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heaven knows what you do to me (you could chain me up or set me free)

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The group finds themselves in the middle of National City park. Miraculously, they have backpacks full of supplies, such as clothes, wallets with money, and the necessary identification they would need to function as members of society. Nia and Brainy look around, bewilderment on their faces. They’d never been to earth before, Kara remembers suddenly. This was all brand new to them.

Kara is searching through her pack when Lena grabs her shoulder tightly. She follows Lena’s gaze to a bald man in a suit blacker than night is sauntering towards them.

“Ah Sister, look at this mess you’ve made of things.” Lena’s brother sighs as he approaches them.

“As I recall, I wasn’t the one going around telling Mother my business.” Lena hisses, and it’s just as frightening as if she were still a demon.

Her brother tsks and Kara has to clench her fists to keep from punching him in the middle of the park, “Actually, you can thank Haures and his little minions for that one. Got a little suspicious when he didn’t come back from whatever errand he was on. I did a little digging and it led straight to you.”

“You turned me in?” Lena gasps.

“It’s nothing personal, sis. It’s business. You were favored for the throne, I wanted it. Simple as that. Look, I even gave you your girlfriend. You’re alive! That’s something to celebrate.”

“If you ever --” Kara starts, but he merely raises his hand and the air is ripped from her lungs. Kara crumbles to the ground, choking and gasping.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You’re human now, remember?” He lowers his hand and the air rushes back into her, making her cough and heave.

“Look. You got what you wanted. Leave us alone, and don’t come back.” Lena growls.

“I get it. You’re pissed at me. But I have given you one gift. For as long as your mortal life, you both will have my protection. And protection from a certain Guardian trainee Lucy and Guardian James. No demons will come within a five-mile radius of you.”

“How kind.” Lena deadpans.

“I knew you’d see it my way.” He says. “See you around, Sis.” And he disappears before Kara can blink.

“Are you okay?” Lena asks Kara as she helps her to her feet.

“Fine.” Kara snaps. “Glad that bastard is gone.”

Lena gasps playfully. “Did you just…curse?”

Kara seems to realize what she said and gasps. “Oh my God ! I did! And I said God!” She laughs brightly. “Oh, Alex is going to love this.”

“Speaking of Alex, we should probably go find them and tell them what just happened.” Lena glances around the park.

Kara slips her hand into Lena’s and squeezes. “We have time.” They start along the path, not at all in a hurry to find their friends. They’d get there in the end.



“Kara darling, don’t forget your keys on the counter!” Lena calls to her wife as she runs frantically towards the door, tugging one shoe on as she goes.

“Shoot.” Kara mumbles, then redirects herself to the kitchen instead of the front door.

“Where would you be without me?” Lena chides as she smooths the fabric of Kara’s cardigan down and presses a quick kiss to her lips.

“Hmm, probably at work on time.” Kara teases. “If you hadn’t kept me in bed for an extra thirty minutes, I wouldn’t have this problem.”

“You weren’t saying that two orgasms ago.” Lena fires back.

Kara hums and kisses Lena again. “I guess you’re right. But now I really need to go.” She makes for the door again.

“Don’t forget, it’s game night tonight. Brainy, Nia, Alex, and Kelly will be here at six.”

“I’ll be there!” Kara calls. “I love you, have a great day at work, Ms. CEO.”

“You too, miss Pulitzer Prize winning reporter.” Lena grins as Kara spins out the door.

Adjusting to life on earth with no added powers was difficult at first. They had stumbled around on the streets for a few days, before Alex could talk Kelly into taking them in. Kelly had been wonderful, as always. She helped Kara get a job as an assistant to Catco Worldwide Media’s editor in chief, Cat Grant, and helped Lena allocate funds to start her own startup tech company. That company had blown up into one of the biggest tech giants in the United States, with branches in both Metropolis and National City. Kara had been promoted to reporter six months after becoming Cat’s assistant, and a year later became a senior reporter. After a terrorist attack hit the city, Kara’s investigation into the CEO of a tech conglomerate (with sources provided by Lena, of course) revealed he was funding the group earned her a Pulitzer Prize.

Two years after coming to earth, Kara asked Lena to marry her, and her resounding “yes” could have shattered eardrums.

They don’t talk much about Heaven or Hell. Alex and Kelly continued to have a great relationship. Kelly really is the perfect woman for Alex. She let in a group of strangers on the word of a girlfriend she had been dating for only months at the time. She folded into their friend group just as easily. Brainy and Nia rent an apartment across town, and there’s talk of a baby soon.

Overall, it’s a life Lena never let herself dream of for fear of getting too hopeful. It’s more than she could ever ask for. A life away from the horrors of Hell, away from Lex and Lillian and all the petty dramas of Heaven. Her life here allows for time to do all of the studying and tinkering she wants, and the fast-paced life of a CEO suits her, as long as she can come home to her beautiful wife at the end of the day. And when their time on earth is over, they’ll be able to spend eternity together in Heaven and catch up with Lucy and James. Lena wouldn’t change a thing.

Oh, and they ended up rescuing a dog from the shelter. Her name is Winnie. She’s maybe the ugliest thing Lena’s ever seen, but Kara picked her, and “how could you say no to that face?”.
So, she didn’t say no, and now they have a dog that looks a little like Frankenstein’s monster. But Lena wouldn’t change that, either.

On Saturday afternoons, without fail, Lena visits Sarah at her art shop. She rarely ever makes art—preferring to sit and watch the craftsmen at work or chatting with the nice ladies that come in to throw pottery or paint. She brings Kara sometimes, and Kara likes it, but she doesn’t seem to understand art in quite the same way Lena does. Lena is sharp angles and dramatic lighting and intense emotion, while Kara is soft lines and warm light and comfort. Both are equally important and maintain a balance that life needs to be complete. But sometimes Lena likes to come alone. When Sarah’s lease is up, Lena buys the studio and the land it’s on without second thought and hands the deed over to Sarah. “Art is meant to change your life,” she says when Sarah protests and offers to pay. “And you’ve changed mine. It’s the least I can do.”

Maggie ends up retiring from the police force at thirty-six, a year before her Death Date. Alex often wonders what it changed to. They end up exchanging numbers and meet up for drinks every once in a while, but Maggie’s managed to dial the drinking back with the help of a friend’s referral for a great local therapist.

Things turned out pretty amazing for a half-demon and a Guardian Angel that were never even supposed to meet. Some might call it fate.

Kara and Lena just call it love.