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heaven knows what you do to me (you could chain me up or set me free)

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At birth, every human is assigned a guardian angel. These angels are created especially for this purpose by God. Each angel is as unique as a fingerprint, but every angel shares one thing: the innate drive to protect and defend their assigned human. Some angels take their job very seriously, while others take a more…tough love approach. Angels love their humans and take guiding and protecting them to heart no matter the approach. Human assignments are not always consecutive. Sometimes an angel can go a decade or even a century without an assignment depending on the populations of both groups. To lose your human before their ethereally assigned death is considered a failure and risks a one-way ticket to Down Below; every angel is equipped with the ability to protect their human until their assigned death date, so losing a human beforehand would imply laziness or worse: carelessness. There is no excuse for the loss of human life before the assigned death date. If such an event would happen to occur, angels are subject to trial, assessed by their peers and the archangels and cast out of Heaven forever. Angels could also Fall, which usually is a result of falling in love with a human (rare), or choosing to end their existence and assume a mortal lifespan until their eternal rest. Any angel could become a human, but no human could become an angel. This process was different than being cast out due to failure at Guardianship. One resulted in eternal damnation, the other in a short mortal lifespan. Neither were preferable. But should a human make it safely to their assigned death date, a celebration is thrown and the guardian angel is the first to greet their human as they cross over into Heaven. A star for every human protected until the end is emblazoned on the sash of each angel and are symbols of honor amongst angels.

Things work very different on the other side of this cosmic chess game. The Underworld takes a more leisurely approach to things. Demons are able to come and go as they please to wreak havoc among humans and guardian angels alike. There are no assignments, no “higher calling”. Demons are made for the sole purpose of luring pure souls away from the light and assigning demons to humans would only muddle the pot. Like angels, demons take their jobs very seriously and come equipped with all the necessary tools to lure unsuspecting humans from the light. Unlike angels, demons are nasty, wicked things that will use any means necessary to trick humans away. Things aren’t as organized in the Underworld, and The Boss is a bit unsavory, of course, but they all want the same thing so who’s really keeping score? Most demons are stupid and eager to please. They bring souls down to the Underworld and lay them in the laps of the ruling family like hunting dogs to their masters, tails (sometimes literally) tucked between their legs, big, puppy dog eyes, words of praise spilling from their lips like blood from a new soul. Frankly the process is disgusting and redundant, but if it works, it works.

Due to the nature of the game, there is a lot of overlap in the jobs of angels and demons, usually to the dismay of the angel and the delight of the demon.

Guardian Angel Kara Danvers is no stranger to the wicked ways of demons. Standing in the mirror, she admires her brightly shining sash that represents the humans she has safely seen to their death dates. At just over 150, Kara stands as the most decorated regular angel in the department. Most angels are offered management positions before they reach 100, but Kara has turned down every offer. She knows this is where she’s supposed to be. Helping people, protecting them until they can join Heaven for an eternal reward. She clutches her sash tightly, running her thumb over the rows of stars. She remembers each life she has protected, no matter if it was a thousand years ago or last week. She carries them all in her heart, and sometimes she even visits them on her days of rest.

It had been several decades since she had had an assignment. It wasn’t personal, she knew, but watching her sisters and brothers with their assignments had made her long for her own. It wasn’t a sin to want to do a good job, she reasons. She just wants to help people! Nothing wrong with wanting to fulfill your Heavenly purpose. Kara straightens her halo one last time before heading out the door.

As she approaches the transport station, a familiar voice calls out from the crowd.

“Kara! Over here!” Alex, her most favored sister waves at her from a nearby bench.

Kara grins as she hurries to meet her. “Good morning! How are you today?” She asks politely. They were best friends and sisters, but it was only polite to inquire about the wellbeing of another angel upon first meeting, especially in public.

“Well, thank you. How are you?” Alex responds in a calm, easy voice. When they’re in public, Alex is a model of purity and grace. When they have slumber parties, her personality is far from.

“Very well.” There’s a beat of silence, and finally Kara can’t hold it back anymore. “Do you think today I’ll get another assignment?”

“Oh Kara, it’s been nearly three decades since your last! Surely they will assign you a new human soon. You certainly are the most qualified angel in the department.”

Kara blushes at the praise and bows her head. “We all have our talents, sister. You are too kind.”

