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Raffle of Love

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“Oh my god I’m only two weeks into my sociology class and I have no idea what’s going on. I don’t know whether it’s cause the class is hard or if it’s cause I’m dumb.” Jungkook drops his tray of lunch at the table, startling Jimin and Hoseok from conversation.


They don’t hesitate to say in unison, “It’s cause you’re dumb.”


Jungkook drops his mouth open in an offended gasp and sticks his tongue out at them. His eyebrows furrow together in annoyance as he begins stuffing his face with a giant sandwich. His first semester of college was easy, easier than his senior year of high school. He thought it would have been a lot harder, but perhaps that was due to the classes he was taking. He had decided to major in photography, but was required to take his basics, which were nothing more than a repeat of his high school courses.


In between bites of his sandwich, he spits out, “This is why I wish Taehyung was here with us. I wouldn’t be so viciously attacked on the daily if he hadn’t decided to take a year off from school.”


All three of the friends sigh wistfully. They were sullen that Taehyung wouldn’t be starting university at the same time as they were but at least he and his fiancé had moved into the city. The four of them were able to hang out on occasion, when their schedules permitted it. Still, they ached at the empty spot they always saved whenever they went out-- saving a seat for him out of pure habit.


Jimin pushes his empty tray off to the side, stretching his arms out to grab one of Jungkook’s cookies, before his hand is smacked away with a harsh growl. Jimin pouts and pulls his hands back in front of him. “I was just kidding, jeez. What professor do you have anyways? I would volunteer to help but I don’t remember shit from that class. It’s like as soon as I walked out the doors my brain shit out every piece of information I ever learned in that class.”


Hoseok takes a sip of his can of soda and belches into the air, the burp loud enough to echo throughout the nearly empty dining hall. The group normally meets towards the end of the lunch hour after their morning classes, enjoying the abundantly empty tables and chairs that gives them the opportunity to choose where they sit, rather than letting the hand of fate choose their seats during the lunch rush when college students were practically overflowing out of the dining hall doors.


Hoseok pats his chest and Jimin snorts next to him, amused at his dramatics. Hoseok leans back into the chair, tipping it over slightly, one hand gripping the edge of the table to steady his balance as he looks to Jimin sitting next to him. “You even got a tutor didn’t you?”


Jimin nods. Jungkook finishes his sandwich and takes a sip of his water before moving on to his fruit cup and his cookie.  “I already forgot the professor’s name but she’s pretty old, practically mummified already.”


Jimin snaps his hands with an ‘aha!’ and leans forward, elbows digging into the table. “You have Professor Belton then huh?”


Jungkook pauses for a moment to see if that name rings a bell. He’s pretty sure her name started with a B so it’s most likely her. “Yeah, I think so.”


Jimin pounds a fist on the table, “I had her last semester! She’s known as one of the hardest professors on campus so you, my friend, are screwed. I was barely passing her class until a literal angel swooped in and saved me from failing. Completely flipped my grade to an A!”


Hoseok laughs, “I don’t think a tutor is considered an angel if you’re paying them to help you.”


Jimin rolls his eyes, “ANYWAYS, angel or tutor, doesn’t really matter. What matters is he’s a tall cutie with dimples as deep as a canyon.”


Hoseok’s chuckles die at the words, a flash of jealousy overtaking his features for a fraction of a second. Jungkook notices but says nothing, already used to the awkward tension between his two friends, wondering when they’ll both stop being idiots and confess to each other already. Jungkook’s not sure if Taehyung has noticed by now, but he’s pretty sure there are some underlying romantic feelings between the two, and the tension between Hoseok and Jimin has only increased now that they dorm together. He wouldn’t be surprised if they get together in the near future.


Jungkook raises an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me this tutor is one of your past secret lovers.”


Jimin nods his head. “No, no, no, hyung is not my type at all, but I knew the moment I met him he’d be yours!” Jimin singsongs as he practically bursts at the seams with glee, wiggling his body side to side as his hands cradle his cheeks. “I still have his number if you want it,” he winks.


Jungkook sighs. “No thanks, I’m broke, so I’ll figure something else out. I think I just need to study more.” Jimin frowns but doesn’t push the subject any further. He looks to Hoseok for backup but is met with a shrug. They are just as broke right now as Jungkook is.


Jimin crosses his arms and slides down his chair a bit. “Maybe you’ll have better luck then I did in that class then.”


God Jungkook hopes so. He’ll be okay though. If he sets his mind to studying for this class an extra hour each night, he’ll be fine.







Jungkook is NOT  fine. He’s sitting in the library, face smashed against his sociology textbook, hoping he’ll learn something through osmosis from the tears of frustration rolling down his cheek to soak the page. There’s only four tests in this class, and he’s already failed the first one. If he fails the second test in the upcoming weeks he’ll have to drop the class completely. He’s starting to think he might be an idiot after all, but he has to pass this class if he wants to continue with his photography major.


“Damn these fine arts requirements,” he condemns out loud. Jungkook is shushed with a hiss by another student a few tables over, who looks like she hasn’t slept in days. He snaps his head up to turn to look at her and slightly bows his head in apology. With a resigned sigh he begins to pack up his things. He takes a quick glance at his phone, calculating the time he has left until that dumb sociology class. He’s about to leave the library when he spots a chalkboard hanging above the librarian clerk by the front desk. In chalk is written, 'free tutor for the semester, ask librarian for details.'


Jungkook’s eyes widen and he thinks it’s a sign. He practically sprints to the clerk, who startles at his sudden appearance. “Um, excuse me, what’s that whole ‘free tutor’ thing about?” Jungkook stares at her with wide pleading eyes glimmering with hope.


She smiles warmly at him once she recovers from her startle. “Oh, we have a few tutors that like to throw a raffle for free tutoring each semester. It actually ends today, and we’ll be pulling out names here in the next 30 minutes. Did you want to sign up?”


Jungkook furiously nods his head, and when the librarian hands him a ticket, he writes his name and phone number down on it and drops it in the raffle box. “Would you like us to call you or text you if you’ve won?”


“Oh, a text is fine. I’m heading to my next class now anyways.”


The librarian scribbles down ‘text’ next to his name on her clipboard for the raffle list and tells him that if he gets a text, to return to the library so he can be paired with a tutor suitable for the subject he is needing help with. Jungkook shoots her a thumbs up and practically skips out of there, throwing his hands up to the sky when he gets outside and falling to his knees as he rubs his hands together, “Please, please, please, academic gods, please bestow upon me a tutor to help me pass this required class. Let good win over evil.”


The college students that pass by him as he kneels on the ground pay him no heed, the students already used to the bizarre antics that college stress seems to induce on the most rational of minds. Jungkook rises and pats his knees, brushing off the dirt from his jeans, and continues his long voyage to his next class.


When Jungkook feels his phone vibrate in the middle of his sociology class, he discreetly pulls it out of his pocket to glance at the text flashing across his screen, ‘You have won a free tutor! Please stop by the library for their information.’ Jungkook practically vibrates with excitement, and he slides all the way down his seat until he disappears behind the long row of desks. He crawls behind the chairs and drags his backpack behind him as he makes his escape, not caring in the least that he ends up skipping more than half the class period. He’s got a tutor for it now anyways.


When Jungkook arrives back at his dorm, he closes it, not bothering to lock it when he dives onto his bed. He throws his backpack over the edge and pulls out his phone to the number he had saved. He was paired with a tutor who had previously taken this course, and his name was Namjoon. Jungkook says the name out loud, wondering why it triggers a sort of déjà vu. He ignores the feeling and shoots the number a quick text.




Jungkook to Tutor:


Hi!! I won the tutor raffle at the library.

I was wondering when we could meet up?

I’m having a lot of trouble with my sociology class.




Jungkook lays the phone against his stomach and waits patiently for a response. When he gets none in the next few minutes he decides to take a power nap instead, choosing to skip lunch with Hoseok and Jimin. He sends them a text letting them know he won’t be there. Now that he’s going to have a tutor helping him, Jungkook feels like he can finally take a breath of relief. Without the stress from that particular class invading every crevice of his mind, he is able to succumb to the sweet spell of sleep.










Jungkook has his earphones plugged in as he finishes his weightlifting sets. Once he’s done with his bicep curls, he returns the weights to their designated rack and walks past one of the mirrors. He pauses and takes a second to check himself out, sweat coating his muscles as he flexes them. He’s in pretty good shape, considering he hits the gym only every other day. Whenever he’s especially restless, he’ll head over to the dance studio in the liberal arts building to join Hoseok and Jimin for one of their dance practices.


They’ve tried to unsuccessfully recruit him onto their dance team, but he refuses because he’d rather use his spare time to venture around the city to take photos. He can’t enroll in a photography class until the fall, so he settles for this as his artistic output. It’s his form of meditation, his mind free from the chains of schoolwork. The only weight he feels on his shoulders is the strap holding the camera around his neck as he freely takes photos of whatever subject captures his attention. He makes a mental note to take his camera out for a spin in the next week or so, especially with the foliage blooming beautifully around campus.


Jungkook hits the showers and by the time he’s walking out of the fitness building, it’s the early evening. He glances at his phone to see if he got a reply from his tutor but frowns when he sees no new notifications. He’s about to put his phone away when it chimes with a new message.



From Tutor:


Hey! Sorry for the late reply, my phone died and

I lost my charger so I had to go out and buy a new one.

My schedule’s pretty flexible since I’m taking a majority

of my classes online this semester. Just let me know when

and we can meet up at the library.



From Tutor:

Oh! And I’m Namjoon by the way





Jungkook to Tutor:

I’m Jungkook! I’m free tonight actually.

I’m headed to the dining hall for dinner but

after that we can meet up.

Maybe in an hour, around 7pm?





From Tutor:

That works. I’ll see you in an hour





Jungkook shoves the phone into the pocket of his shorts and throws the strap of his gym bag over his shoulder. He has enough time to stop by his dorm to drop it off and grab his backpack before heading to the dining hall.










When Jungkook arrives at the library, it’s nearly vacant. It’s eerie in a way, but then he remembers it’s a Friday night and most college students are probably throwing a party or out at the bars. He pats himself on the back for choosing to use this time to study. He thinks Taehyung would be proud of him for being such a model student. Jungkook finds a table in the corner, close enough to the entrance that he can be immediately seen by the tutor when they arrive rather than spending unnecessary time playing hide and seek until the tutor found him tucked away in some corner. He’d spare him from that type of horror game prompt.


Jungkook plugs his earphones back in and begins to get his things together, pulling out his notebook and a few highlighters and pens to take notes. He doesn’t sense when his tutor arrives, nor does he hear his name being called, too absorbed into the heavy bass of the rock song filling his head. Jungkook leans over the chair to the floor, where his backpack rests against the leg of the table. He pulls out his sociology textbook with one arm, bicep bulging due to it’s ridiculous size. It’s almost as thick as a box of cereal. He preps his space swiftly, not caring if he’s making a ruckus when he practically has the whole library to himself. Once he has his workspace organized and ready, he leans back against his chair.


 All that’s left to do now is to patiently wait.









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Namjoon takes a deep breath of fresh air, filling his lungs with the smell of nature. The forest around him is lush with green trees, flowers beginning to bloom on the tips of their branches. There was a slight breeze rustling the leaves, and birds could be heard chirping around them in glee. “Isn’t this gorgeous hyung?”


Namjoon spreads out his arms as if he were spreading wings, ready to take flight, to explore the world around him. This was one of his favorite hiking spots, the trails winding around the mountain until it reached a steep cliff overlooking the city. He stumbled upon this spot by chance after taking a wrong turn at one of the trail’s many forked paths. From then on his visits here held purpose. Sometimes he’d come here to song write, the peace and tranquility of the life around him relaxing him. It allowed inspiration to freely flow through his mind like the small streams of water of the creek just a few feet behind him.


A wheezy gasp can be heard close by, and Namjoon turns around just in time to see Yoongi practically wobbling towards him. “When….you said,” he pants harshly, “you wanted….to go for a ride…this isn’t what…” he pauses as he stretches his arms above his head, trying to get as much air into his lungs as he possibly can. Namjoon smirks, trying to contain his smile knowing it would piss the elder off. When Yoongi’s caught his breath he places a hand on his lower back and the other on his hip. “When you said you wanted to go for a ride, this isn’t what I had in mind. I thought you meant a car ride, not a bike ride half way up a damn mountain. Why are you torturing me?” Yoongi sets his bike off to the side, letting it lean against the same tree Namjoon had leaned his bike on.


