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Miracles happen in January, too

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“Oh, God! Fuck it!!”

Jongin curses for the eighth time in raw this morning. He holds onto his toe which buzzes in pain after crashing at the foot of his bed. This day has been going so wrong for him. From waking up late, to finding out that the buttons of his shirt are torn off, to skipping his precious breakfast because he doesn’t have enough time. He knows he is so going to be late, and Junmyeon is so going to nag at him for that, and Baekhyun will probably tease him too.

He can already see the whole day passing in front of his eyes.

“Take a deep breathe, Jongin, take a deep breathe”

He tells himself, closing his eyes and inhaling slowly. He knows from experience that he will keep doing more stupid mistakes if he doesn’t slow down. He is so clumsy, and he seriously hates it.

He opens his eyes slowly and his sight falls on the house across the street through his opened window. It has been a while since Jongin noticed how weird his neighbour is.

If he can remember clearly, the person in the house across the street moved in one year ago, however, only 4 months ago that Jongin started to realize that something is very odd about him.

He is a single guy, obviously, rarely being visited, or seen with anyone generally. He probably sleeps all morning and wakes up all night because Jongin doesn’t recall seeing him in the morning at all. He has a cat, and that cat is the most interesting part. The cat, just like now, leaves the house every morning, roams around the house and comes back home every single time, all by itself.

Jongin stares at the white cat crossing the road beautifully and elegantly and looking very alarmed and aware of its surroundings.

Jongin thinks the cat is possessed.

He snaps out of his thoughts when he hears his phone ringing. This is probably Minseok. And he is probably fucked up.


 “Where the hell were you?!”

Baekhyun’s question welcomes him the moment his steps inside the office.

“Don’t ask; bad day”

Jongin sighs, putting his briefcase on his desk and sitting in front of his laptop. Baekhyun plops into the chair of his own desk and looks at him.

“Yo! What is wrong with you?”

“He hasn’t gotten laid in ages, that is the problem”

A third voice gives the answer before Jongin can open his mouth.

Baekhyun lets a wholesome laugh at the remark and Jongin rolls his eyes, because first, the statement, made by Chanyeol who is sitting on the opposite desk of his, is right; and secondly, Baekhyun is painfully obvious when it comes to trying to have Chanyeol’s attention. He laughs like an idiot to every joke the taller guy says every single time.

“Fuck off both of you” Jongin lowly groans. 

“Stop abusing my child”

A soft voice erupted the scene and Jongin pouts at the direction of the owner of the voice, “Minseok Hyung! Please make them stop!”

The elder male walks past them and sits on his desk but not before smacking both Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s heads respectively.

“Let him live, it is not like either of you get laid”

“Hyung” Baekhyun whines, rubbing the back of his head.

“Stop teasing him and work on the report, I have to submit that to KyungSoo before noon”

Baekhyun whines in protest, but this is normally how mornings pass; the usual stressful atmosphere in the office, Chanyeol and Baekhyun quirky comments, Minseok scolding them and Jongin just counting the hours until the work hours end.


Going back home at sunset was never the type of daily routine Jongin hoped for, but whenever the work at the company is too much, and this happens like three times per week, it becomes the reality he has to face.

He sighs, head daggling and eyes casted on the floor, counting the footsteps till he reaches his house and the warmth of his bed.

He wasn’t paying attention and he should have expected bumping into someone, but being the Jongin he is, he notices how absent minded he has been the moment his body collides with another body.

“Oh god, sorry!!” He hurriedly apologizes even before raising his head up.


Jongin’s words stuck in his throat when he sees the face in front of him up close.

It is his neighbour. He recognizes the face he came across couple of times in the street or the nearby market. But to be quite honest; Jongin thinks he is way more handsome up close; sharp nose, small mouth, pretty eyes, well defined eyebrows, fair skin and silvery hair.

Wow, he is pretty.

“It is okay” the voice flatters to Jongin’s ears soft and deep at the same time, “I’m sorry too, I wasn’t looking either”

Jongin composes himself before looking at the man probably, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, and you?”

“I’m okay” He pauses, debating himself either to ask or not, “You live in that house, right?”

Jongin points at his neighbour’s house, which is few meters away from them.

The man looks back and nods, “Yeah, I do, and I guess you are the one living across the street?”

Jongin’ face lights up, “Oh, you know me?”

The man smiles shyly, “It is hard not to notice to be honest; it has been a year”

“Oh yeah right” Jongin chuckles and extends a hand for a handshake, “I’m Kim Jongin”

“Oh Sehun”

He responds to the handshake and smiles warmly; Jongin absolutely loves the half-moon-eye Sehun gave him.

“Umm” Jongin starts after they pull back, “So, see you around Sehun?”

“Sure! Take care, Jongin”

“You too!”


The brief meeting leaves an impact; not only did Jongin start to overthink why the hell Sehun never appears in the morning, but also because he started thinking of how attractive and cute Sehun is. He finds himself spending more time in front of his window, trying to catch a glimpse of Sehun walking inside his house or looking through the window. He loses himself in tracking some of the other males’ habits, like going out every night at 9 to the market to shop or leaving food every night at 11 in front of his door for stray cats. Small details that Jongin started to pick up bit by bit. Jongin’s urge to know the other male better is increasing with every passing day.



Sehun exclaims when he comes face to face with the named man in the supermarket. Maybe, Jongin has finally had the guts to follow Sehun there.

“Oh! Hi Sehun” He flashes him a bright smile, trying to act normally.

“How have you been doing?”

“I’m okay, what about you?”

Sehun shrugs, “Okay, just buying some stuff”

Sehun takes something from the shelf and puts it in his cart, Jongin glances at where the box landed and notices the amount of cat food in the cart.

“Wow, that is a lot of dry food”

Sehun scratches the back of his head, “Yeah, I like feeding cats, plus, I have a cat”

“Yes, I noticed” Jongin grins, “And your cat is really cute”

“You saw him?”

“Well, it is hard not to; your cat loves to sneak out every morning, do you even know that?”

The question emits a loud laugh from the neighbour, Jongin thinks it is really adorable.

“Ah I know, he is kind of sneaky”

“And it is okay with you? Aren’t you afraid he would get lost or kidnapped one day?”

Jongin crosses his arms, giving Sehun a judgmental look.

