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RWBY Kink Fics

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She had to admit it: she didn’t expect Jaune would be so fun to hang out with. Sure, Yang loved her teammates, Ruby was her awesome little sis, Blake loved a good prank almost as much as Yang did, and Weiss… Weiss was kind of a bitch, but when they had the same enemy, oh, the claws came out. And she was 50/50 on whether or not she could bed those two—Blake seemed more fun, but Weiss seemed like more of a challenge.

But none of them were the type she could go clubbing with. Which was disappointing: half the reason she was so excited to go to Beacon was that she was finally leaving Patch to live right outside the big city, and that meant she finally had access to a club scene where she could dance all night. And yet, none of her friends really had the inclination to join her when she wanted to head out and cut loose.

That was, until she learned that Jaune could dance. Could seriously dance. And she and Vomit Boy could absolutely tear up the scene, absolutely blowing up the dance floor as the two of them made sure all eyes were on them. Yang, who practically lived on jealousy and envious stares, drank it all up, and, if she was being honest, she was actually really starting to enjoy hanging out with Jaune. He was a fun guy, had a funny sense of humor, and Yang really enjoyed having a platonic guy pal.

And, not to be catty, but she did enjoy how obviously jealous Cereal Girl was every night that she and Jaune headed into Beacon.

Oh, Yang, of course, invited her to come along, but Pyrrha would blush like all hell and quickly demure from the invitation. She was “afraid of being recognized.”

Ha ha, bull-shit, she was afraid what would happen if she got a few Strawberry Sunrises inside her, got that adrenaline up, and got to see Vomit Boys moves. 

Jaune was, of course, too dense to realize what was going on, and Yang had silently decided that she, out of her boundless spirit of generosity, was going to hook the two of them up. Eventually. Right now, she was enjoying the whole deal she had going with Jaune, and she didn’t need a girlfriend calling dibs on his free time.

Especially because they were having such a good time tonight! Yang and Jaune took a break from the dance floor to get some refreshments, and Yang had left her dance partner behind for a moment to head to the bar, where she’d put in her order. Strawberry Sunrise for herself, Gin and Soda for the sorority girl- sorry, for Jaune.

“Oh my, sister, it seems that something loud and obnoxious has stumbled right back into where she’s not welcome.”

Ah… hell. She had been having too much fun, and now it was time to have to pay for the sin of enjoying herself.“Fuck off, Malachites,” she hissed, not wanting to even look at the nuisance twins.

Ever since she beat the shit out of them and the rest of the bar like a Boss Bitch, these two weirdos (she was 90% sure they were way too close for siblings, even identical twins) had it out for her. It was just a bar fight, nothing to write home about. She’d honestly gotten the worst of it, considering how much time she had to waste on their dumb bullshit.

“We consider it our job to keep an eye on the riff raff,” the twin in the red dress (like fuck Yang was learning their names) coolly replied, “Particularly the riff raff who have a history of running up a big tab and not paying for it...”

“But we’re here for other reasons,” the other twin (Melissa? It was Mel-something) cut in, “Your little boyfriend...”

Yang glowered at that, looking to where they were gesturing. Jaune was chatting up a cute girl by the bar, and, honestly, he was doing pretty okay for himself. If he just was like that with Weiss instead of the pickup line bullshit, he’d… probably still get nowhere, but at least he wouldn’t be embarrassing himself while bouncing off the Weiss Queen’s frigid demeanor. Yang just didn’t get what Jaune saw in her… he’d have a lot better luck if he just looked a little closer to home and found someone who already liked him...

Morgana (that couldn’t be right) interrupted her musings. “Leaving him unattended… Seems unwise.”

“Very unwise,” the other twin seconded.

“Oh shut the hell up,” Yang grumbled, “I’m not dating him. We’re just friends.”

“Oh?” Fuck. Red dress seemed to be waiting for that answer. “So if Melanie and I made our move, you wouldn’t object?”

“He’s quite the handsome one.”

“Hard to imagine what he’s doing with you.”

Yang had heard enough. “Oh, fuck off,” she scowled, “I know you’re just trying to get under my skin, that you’re not actually interested in Jaune. So you can-”


“So that’s his name.”

“I like it. I take it, he’s a Hunstman, too?”

“Ooh, exciting. Tell me, Yang: how does he feel about twins?”

“How does he feel about threesomes?”

Yang just flipped the two of them the bird as she went back to Jaune with their drinks.

Her scowl was evidently threatening enough that the club skank that had been chatting up Jaune picked up that it was time to move as Yang came back. Jaune, of course, being sweet, naive, kind of dense Jaune, didn’t realize that her mood was soured as she handed him his gin and soda.

