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Glynda Goodwitch really needed a massage.

But could anyone blame her? Between the Vytal Festival bringing both dozens of international students who now had to adapt to the way things were done at Beacon, on top of the Festival itself bringing a hundred of its own problems, and the mysterious "Queen" working with Roman Torchwick, she was stressed beyond belief! And Ozpin, despite promising her that this wouldn’t be a repeat of eight years ago, was already slacking on paperwork. Which, what, she could delegate to Bart? Peter? Peach?

No, it was all on her. Always all on her.

But there was one, highly unexpected bright spot.

Jaune Arc, the rather underwhelming leader of Team JNPR (letting Ozpin pick team leaders based on… whatever criteria he apparently used really needed to be discussed with the Board of Trustees) happened to have some talents, even if he was, frankly, a dud in terms of literally every Huntsman’s skill. But he was a masseur, an actual one, and, apparently, quite a good one at that.

He was Helene Arc’s son, and Glynda knew she was a professional masseuse, a rather notable one in Vale, and with Ms. Nikos’s endorsement, it seemed like there was no harm in letting him practice. So she decided to humor Ms. Valkyrie, and when she asked for a bimonthly massage, well, she’d mostly meant it as a joke, but when she eagerly agreed, it’s not like she was going to turn some good fortune down.

And she really could use a massage. 

But as she strode through the dorms, her eyes stern to dissuade any troublemakers, she was surprised to see Ms. Schnee in the hallway outside her dorm, quickly reapplying her lipstick (a rather shockingly… overt shade of blue) and dressed like… well, Glynda would never use words like that, especially about a student, but she could only imagine what her father might say if he saw how his daughter looked right now! She made a disapproving noise, and the girl looked up, a sudden look of mortified shame crossing her face as she turned a bright red and ducked back into her dorm room.

The Vytal Festival meant foreign visitors which meant foreign boys, and Glynda had seen this dance enough times to get the meaning. It was probably that damned Neptune Vasilias to blame, but… they were in the prime of their youth and Glynda supposed she could afford to look away discreetly. Half because she wanted to hurry up and get to her massage, half because she just didn’t want to have to take on a public morals problem on top of all her other problems that needed handling.

She knocked on the door to the JNPR dorm, and, after a surprisingly long time, with quite a bit of muffled noise inside the room, the door opened, and she saw an… unusually disheveled looking Ms. Nikos.

“P-Professor Goodwitch!” she said with fake cheer, “I was just… heading out. To… practice!”

And then the girl darted right past her and Glynda saw an equally disheveled looking Mr. Arc.

It didn’t take an aerial dust technician to figure out what was going on here.

Well, again, if they kept it quiet and discreet, it wasn’t anyone’s business. She knew students had a tendency to have… certain relationships, and she rather thought Ms. Nikos would be good for Mr. Arc. The reverse, she had less confidence in, but so long as they didn’t have a messy breakup, she could safely pretend she hadn't seen it as she headed to the massage table set up in the middle of the room.

She quickly undressed, and she felt a small smirk come to her with how flustered Mr. Arc seemed to be. She knew the effect she had on the male students, the graffiti in the boy’s bathrooms certainly confirmed it, and it was nice to know that, even at her age, a young man struggled to keep himself disciplined when her clothes came off.

Laying on the table, she felt as his hands began to delicately knead her back, hitting the exact right spots with the exact right amount of force to really help her loosen up. His hands were so warm from the massage oil and his touch was so skilled that Glynda thanked her lucky stars that she’d decided to humor Ms. Valkyrie’s little side business. Oh, and she got this twice a month? This year, she thought, was suddenly shaping up to be much, much better than she had expected.

He was… rather good, wasn’t he? His fingers just seemed to… oh, this was… quite a bit better than any massage she’d had before! Really, if he had half this much talent as a Huntsman, well, he’d be a worthy partner for Ms. Nikos, that was for sure. But it was very hard to think anything critical of Mr. Arc right now as his hands just seemed to identify every point of tension and just… make it go away.

Her stress melted and she felt like she could actually relax for once. She didn’t have to think about anything; his hands knew what they were doing and they knew where the problems were and she didn’t have to do anything while he took care of her. When was the last time somebody else had taken care of her? Though she was having a hard time thinking of all those bad, annoying, outside, non-massage things because this all just felt too good!

She was in heaven. A part of her knew that her problems still existed, but, they really weren’t that bad, were they? She’d figure everything out. And then she’d reward herself with another massage!