Sehun seems taken back by the sudden attack but he answers calmly, “I always watch him from my room, don’t worry about it”

“He looks really smart” Jongin tries to soften his tone.

Sehun smiles at him, “He is”

Feeling that the conversation might die out, Jongin tries to bring out something else to talk about, “I was wondering” He searches for the words, “Would you like having a cup of tea in my place?”

Sehun seems surprised by the request but there is a happy gleam in his eyes.

“Sure, why not!”

Jongin internally screams.

They finish their shopping in a comforting atmosphere; sharing opinions about some products and giving advises about what to buy and what not. Jongin realises that Sehun ridiculously loves snacks and he can’t understand how with that amount of unhealthy food the man is still that slim.

Okay maybe he checked him out, but hush!

The moment they arrive at Jongin’s house, Jongin, for the first time, appreciates how much he loves being organized because the impressed look on Sehun’s face is really worth it.

“This is so neat” Sehun remarks once they step inside.

“Oh” Jongin looks around shyly, “I like organizing stuff, I enjoy it; it also relieves my stress”

“Dude, I would never invite you to my house”

Sehun jokes, taking off his jacket and taking a seat where Jongin gestured him to sit down on the coach.


“Because it is a mess, a living mess”

Jongin laughs and excuses himself to go to the kitchen. He prepares two cups of tea as Sehun busied himself by checking his surroundings.

The house indicates that Jongin lives alone; the lake of a feminine touch and the way everything holds a single pattern and style shows that the owner is living alone and has been for the longest time. Some sort of excitement sparks in Sehun for that.

“Did I take long?”

Jongin’s question snaps Sehun out of his thoughts. The tanned male places two cups of tea on the table in front of them as he sits beside Sehun.

“No, really, thank you”

“You are welcome”

Jongin hands Sehun the cup ad Jongin takes is with a smile.

“I love the designs. Did you do that yourself?”

“Most of it! It is another thing I enjoy doing”

“It is impressing! I love it, very relaxing”

“Do you work as a designer?”

“No, actually I work in marketing at SUHO company, but it has been something I loved for a while”

“This is nice” Sehun sinks in the coach a little more, making himself a little comfortable as he looks at Jongin.

Jongin tries not to dwell much at the way Sehun’s eyes sparkles or his lips glisters from the tea and moves on talking about random topics for a while.

“Oh, by the way” Jongin remembers suddenly, “I just noticed I didn’t ask what do you do?”

“I’m a freelancer! I do services online”

Jongin raises an eyebrow, “Services?”

“Yeah, multiple of things, whatever is available”

Before Jongin can interfere further, Sehun puts his empty cup on the table, “Actually, I have to go now, I need to be with my laptop in few minutes”

“Oh” Jongin’s face falls down, “Already? It is really nice spending time with you though”

“Same here” Sehun smiles fondly at him, “Let’s do it again!”

“Yes Sure!”

Before leaving his house, Jongin makes sure they exchanged their phone numbers.


“Online services?” Minseok asks with crossed arms and frowned eyebrows.

“He is a cameboy”

“Or a serial killer”

Jongin rolls his eyes at Baekhyun and Chanyeol respective suggestions; lowkey regretting telling them anything.

“Guys, I’m serious!” Jongin whines, gulping down a mouthful of beer as the music around them blast on full volume in the club.

“These are the only type of people who stay up at night to give services, Jongin” Baekhyun says simply.

“Or he is a vampire!!!” Chanyeol suddenly squeals, “You said he is never seen in the morning! Run Jongin, run!”

Jongin glares at the said man, “You know what? It is my fault that I asked for your opinions. What did I even expect from you?”

Minseok chuckles lowly, drinking a sip of his drink, “Hey Jongin, don’t mind them but don’t you think you are too interested in him?”

“What do you mean?”

The black-haired man shrugs, “You have been talking about your neighbour for a while now”

“He wants to get laid” Baekhyun provides the answer, “Maybe you should ask him out and know what type of services he gives”

“Just be careful he won’t kill you”

Chanyeol warns and Jongin doesn’t bother answering them anymore. Instead, he looks ahead of him, watching random people grinding against each other or making out messily.

The night is passing slowly, and he is getting bored, hoping he had stayed at home instead with a book or a movie, or rather trying to see any traces of Sehun.

As if his wishes were heard by the heavens, Jongin was halfway through his third bottle of beer when he sees the familiar figure entering the club. He blinks his eyes repeatedly to make sure it is not the alcohol effect.

“Oh god he is really here”

The statement, which came out louder than he thought, gains the attention of the three males who immediately look where Jongin is looking.

“Who?” Minseok asks.

“My neighbour” He points a finger, “The tall one with silver hair”

He explains as Sehun has a company with him; a short guy with black hair.

“Oh boy” Baekhyun whistles, “This is such a good catch. I would let him suck my blood if he is a vampire… or suck other stuff too, you know”

“I will go to dance” Chanyeol says right after slamming his glass forcibly on the table and stomping to the dance floor angrily. Baekhyun looks at him with confusion.

“If you really want to convince Chanyeol to date you, you need to stop acting like this Baekhyun” Minseok scolds as Baekhyun sulks, drinking a mouthful of beer.

Jongin isolates himself from the side conversation and excuses himself. He heads towards Sehun, trying not to look as eager as he feels inside.

“Sehun, hi!”

The named man turns with a surprised look that instantly turns into a soft smile.


Now that he is standing close enough to him, Jongin could notice the smudges of eyeliner and the tent of a lipstick on Sehun’s face. It makes him look incredibly sexy, adding the leather outfit he is wearing.

“What a coincidence!” Sehun exclaims happily.

“Yeah, small world!”

Sehun laughs and taps the shoulder of the shorter guy standing next to him. The guy turns with a smile that Jongin immediately thinks is very kittenish.

“Hyung, this is Jongin, my neighbour. Jongin this is Jongdae Hyung, my friend”

Sehun introduces.

“Nice to meet you” Jongin greets, extending a hand which the other male takes gladly.

“Thank you, same here”

Jongdae answers in a deep voice that his small look doesn’t indicate at all.

Jongin invites Sehun and his friend to his table, immediately regretting his decision the moment Baekhyun started being loud about how Jongin told them about Sehun.