“Who were you talking to?” Jaune asked, pleasantly.

“Why do you care?” she shot back, far more harshly than she intended.

Jaune cringed, and Yang suddenly felt bad as he stammered an explanation. She cut him off with a raised hand, then sighed. “Sorry, they just… said something that got under my skin.”

“Oh...” he took her words in. “So, is this when we fight ‘em?”

Yang nearly spit out her drink. “Jaune?” she asked, unable to believe what she was hearing.

“Yeah. I figured that that, eventually, you’d try to start a fight, and, honestly, I’m pretty game to follow your lead on this.”

She stared at Jaune at incredulous incomprehension.






He chuckled, nervously. “I mean, I don’t think I’d do anything impressive, but if you’ve been holding back for my sake, I’ll just try to not get in your way.”

“You want to get into a bar fight?” she exploded at him.

“I… thought that’s what you did?” he rubbed his neck, embarrassed. “I thought you’ve just been holding back for my-”

“Who told you I’m getting into bar fights?” But Jaune was silent. “Jaune.” Still silent. “Jaune! Who!”

Jaune looked away before mumbling, “Your sister...”

Oh, come on, Rubes! That only happened once, and now…

“And Blake… and… Weiss.”

“My whole team?”

“Also, some… other people.”

Yang grumbled about her treacherous, so-called “friends” showing their true colors as she rolled her eyes. “Come on,” she said, downing her drink and hoping to get her mind off how ridiculous people were about her for getting into one or two fights, “let’s hit the dance floor.”

In no time at all, Yang’s mood had dramatically improved. They were dancing and laughing, the two of them showing the rest of the floor what real skill was, their aura-enhanced stamina meaning they could go all out, tirelessly, to the admiration of the crowds.

But for once… Yang didn’t really notice that she was the center of attention. She was busy marveling about how quickly Jaune had managed to improve her mood, just by being himself. And… she was also distracted by the way his body felt as she was grinding him, a display she intended to do just to tease him and all their onlookers, but…

It felt really nice to feel his body against hers.

So nice that Yang started really getting more aggressive in her moves. More physical. She liked the way he felt against her, liked seeing his teasing smile as he gave as good as he got. Maybe he didn’t have moves in Goodwitch’s class, but Jaune was in his element here, and in this arena, he and Yang were evenly matched.

Which made her want to turn up her game.

Suddenly, an urge struck her, and Yang always followed her impulses, even if it was, well, this.

Because she kissed him.

Not a quick peck, not a teasing smooch, Yang lunged forward, caught his lips and hers and started giving Jaune the business.

Hoots and whistles came from the crowd as Yang broke the kiss, giving Jaune another confident smile… only for a blushing, stunned Jaune to suddenly return it with one of his own.

Jaune’s kiss was as forceful and sudden as hers, his lips crashing into hers, his tongue smashing through her defenses, his surprise attack catching her off guard. But Yang wasn’t a blushing maiden—she was a fighter, and she quickly met his charge with her own force, her tongue wrestling against his. Jaune opened another front; his hands mauling her body, but Yang was a martial artist, and knew that every part of her body was a weapon as she started rubbing her crotch against the bulge (holy shit, Arc was packing) she was feeling against her.

Breaking the kiss to come up for air, the two of them gazed into each other’s eyes. Jaune’s placid blue gaze was wide enough for Yang to swim in it, and she realized… she realized that that had been more than a contest. More than a struggle. More than a kiss.

They stumbled off the dancefloor, approving onlookers cheering them on as Yang led Jaune outside, the adrenaline coursing through her veins making the sudden sweep of the cool night air against her sweaty body all the more potent as the two of them stepped out the doors, laughing and tittering, full of nervous-


“Oh, fuck,” Jaune cursed, “that was my scroll alarm for the Bullheads, and-”

“And we gotta go back to Beacon?” Yang sighed, “Well, I guess this night-”

“No, I kept, ummm, I must have missed my other alarms, with the music so loud, and this alarm was for… we missed the last Bullhead.”

“So we’re in Vale?” Yang asked, “For the night?”

Jaune blushed, “I can try to find some place that can put us up for the night and-”

“You mean after all this, we cap off the night with us sleeping in a room we don’t have to share with our nosy teammates?”

About to reply, Jaune caught on to her meaning midway through opening his mouth. As his jaw hung open, Yang could see in his eyes as he slowly put together what Yang was putting down, his gape slowly curved into a wide, grateful, excited smile.

