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Only The Newest Eclipses Will Matter, But Only After We Listen To Old Worlds

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I sit with my boyfriend and his girlfriend and I think I'd stay like this forever if I could/She likes me too, I call her Candy no Caramel

Boo thinks we should kiss already/He'd get more satisfaction that one might expect

He buys me a tennis bracelet the day after the club party event thing/I love it but I pretend it's lame

Candy sees through me first/She kisses me so I cannot deny it

Miles almost keels over, laughing/I punch him in the arm, it's still funny to them both

We eat candy after and I hold their hands/The others are all like "Finally" and "Aw, them so cute"

She hugs me tight and he steals my soda with love/I admit that I adore him and her and the gift

I sit with our boyfriend and our girlfriend and I know I'd stay like this forever if I could/I like her too, she calls me Naps and Lion as well