“I’m glad to finally meet the person Jongin has bee talking about the past week”

Baekhyun says with a cheeky smile. Sehun blushes and looks at Jongin who is glaring at the elder male,

“Did you tell them about me?”

“Umm” Jongin scratches the back of his head “Couple of times, yeah”

The music suddenly shifts to a low tone that Baekhyun recognizes and squeals, “Oh God! It is Dean’s pour up!! Bye!!”

He leaves the table at that, heading to the dance floor where he somehow manages to find Chanyeol and get him to dance along.

On his side, Jongdae asks to dance with Minseok, who was too excited to go with him, leaving the two neighbours alone.

“Umm” Sehun starts shyly, “Would you like to dance?”

“Yeah, sure!”

Two seconds into the dance and Jongin realises he shouldn’t have said yes. Sehun is a really skilled dancer, knows how to use his body and how to move to a low jam sensually and sexily.

Jongin is a good dancer himself, but it takes him a while to get a hold of himself and starts moving to the rhythm, riding the same flow Sehun does. He feels Sehun inching closer to his body and he carefully wraps a hand around Sehun’s waist to bring him closer. He watches Sehun reaction closely, afraid that he might not be comfortable with the grip, but the silver haired male emits a content sigh at the feeling and brings himself even closer to the tanned male.

The surroundings fade away bit by a bit as Jongin concentrates on the hot male between his arms. He feels the curves of Sehun’s waist and sides under his balm, and the warmth radiating from his body over his. Sehun, enjoying the ministration on his sides, circles his arms around Jongin’s neck and brings his leg right between Jongin’s legs, grinding their hips against each other.

A hitch escapes Jongin’s mouth and the hot breath brushes against Sehun’s lips who smiles at the reaction.

“You are such a good dancer Jongin”

Sehun says lowly, intentionally rubbing his groin against Jongin’s

“You are not bad yourself”

Jongin answers, eyes focused on Sehun’s lips. He lickes his lips as he itches to have a taste of the rosy lips two inches away from him.

“Is it weird that I really want to kiss you?”

Jongin asks, his hold tightening around Sehun’s waist.

Sehun laughs, hot breath sending tangles down Jongin’s spine, “I don’t think so; I was just having the same thought”

Jongin smiles and leans in for the kiss but a sudden cheer of the people around them and the abrupt music change into something much lighter stop him.

Sehun lets a breathy laugh, “Maybe next time then, Jongin”

And instead of placing the kiss on Jongin’s lips, Sehun puts a small peck on Jongin’s cheek before pulling back and walking away, leaving Jongin more turned on and even more excited to a put a hand on his neighbour.


Nothing feels the same after that encounter at the club; Jongin doesn’t seem to be able to stop thinking about Sehun; the way his body felt under him and against him, the way his dark eyes sparkled under the light and the way he spoke and laughed. Something about Sehun was simply enchanting; starting from his looks to his personality to how mysterious he is.

Jongin intends that the next time he sees the other male, he would ask him out. However, for almost four days Jongin hasn’t see Sehun leaving his house, not even Sehun’s cat has left every morning as usual.

Jongin tries to ignore the feeling at first, but he grows more worried with each passing day.

“Why don’t you go and check on him?”

Minseok suggests simply while they sit at the company cafeteria eating their lunch. Jongin has been going for half a minute at least about how concerned he is about Sehun.

“I called him last night and he said he is okay, it would be creepy to visit, right?”

Jongin asks with a pout, recalling the phone call; it was super short and weird which made Jongin feel that Sehun doesn’t want to talk to him at all.

“Wait, I will do something”

Minseok takes out his phone and scrolls down some numbers before making a phone call.

“Hello Jongdae”

Jongin raises an eyebrow at the happy smile on Minseok’s lips and-

When did Minseok actually got Jongdae’s number?

“I’m fine, thank you, Jongdae I have a question”

Jongin listen attentively.

“How is Sehun? Jongin told me he has been kind of missing and he was wondering if he needs anything or if he can give help, you know”

Jongin watches Minseok’s face, waiting for the response impatiently.

“Oh, I see, thanks Jongdae! Yeah, we will meet today as planned! Bye”

Jongin raises another eyebrow at that but he lets Minseok explains first, “Your boy caught a cold, he is sick but not dying, don’t worry. You can go and check him if you want, he is just not the type that likes to worry others with his problems”

Jongin sighs in relief; maybe Sehun doesn’t really hate him.

“Jongin, you look in love”

Jongin blushes at the remark, “I’m not!”

He defends himself but groans in defeat when Minseok gives him his famous ‘stop the crab’ look.

“Okay, I’m interested in him… I just feel he is a nice person”

“And he is hot, and you want him”

Jongin sometimes really hates how well Minseok knows him; it is pointless trying to argue with the elder male.

“Yes, he is hot I didn’t deny that, and I want him… but there is something genuine in this as well, and hey! When did you and Jongdae started seeing each other?”

“Since we met at the club” He shrugs, but Jongin knows that is Minseok is blushing madly under that cheeky attitude.

“Aww, Hyung! Are you getting yourself a boyfriend!!”

Jongin squeals happily that Minseok has to hush him, looking around them in case anyone has noticed.

“Keep it low, would you! I don’t know yet! We are just meeting and seeing where everything is going”

“Hyung this is so cute!! I ship!!!”

Minseok rolls his eyes at that.

“Anyway, you should go and check on Sehun! I’m sure he will appreciate it”


On his way back home, Jongin makes sure he buys flowers. He takes a fresh shower, and dresses into a simple jean and hoodie before heading to visit the sick man.

He bangs the door couple of times until Sehun opens the door. Jongin instantly smiles when he sees Sehun dressed in a navy-blue cotton pyjama, and his hair is damp and messy. Yet, he still looks so adorable.

“Jongin? Hi”

“Oh hi!” Jongin says awkwardly, searching for words. Instead, he kind of pushed the flowers in the man’s face, “Here, these are for you”

Sehun looks both surprised and shocked because of everything but he still takes the flowers, “For me?”

“Yes sure, I heard you were sick”

Sehun smiles, eyeing the flowers with grateful eyes, “I was, I’m okay now though”

“This is great to hear”

Jongin tucks his hands in his pockets, starting to feel a little awkward for standing for a long time in front of his door.