Laughing and giggling, Yang pushed Jaune right against their motel room's door as soon as it was closed. Her tongue was in his mouth, his hands were cupping her ass, and Yang was realizing that dancing wasn’t the only thing Jaune was good at. 

Looks like he was going to get a chance to earn that Ladykiller moniker, wouldn’t he? Oh, Loverboy had played his cards right tonight.

But she was all fired up on adrenaline now—the residual adrenaline from dancing, from kissing Jaune, from realizing they were going to have sex… and the fact that she’d had a few drinks tonight, that might have an impact on her judgment centers. But Yang knew she wanted Jaune bad, and so she was going to make her move right now and not wait for foreplay.

She knew she was damn near ready enough already.

It was a struggle, getting his belt undone and pants off. Yes, Yang was a martial artist who’d mastered the sort of inner balance that should be able to maintain discipline through anything, but this particular combo of drunk and horny, dosed with the adrenaline of realizing that she was about to actually bang Jaune Arc, made her efforts fumbling and imprecise.

Plus, Jaune kept nibbling on her ears in a way that kept breaking her focus as she giggled and yanked on his pants until she managed to just pull them down, and…

Well, hello there…

Fascinated by the sight of Jaune’s erect cock, Yang licked her lips. Yes, she was horny and really needed to get that thing inside her, but Yang liked to be in charge, and she had to repay Jaune for knocking her off her rhythm with the ear nibbles, right?

So she gave it a teasing kiss, right on the head, loving the way Jaune moaned at her attention. After the kiss, she swirled her tongue around it, treating his shaft like a lollipop, playing with his tender, sensitive glans and driving the poor boy wild… and she was just getting started.

Yang continued playing the dainty maiden, cooing at how big he was and how friendly his gorgeous cock was to her as she layered it with careful kisses and gentle sucks. But then she saw her opening, and she struck, suddenly lunging forward to take his shaft all the way to the base! Aggressively deep throating him, her head bobbed back and forth as she easily took even this girthy monster down her throat—Yang sure as hell wasn’t a virgin, but from the sound of things, Jaune certainly was.

She momentarily felt bad for poor Pyrrha. Champion or not, she certainly didn’t know how to take a cock all the way, especially not one as extraordinary as the meat that was currently filling her mouth. Well, you snooze, you lose. Yang was not going to give up her territory easily.

Especially not when it was time to train him! Yang could feel that Jaune was close to blowing a load right down her throat, so she disengaged, letting his cock out of her mouth with a noisy pop as Jaune moaned in dismay.

“Deee-licious,” she said, licking her lips, “But I’m sure you want the real thing, don’t you?”

“You… tease...” he panted.

“Oh?” she smirked, sliding out of her clothes as she moved to the motel bed, “Are you going to punish me for it?”

“I just might,” he growled, and Yang loved the challenge in his voice. Men had generally disappointed Yang—most of them were all talk, no fight, and simply couldn’t handle a woman who wasn’t flattering their ego. So many men didn’t even realize that their previous lovers had been letting them win, to keep them happy, to make them feel like big men. They didn’t have anything to prepare them for a woman who didn’t just roll over to flatter their egos, and ultimately left Yang underwhelmed.

But Jaune, virginal, innocent Jaune was coming out the gate swinging, and that made Yang excited.

She pulled out a condom from the bedside—Yang was still trying to find a birth control method that didn’t give her aggravating side effects—and passed it to her man, who quickly removed it from its package and slipped it on his dick with no fuss. Good man, that Jaune, and she loved the slow motion of the latex sliding its way down his shaft.

As Jaune moved to her, Yang caught him in her arms and threw him down on the bed, quickly mounting him and rubbing her wet slit against his hard dick, staring down at him with a look of pure Well? What are you waiting for?

Not much, it turned out. Grabbing her by her hips, Jaune yanked Yang down, making her squeal in excitement as he pierced her with his sword. Yang launched her counter-attack, shaking her hips as she bounced on his cock, giving her tits a good bounce right in Jaune’s face as she rode him.

Oh, this was fun! Jaune was definitely inexperienced, but what he lacked in skill, he was making it up for in enthusiasm! He was really giving her his all, and Yang had to admit, he either had beginners luck in giving her some good clitoral stimulation or he just knew to pay attention to what was getting her going!

In fact… he was a little too good. Had Pyrrha been… no, Cereal Girl would be floating on a cloud if she’d snagged her blond beloved. Surely it couldn’t be Weiss who was giving him a lesson on this. Seriously, did he have a girlfriend back before he came to Beacon? Jaune was good, and Yang’s techniques, coming off that passionate blowjob, should have made him pop by now!