Oh, everything was just wonderful, wasn’t it? She had no cares, no worries, she could just lie here and enjoy the pleasures of Jaune’s skilled touch as her little concerns just winked out of existence.

Mmmm, though, her mind was telling her there were all sorts of places his hands could roam…

Stifling a giggle at that rather naughty thought, Glynda had to remind herself that she was his teacher and he was her student! Though he had been quite flustered by her undressing, and wouldn’t it be a rather sexy thrill to do something so taboo? And… if his hands were this good on her back... and she felt a pleasant little buzz in her... unmentionables at the thought of what it might feel like, perhaps, on her front?

But then… it didn’t stop. It started with just an itch that she really wanted to scratch or, better yet, to let Jaune scratch, but then her nipples began to feel rather needy. The thought of Jaune pinching or flicking them, letting his fingers work their magic on her chest, and how forbidden it would be, was very, very tempting. And she knew he’d enjoy it—half of Beacon struggled not to take a peek at her chest! And then her clitoris started to throb. And that’s when it stopped being cute and she realized… she was getting really, really turned on.

Really turned on. Sure, she’d been on a… bit of a dry spell, but she didn’t think anyone had ever gotten her this worked up before! And then she realized the truly insidious force of the massage: Jaune’s hands made all her concerns and worries evaporate—like the worries she had about the consequences of sleeping with a student! It was hard to tell her to stay focused when his hands disrupted all her thoughts with pure, comforting, reassuring bliss!

Oh, she really needed these sensations to end, she needed them to end a while ago, but if they didn’t- if they didn’t stop soon… she was liable to do something to get herself fired!

“Professor?” her tormentor asked her, clear concern in his voice, “Is… something wrong?”

You’re not fucking my brains out, her libido growled. “N-Nothing!” her voice stammered.

“If there’s something wrong I can-” 

Need. Your cock. NOW!

“I- I need to get going!” she shouted and leapt up from the table, quickly throwing as much of her clothes on as she could as she bolted out of the room. Her walk of shame back to her apartment would surely be humiliating, but the thought of what she might do if she spent even a second longer in his dorm… she just didn’t have a choice! 

She was going mad.

Glynda had snapped another pencil in half in her hands as she desperately tried to keep her mind on work, but she kept failing. Fortunately, no one, to her knowledge, had seen her in her half-dressed flight from the JNPR dorm, but that had actually been the least of her worries. She thought she just needed to take some time, maybe a cold shower, and gather her thoughts, but her thoughts just would not stray from her… her perverse libido!

It wasn’t just the thought of his touch, though she desperately needed to feel his hands on her again, making all her cares and worries and thoughts melt away into a happy cloud, no, she couldn’t stop thinking about what she was willing to do to get another massage. She could threaten him with detention, or maybe offer him extra credit, or change his grades to straight A’s in the system, or maybe… try to tempt him with her body?

She knew she was still quite attractive, with an, objectively speaking, impressive bust and mature figure, and he was literally a teenage boy… but it was the depravity of it all that turned her on. She was totally at his mercy, and he just had to say the word and she’d flush her entire career, all her dreams and aspirations away. For him.

And that was just the hottest thing she could imagine.

She’d jilled off twice that day and then again in the morning, which had quickly become part of her daily routine, but she was already feeling horny again and just couldn’t focus. Did he have some kind of Semblance that made her this way? She’d never heard of such a thing, but Semblances were frequently unique and personal, and many of them affected senses in other ways, so it wasn’t implausible… but she really needed to stop thinking along those lines.

Because her mind was telling her that if it was a Semblance, it meant that Jaune had done this to her on purpose. And if he’d done this to her on purpose, it meant he wanted her like this. And if he wanted her all confused and worked up and uncontrollably horny… it was because he wanted to fuck her.

And that dirty little part of her wanted to fuck him so badly that she felt an ecstatic thrill at the thought of him coming for her.

No. She had to stop. She had to… to put an end to this! If Jaune could do this to her, than who knew what was happening to… to… oh, all the other girls, with their nubile bodies and tight pussies getting soaked at the thought of Jaune’s touch… he’d turn every Huntress at Beacon into his harem and gods the thought of all those women just...

She slapped herself across the face. She was Glynda Goodwitch! Deputy Headmistress of Beacon Academy! She was not some weak little schoolgirl, she was the iron-willed disciplinarian who enforced order at this school. Not just in the paperwork and administration, but upon the student body. She would not give in to some teenager’s sex Semblance. She would bring order to the school, and she knew exactly how to do it!