“Oh God! Please come in!”

Sehun says hurriedly when he realises that he has been leaving Jongin waiting.

Sehun moves aside, allowing Jongin to step inside. The first thing Sehun is welcomed with is the sweet smell of the house; it smells like a flower garden and Jongin can’t help but smile at the amount of cat themed things he owns; from pictures on the walls, to cushions, to other decorations that include any cat traces in them.

Obviously Sehun loves cats so much.

“Please make yourself at home, and sorry for the mess”

Jongin laughs because Sehun is right; the house is really messy, but it is not too much of a mess, it is actually bearable, still better than Junmyeon’s office.

“It is fine really”

Jongin assures him.

“Juice?” Sehun asks.

“Would be cool”

While Jongin seats himself on the couch, Sehun heads to the kitchen to bring a cup of juice for them.

While Jongin busies himself looking around, he realises that is it weird he sees a lot of cats around him but never the actual cat Sehun has.

This is really weird.

“Sorry for making you wait”

Sehun’s voice snaps Jongin from his thoughts.

“Not at all”

Sehun puts the glass of juice on the table in front of them before sitting beside Jongin on the sofa. Jongin for a second feels like he is in a déjà vu and he absolutely likes it; that domestic and cosy feeling of being next to Sehun is making him so happy.

“How are you feeling now?”

“Wait, how did you know I was sick? I’m pretty sure I didn’t tell you anything through the phone”

Jongin tries to avoid Sehun’s gaze as he says, “Umm, actually, I made Minseok Hyung calls Jongdae and he told him you were sick”

A mix of being impressed and shy at the same time crosses Sehun’s eyes, and he takes a while before being able to speak again.

“Well, I had a pretty bad cold the past few days but I’m okay now. I just had a shower and was getting ready for some Netflix marathon before sleep”

“This is really nice to hear! I was worried about you when I didn’t see you often”

Sehun raises an eyebrow, “So, were you stalking me?”

“Oh no! No! It is not like that… I mean” Jongin searches for the words, his cheeks heating up.

Sehun laughs, “Hey, hey, I got you… plus, it is not like am offended, it is cute that you noticed actually”

Jongin doesn’t respond, not really knowing what to say; why Sehun is such a flirt!

“This is good, I guess?”

“It is” Sehun gives him a very genuine smile, “I have always found you a very interesting person, but never really had the chance to talk to you”

“Wait, you wanted to?”

Sehun chuckles at Jongin’s surprised face, “How wouldn’t I? It has been a really long time since I moved in and it is hard to miss the hot neighbour in the sexy suit”

Jongin laughs heartily at the comment, “Hot neighbour in the sexy suit, really?”

“I’m creative, I beg you” Sehun sticks his tongue out, “Plus you have such a simple and restricted routine; going to work, coming back mostly at dusk, shopping once a week, you rarely go out; very simple”

Jongin crosses his arms and smirks, “Oh, so you were watching”

“I’m trying to make you feel better about watching me, don’t tease”

Sehun says lightly, but Jongin is sure he can see the blush creeping on his cheeks.

“So? Would you like some Netflix?”


Sehun suggests and Jongin agrees almost immediately.

Sehun puts on a show and places two bowls of popcorn in front of them as they settled on the sofa, sharing a blanket. Surprisingly it is one of Jongin’s favourites as well, and he mentality makes a note of how similar their tastes can be sometimes.

“By the way, where is your cat?”

Jongin asks after a while, noticing how calm the atmosphere has been since he came.

“Oh, Vivi is asleep! He sleeps a lot at night, don’t mind him. He has his own routine”

“Your cat is weird, Sehun”

Sehun giggles, “You have no idea”  

Jongin shrugs and focuses on the show instead.

Halfway through the show and after endless laughs and jokes, Jongin feels Sehun’s body heat against his body, and slight pressure on his side. He turns his face and finds the silver haired slightly leaning against him. Sehun’s side profile looks even prettier this way.

He doesn’t know for how long he has been staring at Sehun, but he knows that was quite long enough for Sehun to notice and eventually turn and smile at him.

“Is my face that interesting?” Sehun asks with a smirk.


Jongin’s voice is deep and confident, and it sends shivers down Sehun’s spine.

Sehun turns his whole body sideways to look at Jongin better.

“So, what are you going to do about it?”

Sehun challenges, and Jongin is a man who is up for challenges.

“I don’t know but kissing you seems like a start”

Sehun laughs, and Jongin takes this as a hint to finally capture Sehun’s rosy lips and warp his hands around his neck to bring him closer.

Sehun moans low the moment they touch, and inches closer to grant Jongin a better access to his mouth. Jongin makes use of the chance and dives in for deeper sucks on the pair of lips. Sehun’s hands clutches onto Jongin’s shirt as feels hotness forming in his stomach.

He feels Jongin licking on his swollen lips by now and parts his lips for him. Jongin enthusiastically marks all the places he could reach inside the hot mouth with his tongue, already feeling addicted to the taste of Sehun.

Without breaking the kiss and the swirl of their tongues against each other, Sehun slightly starts moving closer to straddle Jongin’s lap. Jongin lets his hand move downside until he gets a grip of Sehun’s waist and helps him to set comfortably on his lap.

The first contact of Sehun’s ass on Jongin’s dick emits moans from both of them, and they had to part at once. They rest their foreheads against each other as their hot breathes brush against each other. Jongin eyes Sehun’s red and wet lips with need, so he captures them again, causing a needy moan from Sehun who starts rolling his hips on Jongin’s member.

Feeling bolder, Jongin’s hand moves further down until it gets a grip of Sehun’s ass and squish the surprisingly meaty ass-checks.

“Oh god!”

Sehun tears off the kiss at the feeling, and Jongin starts sucking open mouthed kisses from his jawline and his neck. Sehun holds onto Jongin’s hair for leverage as he can only roll his hips to get some friction.

“You are so sexy” Jongin whispers against his skin, right before pressing his lips on his collarbone.

Wait when did Jongin even open his pyjamas top?

Sehun doesn’t know and he doesn’t care for he wants whatever Jongin is doing to just keep doing it.

Trailing kisses down Sehun’s chest, Jongin feels a little bolder and slips his hands past the band of Sehun’s pants and he pulls back as he feels bare skin under his touch.