“You know I’m right.” Alex pokes her side, making Kara giggle and flinch away. “If I were you, I’d enjoy my time off. You deserve it, and besides it could be worse. The human I’m assigned to seems determined to die at any given time. If I have to miracle her out of any more bars Heaven may run out of miracles!”

“You blaspheme!” Kara gasps but she’s laughing right along with Alex.

Their chat is cut short by the sound of the transport arriving at the station. The crowded station surges forward to enter the train. The train stretches to accommodate the influx of angels, leaving enough room for each angel to sit and be a comfortable distance from others while accommodating for wingspan. There were many perks of being an angel, and miraculously comfortable public transportation was certainly a big one.

At the next stop their friends Lucy, James, Nia, and Brainy join them. They sit in a close circle, chatting excitedly about their assignments, a new fruit that was recently invented and being tested among the angel population before its release on Earth, and even a little bit of drama that happened at an angel house party. This line of conversation was extremely limited—gossip was a grave sin that many an angel had been punished for. Nia had stuck very closely to the facts when relaying the story and was careful to say that she only had a limited view of the situation, which was relatively safe. Still, they changed course quickly after the facts had been relayed.

The transport ride was only half an hour long. Really, it wasn’t necessary. Angels could manifest themselves anywhere, but the social aspect is the reason angels chose to ride it. It’s almost considered rude for an angel to simply manifest themselves home. But the transport wasn’t so bad. Kara enjoyed the time before work with her friends and it gave her time to clear her mind and ready herself for the day.

They pulled into the station in front of the Guardian Angel office. Kara and her friends got off the bus and headed into the building. Alex immediately had to run off to check on her human, and James took Nia to check on the proper paperwork to allow Nia to finish her apprenticeship and become a full Guardian. Nia had transferred over from the Reception office after her Overseer reported that she wasn’t handling the damnation of souls well. But Nia never let the fact that she started late slow her down. James had nothing but words of praise for her and she had assimilated into their friend group as easy as a miracle. Brainy also seemed to have a strong affection for her, but Kara didn’t want to start gossip there, so she just observed them from a distance and wondered if they’d ever ask for permission to date from the Relations office.

Kara padded over to her desk and tried to quell the excitement growing in her chest. What if today was the day? She could almost picture the file resting on her desk, a big red “ASSIGNMENT” stamp on the front with her name scrawled below it. She tried to quiet her racing heart. She didn’t want to get her hopes up only for them to be dashed if nothing was there. As she approached, she kept her eyes on the ground until she stood before the desk. With a deep breath, she looks up.

And there’s a vanilla folder resting on her tidy desk, a big red “assignment” stamp on the front and her name underneath, just as she imagined.

Before she can stop herself, Kara snatches the file from her desk and opens it with so much force that the papers scatter across her desk. She pours over the files, wanting to know every detail about this human named Kelly Olsen. She was an adult, previously assigned to another Guardian who had recently chosen to retire into Eternal Rest. Kelly looked to have a long and full life ahead of her as a corporate psychologist and a death date at 81.

A voice startles Kara out of her reading. “Finally got an assignment?” Lucy asks excitedly.

“That’s great, Guardian Kara. I’m really happy for you.” Lucy smiles. Kara doesn’t miss the way she uses their formal title rather than her own name.

“You’ll get an assignment soon, Lucy. I know it.” Lucy was a recent transfer out of the Justice department and while she went through training quickly, she was yet to receive an assignment.

Lucy’s happy expression disappears and is replaced with one of uncertainty. “You think so?”

Kara stands and places her hand on her friend’s shoulder gently. “I know it, Lucy. You’re a good Guardian and a better angel.”

“Thank you, Kara. That means a lot.” Lucy smiles gratefully.

“Of course. I’ll see you tonight for game night?”

“I’ll be there.” Lucy smiles once more before leaving for her own desk, where she processes assignment paperwork while she awaits assignment.

Kara decides to see Kelly with her own eyes. She tidies up the papers that were scrambled in her haste to read and leaves for the Viewing Room. Any angel is able to see and visit their assignment in times of need, but the act of manifesting on Earth is incredibly draining and requires millennia of practice. Even Kara was only able to manifest for a few hours at most, and trainees like Nia could only manage a few seconds. This was unfortunate due to the rate at which demons and other temptations were appearing from the Underworld, but it was a sort of check in an angel’s tendency to get too infatuated with life on earth and end up Falling.

The Viewing Room consisted of individual screens for angels to be able to watch their humans. Alex was already in the Room, watching her human. Kara takes the empty seat beside her and waves a hand in front of her screen to turn it on.