Namjoon rolls his eyes, “It’s called exercise hyung. It’s good for you. Maybe if you did it more instead of locking yourself up in the studio you would enjoy the blood flow.”


Yoongi huffs, “You could have been more honest at least.”


“You’re telling me if I asked you straight forwardly whether you’d come biking with me you would do it?” Namjoon raises an eyebrow at Yoongi’s hesitation, watches him take his bottom lip between his teeth in contemplation.


Yoongi sighs, “Okay you have a point. But I’m pretty sure this can be considered kidnapping if I don’t know my whereabouts.”


Namjoon chuckles, shaking his head in disbelief. “You would think after all these years of friendship that you’d know me by now. I gave you hints. I told you I was having writer’s block. And you know how restless I get when my mind’s constipated.”


Yoongi waves him off as he finds a place to sit down. He wipes off a nearby rock from leaves and sticks before resting his butt on it. “Well? You’ve managed to drag me all the way out here. Now what? Do you suddenly have the—” Yoongi’s eyes widen when he finally notices the jaw dropping view in front of him. He had been too busy whining and complaining about the hour long struggle up here to even bother looking at the scenery. Now that he’s seen it, he understands. The cliff overlooking the city is high enough that the ocean’s shoreline can be seem from the distance. It’s midday, and there’s not a cloud in the sky stopping the sun’s rays from reflecting off the water’s surface, making it seem as though the sea were sparkling.


Namjoon grins, taking pleasure at seeing Yoongi’s expression morph from annoyance to awe. “See? Worth it right?” Yoongi’s eyes don’t leave the view as he nods in agreement.








When Namjoon and Yoongi return to his condo, Jin is already making dinner. Yoongi takes off his jacket and hangs it up on one of the hooks lined up on the wall. He knows the drill, having lived here previously with Jin before moving out to get his own place. He takes off his shoes and stuffs his feet into the pair of slippers he left behind for whenever he chose to visit. Namjoon follows suit, hanging his coat and removing his shoes. He skips the slippers because he prefers to be barefoot as he walks toward the living room couch instead of entering the kitchen like Yoongi did. Namjoon was banned from the kitchen, after his many attempts at cooking ended with either a burnt finger or a burnt dinner. Yoongi washes his hands and starts dicing up some vegetables as Jin finishes seasoning the meat.


“No tutoring sessions today Joonie?” Jin asks peeking his head over the kitchen counter. The kitchen opened up to the living room, but it had a counter separating the two spaces from each other. It was an open floor plan, making the already enormous size of their luxurious condo seem even bigger. “Nah, none today. I actually haven’t had many students reach out to me. I’m usually referred to others by word of mouth but I might end up throwing my name in one of those tutoring raffles the library throws each semester. At least I’d have a guaranteed person to tutor, and the school would pay me whether I’m actually used or not.”


Jin’s eyebrows furrow. “Why would the school pay you? I thought you tutored privately?”


Namjoon shrugs. “I do, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to participate in one of the university sponsored tutoring programs. The pay is less but it’s better than not getting paid at all. The only downside is I don’t have a say in who I tutor. I have to be available for them throughout the semester, so I just hope I don’t get stuck with an asshole.”


Yoongi hums. “Who knows, maybe you’ll get paired with a muscular jock who’d be willing to bench press you for a corn chip as a bet.”


Jin makes a confused face and stops what he’s doing to give Yoongi an odd look. Namjoon stands up and walks over to the counter, sliding onto one of the stools, not quite hearing what Yoongi had said. “That’s oddly specific,” Jin drawls.


Yoongi makes eye contact with a confused Namjoon, whose head tilts to the side. Yoongi presses his lips together to keep from laughing. “Wasn’t that a wet dream you had once, Joon-ah? Where a strong man picked you up in his arms?”


Namjoon flushes, sputtering in embarrassment, “How do you even REMEMBER that? I had that dream back in high school!”


Jin smacks a hand over his lips, but it does nothing to contain his squeaky, high-pitched laughter. “Oh my god, is that why you got a gym membership when you rarely even work out? To scope out hot guys with bulging biceps?” Yoongi snorts and leans over the kitchen counter, shoulders shaking with the force of his laughter.


Namjoon whines, “I do workout! I’m toned! At least I can do more pushups and squats than you and Yoongi-hyung combined.”


Yoongi’s face is bright pink as he wipes a tear from his eye, his smile mostly gums. Jin is still gripping his stomach as he adds, “He didn’t deny that he goes there to pick up guys too!” This throws the elders into another fit of laughter, at the younger’s expense.


Namjoon groans and pulls his phone out, deciding to ignore the two in favor of checking his work schedule. He had three more shifts this week as one of the university’s part-time recruiters. Aside from tutoring, he helped the school staff some of their open job requisitions. He enjoyed it, but felt tutoring students to be more rewarding in the long-term, especially when they told their friends about him, bragging about him like he was some sort of genius. It stroked his ego in a satisfying way.


He set an alarm on his phone for the following day to stop by the library to sign up for the tutoring raffle. He only hopes he’ll be paired with someone decent.









“Hey Jin, have you seen my phone charger?” Namjoon asks as he flips his room inside out trying to find the damn thing. He forgot to plug his phone in last night which makes sense when he can’t even find the stupid thing in the first place, and now he has a dead phone weighing down his pocket. With no alarm to wake him up in the morning, he ended up sleeping in. Though he thinks ‘overslept’ is a better term for it. His face feels puffy and he’s sluggish. He wonders if this is what a sloths feels like. He decides he never wants to be reborn as one. You would think sleeping more would fill you with energy, but it seems to have the opposite effect when you get too much sleep. Namjoon grumbles to himself in frustration, “Fucking hell!”


Jin pops his head through the door, pushing it open with his forehead, “I haven’t seen it. Have you checked your pockets?” Namjoon turns to look at Jin, whose eyes are currently scanning the various colors of jeans and cargo shorts adorning his bedroom floor. Jin looks back up at him disapprovingly. “Maybe if you kept your room organized you wouldn’t lose things so easily.”


Namjoon rubs his hands over his face in frustration. “My room was clean, but I’ve been searching everywhere for that charger. I need it. They’re drawing the names for that raffle I told you about today, so my phone needs to be charged in case one of the winners texts me.”


Jin leans a shoulder against the doorframe, crossing a leg over his ankle. “Hmm, well if that’s the case, you might as well just buy a new one. I can give you a ride to the store since I need to buy a new set of speakers anyways. By the way, we’re hosting a spring bash during spring break.”


Namjoon grabs his wallet and stuffs it in the back pocket of his pants, getting ready to head to the electronics store. “You sure love to throw parties hyung. Must be a rich person thing.”


Jin throws his head back and laughs, “Just call me Gatsby.” Namjoon shakes his head as he closes his bedroom door behind him, ushering Jin out the condo doors. Namjoon knew Jin’s family was wealthy, as was explained to him the very first night he came over to this condo when Yoongi still lived here. The condo itself was exquisite, marble floors decorating the halls as well as the lobby. It felt like more of a hotel than a standard residence, especially with the giant chandelier hanging from lobby’s ceiling.


As the two made their way down the elevator, Namjoon questioned how much Jin must be making from his modeling contracts. He knew Jin had preferred relying on his own money rather than the lump of sum passed down from his family, choosing to stay independent.


Jin’s face was plastered through many of the city’s ads, his proportions well suited for either a career in photography or cinematography. Namjoon had been surprised to find out Jin was a fashion design major rather than a theatre student but regardless, that profession suited him, because even his body held proportions perfect enough for the runways of couture fashion. On occasion, the elder would even fly to the other side of the world for commercial filming, proving him to be a highly desired model throughout the industry. It’s truly amazing how this extraordinary man has become one of his best friends, thanks to Yoongi. The trio have only grown closer as time progressed.


When the elevator doors open to the garage level, Namjoon follows Seokjin to his car. He slides into the passenger seat, his dead phone in his hand. He stares at it with a frown. He hopes the winner hasn’t texted him yet.


By the time the two return to their condo, a brand-new charger in Namjoon’s hand, dusk approaches. Namjoon is quick to shuffle into his room and plug in his phone. He decides to grab some food from the fridge, snacking on some kimbap as he waits for his phone to charge. When the screen powers on, his phone dings with multiple notifications. He scrolls through them, deleting each one as he reads them. He dismisses the old alarms, deletes the new emails after reading them, and shoots Yoongi a message telling him he can stop by the studio for a bit after the elder had asked if he could listen to a new beat he had in the works. The last notification was a text from an unknown number. “Huh, must be the person I’m tutoring,” he mumbles.


Namjoon opens the message and types his reply, letting the person know he was available pretty much anytime since his classes were all online this semester. When he rereads his message, he realizes he forgot to introduce himself. He shoots another quick text with his name, and shortly after another reply lights up his screen.


“Jungkook? Why does that name sound familiar?” Namjoon purses his lips, wondering where he’s heard that name before. Maybe a friend of a friend? He guesses he’ll find out if he recognizes them when he meets them. They set their first session for tonight, which is a surprise considering it’s a Friday night, but it’s not like he has anything else planned. He still has about an hour before he needs to be at the library at their designated meeting time, so he decides to continue with his earlier plan and swing by Yoongi’s studio for a bit.


An hour passes by quickly at the studio, and Namjoon is running late as he jogs from the music building to the other side of campus where the library is located. The night is rather warm, so he’s just dressed in a baggy t-shirt and his sweats from earlier in the day. He didn’t bother putting any effort into his appearance--it was just a tutoring session after all. It wasn’t until he walked through the library entrance and spotted the only student there sitting at a table that he begins to regret his state of dress. Even from a few yards away, he can tell that the student works out. His cheeks are tinged pink as he approaches the table, suddenly feeling like a slob.


The student fails to see the tutor approach him because his back faces the entrance, but Namjoon definitely sees him, gets an eyeful of strong muscles contracting as it lifts up a heavy textbook from their backpack. Namjoon audibly gulps, closing his eyes for a moment to thank mankind for the invention of tank tops. Namjoon briefly scans him head to toe, and although he can’t catch a good read on how tall the student is, he knows for a fact he’s fit based on those flexed muscles and shoulders. Namjoon mentally prepares himself to tutor someone who is most likely capable of crushing his entire body with a squeeze of his fist. He shudders, praying that this person isn’t an asshole.


Namjoon walks around the table to sit across from the student he’ll be tutoring and prepares himself to see rough features. What he isn’t prepared to see when he startles the student who visually jumps and rips the earbuds from his ears, is an innocent-like face flushing in embarrassment with widening doe-like eyes. Namjoon freezes, unable to utter a word, eyes boring into his as he takes in those dark waves that sweep across the boy’s forehead, and takes in those dark brown eyes that seem to hold galaxies in them. The boy doesn’t say anything either, looking like a deer caught in headlights.


Namjoon can’t control his movements when he means to pull out the chair to sit in but instead manages to stumble backwards, causing the chair to fall over. He squeaks and flails as he quickly crouches down to push the chair right-side up. He avoids eye-contact as he introduces himself and sits in the seat, clearing his throat before saying his name out loud. He only looks back at the boy once he has his old textbook out and flipped to chapter one, the pages highlighted and tagged with sticky notes.


The student seems to have collected himself, because he smiles as he introduces himself. “Hi! I’m Jungkook!” His smile is literally rainbows and unicorns, and Namjoon swears he hears the chiming of bells in the distance. Namjoon has only known him for less than two minutes but he’s pretty sure if he had to sacrifice a goat for some sort of satanic ritual just to ensure that Jungkook would smile at him again like that, he would do it in a heartbeat.


The boy’s eyes crinkle as if his eyes were smiling too, and his two front teeth are slightly larger than the rest, giving him a youthful appearance. Namjoon feels his face burn hot, knowing without a doubt in his mind that he’s probably as bright as a tomato, but he wills the courage deep inside him to say something, to say anything, just so he can hear Jungkook’s beautiful voice one more time. “Um, I, uh—I’m Namjoon.”