“No underwear?” He asks with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t like wearing them at home” Sehun answers bashfully.

For some reason, the statement sends jolts in Jongin’s dick.

“This is so sexy, I like it”

Jongin licks a long strip of skin from Sehun’s neck in response.

“Where is your room?”

Jongin whispers in his ear, nibbling on his earlobe.

“Umm” Sehun struggles to form a word, “This way”

He points at his left and Jongin hoists Sehun in his arms before standing up. Instinctively, Sehun wraps his legs around Jongin’s waist and Jongin brings his hand back in Sehun’s pants, kneading on the stubble flesh under his fingers.

Kicking the door with his heel, Jongin places Sehun on the bed and hovers over him; he can pay attention to the room later, now he just wants to focus on the male under him. Sehun brings their lips back against each other, devouring the plumb lips of Jongin and sucking on them hungrily.

Jongin takes the chance to open Sehun’s top completely and wiggles him out of his pants. Pulling back, Jongin takes a look at Sehun’s body sprawled under him for his display; milky white skin, slim figure, and his pink member oozing with pre-come on the top.

“Damn, you are so beautiful”

Sehun flushes red under the complement, “Hey why are you so overly dressed while am naked here?”

Jongin grins, “As you wish”

He proceeds to take off his sweater and unbuckles his jeans belt.

A moan escapes Sehun’s mouth the moment he sees Jongin’s bare chest in front of him; toned and well sculptured muscles that he certainly didn’t expect.

“Like what you see?”

Jongin tease, coming face to face again with Sehun’s lips.


Sehun barely whispers before Jongin is back to abuse his lips.

He feels Jongin’s knees spreading his legs and he willingly makes a space for Jongin to fit between his legs. Slowly, Sehun feels curious hands slipping between his ass cheeks and rubbing around his hole.

“Ah! Fuck!”

Sehun moans against his lips and Jongin chuckles, “Do you have condoms? Lube?”

“Yes, first drawer” Sehun points to the night-stand and Jongin unattached himself to bring the martials. He fumbles in the drawer until he finds what he has been looking for. He makes a quick job on taking off his pants, before returning to the bed again.

He smirks at the way Sehun’s mouth waters as he scanned his body and pours a generous amount of lube on his fingers. Lightly, he ghosts his fingers around the awaiting hole.

“How long has it been?”

Jongin asks, making circles with his fingers around the rim.

“Quite a while”

Jongin plants a kiss on his forehead, “Don’t worry, I will take care of you”

Slowly, Jongin thrusts a finger in, Sehun’s body tensed at first but he eventually relaxed as Jongin bumpers his face with feathery kisses. A second finger soon joins and Jongin works on stretching him open in scissoring motions before adding a third finger. Jongin watches Sehun’s face turn into a complete bless as small aroused noises escape his mouth. With a crook of his three fingers, Sehun moans loudly, feeling his prostate being hit with skilled fingers.

“Jongin, hurry up!!”

Sehun begs shamelessly, hooking his legs around Jongin’s waist to bring him closer.

Jongin pulls his fingers out of the tight hole, earning a whine from Sehun. He drops a quick kiss on Sehun’s lips before pouring more lube on his dick and puts on the condom.

“Hey, wait”

Sehun says suddenly, and for a second Jongin’s heart drops.

Sehun sits up on the bed and slowly starts pushing Jongin to sit against the bed board and climbed on his lap. Jongin almost ceme when he saw what Sehun was trying to do.

“I want to ride you, Mr. hot neighbour” Sehun says cheekily and Jongin giggles.

“I won’t say no” Jongin says simply.

Griping on Jongin’s dick, Sehun angles it before sitting down slowly.

“Oh fuck!!” Jongin curses, feeling the hotness and tightness of Sehun’s walls around him.

“Oh my God!” Sehun moans simultaneously, resting his head against Jongin’s shoulder as he tries to adjust to the feeling of Jongin’s length in him. Jongin distracts him by planting kisses on his chest and kneading on his ass-cheeks until Sehun is comfortable enough to move up and down his dick with steady movements.

Jongin takes a look at Sehun; his messy hair, red lips, marked skin, his pyjama top hanging by his arms, his beautiful body perfectly arched over his dick, and his hard member; Jongin feels like coming just from the sight.

He takes a hold of Sehun’s waist and starts thrusting upwards, matching Sehun’s movements, and chasing after their climaxes which are hanging on the edge already.

“Jongin, faster, deeper!”

Sehun begs, trying to brace himself against Jongin’s chest.

“Touch yourself, baby” Jongin whispers in his ears and Sehun shudders form the nickname and form the demanding tone of Jongin.

Bringing his shaky hands to his hard member, Sehun storks himself while Jongin aims at his sweet spot repeatedly.

“Jongin… Close!”

Sehun sobs, his head falling on Jongin’s shoulder.

With a strong grip on his waist, Jongin thrusts faster and harder, hitting his bundle of nerves each time until Sehun came with a throaty moan between their bodies. Seeing Sehun coming between his arms, and feeling his walls tightening around his member, Jongin follows suit, shooting his load in the condom in Sehun’s heat.

They stay still for a while, panting and chasing for their breaths.

“That…” Sehun speaks against Jongin’s neck, “That was amazing”

Jongin smiles proudly, and kisses the crown of Sehun’s head “Glad, it was”

Pulling out of the stuffed hole, Jongin helps Sehun to lies on his back as he makes a quick cleaning of their bodies with tissues and wipes. He throws the wipes in the trashcan and joins Sehun back on bed.

He is already dozing off.

Smiling fondly at him, he kisses his cheeks. “Sleep well” Jongin whispers before adjusting himself to watch the sleeping man for a while.

Eventually, sleep kicks in and he gets drifted in sleep.


Jongin wakes to a cold and empty bed.

He extends his arms to grip on the warm body that was sleeping next to him, but he finds nothing. He abruptly sets up and looks around him. The room is still the same as last night, or as far as he can recalls. Their clothes are still scratted on the floor, but Sehun is nowhere to be found.

Did he wake up earlier to prepare breakfast?

Jongin gets up and grips his underwear to put them on before walking out of the room


He calls out but no answer.

