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For years, Terra had thought she was asexual.

When all her girlfriends were talking about boys, Terra couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. She’d learned about lesbians, but girls didn’t seem that appealing either. People were great, Terra had plenty of close friends, but dating? She was fine without that, and she certainly didn’t want to see anybody naked.

It had made high school an awkward experience, especially as her peers weren’t quite sure what to make of her while the rest of them were discovering their burgeoning sexualities, but once Terra went off to college to get her degree in engineering, she had found that it wasn’t hard to find peers who didn’t judge her for preferring to keep things platonic. And Terra learned she was okay with herself, and finally felt like she was who she thought she was.

And then she met Saphron.

Saphron had moved to Argus from a small town in Vale, and she had a way about her that made her everyone’s friend. As such, Terra couldn’t help but get pulled into her orbit. From there, her social gravity just pulled them closer and closer until Terra, without realizing how it happened, was now one of Saphron’s closest friends.

Outgoing. Friendly. Sometimes, a bit of a ditz, but that just made her more adorable. Terra couldn’t get enough of Saphron, and for the first time in her life, she was falling to pieces trying to figure out how to just talk to someone. Fretting about her outfit—if it was cute enough, if she might seem too slutty, did Saphron even like girls?—before heading out with her friends. Nervously working up the courage to ask a girl out. Sitting in her car after a date and taking a moment to exhale and process how exhilarating it had been.

Being invited to her bedroom and experiencing one of the best moments of Terra’s entire life.

She wasn’t asexual or homosexual. Terra was Saph-sexual, and she loved it.

They’d gotten married in a hurry, a legal issue with Saphron’s immigration paperwork to Vale suddenly making a hasty wedding much more desirable. But thanks to travel restrictions caused by a recent Grimm outbreak, Saphron’s family, tragically, wasn’t able to attend the wedding.

It had been hard on her fiancee. Family, Terra had learned, meant a lot to the Arcs. And so they’d made a compromise. Terra would meet the family on a CCT call where she’d get their well wishes for their pending marriage.

The call made her incredibly nervous, terrified, really, of how she’d be judged. But what Terra hadn’t expected was that the call would reveal to her that she actually wasn’t Saph-sexual.

She was Arc-sexual.

Because her future in-laws were… damn. Seriously, there were seven of them? Terra’s attitude had gone from pure terror at making a bad impression to an even purer terror that she’d get caught lusting after her future family members!

Six gorgeous sisters and that brother…

Fortunately, they lived on a completely different continent, and on the far side of Mistral at that, so there weren’t a lot of opportunities for Saphron’s family to make the trip. And so, Terra’s sanity remained safely protected as she pushed aside any thought of her wife’s ridiculously hot family into the darkest recesses of her mind, where she didn’t have to think about it, and that meant it basically wasn’t real. Which meant she wasn’t weird. Which was great.

Until she got a call from Saphron while at work. She was worried it’d be something about Adrian, only to discover that Saphron was overjoyed to call her about some big news. Family news.

Jaune, her stupidly sexy brother, was coming to visit.

Terra loved Saphron. Loved her so dearly for the way she supported her in her career. Had been there for her in the hard times. How she’d been with her, every step of the way of her pregnancy. The beautiful son they had together. The way she smiled. The little things in their shared love language. For a thousand reasons and more, she knew that Saphron was her soulmate, the one person Terra truly wanted to be married to.

But Jaune made her panties drop.

He was easily the hottest of the Arcs, the one with the most Arc-sexiness, and while Terra was good at not fantasizing about any of her sexy sisters-in-law, Jaune had been a constant figure in her masturbation sessions and, shamefully, sometimes when she was with Saphron.

There was a reason she really enjoyed Saphron taking her from behind with a strapon, a reason she would never admit to, even under torture.

And now he was coming here.

With his girlfriend.

Who happened to be a massive international celebrity, particularly in Argus. Seriously, Terra had a freaking Pyrrha Nikos poster in her dorm, from before she won her second Vytal tournament. It was weird that that wasn’t what she was busy freaking out about, but that was Terra’s life now.

It gave the whole event a surreal, dreamlike feel. Terra was preparing to host the figure of all her darkest sexual fantasies, plus a celebrity, for dinner. What, was she about to remember she had a math test she hadn’t studied for?