He face palms himself mentally, knowing he had already introduced himself. Jungkook doesn’t seem to mind when he replies, “I’m pretty sure you’re older than me Namjoon-ssi.”


Namjoon’s heart skips a beat, and he’s starting to think love at first sight is a real thing. “I turn 22 this year.”


Jungkook hums, and shoots him another cute smile, and it shoots Namjoon right in the heart. He doesn’t know if he’ll survive this encounter. “Ah, I’m only 20,” Jungkook murmurs.


An awkward silence falls over the two, and Namjoon can’t help but think that maybe Jungkook is just as nervous as he is, for whatever reason. Maybe he’s shy about asking for help? Namjoon shakes himself out of his state of fluster, getting himself into teaching mode. “So what class are you needing help with?”


Jungkook fiddles with his fingers, and Namjoon’s eyes notice the involuntary flex of his muscles. He swallows, his throat feeling dry as a desert all of a sudden. Jungkook’s answer pulls him from his thoughts. “I’m having issues with sociology.”


Namjoon nods in understanding. “That’s a pretty common subject some students struggle with. I’ve tutored a few students in that subject last semester too.” Namjoon mulls it over before coming up with his plan. Each student learns differently, so he’ll have to find out what study method will work best for Jungkook. “Okay, so how about we spend the first session going over what you understand and what you don’t understand, then I’ll follow up our next session with a detailed outline on the chapters you need the most help with.”


Jungkook leans back against his chair, the apples of his cheeks a shade of pink as he scratches the back of his head, “Um, well, I failed my first sociology exam last week, and I have another test in three weeks. I honestly don’t even know what’s happening right now so, um—” he tapers off.


Namjoon rubs his chin in thought, focused as he tries to recall the important topics from the first few chapters of the book. “Hmmm, okay then. I think I know how we can start things off.” He pulls out one of his old study guides and hands it to Jungkook. “Here, this is a study guide I created for unit 1 back when I was taking intro to sociology. Go ahead and read the first couple of chapters again and go through this study guide, and write down any questions or topics that confuse you.”


Jungkook nods and grabs the study guide, his fingers brushing Namjoon’s. Namjoon’s heart skips a beat again, and he discreetly pounds his chest to rid himself of the feeling. “When’s the next time you’d like to meet to go over these topics and your questions?” Namjoon forces a smile to his lips, hoping it’ll draw attention away from his flushed cheeks.


Jungkook doesn’t say anything, mouth agape when his attention moves from the study guide in his hands to Namjoon when he senses the elder rising from his seat. Namjoon watches as Jungkook’s eyes widen again but says nothing. He patiently waits for an answer until Jungkook realizes he was asked a question and stumbles over his answer. “Oh, um- t-tomorrow, if that works for you! A-and if it doesn’t then, uh we can work, uh, together to, um, find a good time, uh and like—wait, what was the question again?”


Namjoon’s laughter chimes throughout the library and since they are the only two there, the library clerk doesn’t bother trying to silence them. “You already answered my question Jungkook. We can meet here tomorrow. 7’ o clock work for you again?” Jungkook nods his head fervently. Namjoon can’t help but laugh again at how cute he is.


Namjoon grabs his stuff and quickly walks away, and it isn’t until he’s back at Yoongi’s studio that he releases a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding. Yoongi turns around in his swivel chair, sliding the earphones off his head, a look of curiosity on his features. “Why are you so red? Did you run all the way here or something?”


Namjoon holds his hands to his cheeks, feeling the warmth radiating off them. With a groan, he drops himself onto the couch and throws his head between his knees.


“Hyung, I think I’m in love.”










Chapter Text






Jungkook is bopping his head to the song, completely lost in his own world. He’s staring at the bed of his nails, trying to pick off a hang nail when he sees movement out of the corner of his eye. He’s always been easy to scare so he almost pees himself as his heart jumps out of his ribcage. He presses a hand to his chest to calm himself and yanks the earbuds from his ears, realizing it’s just the tutor, but he can’t help the heat spreading across his cheeks in embarrassment.


He collects himself and glances up, wanting to introduce himself but stills like a deer caught in headlights when he makes eye contact with the man. He stops breathing for a moment--too enchanted with the warmth in that caramel colored skin, the kind hooded eyes, the fierce eyebrows, and the cutest nose he’s ever seen. Jungkook doesn’t say anything, too flabbergasted by the person in front of him. There’s no way this is his tutor, no fucking way—


And then the man pulls out a chair to sit down, only to stumble and tilt it backwards until the chair falls onto its side. Jungkook doesn’t even notice, too distracted by his rambling thoughts. Oh god, this guy is supposed to be my tutor? No Way. Nope, nope, nope. There’s no way this is him.


The man picks the chair back up and sits on it, introducing himself in a flurry of rushed words. “Hi, I’m Namjoon. I’ll be your tutor this semester.”


Jungkook pales, the blood draining from his face at the words. Oh god, I’m going to fail this class after all. How am I supposed to concentrate when my tutor looks like THAT?  Jungkook mentally punches himself. No. Focus, your grade depends on it.


Jungkook smiles, attempting to keep the chaos of inner turmoil masked under a façade of politeness. Just avoid eye-contact, focus on your studies, focus on your studies. He gives himself a push of encouragement and silently applauds himself when he manages to steer the conversation towards their academics after exchanging their ages. He figured the elder was older, based on the mature aura that was radiating from him. He was so tall, and it made him feel so small.


Jungkook barely registers the tutor’s words as Namjoon hands him a study guide, and he briefly overlooks the first page, impressed with his clean handwriting. Every sentence is legible, and he can’t believe the elder created this himself. He glances back up to express his gratitude when he senses the elder get up from his chair to leave, only to be met with a blinding dimpled smile—a sliver of pretty white teeth peeking out between his full lips. Jungkook’s mouth drops and his eyes widen comically.


Jungkook.exe has stopped working.




Jungkook doesn’t blink as he stares at Namjoon, whose head dips slightly as if he were waiting on something, until Jungkook realizes he was asked a question. He spits out the first thing that comes to mind, not caring whether it answers Namjoon’s question or not. “Oh, um- t-tomorrow, if that works for you! A-and if it doesn’t then, uh we can work, uh, together to, um, find a good time, uh and like—wait, what was the question again?” he cringes inwardly.


Namjoon throws his head back in laughter, and it’s so so cute and Jungkook knows he’s so so screwed. He nods his head aggressively, ready to agree to any proposition that falls from his tutor’s lips. He thinks he may have verbally agreed to meeting again tomorrow night, but he’s not completely sure, too distracted by the way Namjoon looks in those sweats, the way the fabric clings to his thick thighs as he walks away. He throws a hand up in the air to wave goodbye and Jungkook watches dumbly, eyes never leaving Namjoon’s backside until his tutor walks out the door.


Jungkook has to pinch himself to bring his mind back to the task at hand from his five minute long daze. He blushes, wondering just how ridiculous he must have acted in front of Namjoon’s eyes. He packs up his things and passes by the librarian clerk, whose eyebrows waggle and bids him a good-bye with a cheeky wink. Jungkook explodes into a furious shade of red and he high tails it out the front doors and out into the spring night in full-blown panic.








The first thing Jungkook does is practically sprint to the dorms. His black backpack jostles behind him, but the weight of the textbook hitting his back grounds him, reminding him how utterly fucked he’s going to be. He’s so glad that Jimin and Hoseok’s dorm building is right next to his because rather than heading straight to his room, he sharply turns right and grabs his student I.D. badge to unlock the neighboring building’s entrance. He swipes his badge through the card reader and hears the door unlatch with a loud ‘thunk’.  He slides through with ease, slipping off his backpack for a second so he doesn’t have to push the door open even wider to squeeze inside.


The hallway is well lit, the linoleum tiled floors a bit slippery underneath his feet as he walks down the corridor. He finds the stairwell with ease, well versed in the layout of the building since it’s practically a carbon copy of his own dormitory, matching beige walls and all. He heads up the stairs to the third floor, turning right around the corner to come face to face with their door. Their dormitories are relatively new, so the trim is rather fancy with it’s cherry wood stain. The door has a silver enameled number ‘302’ stuck onto it.


Jungkook raises his hand to knock, but it opens before his knuckles even touch the door. Hoseok stands there with a contemplative expression on his face, the same look he gets when he’s thinking deeply about something. “Hey Kookie,” he mumbles, but there’s no bubble of energy in his voice.


“How’d you know I was here?” Jungkook uses the moment to catch his breath.


Hoseok smirks slightly and points a thumb behind him at the open window, “I saw you running here while I was at my desk reading a magazine.”




Jungkook steps inside the dorm and shuffles to Jimin’s bed, slipping off his shoes and crawling on top of it to pull a pillow onto his lap. He grabs the bright pink one in the shape of a bunny, it’s eyebrows two different sizes. He leaves his backpack off to the side, and his own struggles are momentarily forgotten as he adjusts himself so he’s leaning against the wall, his attention solely on Hoseok. “What’s wrong Hobi?”


Hoseok closes the door and sighs, dragging his feet towards his own bed and turning so he can fall flat on his back on top of it. He grabs his fuzzy blanket and throws it over his feet, the air a bit chilly in the room. “M’fine.”


Silence falls over them, neither of the two friends speaking. Hoseok sighs again and lets his eyes fall from the spot he was burning a hole through in the ceiling. He blinks and flips his body onto his side, facing Jungkook completely. Jungkook clicks his tongue and clears his throat, his hand twirling in circles in a ‘go on’ gesture. Hoseok licks his lips and sits up, crawling backwards until he’s leaning his head and back against the wall as his legs dangle off the edge of the bed.


Jungkook observes him, his friend clearly restless. He notes Jimin wasn’t in the room when he arrived, and he briefly wonders if that has anything to do with it. Did they get in a fight? Jungkook waits patiently for Hoseok to say something, but when he doesn’t, he finally decides to speaks. “Where’s Jiminie?”


Hoseok’s expression darkens and he tsks, shrugging his shoulders and pretending he doesn’t care about Jimin’s whereabouts. “He’s on a date with some guy from one of his classes.”


Ah. So he’s annoyed.


Jungkook sighs. Trying to talk to Hoseok about his possible ‘like you more than a best friend’ feelings towards Jimin is the equivalent to talking to a brick wall. In comparison, Jungkook is more open with his emotions, more honest with himself, albeit very shy when it comes to telling others. But at least he admits things to himself. Hoseok is the opposite, always running from his emotions if they are anything but happy. It’s not healthy, and Jungkook’s tried having this conversation with him many times but he gets shut out or Hoseok steers the conversation elsewhere.


Rather than respond, Jungkook takes a second to look around the room, noting the change in décor for the new season. Jimin’s side was a bit messy, but Hoseok’s side was well organized and meticulously kept clean. He usually kept Jimin in check when it came to cleaning, the other not too big of a fan of their weekly chores. Hoseok loved chores though because it kept him in routine. Jungkook thinks it’s because he doesn’t let himself fully process his emotions that cleaning and organization has become his way of coping, but he’s no psychologist so he can’t say for sure.


He eyes the new bedding. Their bedspreads were color coordinated, usually changed to fit the mood of the season. With winter now over, their blue and white sheets have been replaced with greens and lavenders. There are even a few potted plants placed on a bookshelf next to Jimin’s bed. Jungkook keeps his eyes on them as he tries to say, “Hobi, why don’t you just tell Jimin—”


“Anyways, what brings you yonder to my humble abode?” Hoseok says cheerfully, his sullen mood replaced with forced joyfulness as he cuts Jungkook off mid-sentence.


Jungkook pauses, eyes flickering back to Hoseok and lips tightening, but lets the conversation be changed. He stretches his lips into a tight line, nodding his head in thought. “Well---I got a tutor.”


Hoseok throws his jazz hands up in the air in celebration with a resounding “Yay!”


“But I’m still going to fail the class,” Jungkook grumbles as he slumps his head low in defeat.


Hoseok’s eyebrows furrow, “But you said you got a tutor, so they’ll be able to help you won’t they? Even if you don’t get a super high grade, all that matters is that you pass.”


Jungkook balls his fists and bats the air with a whine. “How am I supposed to concentrate when my tutor is like a MEAL on legs? A whole ass walking FEAST. Hobi, listen: he’s tall, dark, and handsome. He’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He’s a full-blown fucking BUFFET—”


“Okay Kookie, I get it. You want to get dick downed by your tutor,” Hoseok waves his dramatics off.