He searches the living room and the kitchen but finds no traces of the man. He goes back again to Sehun’s room and sits on the edge of the bed. He picks up his phone and tries calling Sehun, but his phone was on the nightstand beside the bed.


Jongin puts on the rest of his clothes and waits for Sehun’s arrival. Maybe he went out to buy something.

Suddenly, Jongin’s eyes fall on a ball of white fluff sleeping beside the bed. It is Sehun’s cat.

When did it even get here?

The cat stirs from sleep and stretches as he wakes up, yawing cutely. Jongin watches with a smile how it started cleaning itself and licking its milky white fur. Suddenly, it settles completely, sniffs the air, and turns around to look at Jongin before screeching and jumping two feet in the air.

“Oh wow, hi!”

The cat stares at Jongin blankly, and for a second it made Jongin scared. Sehun’s cat is really weird; why is it staring into his soul like this?

“Hi, Vivi right?”

Jongin tries again and the cat seems to be debating itself either to stay still, run away or run to Jongin.

“Do you where is Sehun?”

Jongin asks and of course he gets no response, nor a reaction.

“Why are you so pensive? Is it because I entered without your permission?”

After two minutes of awkward silence, the cat moves and walks towards Jongin, rubbing its cheek against Jongin’s leg. Jongin smiles and starts scratching the cat’s head which purrs happily.

“Sehun, where are you exactly?”

Jongin spends the afternoon with Vivi, who surprisingly sticks to him throughout the day. Jongin feeds him, scratches his head, and Vivi scent marks him completely.

Two hours later and Jongin is dead worried that he thinks of calling the police at some point.

“Where is your human Vivi?”

Jongin asks with a pout, the cat meows and snuggle closer to him.

“Was he mad? Did I do something wrong yesterday?”

Vivi looks at him and meows lowly.

“I mean he didn’t look uncomfortable to me, but did he regret it and wanted to spend some time alone?”

Jongin sighs when he doesn’t get an answer. He closes his eyes and rests his head against the coach.

“Are you okay, Sehun?”

Jongin wonders as his eyes flatters close.


A strange weight on his thigh wakes him up.

Jongin doesn’t know when he fell asleep or for how long has it been, but it is dark outside already and there is a weight on his thigh. He looks down and sees Sehun curled up against him on the coach; starkly naked but sleeping peacefully.


The call is louder than Jongin intended that it woke Sehun up.

The silver headed stirs from his sleep and rubs his eyes as he sits up.

“Sehun! Where have you been!! Why are you naked! Are you okay!!”

Jongin shots him with question while Sehun has unexplained calm face looking at Jongin with strange sadness in his eyes.

“Can you… can you bring me any clothes from my room?”

He requests, and Jongin takes few seconds before proceeding to do as asked.

He hurriedly heads to the room and brings him a t-shirt and shorts before returning.  Sehun takes the clothes quietly and puts them without looking at Jongin.

Once dressed, Sehun starts fidgeting; his fingers toy with the hem of his shirt uncomfortably.

“Sehun, where were you?”

Jongin asks, voice soft and calm.

Sehun extends and arm and looks at Jongin, the tanned male takes few seconds before taking the hand and sitting next to Sehun.

“I was here, Jongin”

“Where? I looked for you everywhere, it was just me and Vivi… and…” Jongin pauses, looking around, “Vivi, where is he?”

Sehun smiles sadly at him, “He is here as well”

“Sehun…” Jongin feels so confused, it is like he understands but he can’t understand at all.

Sehun takes a breath before speaking slowly.

“On the Christmas eve on 2015, I met a stray cat” Sehun starts slowly, “It was a pearly white cat in an ally behind my house. At first, I started to visit it, leave food and water and play with it. I called the shelters in our area and asked them to call me if they have vacant spots, they told me they would call back but their priority is always to wounded cats or abandon home cats that can’t live in the street. Therefore, I had to wait; since he was healthy and can protect itself very well. I wanted to take him in, but my brother had two cats who wouldn’t let any other cat approach our house, so I kept visiting it every day… every single day I would go and play with it and take care of it”

Sehun stops to swallow hardly.

“Then one day, on 14th of Jan 2016… I went to see him, but found some guys throwing stones at him and trying to beat him… I got so mad at them, we got into a fight, and I ran behind them across the street, and the cat followed me…”

Sehun pauses, takes a deep breath and Jongin encourages him to continue by rubbing the back of his hand.

“It was reckless, I wasn’t looking, and I ran behind them with all of my power that I didn’t notice that I was taking myself to my end. A van hit us… both me and the cat.

On 14th of Jan 2016 I died, Jongin” Sehun states calmly, looking carefully at Jongin’s eyes, “I was supposed to die at that moment… but something happened; something at that moment like a miracle… Both I and the cat became one. Every day, when sun rises, I turn into a cat; and every time the sun sets, I’m back to be a human… We are both living in this body, Jongin”

Sehun waits for Jongin to take in the information. He stares at him blankly, and with so much confusion. He can’t understand, he doesn’t understand.

“So…” Jongin finally says, “Are you telling me that it was you with me the whole morning?”

Sehun nods, “I can recall everything I do when I’m a cat, and even have some control over my actions; it is like our souls are living side by side”

Jongin stays silent again before chuckling ironically, “That is why you are never seen in the morning but your cat… and why I never saw you and your cat together”

Sehun nods slowly.

“I wasn’t supposed to fall asleep last night; I should have wakened you up and made you go home… but I couldn’t…”

Jongin buries his face between his balms; this is too much to take in at once. However, everything makes sense now, makes sense in a way he can’t believe it is true.

“I’m sorry Jongin, I’m sorry you had to be involved in all of that”

Jongin finally looks at Sehun, “Do you what is so funny about this?


“14th of Jan is my birthday”

Sehun doesn’t respond, he averts his eyes away, “I do understand if you don’t want to do anything with me anymore, but please keep this as a secret”

Jongin tries to utter a word but nothing comes out. He wants to say so many things to other male, but his mind is so messy at the moment. He needs to digest everything. He needs to make sense of all of this.

Standing up, Sehun turns his back to the man on his coach.

“You can leave if you want”

Sehun says eventually before walking towards his room without looking back. He hears the small fidgets of Jongin in the living room. And hears his steps towards the door, and the door being opened and slammed shut.

