,” answered Lan WangJi, his chest now filling with anxiety as he’s now very aware of the chocolate in his hands.


He cleared his throat getting Wei WuXian’s attention and nibbles on his bottom lip when questioning grey eyes lock onto his.


Lan WangJi feels his cheeks warm as he shoved the two packets into Wei WuXian’s chest causing the boy’s hands to scramble up to the packets and grab them before they fell.


“For you,” Lan WangJi said quietly, his ears now fully red.


Wei WuXian pulled the packets away and stares down at them, letting out a small gasp as his wide eyes brighten. Lan WangJi watched his expressions closely, his heart warming as a wide grin forms on the boy’s face.


“Oh! Thank you Lan Zhan! How did you know I’ve been wanting Reese’s Cups?!”


Lan WangJi’s lips twitch at the sides and he bites down on his bottom lip. He watched as Wei WuXian ripped open one of the packets, grabs one of the cups and pulls the brown wrapping around it off before taking a big bite of the chocolate, moaning in delight.


“Thank you!” a muffled reply comes from Wei WuXian.


“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” Lan WangJi scolds softly, watching fondly as Wei WuXian giggles and nods his head, finishing off his chocolate.



(“Wei Ying wouldn’t stop going on about how you brought him those Reese’s Cups today in class,” Lan XiChen had said that afternoon as he walked home with his younger brother, giggling as he told the story. “He made sure everyone knew how great you were.”


Lan WangJi felt his ears warm and a small smile tugged at his lips. “Oh.”)


two | must feed my future wife


Rummaging through a bag could be heard as Lan XiChen wrote down his notes, sitting next to Jiang WanYin. They were seated at the very back of the classroom and Wei Wuxian’s table was placed next to theirs. He was the one making all the ruckus.


A quiet groan could be heard followed by a bag falling to the ground and a curse.


“Would you be quiet!” hissed Jiang WanYin, frowning at his brother.


Lan XiChen turned his attention to the two after checking to make sure the teacher wasn’t looking. Wei WuXian pouted over at his brother, the side of his head resting against the table.


“Jiang Cheng,” he whined. “I forgot to grab my lunch.”


Lan XiChen perked up at that and looked back down at his notes but focused carefully on the conversation Jiang WanYin and Wei WuXian were having.


Jiang WanYin snorted quietly bringing a smile to Lan XiChen’s face.


“Well that’s your fault isn’t it?”


Wei WuXian whined quietly more. “Jiang Cheng… I have no lunch! I’ll starve!”


Lan XiChen could practically hear Jiang WanYin rolling his eyes. “You’ll survive and just order something from the canteen then.”


“I have no money remember?”


“Oh yeah, because you wasted it on that fucking stuffed bunny.”


Wei WuXian pouted more and scolded Jiang WanYin to not make fun of his bunny that he named Lan Zhan.


(Interesting, snickered Lan XiChen.)


It was only then did he realise that Lan XiChen was near by and he gasped, bolting up. “Huan! Please don’t tell Lan Zhan!”


Lan XiChen looked over at Wei WuXian and smirked. “Hmm what would you do for me?”


The two brother gaped at the smirking Lan XiChen.


“Anything! Just please don’t tell him, I’ll die of embarrassment if he knew!” Wei WuXian covered his red face with his hands.


Lan XiChen chuckled quietly and pretend his zip his mouth closed. “I won’t tell him if you do something for me... which I will think about and get back to you.”


Wei WuXian nodded his head quickly and looked visibly relived as he glanced back at Jiang WanYin.


“Will you share me your lunch Jiang Cheng?” he asked sweetly, batting his eyelashes.


Jiang WanYin snorted again. “Fuck off, Shijie’s food is amazing, as if I’ll share it with you.”


Wei WuXian whined to his brother at how cruel he was until the teacher snapped at him to be quiet. Jiang WanYin and Lan XiChen giggled to each other quietly as Wei WuXian pouted to himself.



“WangJi, I have fantastic news!” Lan XiChen said as he walked with his brother to their class.


Lan WangJi rose an eyebrow at him. “Hm?”


Lan XiChen grinned brightly, clutching the straps of his bag. “Wei Ying has no lunch!”


Lan WangJi frowned as they both joined the line forming along the wall next to the door of their classroom.


“How is that good news?”


His older brother huffed and grabbed the sleeve of Lan WangJi’s shirt and shook it slightly. “Don’t you see? You can give him half of your food or buy him something!”