Jungkook shakes his head. “No, I want to pass this stupid class and do these dumb study sessions without walking out of them with a food-baby.”


Hoseok blinks slowly, appalled by his friend’s words. “Well, maybe if you guys fucked and you got it out of your system then you won’t be as distracted. See? Problem-solved.”


“Hobi, no, you know I’m not into casual one-night stands. I don’t even know how you and Jimin do it, but I can’t imagine being completely naked in front of someone I barely know.”


Hoseok thinks it over. “Well, if that’s the case, date him, make him your boyfriend, and THEN let him dick you down.”


Jungkook squeezes the bunny pillow closer to his chest and rests his chin on top of the ears with a pout on his lips. “Ok, first of all, no. Second of all, no. And third of all—” he takes a brief pause for emphasis before clipping the word out, “no. I don’t even know if he’s into guys.”


Hoseok yawns, rubbing an eye with his lean fingers, “You could just ask him out. That’ll give you your answer real quick.”


“And run the risk of awkward study sessions the rest of the semester after he rejects me? No way in hell.”


Hoseok narrows his eyes at Jungkook as frustration returns to his features. “You know, for someone who came to me for advice, you sure are doing a good job of throwing each one out the window. If you just wanted to vent, you should have called Taehyung.”


Jungkook rolls his eyes and gets up to leave. He throws the bunny pillow back on Jimin’s bed and gets his backpack and his shoes. Before he leaves, he turns to look back at Hoseok. “Ya know, you’re really good at letting me vent about things. It’s why I usually come to you in the first place. But you’re an ass when you’re jealous.” He doesn’t let Hoseok get a word in as he slams the door closed behind him.


Jungkook hufts as he walks across the grass to his own dorm building. He pulls out his phone and sends both Taehyung and Jimin a quick text.


He spends the rest of his Friday night reading the first four chapters of his textbook. He takes a bunch of notes, and peers at the study guide Namjoon gave him. The study guide explains things really well, and Jungkook finds that he actually understands the topics if they are explained differently. There are still a few concepts he struggles with, but he makes sure to jot them down so he can ask Namjoon about them tomorrow.


Jungkook checks his phone one last time, but neither of his friends respond by the time he tucks himself into bed. He hadn’t brought up his predicament in his text to Taehyung. He doesn’t want him to feel left out with all the new developments happening without him. Instead he had asked his childhood friend how he was liking his new job at the vet clinic. They haven’t hung out in a while, so maybe they could make plans to meet up to see a movie or something.


He did text Jimin about it though, and it surprises him that he hasn’t gotten a text back yet. Jimin is always quick with his replies. He must be busy.


Jungkook’s heart aches when he thinks about how Hoseok might be feeling right now as he lays in his dorm room to see the bed across from his empty. Jungkook shakes his head, ridding himself of those thoughts. He’s not going to get himself in the middle of that, regardless of how long they’ve all been friends. Jimin and Hoseok will have to both eventually come to terms with their lingering feelings for each other on their own.


Jungkook stretches out his body and relaxes, letting himself sink into his mattress. His phone dings with a new notification, but he’s fast asleep by the time a text message from an unknown number lights up his screen:



Hi, I got your number from a friend.

I think you’re cute so I wanna ask…




are you gay?






Chapter Text




When Namjoon had returned to the music building’s studio after his first study session with Jungkook, Yoongi hadn’t so much as turned around. It wasn’t until he started gushing about his junior that Yoongi finally twisted to face him in his rolling chair, “I’m assuming you’re talking about that student you went to tutor right? You barely know the kid. If anything, this is mere infatuation. There’s no way you’re already in love if you’ve only met him tonight.”


“I was exaggerating hyung!” he whines. Sometimes, Namjoon wishes Yoongi would indulge him in his puppy like excitement and almost thinks about texting Jin about it instead. Then he remembers the type of person Jin is and the idea dies in his rational mind. He shakes his head and moves on from the subject, pulling up a chair next to Yoongi and asking him to show him the song they were working on earlier. Namjoon gave him feedback, and together they edited the layers of the melody and manipulated them  until they were content with it’s new structure.


By the time the two are finished, it’s past ten, and they retire back to Namjoon and Jin’s condo, Yoongi too lazy to head back to his own place since he’d have to walk there (he hasn’t saved up enough to buy a car just yet, but he’s close). The car drive back to the condo is rather quiet, and Namjoon connects his phone to his car’s bluetooth to blare his R&B playlist. Traffic is rather heavy in the city so they get a few more songs in than normal until they’re pulling into the condo’s underground garage.


They take the elevator up the tall complex and arrive to steaming hot pizzas splayed out on the kitchen counters. Jin is already digging in, cheeks full of cheese and so closely resembling a hamster that it’s laughable. Yoongi grabs a couple slices and places them on a paper plate. Namjoon chomps on a slice and leaves half of it drooping out of his mouth as he walks straight to the living room to set his backpack down.


The next forty-five minutes consist of him working on homework while Yoongi and Jin do god knows what. Namjoon is too focused on his reading to hear Jin and Yoongi whispering mischievously on the couch to the right of him. He hadn’t even noticed that his phone, which had been resting right beside him, was swiped from its place when he had gotten up to use the restroom. Upon returning, he re-focuses on his course assignments and continues with his required reading.


His psychology classes were immersive, and although they were online, they proved to be just as challenging as the classes he took on campus last semester. The chapter assigned by their professor this week introduced Jung’s Theory of Neurosis—a premise regarding one’s self-regulating psyche which seeks balance between the opposing qualities found within each individual. He was positively enthralled with the different archetypes but couldn’t concentrate with all the giggling happening around him. With his eyebrow ticking and a clenched jaw, he dragged his eyes to his friends, who quieted immediately upon realizing his attention was now focused on them instead of his textbook.


Yoongi’s smirk fell off his face and he replaced it with one of boredom, glancing at his nail beds in mock interest. Jin’s laughing ceased and he cleared his throat, feigning ignorance. One of Namjoon’s eyebrows raised in suspicion, the tension in the room suddenly palpable. He licked his lips and spoke, “What are you guys up to? Don’t tell me it’s nothing, because I know you both better than you think, so don’t even try me.”


Jin stuck out his lips like a duck, eyes veering off to the side, schooling his face into one of a kid being caught with their hand in the cookie jar. That’s when Namjoon noticed a phone that looked much too similar to his own nestled between them. Yoongi had an android, and Jin still had his ancient iphone. In contrast, he had the latest iphone so it most definitely had to be his phone. “Why is my phone laying on the couch?”


Jin pretends to be shocked when he looks down beside him, Yoongi mirroring his movements beside him. “Oh! How did this silly ol’ thing get all the way over here? Must’ve grown legs and walked over here.” Jin grabs the phone and reaches over the coffee table separating him from Namjoon and gently places it on the table, giving it a quick nudge to slide it back towards him. Yoongi doesn’t add anything and shrugs, “What he said,” as he points his thumb to Jin.


Namjoon hesitates a bit, still watching them, analyzing them. He knows the two are up to something, but he doesn’t know what. He doesn’t have a lock on his phone, so he slides his thumb across the screen as it sits in the palm of his hand to scroll through his messages. No new text messages. No new windows are open in his browser either, so he wonders why they stole his phone in the first place. He knows he set it next to him in a reachable distance in case someone messaged him (someone in particular he refuses to bring up to Jin knowing how the elder is when it comes to romance).


For someone who wasn’t too fond of his own romance endeavors, Jin sure got a kick out of meddling with everyone else’s, especially with him now that they were roommates. Yoongi had fallen victim to the various blind date set ups Jin had arranged for him, and the elder had vowed that if he had to suffer through them then it was Namjoon’s turn. Namjoon was adamant about avoiding those kinds of scenarios, for he was much too shy to survive the awkward atmosphere of a first date with a stranger. What Namjoon doesn’t know though, is that Yoongi is in fact a traitor, and has thrown him to the wolves, or more specifically, a wolf.


He glances back up at his friends, and they’ve remained quiet, their attention locked on their own phones. Namjoon decides to drop it and returns to his studies. He doesn’t catch the smirks Yoongi and Jin throw each other.










“Good news!” Jin announces as he strides into the living room, dressed in a freshly pressed white suit. His hair is slicked back and there’s a sheen gloss on his plump lips.


Yoongi stirs on the couch with an annoyed look on his face, eyes squinted against the harsh light streaming in from the windows. Unlike his own apartment, Jin preferred neutral-colored curtains rather than black out curtains. Jin enjoyed the natural sunlight that brightened their living room and foyer. Yoongi hated them when he lived here and still hates them. He rubs his eyes and peers across the room at Namjoon. His head floats above the counters separating the two rooms so Yoongi watches in fiendish amusement as Namjoon’s face contorts into horror when Jin tells him what he has to say.


Namjoon is pouring himself a bowl of cereal, stealing a few dry pieces to munch on while he coats the rest in milk. He has a spoonful of milk and sugared corn flakes in his mouth by the time he looks up to see Jin walk into the room with his announcement. A muffled “What?” resounds from his full cheeks in response.


Jin doesn’t wait for Namjoon to swallow his mouthful of food. “Your crush is very feisty! I like him already. I approve of your request for his hand in marriage. Also, I may or may not have creeped through all his social media accounts and sent him a friend request on all of them.”


Namjoon spits out his cereal in shock, showering the freshly cleaned counter and poor sink with chewed up mush. He coughs violently and wipes his mouth, snapping his head up to glare at Yoongi with eyes full of betrayal. “You told him? Hyung, how could you do this to me? Does our bond mean nothing to you? The songs we shared, the music we grew up to create together, has this all been one-sided this whole—”


“Joonie, stop being so dramatic.”


“This is payback for the time you tricked me into going on that date in your place during your freshman year! It’s taken a year and a half for revenge but oh how sweet it is to finally have some divine retribution,” Yoongi’s smile is evil and he chuckles maniacally.


That’s when it all clicks. He runs out the kitchen and he slides across the tiled floor in his stripped fluffy socks to point at Jin, “That’s why you took my phone last night! And you texted him! Oh god, Jin-hyung what did you say, please please please tell me you didn’t tell him anything embarrassing about me.”


“Breathe Joonie, breathe!” Jin places his hands on Namjoon’s shoulders to calm him. “I didn’t mention you at all. I just asked him an anonymous question.”


Yoongi snorts behind them. He’s sitting up on the couch now with the blanket he borrowed pushed off to the side. “Honestly, I think that’s worse.”


Namjoon peers over his shoulder to cut him with a fierce glare. Yoongi purses his lips and says nothing else. Jin snaps his fingers to regain their attention and checks his watch. He casually says, “Just asked him if he was single and gay,” and walks around Namjoon to head to the door.


Namjoon throws his hands up to hold his head, “Hyung no! Why would you ask him such a personal question like that! He doesn’t even know you!”


Jin waves him off and opens the front door to leave for his modeling gig, already running a bit late. He throws him a wink, “Like I said, he’s a feisty little thing. Cursed me out and told me its none of my fucking business.” Jin closes the door but pauses and opens it enough to stick his head back inside. “Oh, and now that I know he’s friends with Jimin since he’s in his some of his pictures, I’ll be inviting them to our spring bash next month. Okay, bye!” he adds quickly.


The door is closed by the time Namjoon picks his jaw off the floor. He closes his eyes and wishes he could go back in time to prevent himself from inviting Jimin over last semester for a tutoring session. He should have never introduced Jin to Jimin in the first place. He brought this all on himself. Though it's no wonder Jungkook's name had sounded familiar; he's sure Jimin has mentioned it in passing at least at one point in conversation. While Namjoon loses himself in his thoughts, Yoongi stands up and gets his things together to leave. “Hey Joon, can you drop me off at my apartment? I have a mid-shift at the record store today. My shift starts in two hours and I need to shower.”


Namjoon frowns. “Why should I you backstabber? And against your own blood brother. Now you must perform seppuku to restore your honor to our family.”


Yoongi scoffs, “That’s a little drastic don’t you think? Besides, now we’re officially even. It’s better this way, like ripping off a band-aid. Plus, if he found out months from now that you’d been crushing on someone without telling him you know he’d shave your head again in your sleep.”