Storming out of her apartment in a fury, she headed straight for the dorms, where she would confront Mr. Arc and demand he put a stop to this… this depravity! Yes, she felt strong as she strode through the hallway. She felt like she was in control. She would-

But she stopped herself, realizing that she heard voices in the hallway, voices that sounded like the forewarning of a conflict. She hurried ahead and found two girls standing outside the JNPR dorm: Nora Valkyrie, with her arms crossed, and Neon Katt, a visiting student from Atlas, a desperate gleam in her eye.

“I- I can’t wait until Thursday!” Ms. Katt protested, but then her tone turned accusatory, “You- you knew what you were doing! You knew his hands were magic, that we’d all get hooked, and then- you’re heartless! You’re completely-”

“Girls!” Glynda interrupted, stunned to hear such fighting. The two turned to her in alarm as she asked, “What is the meaning of this?”

“I...” Ms. Katt struggled to explain her situation, “They’re not being fair with the massages, I can’t wait until Thursday, I- I need it, I need him so bad!”

Glynda glowered at the girl furiously. The rational part of her, if it was still conscious in some way, would have demanded that she realize that this was all over a silly massage and not worth wasting her time! But the Glynda that was in control knew that Ms. Katt was trying to cheat the line and take Glynda’s spot—opportunity to confront Mr. Arc—and this girl had to be put in her place.

Withering beneath her glare, Ms. Katt wisely realized she wasn’t going to win the argument and miserably slunk away, leaving Glynda with Ms. Valkyrie.

“I need to speak with Mr. Arc,” she told her, brusquely. She got a feeling that the girl knew exactly her reason.

“He’s really, um, busy right now,” she said, struggling to suppress a grin at the euphemism, “Just finishing up another session. So you might want to-”

Not waiting any longer, Glynda merely pushed past the student and threw open the door into the dorm, though she immediately thought better of it.

Because there were four students in the dorm.

And they were all naked.

Blake Belladonna was napping in the corner, a delicious- disturbing! white trail painted across her face and… other areas. Jaune, leaning against the wall and catching his breath, had evidently just finished with her, while Pyrrha Nikos and Weiss Schnee were groping each other on a bed. “What… what are you doing? ” she asked, though the answer was quite obvious.

With only the barest glance up, Pyrrha answered, “Jaune likes it, mwah, when his girls get along… play nice, mmm, together,” in between exploring Weiss’s mouth with her tongue.

“I-” the clearly exhausted Jaune struggled to protest, “I never told them to do that, I never asked for-”

“But it gets you haaaaaard, ” giggled Weiss, and Jaune had no rebuttal for that. Especially because the way Weiss had moved from kissing Pyrrha’s lips to burying her face in between her breasts made it quite clear that Weiss was quite correct about the situation. She could see his cock stiffen and gods it looked delicious...

No! She had to focus up. Raising her crop, she growled, “Everyone… out! ” and then she activated her Semblance and swept the three girls from the room, slamming the door behind them and then jamming the lock. She did not want to be interrupted, not now.

Jaune looked at her, a look that would probably be fearful if he had the energy to be afraid, “I… I can explain...”

“I don’t want you to explain,” she said as she approached him and, then, pulled him into a searing kiss. Cradling the younger man’s face in her hands, she looked him in the eyes, “I want you to fuck me, Jaune Arc. I want you to fuck me like a bitch in heat, because that’s what I am. Because that’s what you made me."

“Oh no,” he bemoaned his fate, “not you too!”

She was dismayed to hear it. Devastated, actually, at the thought that he didn’t want her, that she wouldn’t… no, she could change his mind, she knew she could change his mind! Ripping her shirt open, she grabbed his head and buried them in her chest.

He struggled only for a moment before he started kissing her, and mmm sucking and- and it felt amazing! “Oh, Jaune," she moaned, “Use your hands, please, I need to feel your, mmm, I wanna feel you squeeze my titties, please!”

He seemed to enjoy hearing his normally reserved teacher plead like a bimbo slut, and any objections he had seemed to disintegrate as he slowly raised his magic hands to her eager chest. His fingers delicately applied pressure to her skin, and bolts of pure, orgasmic pleasure radiated from every point of contact to every nerve in her body. And as his hand closed and he started kneading her tits through her bra, she came on the spot. It was too much, his fingers darted to every sensitive spot and she was powerless against his assault. She was melting into a gooey pile of lust, and then-

He stopped.

“N-no!” she protested, weakly, “I- please, please, I- I’ll do anything!”

“I can’t...” he gasped, “I need to rest!”

She looked at him in helpless dismay. He looked haggard, he looked awful, but… she could still feel the aftershocks of his touch on her skin and she desperately needed more.