Lan WangJi’s ears turned red as he thought over his brothers words. “What if he doesn’t like what I give him?”


“WangJi, you know he likes any kind of food and he’s eaten your lunch before and never complained about it, in fact he ate nearly everything before Jiang Cheng wrestled the chopsticks out of his hand.”


Lan WangJi smiled at the memory and breathed in deeply, nodding his head.





Lan WangJi clutched the container in his hands as he glanced at where Wei WuXian was sitting outside with his friends. He leaned against the wall and tried to control his nerves as he waited for his brother to join him.


No way was he going over there alone!


He didn’t have to wait for long as a few moments later he brother rounded the corner and smiled at him.


Lan XiChen locked their arms together and dragged his brother over towards the bench were Wei WuXian was sitting. “Let’s go!”


Lan WangJi’s heart was practically in his throat as he was pulled along. Wei WuXian glanced up from where he was listening to someones story and noticed the two brothers walking towards them.


“Lan Zhan! Huan!” he called, waving wildly at the two.


Jiang WanYin’s head snapped towards Wei WuXian before landing on Lan XiChen and chocked on his noodles, coughing slightly as he banged at his chest.


“May we join you?”


Wei WuXian slid at the very end of the long seat and patted the spot next to him. “Of course!”


Lan XiChen smiled kindly at him and, with his arm still linked with his brothers, walked over towards the empty spot and the two sat down with Lan WangJi sitting next to Wei WuXian and Lan XiChen sitting next to Jiang WanYin.


Lan XiChen gave his brother an encouraging pat on the shoulder before detaching their arms and turning towards Jiang WanYin and smiling at the blushing boy.


Wei WuXian slid in close to Lan WangJi causing the boy to tense and have an ongoing battle in his stomach as his cheeks warmed.


“Lan Zhan, no one is sharing their food with me and I forgot my lunch,” he pouted over at Lan WangJi.


Lan WangJi’s breath hitched as Wei WuXian leaned his chin on his shoulder and pouted up at him.


“Do… you want to share mine with me?” he asked.


(At this rate he’d have a heart attack from how fast his heart is beating in his chest.)


Wei WuXian’s eyes widened as he stared at Lan WangJi in surprise. He pulled his head back slightly and blinked a few times, a pink blush forming on his cheeks as he lips pulled into a shy smile.


“That’s okay Lan Zhan, it’s your lunch and remember what happened last time?” he chuckled, the blush growing on his face.


Lan WangJi huffed a laugh and slid the container, that just had his death grip on, towards Wei WuXian. The boy stared down at the food and smiled more when he looked up at Lan WangJi.


“Thank you,” he said quietly, opening up the container and breathing in deeply, licking his tempting lips.


Lan WangJi had to force himself to stop staring in order to eat as well.


(Lan XiChen wore a pleased smile as he stole a bit of food from Jiang WanYin, smiling innocently when he boy huffed at him.)


three | spicy ice-cream?


“Ugh, I thought year nine was hard, year ten is even worse!” complained Wei WuXian as he walked side by side with Lan WangJi.


“It’s not that hard,” Lan WangJi said, amusement in his voice as he glanced at the boy next to him.


Wei WuXian had approached him earlier and asked if they could walk home together. Before Lan WangJi could respond, his brother jumped in and said that he would love to and said that he would walk home with Jiang WanYin.


So here they were. Walking home together with racing hearts.


“That’s because you’re so smart Lan Zhan!”


Lan WangJi smiled softly and shook his head. “You’re smart too.”


Wei WuXian grinned over at him. They both didn’t say anything for a while and just stared at each other with wide, fond eyes. It was surprising none of them ran into anything or tripped.


(The staring contest was ruined by a cyclist trying to pass by them.)


Wei WuXian stretched his arms high above his head with a small groan. The bottom of his shirt lifted slight showing slightly tanned skin that Lan WangJi had to rip his eyes away from before he did something embarrassing. Like lick it.


The boy released a small sigh as he moved his arms back down to his side and pulled his shirt down. He looked up and stopped mid step when his eyes landed on an ice-cream trunk on the side of the road.


“Wei Ying?”


Wei WuXian grinned up at him and grabbed onto his hand and dragged him over towards the ice-cream truck. “They sell my favourite ice-cream. Spicy ice-cream!”


Spicy ice-cream? Never heard of such a thing. Why would they make a spicy ice-cream? I suppose people like Wei Ying like it… oh, look at his smile, he’s so cute.