But dreams, reality, whatever she was in, she was in it now, because she heard the doorbell ring. And that meant that the hour had come, the moment she had been preparing herself for. She went to the door, slightly behind Saphron, steadying herself as the door opened and-


Fuck, fuck, fuck!

He was even sexier in person! Seeing him and Saphron hug was… they were so alike and everything Terra loved about Saphron was right there in her brother’s stupid sexy face and gorgeous eyes. She would literally die if they started making out right now, and it took a lot of willpower to not suggest it! Ugh, being sandwiched between those two sexy siblings would be the hottest thing she could imagine, and she just couldn’t decide if she’d rather have-

“Hi, I’m Pyrrha!”

Startled from her lascivious fantasies, Terra nearly jumped with surprise to see the famous Pyrrha Nikos was reaching her hand out to her. “T-Terra!” she stammered, a little too loudly, “I-it’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Terra prayed that Pyrrha assumed that her nervousness was from meeting a celebrity and not from the fact Terra was imagining what her boyfriend’s dick looked like, and how hot it would be to see her wife’s lips wrapped around it, the sinful sisterly blowjob being made all the more incredibly taboo by watching a man fuck her wife.

Oh no, she was getting way too excited. She was a married woman with a child, not some… horny teenager! Terra needed to calm right the fuck down right now or she would lose everything.

“P-please come in,” she tried to sound like a gracious host, “Adrian would l-love to meet you!”

Fortunately, after the awkwardness at the front door, Terra had managed to regain some of her composure. Adrian had helped, the excited boy, eager to meet Pyrrha and his Uncle Jaune, reminded her of her responsibilities and her better sense. And dinner was wonderful, the five of them eagerly talking as though there hadn’t been an uncontrollable sexual fantasy boiling in Terra’s mind for the past several days.

But the trip to Argus was a tiring one—the two recently licensed Huntsmen had actually done this trip as a working vacation, helping protect a train to pay their way up north, and they’d been fighting the whole way. There was some joking about a Beacon teammate of theirs who would have been very helpful to have on hand, some Huntsman jargon about amplifying Semblances, but Terra could tell the both of them were tired. And after a big meal (Saphron had to show off to her brother that she was a master of the family recipes), they seemed quite liable to nearly fall asleep at the table!

So Saph and Terra had put Adrian to bed and bid the two of them good night, promising that tomorrow they’d have fun together. Not in the way Terra was imagining it, of course (she was really wondering what it would be like to switch between Jaune and Saph, trading kisses and tasting the difference between the siblings).

But after that… there wasn’t much to stay up for. So they’d decided to call it an early night as well—Saph was going to get up early to make crepes, so she figured it wouldn’t hurt to go to bed sooner.

But Terra couldn’t sleep.

How could she sleep? She knew what was waiting for her in her dreams. She’d gone from the shock of encountering Jaune to a momentary opportunity to regain control, now back to a state of terrible desire, made worse that Jaune had given her a hug before bed. His scent still lingered in her nostrils, making her mind go… to certain places.

So she got up to get a drink of water, hoping that would, somehow, fix the fact that her sexual identity was wired around a certain family of gorgeous blonde vixens and an undeniably Alpha stud.  

Gods help her if there was ever a family reunion.

But as she sipped her water, she realized she wasn’t the only person in the kitchen.

Because Pyrrha was standing in the doorway.

And she had a very focused look trained on her.

“Terra, I…” and Terra froze, knowing she had a guess what Pyrrha was about to say, “I think I’ve… noticed the way you’ve been looking at Jaune.”

Her eyes went wide. Fear flooded her heart as she blurted out an excuse. “I- It’s not what- I’m not- It’s not what you think!”

But Pyrrha just smiled and raised a hand to silence her. Then, her eyes darting nervously, she leaned in close and whispered, “I noticed… that it’s the same way I’m looking at Saphron.”


That was not expected.

That was not expected at all.

But Pyrrha continued, to try to explain more of it to the astounded Terra. “They’re both, you know,” she giggled nervously, “like, the only people I’ve ever been attracted to.”

“You’re an Arc-sexual too?”

“What...” now it was Pyrrha’s turn to be surprised, “Is there a… name for this? Is this something-”

“No! I mean...” she sighed, “I just… never was attracted to anyone, man or woman, until I met the Arcs. Didn’t even want a romantic relationship, but the thought of Jaune and Saphron having their way with me-”

Terra blushed, furiously, at the realization of what she’d just said. Only to realize that Pyrrha was blushing, too, her eyes glassy as she so clearly imagined it. “Mmmm… it’d be so hot if Jaune took you over the table… while you ate his sister out...”