Namjoon runs his hands through his dark locks, entangling his fingers around a strand to stretch out its length. His hair is definitely healthier now. “You know, even though I didn’t talk to him for a week after that, I’m kinda glad he did it. My hair was fried after bleaching and dying it so much and I was getting sick of that grape color.” Namjoon plays with his bottom lip, tugging at it in thought. “Yeah I guess you’re right. As long as he doesn’t meddle anymore, then things should be okay.” He grabs a few last things before taking Yoongi home.


Yoongi leads the way to the front door to slip on his shoes to leave. “Ha, good luck with that.”






Namjoon spends the rest of the day feeling anxious for his second tutoring session with Jungkook, the butterflies in his stomach relentless as he watches the time tick on by staring at the clock hanging against his bedroom wall. He decides to kill time by looking through his closest to find an outfit to wear. He puts effort into his wardrobe this time and avoids the sweats and old t-shirt he wore yesterday. His clothes for tonight are still casual, but in a more ‘put together’ kind of way. He wears a loose pair of black pants with a crisp white T-shirt, throwing on a light blue jean jacket and a silver dog tag necklace as accessories. He doesn’t bother with his hair and hides it under a black baseball cap.  


He’s so nervous that he ends up arriving to the library an hour early. Ironically, Jungkook ends up running late this time.


He has an earbud in only one ear but pauses his music when he’s alerted to Jungkook’s arrival by his heaving pants.  When his eyes fall on Jungkook, he decides he looks best like this, eyes glassy and cheeks rosy, with sweat beading at his hairline. Did he run here? Namjoon wonders if this is what he would look like at the gym too, muscles bulging and heavy breaths leaving his lips from exertion. His mind wanders even further into dangerous territory, wondering if this is what he would look like laying under him on his bed as he—


“I’m so sorry I’m late hyung!” Jungkook shouts, and he says it so loudly that the library clerk stands up and reprimands him for not being more quiet. Jungkook hunches his shoulders as he pulls out a chair  from the table. This time their table is centered in the middle of the library, with clusters of other students absorbed in their own headspace. For a Saturday night, the place is unexpectedly filled with buzzing activity. When Jungkook sets his backpack down onto the chair next to him, he leans forward with a hand cupping the side of his mouth and whispers, “Sorry for being late hyung, I lost track of time.”


Namjoon’s eyes widen at the informality, and Jungkook catches his mistake and rewords it in a flurry. “I mean N-namjoon-ssi.”


Namjoon frowns at the correction. He liked hearing Jungkook call him hyung. Maybe a little too much. He wants him to call him that again, wants to hear him pant it breathlessly. FUCK! Why am I being such a pervert? And since when do I have a hyung kink?? He makes a mental note to research it later and shifts back to tutor mode. “No worries Jungkook, I was working on my own assignments anyways. And I’m fine with you calling me hyung.”


Jungkook nods and settles at the table. He pulls out his notes and the study guide Namjoon gave him and hands it to him. Namjoon scans through his notes, humming to himself. He bounces his head in understanding now that he knows what’s tripping Jungkook up. “Okay, I think I know what’s confusing you. Let’s start by going through chapter 2 together ok? Chapter one was mostly an introduction to the subject so it doesn’t go into detail on any specific topics and instead summarizes what you’ll be learning this unit. You grasp these first few concepts quite well. We just need to review some things cause some of your answers are a little off.”


 Jungkook gulps in what looks like shame so Namjoon explains himself, reaching a hand out to reassure him out of habit, “Hey don’t worry, you’ll get this soon.” He tended to do so a lot whenever Jin was stressed.


“Oh um yeah, that sounds good, h-hyung,” Jungkook replies and squeaks when he feels the warmth of Namjoon’s hand on top of his. He nods again and the redness deepens on his cheeks. Namjoon brushes it off thinking maybe the library’s heater is set a little too high.


Namjoon smiles and pulls his hand away, tearing his eyes away from his adorable student and focusing back on Jungkook’s notes. “Well then, let’s finally get started shall we?”




Chapter Text





His leg bounces in an unsteady rhythm and he chews on the inside of his cheek as his eyes dart back and forth between the clock and the professor. He can’t hear the ticking of the clock with how big the classroom is, since there’s about two hundred students in here and they’re all talking amongst themselves as the professor slowly strides up the steps to each row. In her hands lies the fate of Jungkook’s exam, and he’s not sure what to expect. He found the test to be easy, a little too easy, and he doesn’t want to feel overconfident about his results in case he jinxes himself.


The professor tells everyone they can stay after class if they have questions, otherwise they are free to leave as soon as they get their results. Jungkook’s vision is honed in on the stack of papers she has in her hand that she passes down each row. The bubble sheet is stapled behind the test so students can find their names and take their tests without the shame or embarrassment of their peers knowing their scores. It’s the academic equivalent of the “walk of shame”.


He watches the stack of papers like a hawk as it travels along his row, and soon enough it’s his turn to fumble through the stack in search of his name. When Jungkook gets his test back, his eyes nearly pop out of his head. The bubble sheet is marked up with red in the top right-hand corner, but unlike the previous test, there’s no failing grade on this one. A huge ninety-four is bolded in big red blocked letters. His jaw drops, not believing his eyes, so he glances through the fifty-question test to make sure. He only missed three questions. Want to know how many he missed on the first one?




In his excitement, Jungkook wastes no time in stuffing the papers into his backpack and throwing it over his head as it smacks against his back in the rush to leave. He practically hurdles over the remaining students still sitting in his row in his haste to the dancehall, his cheeks sore from how hard he’s smiling as he sprints to tell his friends the good news. Lucky for him, the dance rooms are on the first floor so he doesn’t have to wait until lunch at the dining hall where they usually meet after class to see them-- perks of all three friends having classes in the liberal arts building. (You may ask why all three don’t walk there together after class and the answer lies within Jungkook’s growling stomach. A hungry bitch waits for no one.)


He hops down the steps without a care in the world, easily dodging the zombie-like students dragging their feet down the staircase. It’s a Monday, so he empathizes. If he weren’t so filled with adrenaline right now he’d be a slug. Jungkook skips the last step and lands on the floor with a ‘thud’, turning his heel to direct himself toward the east end of the building. As he gets closer to the secluded practice rooms, he can hear music seeping from underneath the crack of the door.


This period was Hoseok and Jimin’s dance lessons, whereas the times they spent practicing in the early evenings here were for the dance team they had been scouted for at the end of the past winter term. They were deemed to be prodigies, Hoseok specializing in hip hop and Jimin in contemporary. Though their specialties were different, their majors required them to take a class in a few different dance styles, thus they were both currently enrolled in an intermediate hip hop class. The class lasted slightly longer than his own, but he didn’t mind waiting this time around.


Jungkook comes to a halt just before the door slams open, a parade of sweaty college students filing out of a practice room that reeks of sweat and musk. His nose twitches, but he doesn’t recoil, already familiar with the same smell that permeates the weightlifting room at the campus gym. He takes a step to the side so he’s not in the way, eyes scanning each face in case Hoseok and Jimin are hidden among them. When he doesn’t see them and the last student walks out of the room, Jungkook’s hand reaches out to prop the door open so he can slide inside. He glances around the room but doesn’t see them--not a single soul in sight. He assumes they’re in the showers. The mirrors to his right are still fogged up, and he steps closer to draw a smiley face with the tip of his finger to entertain himself. “Jimin? Hobi?” he calls, his eyes still focused on the doodles he’s tracing onto the mirrors.


Jimin appears in his peripherals with damp hair and a white towel draped around his neck and over his shoulders. He’s wearing a giant t-shirt, one big enough to completely swallow his small frame. Hoseok follows behind him, except he’s completely shirtless with the waist of his sweatpants barely hanging onto his hips. If Jungkook notices a tent in his pants, he doesn’t comment on it, choosing to feign ignorance. He doesn’t want to imagine what they were doing. Refuses actually. He’ll take this to the grave if it means not getting swept into their cliché “childhood-friends-to-lovers-with-unnecessary-added-drama-and-angst” trope.


“Guys, guess what! Guess what!” Jungkook twirls to face them and hops up and down with joy.


Jimin giggles and grabs his dance bag that was left leaning against the mirror. Hoseok reaches to grab the bag sitting next to it, pulling out a top and throwing it on. “What, Kookie?”


“I passed my second exam!!” Jungkook throws his hands up in the air and jumps even higher as he flings his arms and legs wide like a starfish.


Hoseok’s ‘oohs!’ echo throughout the practice room, and the tips of his fingers meet in a feather light clap. He beams a radiant smile that makes him shine like the sun and Jungkook can’t help but jump into his arms for a hug. Hoseok laughs and wraps his arms around him, swaying him side to side and kissing his head. “That’s so awesome! You worked so hard, you deserved a passing grade!”


Jimin joins the hug, sandwiching Jungkook between himself and Hoseok. “So what was your grade then?”


Jungkook wiggles out of their hold and eagerly shouts, “a ninety-four!”


Jimin whistles. “Wow, so those extra hours you put in studying every night helped after all huh?”


Jungkook’s about to answer, but Hoseok opens his mouth first and he panics. “Well it wasn’t all him, he had Nam--” Hoseok doesn’t finish his sentence because Jungkook headbutts him straight in the stomach, sending the two tumbling over from the momentum of Jungkook’s desperate dive.


Hoseok groans in pain under him, barely catching his fall with his forearms. Jungkook hisses under his breath with narrowed eyes, “Not a word about Namjoon-hyung, or else I’ll headbutt you further south to make sure your bloodline ends with you.” Hoseok rolls his eyes but nods, knowing perfectly well that the moment Jimin finds out about Jungkook’s developing crush, he’ll want to play matchmaker. “Fine. Damn, why aren’t you on the football team with a tackle like that?” he hisses. He rubs his stomach and winces, forcing down the bile in his throat that was pushed up from the impact.


Jimin flinched as he watched Jungkook tackle Hoseok to the ground as if he felt it too, and he doesn’t catch what Hoseok was about to say, too distracted by the random outburst. “Oh my god, are you two okay? What the hell Kookie! Hoseok could have hit his head on the floor and gotten a concussion or something! You’re lucky he caught himself in time!” Jimin kneels and shoves Jungkook off of Hoseok and gently grabs the former’s arms, twisting to inspect the bruises that are sure to bloom over his skin in the next few hours.


Hoseok smiles and stares longingly at Jimin’s face, the other too distracted in his ministrations to notice Hoseok’s eyes trailing down from his eyes to his lips. Jungkook scrunches his nose in mock disgust at the loving scene unfolding before him. God, could they be more obvious? When Jimin finishes looking Hoseok over, he helps pull him to his feet. Jungkook rubs a hand against his bottom, one of his cheeks tender from the fall, while he stands back up. “Sorry for that Hobi. I was playing around; I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’ll save my tackles for when we’re on carpet or a field of grass.”


Hoseok waves his apology off, “How about you never tackle me again in general. It was like getting hit by a freight train of muscle. Anyways, how about instead of going to the dining hall we go to a nice café to celebrate your high score? My treat.”


Jungkook feels really bad now, but he can’t have Jimin knowing that Namjoon is tutoring him. He’ll try to embarrass him any chance he gets, so for the sake of his pride, he needs to keep this a secret. He’ll have to make it up to Hobi another time. “I’m pretty hungry right now so that sounds great! Shall we get going then?” Jungkook and Hoseok walk towards the door and Jimin hurries along after them, “Wait, I can’t go! I’m meeting up with one of my hyungs for coffee.”


“Oh,” Jungkook says sadly.


Jimin bites his lip, feeling guilty that he can’t celebrate his best friend’s huge accomplishment. He lifts his pointer finger in the air as a ‘pause’ and slips his phone out of his jean pocket with his other hand to bring to his ear after dialing a number. “Hello? Hyung? Hey, I wanted to know if it was okay for me to bring two of my friends with me? One of them got a really high score on his test and we were wanting to celebrate.” Jimin pulls at his bottom lip and messes with it as he talks. His eyes form crescents and he throws his friends a big thumbs up. “Thanks so much hyung! I promise you’ll love them. Okay, see you in a few, bye!” Jimin hangs up the phone and throws his arm over each of his friends’ shoulders and pushes them towards the door. “He wants to meet you both, and he said he would treat us to a nice lunch at one of those fancy places off the square. It’s time for us to truly feast,” he smirks.