Well, he was only getting a taste of what Yang Xiao Long was capable of! Stepping up her game, Yang gave him both barrels of sexiness, shaking her hips, her tits, her hair gloriously cascading as her naked body gyrated lasciviously on his pole.

And then she hit him with the dirty talk.

“Oh, oh, oh!” she cried, “Oh, yes, Daddy! I’m such a naughty girl! Such a dirty, naughty girl who needs to learn a lesson on your cock! Teach your little girl, Daddy! Teach her to be your good girl!”

“Oh, fuck!” Jaune groaned as he came, spraying her pussy with his cum. Ha, well, not bad for a beginner, but…

H-hold on a second…

Jaune was still going, but it didn’t feel like he was just unaware that he had to stop. His dick didn’t feel even slightly softer for how hard he just came. What, did he not have a refractory period? 

“Sorry about that,” he mumbled, still pumping into her like a champ, “It’s my first time.”

As he slid out Yang had to admire the sight of the condom drooping with Jaune's cum... but even more so how firm his dick still looked. Virginal, innocent Jaune didn't even seem to realize that he was doing a lot better than any of her previous lovers as he grabbed another condom. He gave her a faint, still slightly-embarrassed smirk, as he shot her a challenging look, sliding the latex down his shaft and said, "Okay... you won the first round, but you'll see I'm not out yet!"

Yang started to realize that Jaune was a lot more than she was prepared for, especially as he smirked and said, “You know what? I think I know what you’ll really like,” as he grabbed her and threw her down to the bed.

But rather than topping her, he spun her around, Yang being far too surprised to fight back before she realized she was face down, ass up, and-

Holy shit! She nearly shrieked as he slammed into her! Yang was starting to feel fatigued from how much she’d exhausted herself making Jaune cum, but the boy seemed to be tireless, fucking her silly as her defenses started to crack against his onslaught.

“Naughty girl,” he teased, turning her own weapons against her, “Making Daddy cum like that… I guess I really do have to punish you...”

No man had ever fucked Yang like this before. No man had ever taken her full force and not only outlasted her, he forced her before him like a bitch and fucked her raw. Yes! Like a bitch! She was a bitch, she was his bitch! And oh, she really wanted to experience him raw!

Oh, gods! He was taking her! He had her from behind and he was taking her!

Yang was babbling incoherently as Jaune’s dick messed up her pussy with his brutish assaults, but she could force together enough clarity to cry out one thing, to make the last step for Jaune to truly defeat her!

“P-Pull-” oh, she had to go all the way! “PULL MY HAIR!” she squealed.

And Jaune grabbed a healthy handful… and yanked her head back! Oh! It was good! It was so good! She was his bitch and it was GOOD!

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohfuck, ohfuckohfuckohfuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!”

Of course he got her off, Yang wasn’t even remotely prepared for something this good, and she made sure to give it her all as she screamed her lungs out, loving the way her pussy clenched on his dick!

She tumbled forward face flat into the bed, but Jaune wasn’t done yet. He was fucking her, fucking her silly and she loved every second of it. She was babbling as he was jackhammering her pussy as he fucked her from behind. He was an animal, an absolute beast of a man, and Yang could hardly take anymore of it!

Fortunately for Yang’s nearly-fried brain, she felt Jaune tense up as her pussy desperately milked his dick until Jaune groaned and, with a jerk, hit her with another load.

Unfortunately, Yang didn’t get to enjoy the sensation of him filling her pussy with his cum because, well… the condom. But it did mean she wouldn’t have to deal with the mess, not to mention the whole “pregnancy” thing, so there were tradeoffs here.

But maybe… maybe next time, she’d think about doing it without the condom...

Oooh, he’d really enjoy that, wouldn’t he?

She was taking a moment to catch her breath as Jaune slipped the second condom off and tossed it in the trashcan with the second. He was... he was... just... damn. He had no idea that he was good.

But Yang… Yang wasn’t the “submissive” type. Yeah, Jaune getting rough with her was mind-blowing, but she wasn’t the sort to be going all “how can I serve you, Master?” She was Yang Xiao Long, and that meant that she had to assert that her spitfire personality had been burnt out. Nope, right now, she needed a good prank!

And, watching Jaune take a long drink of water (hydration was important!) Yang saw the opportunity to make her move.

“You know…” she said, casually, “Pyrrha’s super into you-”

Jaune nearly choked on his water. Well, she had a way to take out that nearly.

“So if you’re interested in a threesome...”