“How is your human doing today, Guardian Alex?” Kara inquires politely.

“Well, I haven’t had to miracle her out of anything in the half hour I’ve been here.” Alex scoffs. “How about you? I’ve heard you got a new assignment?”

“I did!” Kara drops her gaze to the ground in an effort to stay humble, but continues, “Her name is Kelly Olsen. Her Guardian retired recently, so the Guardianship was passed to me.”

“I’m happy for you!” Alex smiles and places a gentle hand on Kara’s shoulder, before turning back to her monitor. “Oh, Heaven help me, here she goes. Now that I think about it, you’ve never seen my human assignment. Allow me to introduce you. This is Maggie Sawyer, a police officer in National City and chronic partier on her downtime.”

Kara studies the screen intently. The first thing she notices is how beautiful Maggie is. Even in her inebriated state, Maggie’s tan golden skin shines in the club lights, and her eyes are bright and happy as she whirls around the dance floor with various dance partners.

“She’s the one you keep having to pull out of bad situations?”

“Nearly every night.” Alex nods. “She’s a good cop during the day but unfortunately doesn’t handle the stress well when she comes home.”

“What’s her Death Age?”

Alex grimaces. “Thirty-seven.”

“How old is she now?”

“Twenty-nine.” Alex sighs. “She deserves better. Hopefully she will see that before her time comes. In the end it’s a bad sting operation that takes her. Dirty cop mixed with gang activity.”

Kara lays a comforting hand on Alex’s shoulder. She understands how seriously Alex takes her job. It feels like failure to Alex to get an assignment that doesn’t live out their entire lifespan, especially when they’re taken in such violent ways. She also knows how much Alex cares for her humans, even if she complains and doesn’t show it.

The unspoken comfort is understood between the two of them, and the moment passes when Alex says, “Well, let’s see this new assignment.”

They turn to Kara’s monitor. A beautiful woman sat at her desk before them. She had dark brown skin, wide set brown eyes and a slender nose and her full lips were accentuated with a beauty mark on her upper lip. She was hard at work on various files, writing notes in them and breaking every so often to type something on her laptop.

“What did you say she did?” Alex asks, and her tone makes Kara turn sharply.

“She’s a psychologist, why?”

“She’s gorgeous .” Alex says, mostly to herself. “She should consider modelling.” She says louder, trying and failing to make her voice even. Kara shoots her a look, but the Viewing Room isn’t the place for this type of conversation.

“I agree, she is very lovely.” Kara nods once. “Her records indicate that she is well liked in her social group. No enemies, a few female lovers. One serious one, but she reached her Death Date a few years ago.”

“That’s too bad for her.” Alex says, because it’s not really a bad thing for them. To angels, a human reaching their death date is just another job well done. Kelly’s fiancée was resting peacefully in Heaven and her Guardian had received a star for completing their job.

“Kelly’s previous Guardian had noted that things had been rocky for her during the months after her fiancée’s Death Date and was worried they would have to intervene to keep Kelly on course, but she powered through. She’s a fighter.”

Alex’s eyes were still glued to the screen. They sat there in companionable silence until movement on Alex’s monitor caught Kara’s attention.

“Uh, Alex? Maggie seems to be in a bit of a scuffle.”

“Oh, shoot!” Alex turns to her own monitor and presses a few buttons. After a few heartbeats, the fight Maggie had found herself in ended with the other guy backing off and Maggie taking a drink of beer through her now swollen lip.

Alex sighs and puts her forehead down on the table in front of the monitor. “Why couldn’t I have been assigned the beautiful psychologist?” she whines dramatically, earning laugh and a playful nudge from Kara.


Unfortunately for Kelly, the peaceful existence didn’t last long. Demons walked the earth with humans, eager to tempt whatever soul they could get their claws on. Falling into too many temptations meant that the demon could claim the soul of the human after they had reached their Death Date and passed on. It was horrible to watch humans fall into their clutches, and angels did everything in their Heavenly powers to prevent the temptations. But every so often a human would succumb to the sinful pleasures that a demon offered them, and while a Guardian Angel would continue to watch over them, they knew that when the human passed on they would not pass through the Judgement unscathed. No one sin was enough to condemn a human, so demons had to be persistent in their tactics. Usually it took multiple different demons to tempt one human, because demons were prone to boredom and would quickly move on if a human was too much of a struggle to tempt.

Usually demons knew to stay away from Kara’s humans.