“He’s treating us? But he doesn’t even know us, that doesn’t seem right.” Hoseok hums in agreement to Jungkook’s words.


“Oh, don’t worry. My hyung’s loaded. He’s one of the most sought out models in the city, and he loves to spoil me. He’s basically my platonic sugar daddy.” Jimin pushes against the double doors that lead them outside the building. “He’s going to drive us there. Oh! He’s already here. There he is!” Jimin skips towards the car stationed next to the curb in the parking lot, a sparkling white BMW that makes Jungkook feel dirt poor. Sure it’s not a Lamborghini or a Porsche, but a college student with a BMW is rare.


Hoseok whistles, eyes roaming across the body of the car like it’s the sexiest thing he has ever seen. Jungkook gulps, never having been so close to such a nice car before. When Jimin approaches it, the passenger window rolls down and a man with jet black hair shifts forward to greet them through the space. “Ah, I should have known Jimin’s friends would be cuties. As expected of the cutie himself.”


Jimin chuckles and shakes his head when he sees Hoseok and Jungkook turn equal shades of red. “Jin-hyung tends to have this effect on people. Don’t mind him, he’s a chronic flirt.”


Jin smirks at the two, but when he makes eye contact with Jungkook, he throws him a sultry wink after pulling his sunglasses slightly down. Jungkook squeaks and scrunches his shoulders as his hands reach up to cup the tip of his ears, knowing they must be just as red as his face. He and Hoseok shuffle to the car door and Jimin nearly kicks them into the backseat with how slow they’re going. “If you guys don’t hurry up, my hair will go gray and Jin-hyung will already be dead by the time we even leave campus. C’mon, let’s get those buns moving before I pass out from hunger.” Jimin smacks the two in the ass and they yelp, but the act gets them scrambling inside the car.


Jimin sits himself in the front passenger seat, and Jin waits patiently for the two in the back to buckle their seat belts. When Jin meets their eyes through the rearview mirror as he waits, they decide to formally introduce themselves.


“I’m Hoseok, a dance major like Jimin. Nice to meet you.” Jin nods and smiles.


“I’m Jungkook, a photography major. Nice to meet you ___?” he drawls the last sentence, unsure of the elder’s full name. If he’s Jimin’s hyung then that means he’s older than Hoseok and himself too.


Jin’s eyes flash with recognition and he perks up in surprise. “Nice meeting you two! It’s great to finally get to meet some of Jimin’s friends. I’m Seokjin, a fashion design major. But you can call me Jin. Any friends of Jimin are friends of mine, so I don’t mind if either of you call me hyung.”


Jungkook can’t fully see Jin’s facial features because of the large sunglasses that cover the top portion of his face, but if his lips were that full, rivaling the fullness of Jimin’s, then he can only assume the man is gorgeous, especially if he’s a model. He wonders if he has ever seen him in advertisements or commercials without knowing who he was. His mind starts to wander but his flow of thoughts are interrupted by Jin’s sudden comment, “I hope you don’t mind me choosing where we eat. I’m a family friend of the owner, so I can get us a secluded room at the place I have in mind since it’s usually pretty packed.” The three give him supportive yays, and Jin smiles. “Alrighty then. We should be there in about ten minutes.”


Jungkook rests his forehead against the glass, watching the car pull away from the campus and onto the busy city streets. He fights the urge to pull his phone out to send a text to Namjoon about his test results. He decides he’d rather tell him in person, hoping he’ll be blessed with that dimpled smile again when he tells him he got an A. Maybe he could even get a firm high five, anything to have those hands touching him. He spends the rest of the car ride daydreaming about bronze skin and rich, expressive, dark brown eyes.








If Jungkook had known they would end up coming to a rather fancy-looking restaurant, he would have put more effort into his appearance today. He’s severely underdressed, and he glances a side eye at Hoseok, who is already looking at him as if they were mentally linked by the same thought. They’re both dressed in baggy sweats, though Jungkook shows a lot less skin with a stained t-shirt, which he swears wasn’t stained this morning since he didn’t even eat breakfast, whereas Hoseok was in a black wrinkled tank top.


“Jin-hyung? Are you sure this is okay? I don’t think we’re dressed up enough for a place like this—” Hoseok speaks up, a hand rubbing the back of his neck as he looks between himself and Jungkook.


Jin brushes the concern off with a huff. “It looks fancier than it actually is. It’s a bistro! Don’t worry, we’ll be seated in the back of the house, and I’ve brought my other friends here in way worse attire. One of them was still completely in his pajamas because I had to physically drag him away from his studio. He’s a music production major, and way too much of a workaholic.” Jin opens the sleek handle of the bistro’s doors and ushers them inside.


The tinted windows of the bistro made it hard to see exactly what the place looked like inside, but now that they’re in here, their shoulders relax in relief because the atmosphere is a lot more laid-back than what the fancy décor led them to believe. Jin greets the waitress standing next to the menu post by the front entrance and proceeds to walk right past her, the waitress nodding her head as the rest of the group shuffles by. Jin leads them through an employee entrance that takes them to a narrow corridor. The walls are a mustard yellow, and a few cracks along the walls hint at the restaurant’s age.


“Ah, we haven’t eaten here in a while hyung! I think the last time we ate here was with Namjoon-hyung wasn’t it?” Jimin’s back faces Jungkook so he doesn’t notice when Jungkook physically jolts at the mention of his tutor’s name. He can’t control the blush that rises to his cheeks or the sudden increase in his pulse, but he does shoot a glare at Hoseok who snickers into the palm of his hand at his reaction. Jimin questioningly looks behind when he hears Hoseok laugh but Jungkook schools his features into one of indifference.


Jimin’s attention snaps back to Jin when the elder replies, “Hm, I think you’re right. Joonie did join us for dinner that night, so that must have been months ago.” Jungkook’s head tilts in confusion at the nickname. Were Namjoon and Jin really close?


Jin leads them to the end of the hallway where a casual lounge awaits them on their right. The room is decently sized, maybe twice the size of his dorm room and it’s private. A rectangular wooden table is placed in the corner of the room, and a couch with a tv sits on the other side. If he didn’t know any better, he’d think this was someone’s private dining/living room.


Jin is the first to take his seat, and Jimin wastes no time in pulling out a chair next to him. Jungkook and Hoseok follow suit, taking their seats across from them. Even with the four of them, half of the table remains vacant, as if it were suited for large groups of people. “Ah, when I said I was a family friend of the owner, I actually meant that my family owns this restaurant. We use this room for family gatherings whenever extended family come to visit, so they’ve renovated it to give it a homey atmosphere. Feel free to ask for whatever you feel like eating. I’m very close with the staff, so they’ll make us whatever we want as long as they have the ingredients for it.”


Jungkook and Hoseok’s jaws drop, “A-anything?” they echo together.


The next few minutes are spent thinking of what they want to eat, but they each concede to ordering rather simple meals. Jin repeats what they want back to them before he wanders out of the room and off to the kitchen to relay their order to the head chef. Once he leaves, Jimin props his elbows on top of the table and interlaces his fingers together to rest his chin on them as he purrs, “So what do you think of Jin-hyung, Kookie?”


Jimin’s eyes are twinkling in the conniving way he’s recognized over the years, so Jungkook instantly bristles and goes on the defensive as he carefully words his answer. One wrong move and Jimin will go straight for the jugular. “He seems like he’s secretly the goofy type? I think he would be a good friend! Actually I have a feeling he and Taehyung would get along really well.” Jungkook smiles sweetly and he watches Jimin’s body slowly crumple over the table.


Jimin lifts his head off the table and whines, “Are you blind? That man is delicious. Did you not notice his broad shoulders and his tiny waist? He’s basically a walking dorito! Finger-licking good!!”


Hoseok rolls his eyes and leans over the table to flick Jimin on the forehead, who flinches with a startled yelp. “Careful Chim, your thirst is showing.”


“Oh trust me, I’m not thirsty, I’m fucking famished--”


Their conversation is cut short when Jin returns to the room and takes his seat again. His eyes roam across their faces, taking in Jimin who was still soothing his forehead with a pout on his lips, Hoseok who was shaking his head side to side in disappointment, and Jungkook whose flushed cheeks made his face look like a round apple. “Did I miss something?”


Jimin is about to add something but Jungkook cuts him off, “Nope! Just telling them about how I murdered my sociology exam thanks to my amazing tutor!” In his haste to change the subject before Jimin says something weird, Jungkook word vomits compliments about how wonderful his tutor is, about how patient and kind he is, and if his rambling didn’t give away his growing feelings yet, the next scene that plays out most certainly does.


The confession had Jimin perplexed because he could have sworn Jungkook had told him he studied all on his own, but then it all clicks into place. Jimin watches with growing fascination as Jungkook’s doe eyes grow wide and his voice pitches higher as he gushes about his tutor. He initially thought it was all out of gratitude and admiration for the help, until Jungkook starts playing with his left ear. Jimin has known Jungkook for a long time, and the moment the boy touched his ears, it was because he was feeling embarrassed or shy.


A predatory smile stretches Jimin’s lips and he pounces. “He’s sooo handsome, isn’t he Kookie?”


Jungkook doesn’t hesitate to agree, and he goes off tangent onto how illegal those dimples are but curses when a hard step on his foot ends his ramble. Jungkook shoots a sneer at Hoseok, but the latter gives him a look that screams a silent ‘shut up’ and Jungkook pauses to look back at Jin and Jimin as the blood drains from his face. Jungkook doesn’t know Jin well enough to see the glint the elder has in his eyes, the brewing scheme hiding underneath that sweet smile. Jimin on the other hand, is giving him an accusatory glare, his smirk now lethal. Jungkook chastises himself, closing his eyes at his sheer stupidity. He has not only dug his own grave, but has practically buried himself in it too.


Jimin licks his lips and leans forward to calmly ask, “Jungkook? Do I perhaps….. know this tutor? Did I, perhaps….. recommend him to you at the beginning of the semester?”


Jungkook stills and has to will his panic down as the sirens in his head repeat ‘danger! danger!’ He backpedals to salvage the situation, but by the way he stumbles over his words, he knows he’s fucked up and there’s no saving him. Jungkook closes his eyes in defeat. Hoseok sends him a look of pity and pats his shoulder. “That was painful to see. There was no way of helping you from that,” he whispers.


Jimin leaps up from his chair so fast that it nearly falls over, but Jin catches it in time to steady it. Jimin points his finger at Jungkook and cackles evilly, “I can’t believe you tried to hide this from me! But look where this got you, cornered like a baby bunny.” Jungkook shrinks into his seat in mortification.


Hoseok rises from his chair and walks around the table to sit on Jin’s right, while the other two continue their stare off. “You must be confused,” he says in a small hushed voice. “So basically, Jungkook has a crush on the tutor Jimin tried to set him up with initially.” Jin’s eyebrows tick up in surprise, but his grin is one of mischief. The tense atmosphere lasts but a fraction of a minute, broken by the sound of the waitress approaching with their meals.


After the food arrives and Jin has reassured them the meal is his treat as their hyung and for Jungkook’s passing grade, the friends continue to banter over Jungkook’s crush, and though neither of them mentions the name of the tutor, Jin already knows it’s Namjoon. (not that he’ll reveal that quite yet).


A waiter returns to take away their finished plates and the group shifts over to the couch while their table is cleaned off. Jin sits with a hand delicately holding a glass of wine on his lap and the other fumbling with a loose thread hanging off of his long sleeve button-up shirt. His eyes follow the trio’s conversation, but he adds nothing, wanting to absorb as much information about Jungkook while he has the chance as he intently listens to the rant Jimin spews from his lips. “All you need to do is flirt with him a little! Show you’re interested!”


Jungkook is settled between Jin and Jimin on the couch while Hoseok sits on the floor in front of them with his legs splayed out. Jungkook slides down the couch in slow motion for dramatic effect and pulls at his hair in frustration, “I don’t know HOW to flirt! I’m a baby gay with no love experience. The closest thing I have ever felt to love was that greasy breakfast burrito I had after that shit hangover last halloween! Fuck, and that was a really good burrito. Would have married the thing if I hadn’t eaten it.”