Unable to believe her fortune, she had to match her new friend’s overt lewdness. “Not as hot as watching Jaune and Saphron double-team you.”

“Gods, yes,” she moaned, “I just can’t decide which holes I’d want them in!”

So many options. So many combinations. And they were all so hot! Terra felt a nosebleed coming on, but she didn’t care. Not only had she discovered that somebody else shared her fetish, she had realized they had a window. For both of them to reach their satisfaction.

“Do you know if...” she swallowed hard, “Would Jaune be open to...”

Pyrrha, sadly, shook her head no, and Terra’s heart sank. It was hopeless, wasn’t it? She got this much closer, but it all-

Wait, no!

“Pyrrha!” she quickly asked, “Is Jaune… I don’t know how to say this in a nice way, but Saph? Kind of a ditz, and if Jaune’s...”

“Yeah, he can be...” she searched for a word, “a bit dense… a lot of the time.”

Phew. That was an opening. “So the two of them… might be able to be… tricked into going along with-”

“Whatever the plan is,” Pyrrha smiled, “I’m in.”

Thank the gods! Terra looked to her new partner in crime with a wicked smile. “You ready to get your world rocked by the hottest blonde in Argus?”

“It’s going to be so hot to eat your wife’s pussy,” she giggled.

“Gods, yes—and is your boyfriend’s dick as good as-”

“It’s amazing,” she confidently replied, “Might make you think twice about which team you’re batting for. Though...” and she gave a playful smile, “I’m really hoping we can get them to both take us. Have Jaune and Saph together, at the same time….”

"But not, like, incest!" Terra quickly, and dishonestly, cut in.

"Oh, yeah, of course... I don't want, um... that..." Pyrrha said, trying not to lick her lips.

"Yeah... me either... I- I don't think it'd be hot to see Jaune and Saph make out at all!"

Pyrrha nodded, though, from the look in her eyes, Terra could tell one thing.

Pyrrha was a terrible liar.

The plan was simple.

Jaune was a dolt, Saph was a ditz. Terra loved her wife, but it was true. It would not be difficult at all to convince them that partner swapping, as long as it was kept inside the family, was actually good and okay in Mistral! And then, once everyone got a little loosened up, she and Pyrrha would see about making that Arc sandwich… and, in her wildest fantasies… she and Pyrrha would get to watch as the hottest people they knew gave them a show.

The day sped by as though it hadn’t happened. She vaguely remembered that they took Jaune and Pyrrha to some tourist destinations, let Adrian play with his cool Uncle Jaune and to see him use the family sword and shield in a quick spar with his wife (seeing Pyrrha Nikos spar should have been the highlight of her life, but with what was coming, it was hardly even noteworthy), and now… after dinner... it was showtime.

Adrian had been put to bed, and Terra knew that her son was out like a light. This happened whenever he insisted he wasn’t tired and wanted to stay up later, so she was confident that nothing short of artillery fire was likely to wake him up.

Pyrrha and Jaune had joined Terra and her wife for a glass of wine, some light music, and a chance to let the siblings reminisce about their childhood memories. Terra and Pyrrha laughed at appropriate times, and just let the two oblivious sex gods (Seriously! Somehow, being around Jaune just made Saphron so much sexier! It was ridiculously unfair that Terra was somehow expected not to bring her hot brother-in-law into their lovemaking!) cheerfully talk about old memories and family vacations.

Unable to wait any longer, she gave Pyrrha the signal.

“Terra...” the champion fighter began, “Tell me, an Argus girl like you… did your family raise you with some of the old… traditions?”

Terra gave a practiced laugh. “Oh, like the Swap? Well, of course I grew up knowing about it, but I never thought about it seriously. My wife’s Valean, after all,” she said, her last line laden with enough innuendo that Jaune and Saphron caught on to the bait.

“The Swap?” Jaune asked, confused. “I’ve… never heard of this before?”

Pyrrha giggled, playing her part perfectly. “Well… it’s a bit old fashioned, and Mistralians don’t really talk about it with non-Mistralians. Really, I think it might be more of an Argus tradition. My family’s been practicing it-”

“Pyrrha!” Terra playfully teased, “You have to explain it! Don’t keep them waiting!”