She had created such a reputation for herself through her one hundred and fifty successful Guardianships that demons didn’t bother to try and tempt those under her protection.

Kara had been almost relaxing in the Viewing Room when an unfamiliar voice caught her attention. At this point, Kara had been Kelly’s Guardian for several months in Earth time. She knew Kelly’s schedule, what she liked to do, who she hung out with, which alcohol was her weak point after a long day at work, who her clients were and why they saw her. Kara was feeling pretty confident that this would be the easiest assignment she had ever been given.

Until this newcomer arrived. Kara watched the screen intently as this woman entered Kelly’s office. She had never seen her before, but Kara immediately knows exactly what she is. A demon.

Before the demon can get two words out, Kara manifests herself in the office, using her power to pull the demon in the space between time where Kelly is unable to see them but they speak freely. This had taken thousands of years to perfect, and Kara was currently the only angel able to do it in the entire office.

“Who are you?” Kara asks forcefully, crossing her arms tightly across her chest.

The demon raises a single, perfect eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me.”

The demon scoffs and fixes Kara with a cold stare. “Oh angel, if I wanted to, I could have your human begging for Hell’s warmth like it was her mother’s side and there would be nothing you could do to stop me.” Kara shudders at the idea of such manipulation, and it fills her with a swelling need to protect this human at all costs.

“I’ll have you know that this is my human to protect, and she’s off limits. So why don’t you back off?” she says forcefully.

“Someone certainly takes their job a bit too seriously.”

“I do not!” Kara snaps. “Protecting humans is a very important job. You will not get in the way of that.”

The demon raises her hands in mock surrender. “Don’t get your wings in a ruffle. Wouldn’t want any natural disasters taking off outside.”

Kara sputters but can’t quite make her mouth form a retort.

In the beat of silence that follows, Kara realizes for the first time that this is the most beautiful demon she has ever seen in her entire eternity. She has sharp green eyes that make Kara feel like the demon can see into her soul and hair the color of the darkest ink in Heaven. Her pale skin is a stark difference from the fiery-scorched look that most demons usually wore, as if their hideous skin was barely able to be contained under whatever body they wore in the human world. This demon’s skin seemed to be hidden deep beneath the surface, giving her a smooth complexion. Almost self-consciously, Kara fluffs out her wings before she remembers herself and straightens her back and lifts her chin.

“I haven’t seen anything like you before,” Kara says, and the double meaning makes the blood rise to her cheeks before she can stop it. She clears her throat and tries to regain her composure. “What are you doing here?”

“What else would I be doing here?” The demon shakes her head, and Kara can’t help but notice the way her silky hair bounces and catches the watery sunlight. “Tempting humans, securing souls, the usual demon things.”

Kara feels herself growing frustrated with the games that this demon is playing. She tries to remember her purpose in coming here. The hold she has on this bubble of time is slipping, and she begins to hear the murmurs of the world outside. It’s time to return to Heaven.

“Stay away from my human’s life.”

“If you’re finished throwing empty threats at me,” The demon studies her nails as if this was the most boring exchange in the world, “I really must get back to business. Souls won’t tempt themselves, you know.”

Kara opens her mouth, then closes it. Then opens it again, but the demon cuts her off.

“See you around, angel.” She says with a smirk, and then she’s gone.

Kara huffs in frustration and manifests back in the Viewing Room significantly more tired than she was when she left. Dealing with demons was always tricky business, but she had never met one so…nonchalant about the whole thing. Usually the demon was looking for a fight, or some of the braver ones would try to confuse an angel with different riddles and bargains. Lesser angels had Fallen due to these tricks. But this demon…she seemed annoyed by Kara’s presence and really made no attempt to talk her out of protecting the human. Instead, she had let herself be stalled out of her temptation until both of them were forced to retreat.

A hand on her shoulder startles her out of her thoughts. “Kara, are you okay?” Alex asks.

“I’m fine, thanks.” The exhaustion suddenly threatens to overwhelm her. She had never held a time bubble like that for so long before. Manifesting on earth was easy, time bubbles were a whole new ball game. She stumbles to a chair and collapses into it.

“What happened?” Alex asks, taking the seat beside her.

Kara tiredly relays her interaction with this new demon, who Alex as also never seen before based on Kara’s description of her. After Kara’s finished telling her the story of what happened, they sit in silence while Kara regains her strength. Kara splays out her arms on the desk and lays her head down and puzzles over this mystery demon. Why was she so calm and collected? Why hadn’t she fought harder over the right to tempt the soul? And how was she so beautiful?