Jin has to fight off the urge to laugh that builds in his throat at Jungkook’s admission, because even though his anonymous text to Jungkook was never met with a ‘yes or no’ but with a ‘fuck off’, he has managed to get an answer through sheer coincidence (not that he ever plans on telling Jungkook it was him who sent the anonymous text). Jin takes it upon himself to help these two future lovebirds along. To get the ball rolling. “No worries, hyung will give you some advice,” he offers.


 Jin winks and Jungkook nervously swallows. “I don’t know if—”


Jin suddenly slaps his hand onto his shoulder and closes in on him, eyes sparkling and nostrils flaring. “Trust hyung, I would never steer you wrong.”


He just met Jin today, but if he’s been friends with Jimin for a while than of course he would be trustworthy, right? Jungkook’s eyes dance around the room in search of reassurance. Jimin nods and gives him a thumbs up. Hoseok waggles his eyebrows with a shit eating grin, waving at him to go along with it. Jungkook sighs in resignation. “Um, sur—”


Jin doesn’t let him finish because he immediately dives into the “how to’s” of seducing. A fierce blush blooms across Jungkook’s nose and cheeks as Jin goes into further detail about flirting and he nervously bites his thumb as Jimin and Jin both collaborate on a plan they deemed to be named, ‘Kookie wants a Cookie’, with the cookie being codename for his tutor’s dick.


Jungkook blocks out most of their hashed-out plan cause it’s pretty ridiculous. He’s NOT going to bend himself over and ask Namjoon to ‘punish’ him if he gets any practice questions wrong. And he’s NOT going to ask Namjoon to smack him on the ass with his ruler. Their euphemisms are god-awful so as they continue to spout nonsense, Jungkook starts to devise his own plan.


He’ll have to see if Namjoon finds him attractive. If everything goes smoothly, then Namjoon’s face will tell him what he needs to know, but if phase 1 of ‘Seduce Namjoon with your Sexy Body’ doesn’t work, he always has the option of running away and changing his name to Ian to run a llama farm.


But he’s getting way ahead of himself and jumping to a worst-case scenario, so first thing’s first: How should he go about showing off his ripped body to Namjoon?








Chapter Text





Namjoon taps his foot incessantly on the ground, arms crossed over his chest as he stares at the row of snacks in front of him. His eyes dart back and forth between the row of chips and the row of candy below. He rubs his chin in thought until he hears his roommate utter a groan. “Namjoon, are you seriously still stuck on this? I left you here to grab other groceries for the party so you would have plenty of time to decide on what to get him. I got distracted by the video game section and had to talk myself out of impulsively buying a new game console, THEN stopped by the magazine section and read through a whole ass gossip article, and now after 30 minutes you are still here, exactly how I left you.”


“But hyung, he likes candy AND chips. I don’t know which he’ll want more. It’s a late gift for him but I wanted to treat him with something for acing his second exam.”


Jin pinches the flesh of Namjoon’s shoulder and the younger whines. “Joonie, as sweet as that is, just get both if you can’t decide. Jungkook is like a human vacuum. That boy will eat anything in his field of vision in the blink of an eye.”


“Good point. He’s always snacking during our tutor sessions and it’s adorable and--wait a minute, hold on. How do you know that?” Namjoon narrows his eyes in suspicion.


“Oh, did I not tell you?” Jin says casually, grabbing a few bags of chips while Namjoon passes him a handful of different candies, throwing them in the shopping cart haphazardly. “We’re friends now thanks to Jimin. Did you know he’s a photographer? He’s been dropping by my design studio to take photos of the new outfits I finished putting together for my conceptual apparel design class.”


Namjoon blinks, surprise evident in his tone. “Huh, I didn’t know that.”


The brunette ponders over the past few study sessions he and Jungkook have had together. He likes to think they have become more than just tutor and student, but now realizing how little he actually knows about Jungkook irks him, especially if Seokjin already knows more about him than he does. Up until this point, his conversations with Jungkook have been shallow, like how their day has been or what they’re currently learning in their other classes. Of course they aren't friends yet. He hasn’t crossed the threshold from acquaintance to friend after all. Maybe if he didn’t put so much focus on how full Jungkook’s cheeks get when he’s snacking and cooing internally at how cute it is, then he could have asked more questions about his hobbies and interests. If Jungkook’s a photographer, maybe he could take him around to some of the scenic trail’s he’s discovered. Perhaps it could even be a date, assuming he’d eventually grow enough balls to ask him out sometime.


“Joon I can literally see you spiraling into your overthinking tendencies.” Jin snaps his fingers in front of Namjoon’s face to get his attention. He pushes his cart forward and Namjoon follows after him with a frown. “Don’t worry, I’ve been hyping you up every chance I get. Plus I already invited him to the party next weekend.”


Namjoon stomps his foot in retaliation, “But hyung, I was wanting to ask him!”


Jin rolls his eyes. “The party is next weekend Joon. How much longer were you planning on waiting?”


Namjoon clenches his jaw and stares at the ground. “Well? Did he say he was going?” They’ve reached the checkout area at the front of the store and are waiting in line to pay when Seokjin finally turns to look at him.


“He didn’t, but Hoseok and Jimin are so I assume so.”


Namjoon perks up. The last time he saw Jungkook had been the week prior when the younger saw him strolling across the campus square. It was a heavily trafficked area since it connected all the routes that led to the different buildings throughout the campus.


Jungkook eagerly ran up to him and gushed about the high marks he got on his test because of him, thanking him over and over. Namjoon was happy he could help, and his hand must have a mind of its own because before he even thought about it, his hand was patting away at Jungkook’s silky head of hair with a supportive ‘good job’. The younger practically hummed in satisfaction at the praise, closing his eyes and leaning into Namjoon’s hand with a dopey smile on his lips.


Namjoon died on the spot, his heart thudding aggressively in his chest. He hoped he could find an excuse to do it again at their next study session, mind already filled with various praises he was more than willing to shower his good student with, but the younger canceled their following session due to personal reasons. This filled Namjoon with disappointment since spring break followed the week after, so unless the younger came to the party he would go two weeks without seeing him, and that was a little too long for his poor lovestruck heart to handle.


Namjoon nods to himself, “Okay, good good. This’ll give me the chance to learn more about him away from the stress of studies and homework.”


“Don’t worry Joonie, I did a fabulous job of making you sound incredibly charming and wonderful. There’s no way Jungkook won’t get the hint.”


Namjoon closes his hand into a fist and whispers a ‘fuck yea!’ to himself, making the elder laugh that squeaky chuckle he’s grown used to. The two’s conversation dies once they are next in line to pay, groceries already laid out on the conveyor belt. They throw their party supplies into the cart again and head out to their car, already in talks about what types of mixes they need to buy, planning to hit the liquor store next to restock on alcohol.


They were well known for their parties, never getting too crazy but enough to provide amusement to a hoard of brain-fried college students. Namjoon looked forward to seeing Jungkook there, already thinking about topics he could casually bring up to get to know him better. Next week couldn’t come fast enough.








College parties don’t require too much preparation. As long as there’s music, snacks, and alcohol, college students will find plenty of interesting ways to entertain themselves.


Namjoon sits on the couch, a pout on his lips and eyebrows meeting in the middle of his forehead in agitation. He’s babysitting the beer in his hand, taking occasional sips of it as he glances around the crowded living room. There’s still no sign of Jungkook and the party’s been raging on for a couple of hours. He pulls out his phone, hoping for a text message of some sort, but there's nothing. He even debates messaging him first, but shyness once again gets the better of him.


A sigh leaves his lips and he takes another sip of beer while his eyes shift to the opposite side of the living room, where a group of people sit huddled together in a circle. In between the the spaces of bodies, he catches sight of an empty beer bottle on it's side. Who still plays spin the bottle anyways?


He squints when he sees a familiar head of hair shuffle forward on their knees, and this peaks his interest but he can’t tell who it is since all he sees is the back of his head. The person shakes his head and stands up to leave the circle, and Namjoon’s mouth gapes when the person turns around and makes eye contact with him, the other’s mouth sighing in relief as the they make their way over to his couch. Yoongi lets himself fall against the rugged leather. Namjoon throws a hand over the back of the couch and rotates his body to face Yoongi comfortably. “When did you get here hyung? I didn’t even know you were coming.”


“You know the only parties I ever come to are yours. I finally had a night off from work so I thought I might as well show my face.”


Namjoon finishes off his drink. “I haven’t heard from you in a while though. Busy with work I assume?”


Yoongi nods his head. “Yeah, I’ve had to take on more shifts at the record store. I’m practically working full time hours at this point. I’ll be a junior for another year anyways, so what’s the rush in trying to overload myself with classes. Going to space them out and focus on working more so I can buy a car. I think I’ll have enough to buy one in full with cash by the end of the summer.”


Namjoon whistles, “That’s great hyung! Everyone finishes school at their own pace anyways. Not like we’re on a strict deadline.”


“Yoongi-hyung!” A playful voice pulls the two’s attention from each other back towards the group of people playing spin the bottle. Yoongi groans.


Namjoon laughs to himself and sits up taller. If Jungkook’s friends are here then Jungkook himself must be close by. “I take it you’ve finally met Jimin?”


Jimin slowly approaches them with a shit-eating grin on his face, one hand raised in the air to wave at them while the other tugs an unfamiliar person along. Yoongi reluctantly agrees. “When I got here I went straight to the kitchen to get some whiskey and bumped into Jin. He forced me to introduce myself to the two people he was talking with. I assume you already know Jimin and Hoseok if Jin knows them. We talked for a bit and they dragged me to play spin the bottle with them against my will. Those two are….something else entirely. It's like they're full of so much energy that they vibrate in place. I feel like I'm connected to a battery around them.”


“Ah, now that makes more sense. You aren’t one for playing games like that so I wondered what you were doing there in the first place. I've known Jimin since last semester. I used to tutor him. He’s definitely the sort of person to pull you into his excitement, though I don’t think I’ve met Hoseok yet. But by the sound of it, this could be good for you hyung. You always complain about how tired you are so maybe they can be your personal batteries whenever you need a boost. It's always nice to surround yourself with different types of people.” Yoongi deadpans and is about to retort but Jin’s loud voice interrupts their conversation. They look behind them to see the commotion.


Jin suddenly walks out of the hall leading to their bedrooms with two people in tow, both blushing and avoiding eye contact as Jin angrily reprimands them. “I swear to god, if I catch you guys in that part of my condo again with your grubby hands all over each other I WILL find your car and shit on the seats. I'll smear it into every nook and crack so the smell of shit haunts you until you get rid of the car. Don’t test me when I’m drunk.” The two bow repeatedly with apologies and quickly leave the condo. Jin huffs and starts to walk back to the game of spin the bottle but notices his group of friends are no longer among them. He scans around the masses of people filling their living room and spots Yoongi sitting with Namjoon on the couch. He makes his way over to them and arrives shortly after Hoseok and Jimin do, the latter currently introducing Hoseok to Namjoon.


Jin pushes Namjoon’s hand off the couch’s armrest and leans onto it once they are finished with introductions. He’s not quite sitting, but not standing quite either. His thigh is perched atop the ledge as all four of his friends look at him with a curious glint in their eyes. “So what was that about?” Hoseok asks.


“Went to take a piss in my bathroom and found two people half-dressed with hands down each other’s pants right against my door! That’s the third hookup I’ve had to breakup in the past hour. You would think locking our bedrooms was enough of a hint, but apparently a dark hallway is just as popular nowadays for quickies. Joonie, remind me to buy some “Do Not Enter” crime scene tape next time we go to a party supply store.”


Jimin’s twinkling laugh is heard clearly despite the loud drunken cheers coming from their balcony. “I have a friend who did the exact same thing when we were younger, except it was to keep his family from going into his room all the time. The tape didn’t do much, but it was funny to see because he had his door frame completely covered with it. The idiot didn’t even think to leave a gap wide enough for him to fit through it so he ended up tearing it all down to get back inside. I think you two would get along great.”


Hoseok snorts and recalls the memory fondly, verbalizing his agreement with Jimin. “Man, that was hilarious! We watched him set the whole thing up but didn’t point out the flaw cause we wanted to see how long it would take him to notice. Too bad we didn’t stay long enough to see his face when he realized his mistake.”