And with that, Sehun breaks down in tears.

That is exactly why he isolated himself, that is why he never wanted anyone in his life, because no one would accept that, no one would endure a part time friend or boyfriend, no one-

“I don’t want to leave”

The statement comes with two warm arms wrap around him and a solid chest colliding with his back.

Sehun sighs through the tears as Jongin’s head rests on his shoulder, “I don’t understand, and I have no idea how this is even possible, but I know that I like you way too much not to let go of you this easily without giving a try”

“But, I’m-”

“I just gained a boyfriend and a cat at the same day, isn’t that great?”

Jongin jokes and Sehun finally smiles through the tears; he moves his head sideways

“You won’t regret this?”

“I know I would regret more if I didn’t try”

Sehun turns inside Jongin’s embrace, and slowly leans in to capture Jongin’s lips in deep kiss.


Dating Sehun has turned out to be the best choice Jongin has ever made in his life. Sehun is absolutely charming in every aspect. He is funny, caring, good listener, would be so interested to speak at the weirdest topics. Moreover, both him and Jongin shares a lot of similarities despite being so different. And for the most part, Sehun really has a cat whiten him; he is clingy, he likes attention, and wants to be showered with love. Jongin thinks it is adorable.

It was easy to fall into a comfortable routine; they would spend the nights together and, in the morning, Jongin would leave to work while Vivi just roams around the place. Jongin tries to go back home early just to have some time with Vivi, he has grown so fond of the cat.

Plus, Jongin started to have a strange kink towards watching Sehun transforming while having him between his arms. Jongin tries to deny Sehun’s accusation that he is mainly trying to find a chance to see him naked, and Sehun doesn’t even argue anymore.

On the other hand, Sehun can’t believe he has become so lucky; Jongin is so caring and understanding, and most importantly loving. He appreciates the smallest things and tries his best to make him happy always.

Sehun thinks that Jongin is indeed a miracle.


“Your birthday is coming soon so what do you want for it?”

Sehun asks, swinging his legs as he sat on the kitchen counter watching Jongin putting their Christmas dinner in the oven.

Jongin sets the temperature and turns to him with a smile.

“Just you” He says simply, walking to stand between Sehun’s legs, who willingly gives him space and even wraps his legs around Jongin’s waist.

“That is so cliché Mr. Kim Jongin”

Jongin places his hands on Sehun’s bare thighs and rubs them softly. Sehun has been wearing nothing but Jongin’s sweater the whole night, and it is giving Jongin a hard time.

“I really don’t have anything special in mind. I have you, that is enough”

Sehun squints at him, “You are such a sweet talker, I hate this”

Jongin inches closer, bringing his nose to rub against Sehun’s nose “And you just sweet, and I love this”

Sehun blushes madly, “God… Jongin!”

Jongin moves his hand up to rub at Sehun’s inner thighs, “Hmm”

“We will burn the turkey”

Jongin groans, “Okay, but you are mine tonight!”

“I’m yours every night”

Jongin leans in and captures Sehun’s lips sensually, and Sehun responds immediately, going for a tongue battle where Jongin lets him win for a while. Sehun shifts from sucking on his full lips to marking his mouth everywhere he can reach, until Jongin takes a hold of it and shoves his tongue down Sehun’s mouth. Sehun melts between his arms, clutching on Jongin’s shirt for his deer life.

Pulling apart when the need for air can’t be ignored, they rest their forehead against each other.  

“You know” Sehun starts, “I have a whish!”

Pulling back, Jongin asks, “What is that?”

“Giving you a morning kiss!”

Jongin pecks Sehun’s swollen lips, “But you do!”

“Not kittenish kisses, a kiss as your boyfriend”

“I love everything regardless, Sehun”

Sehun doesn’t answer, instead he buries his face in Jongin’s chest and nuzzles there. He looks at the side through the window and sees the first spark of snow in the night slowly falling.


“Man, look at that smile!”

Baekhyun whistles from his desk, looking at Jongin who has his eyes glued to his laptop.

“If I knew Jongin would be so productive in work if he dated, I would have set him up with someone way long time ago” Chanyeol joins the roasting session from his desk as well.

“It is not because he is with someone, it is because it is Sehun

Minseok answers instead and Jongin only glares at them all.

“If productivity is linked to dating, why didn’t your productivity progress since you are dating Chanyeol finally, Baekhyun?”

Jongin retorts angrily and Baekhyun blushes red; it is still unfamiliar for him to remember how shamefully he confessed his love to Chanyeol while being drunk as fuck and having a mental breakdown.

His ‘Why don’t you want to love me!! Give me love Chanyeol’ while sobbing will haunt him for ever.  

“This is a good one, Jongin” Minseok laughs, without even looking up from his laptop.

“You are always on Jongin’s side!!” Baekhyun whines while Minseok only shrugs.

Jongin chuckles at them; he would never get tired of Minseok and Baekhyun quarrelling.

“Jongin, by the way,” Minseok remarks, “We wanted to celebrate your birthday today, but we figured you would want to spend the night with Sehun, so we will meet on the weekend!”

“Thanks guys”

Jongin smiles with a tent of blush on his cheeks; Sehun has promised him that they will spend unforgettable birthday tonight.

His thoughts are cut off by the ringing of his phone. It is an unknown number, but he answers regardless.


>> “Mr. Kim Jongin?”

“Yes. Who is this?

>> “Officer Donghae, you know someone called Oh Sehun?”

The question makes Jongin stands up immediately, “Yes, what is wrong with him??”

>> “He made an accident and he is now in the hospital, we want-”

“What!! What accident? Where is he now? Is he okay now!!”

Jongin shoots the questions one after one; his heart is bonding crazily in his chest.

>> “Please calm down, write down the address”


Minseok insists that he will drive Jongin to the hospital as he can’t risk letting Jongin drive in that state. There are tears hanging by his eyelashes and his heart is swelling in pain.

He doesn’t understand a thing, but most importantly; how could Sehun make an accident in the middle of the day!

The moment they step inside the hospital, Jongin rushes to the receptionist who tells them where they can find Sehun’s room.

They find a police officer in front of the room, probably the person who called him.

“Where is Sehun!” Jongin asks, panting from all the running.