Kara’s head snaps up at that last part. Beautiful? Demons weren’t beautiful. They were hideous, horrible creatures that delighted on inflicting pain on innocent souls. They were an angel’s mortal enemy. Kara herself had ended the existence of multiple demons in her lifetime for tempting her human and refusing to back down. She hated to do so—she despised killing anything unless there was no other way. And even then she felt dirty and sinful for years afterwards. But this demon was something different.

That night, she and Alex hung out at Kara’s place to catch up outside of work. When she relayed her thoughts about the demon, Alex gave her a stern look.

“Kara, demons are bad news. They torture innocent souls. They kill people! This demon just so happens to be wearing a very attractive mask. It’s not worth your time to keep thinking about it. You’ll probably never run into it again, and if you do you know how to handle yourself. You should be focused on protecting your human. You don’t even know her name! What’s so different about this one from all the others you’ve faced?”

“I don’t know, Alex! She was just so…calm about things. It was almost like she didn’t even want to tempt Kelly’s soul. Sure, she wasn’t exactly friendly, but she wasn’t very forceful either.”

“Maybe she’s heard about your reputation as a Guardian.” Alex nudges Kara’s shoulder with her own playfully.

“I doubt that.” Kara blushes and looks down at the ground. “She probably just wanted an easier soul to steal.”

“Now you’re on the right track.” Alex nods more seriously. “Don’t let this one demon ruin your eternity of Guardianship. You’re better than that.”

Kara nods in agreement and Kara lets Alex change the subject to Nia’s upcoming Guardian promotion ceremony that was to take place later that week. She tries her best not to keep thinking about the demon and mostly succeeds. There were more important things to think about. Like protecting Kelly Olsen and Nia’s promotion. Certainly not dark-haired, gorgeous demons.

Definitely not that.


Two months pass without so much as a whisper from the green-eyed demon. Kara works hard at protecting Kelly, although it’s not much of a job. She lives a quiet life, only going out with friends every so often and even then mostly opting to be their designated driver. The most Kara has to do is miracle away a few impending car crashes.

In all honesty, Kara was proud of Kelly. She was kind, empathetic, and understanding. She was everything one could want in a friend or therapist. If Kelly had been an angel, Kara most certainly would have been friends with her. Perhaps once Kelly joins them after her Death Date passes, Kara would seek her out and request that she be made an angel. Sin isn’t really a factor in whether or not a human is made an angel, since sin is wiped away once a human enters Heaven (which is the reason that the Judgement office is outside the gates), it’s more that an angel must like a human enough to vouch for them. Most angels outside of the Guardian department find humans whiny and annoying and almost resent having anything to do with them and Guardians don’t usually get emotionally invested in their assignments, making a promotion from human to angel incredibly rare.

But Kelly’s Death Date is a long way off, and so Kara keeps an eye on her in the Viewing Room during the workday and hangs out with Alex, Nia, Brainy, James, and Lucy during their time off. Sometimes when Alex had time, they play cards in the Viewing Room. This mostly happens when Maggie is asleep or otherwise preoccupied and can’t throw herself into any life-threatening situations.

Kara is just about to finally win one of these aforementioned card games when Alex suddenly stops and jerks her head toward the screen. “Who is that?”

“Oh no, don’t try to get out of losing at cards by distracting me. You’re going to lose fair and square.”

“No, Kara, I’m serious,” Alex says, leaving her cards forgotten on the table face up. “Maggie went out to the store to get groceries alone, now someone’s there talking with her.”

“I’m sure it’s just someone making friendly conversation and not at all trying to get out of losing at cards, Alex.” Kara gives her a pointed look and gestures to her face-up cards.

Alex watches the screen intently for a few moments, ignoring Kara.

“I’m sure it’s nothing—”

“Wait, Kara, weren’t you saying a while ago that you met a demon with really pale skin?”

“Yeah, she had black hair and green eyes.” Kara says nonchalantly, to which Alex raises an eyebrow.

“I’m going to let the fact that you remember her exact description slide for now, because I think this is her.”

“What?” Kara nearly knocks her chair over in her haste to get to the screen.

“Christ, Kara. Don’t break the screen! Is it her or not?”

Kara studies the screen intently, noting the way the moonlight bounces off the woman’s inky hair and the slight way she turns her head to the side. Even without hearing her voice or seeing her face, Kara would know it was her demon.