“Well...” she drew out that syllable, and Terra could see that their targets were hooked, “In Northern Mistral, it’s… customary that, when someone marries into the family… sometimes a sibling was… invited to test them, to make sure they’re ‘worthy’ of the family...”

“Oh, like with cooking?” Jaune asked, in that sexy, dopey way of his, “Because in Vale we have a tradition where your mother-in-law has to-”

“No, Jaune!” Pyrrha laughed, then whispered into his ear, “It’s more about...”

Saphron turned to her wife. “It’s what? I haven’t heard about this before?”

The perfect opportunity for Terra to drop the words that would utterly unmake Saphron. “Oh, it’s nothing serious…”

“Oh come on!” Saphron playfully swatted at her, “You can tell me!”

“Look at how red Jaune got,” Terra mused, gesturing to her extremely red-faced brother-in-law.

“Awwwww, now I have to learn!” Saphron mock-whined, “Come on! Tell me!”

Leaning over, giving this all the ceremony she needed, she whispered into her wife’s ear. “It’s about sex.”

Saphron grew as red as Jaune did, and became very quiet as she took in the meaning of her words, before finally spitting out, “WHAT?”

“It’s… just an old tradition,” Pyrrha reassured her, “Hardly anyone does it nowadays, but...”

“We all grew up hearing stories about it, making jokes… I was an only child, so-”

“Me too!” Pyrrha laughed, “I remember, though, teasing a bunch of my friends who had cute brothers that I wouldn’t mind being a part of that Swap.”

“And it’s good for marriages,” Terra carefully posited, hoping not to sound too eager, “Makes sex a little less taboo, unlike... um, no offense, but Vale’s got a reputation for-”

“Sexual repression,” Jaune sighed, “Yeah, I’ve heard.”

“Jaune’s not repressed!” Pyrrha chimed in, “He’s actually very adventurous. He and I- mmf!”

Without hesitation, Jaune clapped his hand over his girlfriend’s mouth. “Pyrrha!” he cried, “You don’t have to tell them… about that!”

“Oh?” Terra turned to her wife, “Now I’m interested… I always thought you were a free spirit for a Valean, but maybe it’s just in the family...”

“Shut up!” Saphron laughed, taking another helpful sip of wine, “But yes, Terra and I… we get up to a bit of fun in the bedroom...”

“Saph?” Jaune’s eyes bulged, “Are you really going to-”

“We’re in Mistral!” she said, cheerfully, “And you’ve heard these two, talking about their Swap and all, might as well show them that we’re not a bunch of Valean prudes.”

“You can’t be serious...” he mouthed.

Pyrrha sprung the trap. “Oh? That’s what you said when I suggested anal, and now you love-mmf!”


“Oh, Saph loves taking me up the butt, she-”


“What?” she laughed, “You do, you little Valean harlot!”

And moment of truth…

Saphron laughed too!

“Gods, Jaune,” she said, wiping a tear from her eye, “I was going to say we hooked up with two Mistralian stereotypes, but I’m starting to think that maybe we just wound up finding our own kind!” Jaune stared at her incredulously, but either her adventurous spirit, or her second healthy pour of Chateau d’Arc, had her very much loosened up. “Come on, Jaune! Isn’t this fun? It’s so taboo and… naughty. Besides,” she said with a teasing smile, “you think I believe you scored a babe like Pyrrha and I don’t think you’re showing her a good time?”

Terra nearly swooned at the thought of how well everything was going, but Pyrrha was a pro—either her martial discipline or media training on display here. “You think I’m a babe?” she asked, coquettishly.

While she didn’t feel any sexual attraction towards Pyrrha, Terra couldn’t deny… she did like watching the gorgeous redhead flirt with her wife. Maybe more so because of the blond sex bomb she was carrying with her, but Pyrrha certainly was an attractive woman.

Saphron gave her a teasing, wine-influenced look. “What, you’re hoping I might have to ‘test your worthiness’ to marry my brother?”

“Do you think I’d disappoint?” Pyrrha shot back with a confident gleam in her eye.

Jaune’s eyes went wide. “Oh, no, Saph, Pyrrha’s super competitive and-”

“And it sounds like you just issued a challenge!” Terra finished. “Oooh, isn’t this exciting? I don’t know if it’s the wine talking or-”

“We should do the Swap!”