Wei WuXian was practically buzzing with excitement as he stood behind the line, his eyes trained on the picture of a spicy ice-cream. Lan WangJi did not look at the order and just focused his attention on the excited boy next to him.


“You have to try it Lan Zhan, it’s the best thing to ever be created! You think strawberry or chocolate ice-cream is amazing, wait until you get a lick of this!”


I’d rather lick you.


Lan WangJi blushed at his thoughts and shook his head, pulling his eyes away. “Mn.”


As they neared closer to the truck, Lan WangJi noticed that Wei WuXian gasped and deflated then groaned. He glanced at him worriedly.


Wei WuXian noticed the look and blushed, laughing bashfully as he rubbed the back of his neck. “I don’t have any money, sorry Lan Zhan I can’t get us ice-cream.”


Wei WuXian looked upset at the fact as was about to walk out of the line when Lan WangJi grabbed his arm. Wei WuXian gasped and looked back at him with wide eyes.


“Lan Zhan –“


“I’ll buy it.”


“H-Huh?!” stuttered Wei WuXian, his eyes growing wider. “N-No, Lan Zhan I can’t make you do that!”


Lan WangJi shook his head with a small frown on his pale face and tightened his grip on Wei WuXian’s arm.


“I’ll buy it,” he repeated in that a tone that told Wei WuXian that this was not up for discussion.


Wei WuXian sighed and huffed a laugh, grinning up at Lan WangJi. “Alright Lan Zhan.”


When they got to the front, Lan WangJi ordered Wei WuXian’s spicy ice-cream and a strawberry ice-cream for himself. Wei WuXian thanked him over and over again as he grabbed the ice-cream from Lan WangJi.


Lan WangJi watched as Wei WuXian’s pink tongue poked out of his tongue and licked at the ice-cream, grinning widely.


“It’s so good!” he announced before digging into his ice-cream and licking all around it.


Lan WangJi’s ears turned red as he looked back at his ice-cream and gave a small lick to the sweet ice-cream.


“Lan Zhan, you have to try it!” said Wei WuXian, moving the ice-cream in front of Lan WangJi’s mouth.


Lan WangJi stared at the ice-cream and at Wei WuXian’s grinning face. His ears turned red as he leaned in slightly and gave a small lick.


(He ignored the fact that Wei WuXian had just licked about everywhere on the ice-cream.)


Despite it being a small lick, Lan WangJi tongue was on fire. He hadn’t expect it to be that spicy.


“How is it? How is it?” asked Wei WuXian, looking up at him expectantly.


I have no feeling in my tongue.


“Mn, good.”


“Really?! Ah, great! I’m glad you like spicy things as much as I do!”


Lan WangJi smiled and ignored his crying tongue and licked Wei WuXian’s ice-cream every time the boy positioned it in front of him.


four | win his heart with spice


Lan XiChen had the urge to make cupcakes. Their Uncle rarely let them make any sweet things so one night when Lan QiRen was going to be at work late, Lan XiChen knocked on his brothers door and asked if he wanted to make cupcakes with him.


Lan WangJi agreed and joined his brother in the kitchen down stairs.


Lan XiChen ripped open the box he’d been hiding from his Uncle open and poured all the mixing out into a large bowl. Lan WangJi got everything they needed and soon the two brothers started to mix everything together.


“Wei Ying talks a lot about you during class,” Lan XiChen said as he mixed all the ingredients in the bowl as Lan WangJi placed the red cupcake cups into a pan.


Lan XiChen glanced up just in time to see the tips of his brothers ears turning red and grinned.


“What does he say?”


With a smile, Lan XiChen glanced back down at the bowl. “He told everyone about how much you love spicy things – something that I wasn’t even aware of.”


Lan WangJi’s ears grew more red.


“He also said that you were the kindest person he’s ever met, apart from me, and that your smile could light up an entire city.”


A strangled noise left Lan WangJi’s throat as his blush reached his cheeks. “did he really say that?”


Lan XiChen laughed and started to pour the mix into all the cups. “oh yeah, the teacher had to send him out of the classroom because he wouldn’t stop going on about how cute you were.”


“XiChen...” whined Lan WangJi and when Lan XiChen glanced up his brother was bright red.


Lan XiChen laughed brightly and placed the bowl in the sink. “You asked me what he said about you.”