“They won’t… they won’t let me stop! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had sex today! I tell Nora that girls are getting addicted but she just doesn’t listen! She just keeps telling me that profits are up and she’s got more bookings for me!”

“Have you tried… saying no?” She dearly hoped that the boy wasn’t being… forcibly taken advantage of. Really! She hoped that! She wouldn’t- she couldn’t- Well, she… If she had no other choice...

But he just moaned, “I’m 18. It’s- it’s not my fault! I have no impulse control! I see a pair of breasts, and...” and his words trailed off as his eyes darted back to her generous cleavage.

In spite of Jaune’s obvious distress, Glynda’s heart cheered that he clearly found her attractive and she was surely only minutes away from achieving her bliss. “Shhh,” she soothed as she gently pushed him onto the bed and straddled him, “it’s okay. Let teacher take good care of you.” He gave a weak protest, but it seemed to die as she unstrapped her bra and let her breasts bounce free and unconstrained before him.

“I’ll do allllll the work,” she promised, “You just need to use your magic hands to make me feel good, too.” Fortunately, she had given up on panties this morning, and her skirt gave him perfect access as she slipped her pussy around his cock. For all his protests, it seemed one part of him wasn't tired!

He gasped as he slipped into her wet slit. Maybe the little girls he’d been playing with were younger and a little tighter than she was, but Glynda knew what she was doing and had experience in pleasing a man! “You like this, don’t you?” she asked, teasingly, moving up and down on his cock, “You just gotta make teacher feel good and she’ll make you feel good, too!”

Slowly brushing her skin as he raised his arms up, Glynda felt goosebumps break out wherever his touch traced. But then he reached her uncovered chest, her fat, pink nipples proudly jutting out and begging to be pinched and teased and played with… and he delivered!

He massaged her breasts as she rode his dick, his hands driving her to new heights of pleasure—sorry, Jimmy, but she’d never realized sex could be so good!— as she desperately needed to make him cum, to show him that those teenage sluts had nothing on an experienced woman! And as she drank in the delicious look on his face, she knew she was- she was- shewassoclosetomakinghimCUM!

With a sudden, spurting force, his hands squeezed tight and Glynda’s mind shattered as she came her little brains out. Wavering for just a moment, gasping for air, she gave Jaune a wild giggle and a broad smile and then… she just blacked out.

She woke up, uncertain how much later it had been. She blinked, with no grogginess, just a feeling of perfect restfulness and contentment. Jaune, she realized, was now curled up in her arms, using her breasts as a soft pair of pillows. He seemed quite happy there, didn’t he?

He needed to rest. To regain his strength. But…

She was also feeling a little horny again. And she had him in his bed. And it would feel really good to let him run his hands all over her...

Helene Arc was quite displeased with everyone.

The list included, but was not limited to, the girl who’d been profiteering off this whole escapade, the students—future Huntresses!—who had gone to blows over a boy, and the teacher who, even as addled as she was, should have known better than to sleep with a student! Once she’d straightened them out and got them back on an even keel, she made quite sure that they all knew how furious she was.

But her wrath was particularly directed at Jaune. Yes, he had not been taught the consequences of using the Arc Family Massage Style on the unprepared, but that was because he had not been taught the family style! He had always been a precocious boy, though, and much like how he’d evidently managed to con his way into the world’s top Huntsmen’s Academy, he’d evidently also been able to piece together the family’s secret techniques purely from observation. Infuriating. She hadn’t even thought she’d have to be worried about that.

Though, she had to admit, his personal adaptation of the the Open-Handed Palm of Bliss (a technique he absolutely should not even have known about ) was crude, but it was quite potent, and with some refinement, she could easily develop it into a new Family Technique. So she supposed that she did owe him some begrudging admiration.

But no, even that was not enough to appease her fury.

Because, worst of all… Her son had had nonstop sex with dozens of women and, yet, there were no grandbabies. None! There would be no adorably blond Faunus kittens she could buy cute outfits for, no little Arc-Schnees she could read bedtime stories to, no opportunity to chat with her future Mistralian daughter-in-law to advise her on pregnancy...

Jaune clearly knew how happy Saphron had made her with Adrian, and yet, he couldn’t even bother to give his dear mother, who had just bailed him out of certain death by exhaustion, if not dehydration, a single adorable grandchild? Especially when she’d been so clear to all her children how eagerly she was waiting to spoil another one, especially if it was a granddaughter? And yet, nothing.

No, Helene Arc was quite unhappy with how this whole situation had gone down.