Terra froze. Even Pyrrha froze. They hadn’t expected Saph to propose swinging!

But then Jaune shook his head… and laughed. “You’re crazy, Saph, but...” he glanced to Pyrrha… and then to Terra, his eyes smoldering in a look that made her heart. stop. “If everyone’s in, I suppose I should be thankful...”

Oh hell, oh hell, he had the Arc charm, looking at her like she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, the way Saph did when she wanted to get lucky. And it worked just as well with her brother’s eyes, but Terra knew she still had a role to play!

“Bedrooms?” Terra asked, playfully, just as planned.

“Here’s fine,” Pyrrha retorted, “I’d love to see how my boyfriend fares against your wife.”

Compared to your wife, she should have said compared, but… it seemed like the Arcs hadn’t caught the slip, and, even better, they seemed game to have an orgy in their sitting room!

Trying to pretend to be reluctant to undress as her brother-in-law approached her, Terra abandoned the strategy as she saw Pyrrha eagerly stripping out of her clothes with Saphon. The two of them were fast to make out, but rather than trigger any jealousy seeing Pyrrha kiss her wife, it filled Terra with excitement! She didn’t have any strong feelings for Pyrrha—not an Arc, of course—but she couldn’t deny: it was hot to watch Saph make out with someone.

But that was the end of her attentiveness to her wife, as Jaune was now before her, and the way he tried (and failed!) not to look at her tits made Terra as wet as she’d ever been before.

“So Jaune...” she purred, seductively, “I don’t have a lot of… experience with cock, but I do believe,” she glanced downwards, licking her lips at his bulge, “you’ll make an excellent first time...”

She knelt down before he could say anything, undoing Jaune’s belt and pulling his pants down, only to get smacked in the face by a magnificent. Arc. Cock.

It was… it was glorious. In an instant any and all doubts about Terra’s sexual identity were banished. She was an Arc-sexual. An Arc-sexual and proud. Only one thing in the world had ever gotten her as turned on as this amazing dick, and right now, Pyrrha Nikos was probably burying her face in it.

Inexperience hardly slowed Terra down as she eagerly took the cock in her mouth, loving it’s dirty taste as she struggled to fit it as far down her mouth as she could go.

“Easy, easy,” Jaune gently guided her, “Just let your throat relax as you slowly take in as much as you can...”

Gods, he was wonderful. He could have ruthlessly facefucked her and she would have thanked him for the privilege, but no, he was a gentleman, such a good an attentive lover, just like Saph. He slipped his fingers into her hair, and Terra couldn’t believe her fortune as she worshiped Jaune’s dick with her tongue. Glancing upwards, she saw the look on his face, the blissful look of a man enjoying a blowjob, enjoying the feel of her soft, wet mouth wrapped around his hard cock, and Terra nearly came from it. She wanted to pleasure him, more than she’d ever wanted to feel pleasure herself!

He was a God, a stud without equal, an Arc. And Terra had the incredible, the impossible fortune to have made love to not one, but two Arcs, and she couldn’t stop thanking whatever lucky star had given her this blessing.

But she knew she had to impress him, to get what she really wanted, and she knew that an artless, inexperienced blowjob, especially compared to what he must be getting when Pyrrha worshiped his shaft, wasn’t going to cut it. So, withdrawing from his dick with a wet pop, Terra gave him a challenging look.

“Well, I’d say that was… very enjoyable, but you’re here to test my worthiness for your sister, and she doesn’t really ask for blowjobs...” she spread her legs, invitingly displaying her wet pussy to his appreciative gaze, “So how about we move on to the next stage, hmm?”

Jaune didn’t require a lot of invitation from there. Swiftly taking his shirt off, he revealed his chiseled physique to her, making Terra whimper at the gloriousness of his body as he eagerly took Terra up on her offer. Soon, his dick was sliding into her, so much better than any toys she’d tried before! It was so… so amazing! Big and forceful and warm and she felt it fill up her pussy as she gasped in rapturous delight.

“Ohh...” Jaune moaned, “Yeah, yeah, Saph, I think your wife definitely has my vote of approval.”

“Pyrrha gets, ohmygods, gets,” Saph panted, “my vote of approval—yes, yes, your tongue, right there— too!”