“That’s her. That’s the demon I met a few months ago. I wonder where she’s been.”

“Probably back in Hell where she belongs.” Alex grits out. “I’m going down there.”

“No, Alex, you’ll show yourself.” Kara says quickly. It’s not untrue—Alex can’t hold a time bubble the way Kara can. But it’s not exactly the only reason Kara doesn’t want her to go.

“I can handle myself. I’ll just miracle myself and the demon to be invisible, or I’ll just appear nearby and call the demon away.” Alex crosses her arms across her chest and narrows her eyes. “But that’s not the only reason you don’t want me going down there, is it?”

Kara can’t help the heat that rises to her face. “I just want you to be safe.”

Alex narrows her eyes. “And Lucifer wants to come back to Heaven.”

“I do want you to be safe!” Kara protests, but Alex isn’t having it.

“Fine, go down there if it means that much to you. But if anything happens—”

“You’ll be able to see Maggie the entire time. You can miracle her out of there if you need to.” Kara promises.

“Be careful, Kara.”

“Always!” Kara says, and then she manifests herself down onto earth’s surface. She tugs gently at the threads of time until they bend to her will, and the sound dies around her and the demon.

“You again? I thought Guardian Angels only got one human to chase after.” The demon asks.

“Yes, me again. If you must know, this isn’t my human to protect.”

“So you just wanted to, what, come down here for fun? That sounds dangerously close to Falling, angel.”

“That’s not what I meant. This human happens to be assigned to a friend of mine, and I asked if I could come down here instead of her. I know your tricks.”

The demon takes a step closer to her, and Kara swallows hard. They’re uncomfortably close, and she can feel her skin crawl at the proximity.

“You have no idea what tricks I can play, angel.” The demon’s voice drops low and Kara’s stomach swoops in response, but she forces herself to stay planted in one spot. “You’re different than the rest of them.” She says, stepping back and letting her voice return to normal. “Most angels would have already tried to kill me for getting this close to them.”

“I’m not most angels.” Kara rasps awkwardly. She clears her throat and says, “And you obviously aren’t most demons.”

A weird look comes across the demon’s face, but before Kara can pinpoint what it is, it’s gone. “You could say that.” She replies.

“I still don’t know your name.” Kara says as calm as possible, but she’s almost desperate to know what to call this demon that has been a near-permanent fixture in her mind for months now.

The demon seems to consider for a second, which strikes Kara as odd, but she doesn’t have too much time to dwell on it, because the demon finally responds.

“My name,” she says finally, “is Lena.”

Kara thinks her world pauses for a moment—which is sort of accurate, considering their time bubble—but her mind just stops. This beautiful monster that has haunted her for months now has a name, and it may just be the most beautiful name Kara’s ever heard in all her eons of existence.

“Well?” The demon—Lena—asks. “What’s your name?”

“Kara,” she responds quickly. “My name is Kara.”

“Well Kara, I do believe you should be going now.” Lena nods her head towards Maggie, who Kara suddenly realizes is moving—an indicator that Kara’s angel magic is slipping.

“Wait,” Kara says almost desperately. “You won’t hurt her, will you? When I go?”

Lena gives her a small half-smile, and it’s not the threatening smirk she got earlier, it’s almost a true smile, and Kara’s traitorous heart speeds up. “I promise.”

Kara has no choice but to believe her, because she barely has enough time to reappear in the Viewing Room before her magic gives out completely and the world continues to spin.

Alex is beside her in an instant. “Well? What happened?” Alex asks, but Kara suddenly lurches to one side, exhausted from the effort of stopping time for so long but Alex catches her arm and helps her to a chair.

“Her name is Lena.” Kara whispers in a daze.

“Okay, so the demon has a name,” Alex says, the frustration evident in her voice. “But what did she say? I couldn’t see anything except Maggie.”

“She won’t hurt Maggie.” Kara explains. “She’s not like that.”

Alex snorts. “Alright, she’s definitely done something to you.”

“No!” Kara says hoarsely. “She didn’t do anything. ‘m just tired from the time bubble.”

“Okay,” Alex sighs. “If you say she won’t hurt Maggie, I’ll believe you. But don’t make me regret this, Kara. If anything happens to this assignment, I’m dragging you Downstairs with me.” She stalks away, pinching the bridge of her nose as she goes.

If it meant seeing more of Lena, Kara thinks that Hell may not be so bad after all.