“I regret it,” Lan WangJi replied, placing his cold hands on his warms cheeks as he stared down at the cupcakes, ready to go in the oven.


“Can I add something to one of the cupcakes?” Lan WangJi asked, glancing over to where his brother was washing everything.


Lan XiChen nodded his head and watched with curiosity as Lan WangJi pulled a bottle of chili out and walk back to the cupcakes. Lan XiChen placed all the dishes on the dish rack and walked over to his brother and wiped his hands dry.


He frowned as Lan WangJi poured some chili into one of the cupcakes and said, “I’m starting to think you actually like chili.”


Lan WangJi’s ears turned red as he shook his head. “Not for me.”


Lan XiChen rose an eyebrow and watched his brother like a hawk as he placed the chili bottle away. “Oh? Is it for Wei Ying?”


Lan WangJi noticed the teasing tone in his brothers voice and blushed more, glaring at him. “XiChen.”


Lan XiChen raised his hands up to himself and laughed. “sorry, sorry. Just make sure you give him the right one tomorrow.”



“Wei Ying?” a soft voice sounded behind Wei WuXian and the boy spun around.


“Lan Zhan!” Wei WuXian smiled at the boy before him, his eyes briefly flicking towards the cupcake in his hands.


Lan WangJi cleared his throat and handed the cupcake over. “for you.”


Wei WuXian blinked slowly and carefully took the cupcake from Lan WangJi’s hand, a grin forming on his mouth as he directed his soft eyes towards Lan WangJi.


“Ah, thank you Lan Zhan! What flavour is it?”


“See for yourself.”


Wei WuXian chuckled and pulled back the wrapper and took a large bite of the cupcake, his eyes widening when tasted the spiciness.


Wei WuXian swallowed his bite and licked at his lips. “Lan Zhan! This is so good! Did you make it?”


“I helped my brother,” Lan WangJi replied, gesturing towards where Lan XiChen was giving a lovesick Jiang WanYin a cupcake.


“You said you liked spicy things so I thought I’d add chili in yours.”


Wei WuXian stared at Lan WangJi in shock, his heart picking up in pace. He smiled shyly at the boy, tucking a piece of hair behind his ear.


“Thank you, Lan Zhan.”


Lan WangJi smiled at him and nodded his head.


Wei WuXian heart nearly bursted out of his chest as Lan WangJi moved his hand towards his face and used his thumb to wipe off a bit of icing off his upper lip and then he licked it off.


He licked — ! He licked it off!


Wei WuXian let out a small squeak and shoved some more of the delicious cupcake in his mouth to hide the fact that he was now bright red.


five | oreos


Wei WuXian groaned from his place at his desk and leaned his head on his notebook, the pen falling from his hand. It was nearly midnight and he still hadn’t finished doing his homework.


Maybe if you hadn’t spent the whole time texting Lan Zhan then you wouldn’t be in this mess,” Wei WuXian heard Jiang WanYin’s voice in the back of his head.


Can you really blame him though? Wei WuXian always finds it hard to stop texting Lan WangJi. It the perfect opportunity to get to know more about the boy he’s been pining for since year eight.


(He knew what he was getting himself into when he replied to the first text Lan WangJi sent him that afternoon.)


Wei WuXian stretched his aching arms above his head and groaned softly. He glanced down at his homework and huffed, standing up and quietly walking out of his room.


He walked into the kitchen, careful not to wake anyone up as he looked through the fridge and cupboards for something to eat. He quietly sulked to himself when he found nothing and walked back to his room, hungry and craving oreos.


Wei WuXian leaped onto his bed and grabbed his phone and unlocked it to go on snapchat. He took a quick picture of a black screen and wrote in the caption saying he was craving oreos but for some reason this house doesn't supply them, followed by a series of crying face emojis.


When it was added to his story, Wei WuXian reread through his and Lan WangJi’s messages from that afternoon before the boy went to bed at nine. He had a constant smile on his face, growing each second he read more of the texts from Lan WangJi.


Eventually he had to get back to his homework and sighed heavily as he switched off his phone and walked back to his desk, placing the phone next to him. Wei WuXian picked up the pen and with a whine, he started his work.



Lan WangJi laid wide awake in his bed, the time on his clock slowly reaching midnight. His mind would not shut off. Constantly going on and on about Wei WuXian. He smile, his laugh, the way he loves to tease Lan WangJi and the way he narrows his eyes when he thinks about something.