Terra fucking loved it. She and Pyrrha were pleasuring their partners, making the siblings feel so good and hot, and it was everything. She didn’t imagine that it could feel so good to have a man fill her pussy with his hard cock, but this was an Arc, someone who didn’t play by any rules other than driving Terra wild!

It wasn’t long before Jaune got her off. She didn’t have nearly the stamina Jaune had—she’d learned with Saphron that Arcs were simply better at sex than Terra was—but she was used to having intercourse that brought her to multiple passionate orgasms.

Milking his dick with her pussy, she eagerly looked up to Jaune. “You wanna, hahn, wanna give Adrian a little brother? Wanna fill me, hoh, up and, and get your sister-in-law knocked up?”

But Jaune took it as a joke, and not a passionate regret that she’d used a donor service rather than get her hung brother-in-law to fuck a baby into her. “I don’t think Saph would be-”

“Mmmm, I think one’s enough,” Saphron teased, crushing Terra’s hopes, but then added, “Though it would be hot...” bringing them right back up!

“It’d be so hot,” Pyrrha agreed, “But it’d be even hotter to see the both of you take Terra!”

Terra couldn’t believe that Pyrrha, on top of being a celebrity and a smoking hot babe, was also the most wonderfully generous person Terra had ever met! She wanted it so bad, so very bad!

“Oooh, I like that!”

Terra’s heart sang as she heard it, heard her wife acquiesce to making her wildest fantasy come true.

“Gods, Saph!” Jaune laughed, “I’m starting to think you have a fetish here...”

“Not like you wouldn’t enjoy it!”

Jaune paused for a second, making Terra unwittingly whine as he briefly slowed his thrusts, before saying, “Yeah, I would...”

Gods they were perfect!

“But I don’t want to be a dad just yet, so...” No! Be a dad! Jaune would make a wonderful father in their extremely non-normative family unit! “You said you like anal?”


“I- I do! I do! I’m Saph’s little butt slut!” she giggled, hearing Pyrrha and Saph join in her laughter.

“Well, then...” Jaune glanced back to his sister and girlfriend, “If you said it’d be hot...”

In no time at all, Saph had quickly grabbed her strapon and lube, Pyrrha gently lubing up Jaune’s cock and slipping a finger in to lubricate Terra’s tight asshole. Wonderful girl. Simply wonderful. And, now surrounded by both Arc siblings, Terra couldn’t help but mewl in anticipation for what was coming next.

Really, all she could do was pant, unable to believe what was happening to her. Sandwiched between the two sexiest people she’d ever known, she couldn’t help but moan in pure arousal as Saph penetrated her pussy… and Jaune took her ass.

She felt so full! So incredibly filled by the siblings as she rocked back and forth, feeling her wife’s strapon and her brother-in-law’s magnificent cock support her in the air, both of their magnificent bodies pressed into her. She couldn’t speak, could scarcely think, her mind overloaded with pleasure as she gasped and squealed, unable to handle the sheer potency of two Arcs making love to her!

Vaguely, somehow, she knew Pyrrha was shamelessly masturbating as she watched, and she knew the girl must be deeply jealous that it wasn’t her enjoying the love and attention of the siblings, but Pyrrha would get her chance. They were staying for an entire week, the four of them would be doing it in every combination they could!

“Gods, Saph!” Jaune moaned, “She’s so tight!”

“That’s why I married her, little bro!” Saphron said with a giggle, “She had a tight ass and she had no idea how good she looked in yoga pants!”

Terra whimpered. What else could she do? She was powerless before the two of them!

“Pyrrha’s pretty hot, too,” Saph continued, “She eats pussy like a pro, and it’s amazing to fuck a celebrity!”

“Yeah,” he panted, “And there’s nothing she won’t do in the bedroom!”

“I figured!”

Terra squealed as they brought her to orgasm, but they didn’t stop. They hardly even interrupted their conversation as they relentlessly pounded her pussy and ass.

“She’d been hinting at sharing me,” Jaune laughed, ruthlessly splitting Terra open, “I had no idea she meant with my sister!”

“Well, I haven’t shared you yet,” Saph teased, unaware of how her words were driving Terra crazy!

“I dunno, Saph, I think this counts as us having a threesome,” he teased back, making Terra moan deliriously, imagining the two of them just taking each other. Arcs were just sexier, just so much better than normal people were!

“Well, we haven’t hooked up yet...”