Jin tilts his head to the side and smirks. “That sounds like something I would do and Namjoon would have been the one to point it out. Your friend sounds like just my type of guy, why didn’t you bring him along?”


Jimin steals Hoseok’s drink out of his hand and takes a sip, humming thoughtfully and savoring the taste of vodka and cranberry juice on his tongue before he hands the cup back to Hoseok. The other doesn’t look bothered by Jimin’s actions, immediately taking a sip of the drink too and choosing to answer the question instead while Jimin chews on some ice cubes. “Mmm, we would have but he already had plans. Him and his fiancé were supposed to go on a trip together but because of last minute work issues his fiancé couldn’t go. It’s actually why Kookie didn’t come with us tonight. He and Taehyung, our childhood friend, are out of town for the weekend at some ski resort up north.”


Jin crinkles his forehead at the news, giving Jimin a 'what the fuck?' kind of look. Jimin looks rather sheepish and silently mouths 'sorry'.  Jin glances down at Namjoon, whose mood visibly sullens. He places a reassuring hand on his shoulder and grips it in silent support. Yoongi notices the shift and raises an eyebrow in question, but Namjoon shakes his head, silently telling him it was nothing.


The four go off on a tangent about winter sports after Jin mentions he’s good at snowboarding. Namjoon doesn’t add much, choosing to listen instead as they all go back and forth shifting from topic to topic. Eventually Yoongi shrugs and finishes off his whiskey, rising from the couch and pulling all their eyes to him. “Well, this was fun and all, but I think I’m going to head out.”


“Ah, me too actually. I’m pretty tired.” Namjoon uses this as his excuse to retreat to his room after bidding his friends a goodbye. Jin gives him a nod and wanders off to let the rest of the people still in the condo know that the party’s over, though most of them have already left by now.


It’s well past 1AM when Namjoon  glances at his phone as he turns to head back to his bedroom. He’s still in earshot when Jimin and Hoseok hound Yoongi about his phone number until the elder relents and lets them enter their information into his phone. Yoongi may seem reluctant, but deep down Namjoon knows Yoongi appreciates the effort, especially since he’s never one to reach out first when it comes to social interactions.


A smile tugs at his lips, knowing fully well that his social circle is about to increase in size. He hopes Jungkook will become a part of it too. It’s only a matter of time, especially since their own friendship circles are merging together now. If their friends start to hang out together, it means they’ll be hanging out more often too. Warmth blossoms in Namjoon’s stomach at the thought as he jumps into his bed after getting himself ready for bed.


The condo is quiet now, the sound of Jin’s bedroom door being shut on the opposite end of the hall. Namjoon lets himself relax as the buzz of alcohol lets his mind drift off into dreamless slumber.







The next time Namjoon sees Jungkook, his eyes almost fall out of their sockets. He doesn’t know how he became such a favored child in life, but the gods above must be watching over him proudly for blessing him with such a gift. Out of all the days he finally decides to put his gym membership to use at the campus rec center, he has managed to come face to face with his walking wet dream. There, in the far corner of the weight room, is Jeon Jungkook, muscles rippling across his abdomen, shirtless chest glistening with sweat as a bar rests between his shoulders, thighs flexing with every squat. Each time he goes down into a squat, his butt sticks out, and Namjoon can’t help but notice the way his cheeks clench. For a brief moment he wonders how they would feel clenched around his cock.


Namjoon shakes his head, remembering he’s in a public place and discreetly chooses a machine that keeps him out of sight, wanting to exercise like he originally came here to do. He can’t help but ogle at Jungkook every now and then though, purely for motivation. Jungkook’s eyes are trained on his reflection, watching himself squat with so much intensity that Namjoon knows if he were on the receiving end of the stare he would be burned alive by the flames of arousal. Namjoon glances every now and then at Jungkook until he notices him leave that station to a farther machine, one that hides him from view. Disappointment leaves a pout on his lips but he returns his attention to his own workout, deciding to focus on it now that Jungkook’s distracting presence is gone from his line of sight. It’s late in the night by the time Namjoon finishes his workout. He got here at 10pm, and it was well past 11 by now. He’s been running the treadmill for over thirty-minutes so he decides to wrap up his last mile and head to the showers, having completely forgotten about Jungkook. He hadn't seen him again since he first got here.


The gym showers were communal, with a few more private alcoves sectioned off by curtains. The gym was practically empty by now with a few students scattered around. He expected the showers to be empty, and with a sigh of relief they were. He wasn’t shy about his body, but he did appreciate the alone time, especially when it came to showering. He undressed and threw his dirty clothes into his gym bag, choosing to leave it lying by the empty lockers as he strut to the farthest shower, choosing an open one. The alcove was like a shallow cave, and unless you were standing at the opening you couldn't see anyone else, aside from the person in the curtained alcove directly across from you.


Namjoon turned the water on and let the cool stream cascade down his body. He shampooed his hair relatively quickly, but took his time to wash his body not wanting to leave the warmth of the steamy alcove quite yet. He filled the palm of his hand with body soap and worked it into a lather, slowly massaging each area of muscle as he slathered soap across it, using the slick surface to knead the soreness from his body. For a hot second, the thought of Jungkook touching him like this flickered through his mind, and he felt his body flush as blood rushed to the surface of his skin. His cock, which hung low between his thick thighs, twitched in interest. He was quick to shake the thought from his head, but the blood had already traveled south and engorged his dick with increased blood flow. His cock perked up, and despite urging his boner to go down, he couldn’t help but contemplate the thought of getting himself off really quick. It’s not like anyone else was in here right? His cock stood proud against his lower abdomen, and he couldn't help but give into the temptation, especially with the sight of sweaty and shirtless Jungkook still fresh in his mind. 


He cleared his throat and awkwardly yelled, “Hello?” as he stuck his head out past the alcove. His question bounced off the walls in an echo, but he received no response. There was no one else in here, but even if someone did come in, he’d hear the locker room door close shut. The door was ridiculously heavy and slammed loudly against the door frame. It made him jump every time it closed behind him. Although he already checked, paranoia got the better of him, so he couldn’t help but ask one more time. “Is anyone else in here?”


Again, no response. And he’s glad there wasn’t one, because he hadn’t thought what he would say after that if someone did end up replying. With a satisfied sigh, Namjoon finally let his hand encircle the base of his dick. He clenched it hard, teasing himself a little, trying to work the lather up and down his swollen member to help with the glide. The shower room was steaming up, and he retreated deeper into the alcove until his back hit the wall. The shower head was a foot above him, but he was out of range from it’s stream, the water pouring down mere inches away from his face. He let his head rest against the stone tiled wall and closed his eyes with a pleased groan, letting whatever fantasy invade his senses to help him along.


He pumped his achingly hard cock in a slow and steady rhythm, enjoying the tingle of pleasure that ran up his spine in short bursts. He moaned quietly, the fantasy already beginning to take form in his mind: he pictured Jungkook walking in, pictured his innocent eyes widening in disbelief upon seeing Namjoon in this manner, shamelessly stroking himself as he bit his lip. A sexy, lopsided grin would stretch Jungkook's mouth, and he'd eagerly shed himself of his clothes. He imagined him walking closer, leaving a trail of clothes behind him as he stood in front of Namjoon completely nude. The younger would stare at him with hunger in his eyes and Namjoon would shiver, wanting to be eaten alive by him, be consumed completely. Jungkook would finally reach out after what felt like an eternity, thumbs grazing his peaked nipples as his fingertips traced down Namjoon's torso, letting the trail of hair starting from his bellybutton lead him to the expanse of soft, trimmed hair down below. His fingers would twirl through the short curls until they reached the base of his dick, where a tender squeeze would render Namjoon like putty in his hands. Jungkook would lean in closer, the fan of his breath hitting his earlobe.


Namjoon groaned louder as the thought sped his hand in its ministrations, pumping himself faster as he desperately chased after his approaching peak. It had been awhile since he last got himself off, and he hadn’t realized how fast Jungkook would get him to the finish line. He envisioned his student lowering himself onto his knees until he was kneeled right in front of him, lips brushing tender kisses against his stomach. Those lips looked soft and supple, and when Jungkook licked them until they were shiny with spit, Namjoon growled, picturing those petite lips swollen and red around his cock, welcoming him into a cavern of warmth, where a wet tongue would proud at his slit. “Oh fuck,” he whimpered.


Jungkook would make show of swallowing him down as deep as he could, choking himself for show and allowing tears to gather in his eyes from the retch. From this angle Namjoon could see how perfectly the tears made his eyelashes glisten, like tiny diamonds, as they swept over Jungkook's cheeks with his every blink. Jungkook would look up to meet his stare, the shadows of lust tainting his eyes darker, his pupils expanding as he too grew aroused. With every gag, Namjoon's eyes rolled into the back of his head, not believing this was actually happening. Jungkook hollowed his cheeks further, increasing the suction around Namjoon's cock as he bobbed his head up, only to forcefully go back down until the head nearly jabbed the back of his throat. 


Namjoon couldn't keep his eyes away from Jungkook for too long, entranced by the way he palmed his own erection. It was a wet dream's wet dream. If he could he would want to watch Jungkook play with himself all day, observe the way the younger liked to touch himself, how his back would arch and just how high his voice would hitch during ecstasy. That sweet voice mewling into his ear would be the sweetest song sung by an angel himself. He ached to know what it would be like to have Jungkook beneath him, squirming as Namjoon pounded into him. The thought alone had Namjoon's own breath hitching as his climax suddenly hits him in full force, his hot seed spilling from the head of his dick with each pump of his fist as he worked himself through it. Cum dripped down his fingers and past his knuckles, evidence of his short descent into heaven. 


With his body spent and the promise of sleep coaxing him back to his condo, Namjoon washes his body again, making sure he cleans the cum off his hands and off his thighs lest it dry and cake on his skin. He runs his hands through his hair and slicks it back once he’s combed through any tangles, shutting the water off in preparation to leave. He wraps his towel around his waist and walks back towards the locker room, his shower shoes squeaking with each step. When he gets back to the locker room he expects to be empty, he nearly has a heart attack when he finds Jungkook casually sitting on one of the benches.


Namjoon’s face turns red, and a mix of embarrassment and shame make him stutter, “J-Jungkook? W-when did you get here? H-how long have you been sitting here?”


Jungkook tilts his head to the side and blinks innocently, but the smirk on his lips is anything but innocent. “Ah, I just finished my workout so I’m here to shower. It’s a communal shower after all hyung.”


Namjoon shuts his mouth and nods, unwilling to ask anymore questions, begging the universe that Jungkook hadn’t heard him. He wasn’t being loud, at least he doesn’t think he was, but past partners have told him he was rather loud when he came. Mortification has Namjoom quickly changing into his clothes, tugging on shorts under his towel before removing it from his waist. Jungkook hasn’t said anything else, but he can feel eyes those dark eyes burning into his back as he pulls his shirt over his head.


Namjoon turns to grab his gym back off the ground but Jungkook is already holding it towards him. “Hey hyung?”


Namjoon wills himself to make eye contact and presses his lips together. His eyes meet Jungkook’s and the younger smiles at him sweetly.


“Make sure to check the bathrooms are empty too." He points to the hidden door perpendicular to the entrance of the locker room. " But next time you need some assistance just know I'd be more than happy to help.”


The last thing Namjoon sees is a wink because he hauls ass out of the locker room at the speed of light as if the devil himself were chasing him. He’s sprinting, gasping for air, the strap of his gym bag digging into his back and chest. Oh god, he heard me, oh god he heard me, oh god he offered to---





The blaring of a phone alarm has Namjoon practically ricocheting upright from his bed. His heart is pounding in his chest and there is sweat beading across his forehead, his sleep shirt damp as it sticks to his skin. He breathes a sigh of relief that it was all a dream, but a familiar stickiness between his legs has him cringing. A wet dream. He had a fucking wet dream. And he came in his sleep, with one hand still shoved into his underwear. He pulls his hand out and inspects it with a grimace of disgust, the cum tacky between his fingers. With a resigned sigh Namjoon lifts himself off his bed and drags himself towards the bathroom across the hall.


“Time for a real shower,” he says groggily, a headache already forming behind his eyes. How is he supposed to face Jungkook again after a dream like that?