Lan WangJi sighed heavily through his nose and covered his face with his hands. He shook his head a few times and pulled his hands back and grabbed blindly for his phone and turned it on.


He looked through all of his social medias and opened snapchat last. He looked through everyone’s story until he reached Wei WuXian’s and read his caption. He clicked on it again when it disappeared and realised that it was posted only a few minutes ago.


Lan WangJi bit his lip as he started at his phone. He sat up in his bed and repeated Wei WuXian story again and reread his caption a third time. Nibbling at the inside of his lip, Lan WangJi got out of bed and got dressed in warm clothes.


He paced around his room for a moment.


“Am I really doing this?” he whispered to himself.


Lan WangJi dragged a hand through his short hair and straightened up. “Yes I am.”


Lan WangJi carefully opened the door to his room and started into the hallway, listening carefully to see if he had woken anybody up. He stuffed his wallet and keys in his pocket and walked down the stairs towards the front door.


He placed his hand on the front door handle and paused slightly, feeling the nerves rack his body as he bit the inside of his lip again. He glanced back up the stairs and sighed as he quietly opened the front door and walked out.


(Lan XiChen laid in his bed and smirked to himself when Wei WuXian’s snapchat story disappeared from his screen and heard the front door close, instantly clicking on the new message from Jiang WanYin.)



The cashier at the convenience store looked at him weirdly as he paid for the packet of oreos, probably wondering why a high school student was out so late. Not like they haven’t seen other high school students out late at night before.


Wei WuXian didn’t live that far away from him so it only took ten minutes until he was outside his house. Lan WangJi’s nerves came back and he smacked his forehead softly with the packet of oreos in his hand.


“Did I really just leave my house at midnight just to give Wei Ying a packet of oreos?”


Lan WangJi shook his head and pulled his phone out with shaky fingers, feeling the anxiety rack his body as eh sent a message to Wei WuXian saying he was outside.


He reread his message and placed his phone back in his pocket with a shaky sigh.


“Fuck me.”



Wei WuXian glanced at his phone briefly when he head it go off. He did a double take however when he saw who the message was from.


Why is Lan Zhan messaging me at this time?!


Never one to ignore a message from Lan WangJi, Wei WuXian placed his pen down and picked up his phone, pressing the home button and reading the message.


Lan Zhan <3: I’m outside.


“Eh?! What does he mean he’s outside?”


Wei WuXian stared wide eyed at the message and reread it over again before he was out of his seat and swinging his door open and walking towards his front door. His heart pounded when he peeked through the peephole and saw Lan WangJi standing there.


He ripped the door open, startling Lan WangJi who looked up from his phone.


(Somewhere in the house Jiang WanYin was texting Lan XiChen that his brother had just arrived at his house.)


“Lan Zhan? What are you doing here?” asked Wei WuXian in a low tone to not wake his family.


Lan WangJi’s ears turned red and was thankful that it was dark. He cleared his throat slightly and handed the packet of oreos to Wei WuXian who stared at the them in shock.


“You – uh – wanted oreos… so,” he waved the packet slightly, turning his eyes away from Wei WuXian who started at him with a gaping mouth.


“Fuck...” Wei WuXian swore lowly. “fuck I love you.”


Lan WangJi snapped his head back towards Wei WuXian with wide eyes. Wei WuXian now registered what he said and slapped a hand to his mouth.


“I mean –“


“I love you too,” Lan WangJi rushed out in one breath.


Wei WuXian started at him, his hand falling limply from his gaping mouth. A grin soon formed on his lips as he grabbed the oreos from Lan WangJi and flung himself at the boy.


“I love you so much Lan Zhan.”


“Mn, I love you too, Wei Ying.”


Wei WuXian giggled and hugged Lan WangJi tightly, feeling those strong arms hug him back.


“I can’t believe you brought me oreos!” he said as he pulled back and smiled down at the packet in his hands.


“Me either,” Lan WangJi breathed out, smiling at Wei WuXian.


“Fucking hell,” swore Wei WuXian as he moved forward and kissed Lan WangJi.


Lan WangJi’s breath hitched and he kissed Wei WuXian back, finally feeling those soft, tempting lips on his own.


“Your smile is so cute, I just had to kiss you!”


Lan WangJi’s ears grew red and he stopped Wei WuXian’s giggling by bringing him into a kiss.



(Wei WuXian posted a photo of him kissing Lan WangJi’s cheek with the packet of oreos visible on snapchat.)