They kept teasing her! Her and Pyrrha, driving the two of them utterly wild as they joked about making their dirtiest, their most depraved fantasies come true, and-

Suddenly, Jaune lurched forward and kissed Saphron, right on the lips.

Realizing her wife was caught in a passionate lip lock with another man, with her own brother… Terra’s ear pressed against his cheek, feeling the roughness of his stubble... it brought Terra to another, screaming orgasm as her overloaded mind could no longer handle the sheer eroticism.

Jaune and Saph withdrew from her and gently lowered her to the ground before, without taking another thought, the two of them made out, right in front of her!

Terra could only gasp and sigh, her mind too frazzled to do more than admire and worship her new God and Goddess, beholding a revelation of what sexual pleasure could be! Oh, she was unworthy, they were all unworthy, and as she felt Pyrrha’s fingers slip into her wet cunt—slick with the juices that came from being fucked by two Arcs!—she struggled to return the favor, fingering Pyrrha as she watched the two of them gloriously display their unrestrained sexiness.

“They’re so hot,” Pyrrha moaned, “we never stood a chance… we were always going to have an orgy tonight...”

It was true. It was so true. Terra couldn’t imagine a world where she didn’t worship her brother-in-law’s cock, couldn't imagine a life to be deprived of his glory. She would agree with Pyrrha out loud if she still had the brainpower to do more than just finger Pyrrha and watch what was before her.

Jaune had pushed Saph to the floor, sliding into her pussy, making Pyrrha and Terra lose their minds at the sight of their sexy sibling love. Pyrrha had gotten up, Terra’s exhausted fingers falling from her pussy, as she approached the two, planting herself on Saph’s face as she moved forward to kiss her boyfriend, to guide one hand to her tits, and his other to his sister’s chest.

Jaune was a stud, driving Saph wild with his thrusts, and Saphron’s incredible tongue was taking Pyrrha to new heights of ecstasy. The three of them made love, and Terra drank in the sight of their enthusiastic display. She wanted to cry, to weep at how beautiful it was, but all she was able to do was slide her fingers in and out of herself.

She came again, alongside Pyrrha, but they were only the side dish. The true main course, though, kept going, their stamina easily outlasting their significant others, until, in a perfect, glorious moment, Saphron and Jaune Arc both came together, bringing Terra to a final, explosive climax as the world around her grew dark.

Saphron giggled as Pyrrha slid off her, giving her an unobstructed view of her brother for the first time since he first thrust himself inside of her, making Saph's darkest, most secret fantasy come true.

“You’re my first guy,” she giggled, “so I suppose you took that virginity.”

Jaune blushed and looked away. “Um… sorry?” he mumbled.

“Don’t be!” she teased, “I had always wondered if I’d be the one to take your virginity...”

Jaune got bright red at that. “Wait, w- what? You mean-”

“I’d been thinking about how hot my sexy little brother’s gotten? Only since your first summer after Beacon. Beryl and I,” she giggled, “had a little phone conversation if one of us would have to be the one to… teach you the ropes, but I see Pyrrha did an excellent job.”

“Yeah, she-” then he looked back to her, eyes wide, “Wait, Beryl? Our sister Beryl?”

“How many other Beryls do you-”

“She has… has… has-”

Saph couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh, you have no idea, Jaune.”

He really didn’t. Jaune… she loved Jaune, loved him in ways a big sister really ought not to, but the boy was hopelessly dense. She couldn’t imagine what it had taken for Pyrrha to get him to realize she had feelings for him, not after what June and Joan had been doing ever since they turned 14.

And he seemed to realize what she meant.

“How...” he caught his breath, “how many...”

“Other than me,” she tittered, “how many of your sisters do you think are really hot babes?”

Jaune blushed. “...all of them?”

“Well, good news… Believe me, the family chat’s about to get a whole lot more interesting...”

Jaune toppled backwards, falling into the carpet with a soft thud.

“We’re… we’re...” he searched for his words, “The reunion next summer...”

“It’s going to be very interesting, yeah. Now,” and she looked at her darling little brother, now a handsome, full-grown, and undeniably sexy Arc man, “let’s get both of the loves of our lives into bed and then we’ll see about talking this up over breakfast.”


Saphron gave him a challenging smile. “Think you can make mom's recipes better than me?”

He just shrugged, hardly suppressing his own smirk, “If you think I’m not the best cook in the family-”

“Game on, little brother!”