“Please calm down” The officer says in a gentle voice, “He is inside, sleeping for now”

“Is he okay??”

“Strangely okay if you asked me”

The officer crosses his arms against his chest and Jongin sighs. Minseok rubs his shoulder soothingly.

“What happened?”

“You are Jongin?”

“Yes. I’m Jongin, his boyfriend”

The officer nods in understanding, “The neighbours told me they saw you two together a lot and we can call you since he didn’t have a wallet or phone”

“What? Why?”

“Okay, well, your boyfriend made an accident. He appeared in front of a van driver who swears he didn’t see your boyfriend but a cat instead, and he tried to stop the van just in time. Your boyfriend, for the record, was naked”

Jongin chocks while Minseok squeals a loud “What??”

“We hope his boyfriend have an explanation for that”

Donghae throws the question at Jongin’s direction.

Jongin doesn’t know how to respond; he has no idea what happened and how to justify everything. Sehun isn’t even supposed to be Sehun now!

“So, what was your boyfriend doing naked in the street!”

“He sleepwalks!!!!”

He says abruptly, starling even Minseok.

“He what?”

“He sleepwalks!! He was probably still asleep… and... He sleeps naked, you know”

Jongin laughs awkwardly and the officer gives him a judging look.

“Okay” The officer sighs eventually, “Luckily for you and your boyfriend everyone is okay. Please make sure he puts on some clothes in case he sleepwalks again. We will still have to ask him some questions when he wakes up though”

“Okay officer, thank you”

Both Minseok and Jongin bows for the officer who returns the bow before walking away from them.

“Jongin, what the fuck!”

Minseok asks him immediately.

“I will explain everything to you, I promise!! But I need to check on Sehun first”

Jongin waits for a nurse to leave Sehun’s room before asking if he can wait with him until he wakes up. The nurse tells him it is okay and Jongin almost lost his mind when he saw Sehun on the bed, all in his human glory while the sun creeps from the window.

What is actually happening?


Whiteness welcomes him from every direction. He is laying on the floor and he feels so lightheaded. He feels movement behind him, and he sits up to take a better look.


Sehun calls. The cat stills and looks at him.

“Come here”

He opens his arms, exactly like how he used to 4 years ago, but the cat doesn’t run to him.


Sehun calls sadly.

“I can’t come anymore Sehun”

The cat says and Sehun blinks, “Vivi, you are talking!!”

“I can’t be there anymore Sehun, I have to set you free”

“Vivi, I don’t understand”

“It wasn’t you who died 4 years ago Sehun, It was me… but because you were there, because you loved me truly, you granted me 4 years of life Sehun, because of your kind soul and heart.”

Sehun can’t understand a word. He didn’t die, he is the one who saved Vivi not the other way around all these years!

“You saved me once, Sehun. It is time for a payback now”

Before Sehun can inquire what does that mean, the cat jumps on him, forcing him to lie on the floor again. The cat looks at his eyes deeply, staring at him like how a human would do. And suddenly he presses his paws into Sehun’s chest, right where his heart should be.

“I have left you a gift, please forgive me and take care of it”

Sehun wakes up with a loud gasp and cold sweat running down his forehead. The voice wakes Jongin up from his nap with a starlet shout.


Sehun tries to take his breath and adjust to his surroundings, his eyes are frantically looking everywhere around him. Jongin hurriedly holds his hand as he sits next to him on the bed.

“Sehun, baby you okay?”

Sehun’s other hand slowly makes its way to his heart and starts touching the area checking for something.


Jongin calls again, eaten up by worry.

“Jongin…” Sehun finally says, looking at him with so much fear and confusion.

“Baby are you okay?”

Sehun swallows and tries to sit upright on bed, Jongin helps him with adjusting the pillows behind his back.

Once calm enough, Sehun drinks a cup of water from the table next to his bed.

“Are you okay?”

Sehun nods, “Oddly okay, Jongin”

“What happened?”

“I don’t really know; I was having a morning stroll, just like every day, and suddenly a van appeared, and everything turned white. Everything was so fast. I don’t even know how this happened, but earlier… I had a dream, a vision… I don’t know”

Jongin grips on Sehun’s hand tighter as he retells him everything he saw earlier; the things Vivi told him, and everything he done. He keeps touching his chest from time to time while Jongin presses on his hand to reassure him.

“And that is how I woke up, and what does this is supposed to mean!!”

Sehun looks completely agitated and Jongin doesn’t know what to say to calm him down.  He tries to make sense of everything first.

“Okay; so” Jongin starts, “It wasn’t you who died, but Vivi, and he used your body all these years and now he just returned your life entirely to you?”

Sehun thinks, “I guess? I still don’t know what type of gifts he is talking about! What if I became him again but at sunset!”

Jongin scots closer and takes Sehun to his chest, “It doesn’t matter; what matters that you are here now, and you are okay… I would die if something bad happened to you”

Sehun clings into the warm chest, “Do you know what I think, Jongin?”

Jongin pulls back to look at him, “What?”

Sehun smiles, “I think what happened was a miracle, a 14th of January miracle”

Jongin flashes a warm smile at him, “Maybe everything was destined after all?”

“It sure was, and you were my miracle, Jongin”


4 months later.

Jongin feels stinging on his chest that stirs him from his sleep.

He frowns, knowing the reason behind it. He tries to push the owner of that feeling off his chest.

“Sehun…” he calls sleepily, “Sehun, your paws, take them in”

The named male cracks an eye open and sees the said paws slightly scratching on Jongin’s chest.

“Sorry baby” Sehun apologizes while taking his paws in.

So, apparently the gift Vivi has left him is all of its traits as a cat under Sehun’s control to use whenever he wants; his paws, tails, and ears, adding most of the cats’ abilities, Sehun can’t believe he has turned into a catman!!.

At least Jongin thinks of it as something hot and sexy.

“Hey” Jongin mummers sleepily, extending a hand to pull Sehun against his chest again, “Come here kitty”

Sehun groans, “Oh god, you will never stop, right?”

Jongin ghosts his lips on Sehun’s, his hand reaching between their bodies to balm on Sehun’s member, “Don’t say this when you get hard one the mention of being called a good kitty”


Jongin kisses him shut, “Love you too, my kitty”


“Me too, idiot”