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RWBY Kink Fics

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Pyrrha had been reading in the bed, next to her husband, when the sensation struck her. She had been reading Blake’s most recent book, an account of how she and Weiss had worked together to end the SDC’s abusive labor practices and reform their policies with the Faunus. It was good work, thorough, even if it was clearly setting up Blake’s campaign for Councilwoman. But then a familiar urge hit her that couldn’t stand aside.

She really had to pee.

This was a frequent issue, especially now that there was a new life within her, one nearly ready to pop out, but, right now, was pressing right on her bladder. She put her book aside and readied herself for the now laborious task of swinging her legs off the bed and getting up to go to the bathroom.

“Need any help?”

She glanced over to Jaune, who had paused in his knitting. He’d always been the domestic one in the household, and ever since they’d first learned that parenthood was in store, he’d set to converting yarn and parental anxieties into an endless collection of scarves, caps, socks, and blankets. She smiled, feeling the warmth of his concern. “No, just have to pee. Again,” she joked, saying the last part in mock-annoyance to her swollen belly. He smiled, then went back to his knitting.

He was a good husband. Beacon offered generous parental leave, and while Pyrrha hated taking Jaune out of the classroom, she dearly appreciated that she’d have him as they started their new family together. Family. Hard to imagine the word, but there it was. Something they would be creating, just the two of them, together.

But sentimentality could wait and this could not. So she stumbled down the hall, marveling at the sensation of how much more of a nuisance a task this simple had become in the past few months. The connection she already felt with her future daughter—Brothers help her, she still did not have a name yet and was this close to letting Nora choose for her—was even more intense than she’d been led to believe came with motherhood, but she still was a little annoyed at how she’d sent her from being a top level tournament champion who’d personally dueled the Queen of the Grimm to making frequent, waddling trips to the bathroom.

But now that that task was finished, she caught a look of herself in the bathroom mirror. She had to admit: she was looking damn good. A maternal goddess stared back at her, aflush with the glow of pregnancy; her cheeks were rosy and her hair was a full, shiny red. And, of course, as she cupped her sensitive, swollen breasts, she certainly enjoyed what pregnancy had done for her rack. Not only did they look fantastic, they were so sensitive, she could nearly bring herself to orgasm just by playing with them.

A thought like that wouldn’t have come to her months ago, but it was funny how horny pregnancy had made her. All the hormones flying meant she could go from zero to soaked in the span of seconds, often triggered out of nowhere. And she was having the naughtiest dreams, too, with all sorts of wild fantasies that let her wake up in a very good mood. Unlike her food cravings, she rather liked these urges, though perhaps it’d be easier if she just didn’t have so many?

Maybe the little one just wants to make sure she’s not an only child, she thought with a naughty giggle.

Well… maybe her daughter-to-be had the right idea, even if Pyrrha didn’t have the slightest chance of being impregnated for a little while longer. Running a hand down her body, feeling how her skin tingled from the touch and imagining it was Jaune’s rough hands running over her… she bit her lip. She could already feel herself moisten as she walked back to the bedroom, reaching for the box they kept in the linen closet and finding a little something to make the night really fun.

But as she sashayed (well, as best she could in her current state) back into the room, something stopped her with a powerful force. Seeing her husband lying in bed, quietly knitting… they’d been through so much together. Literal adventures, all across Remnant fighting evil and changing the face of the whole world, and now, in the quiet life they’d made together, even around their celebrity, she found herself gripped by a powerful and dear love for the man who’d changed her life in a thousand different ways. And now they were about to be parents together… she halted a sniffle. Damn hormones, they made everything more difficult than they needed to be.

She steadied herself, letting arousal win out over sentimentality, and then got his attention by jangling the two pairs of handcuffs she had in her hand.

Jaune looked up—and then his eyes boggled as he saw his naked wife holding a pair of handcuffs and realizing the only thing she could be implying. She gave him a dirty smile, licking her lips as she advanced upon him.

But it wasn’t… everything was just a little off. There was a momentary flash of concern across his face, and she knew exactly what it meant. Nearly a year ago, at the Atlas Masters Championship, before all this, she’d traded shattering blows with Ciel Soliel for nearly twenty minutes before she’d won. Across her career, she’d taken blows from hammers and rifle shot and the claws and teeth of the Grimm, all in due course. She was the Invincible Woman, but now… there was an inescapable sense of fragility around her.

Her doctor told her that there was no serious risk that came with sex in any stage of her pregnancy. Their pregnancy books even had a sidebar on which positions were best for pregnant women, and yet, even with her sudden urges, it felt like their sex was always driven by an excess of care. Like she was fragile now, like even the slightest thing could hurt her or the baby, and it never failed to make her feel paranoid and insecure, like she actually was as fragile as they treated her.

“Jaune...” she started, her voice a needy purr, “I’m really horny...”

He smiled at that, putting his knitting away. And yet. She could still see the concern in his eyes. No, she had to fix that. She had to make that clear. “Jaune,” she said again, with more authority in her voice, “I’m not going to break, and...” nervousness crept through her, sudden doubts on if she was going- no, she reminded herself, she needed this. “I need you to treat me like I won’t. I want you to be rough with me, Jaune, show me I can take it and take me.”

Whatever objections or concerns he might have still had in his mind, Jaune clearly saw how important this was to her. He got up from the bed, kissed her, one of those warm, wonderful kisses where her knees got weak and she swore he was using his Semblance on her, and took the handcuffs from her hands… and then, with a click, latched them both around her wrists.

He pushed her to the bed and connected the handcuffs to the headboard, spread far enough apart to keep her arms parted, and high up enough to force her to be on her knees. They’d done this position before, but with her milk-laden boobs and swollen belly dangling beneath her, she just felt so much more helpless, and so much more turned on.

“Well, Prisoner,” Jaune said, his voice cold and superior, sending a thrill down Pyrrha’s spine, “Anything you want to say to me? Perhaps about the location of your friends?”

“I- I’ll never give,” she moaned, “Never!”

“Oh?” he asked, teasingly, “So defiant! That’s good, though, I like it when they still have a little fight in them...”

She tensed, feeling as one of his hands palmed and gripped her exposed buttock. “D-do your worst,” she sneered, summoning as much defiance she could, “I’m not afraid of some spoiled, poncy offi- ohhh!”

He suddenly grabbed a full tit with his other hand, kneading and squeezing it mercilessly—and her hormone-soaked mind was immediately frazzled as bolts of pleasure radiated from every point his fingers gripped and squeezed her swollen breast. Just about the only thing that kept her from cumming her brains out was that it felt too good, that the pleasure was so intense, it seemed to knock all her reflexes off of her rhythm.

Jaune gave a cruel laugh. “I’m sorry, what was that? I don’t think you finished.”  

“I-I…” it was legitimately difficult to regain her focus. Pregnancy had, on top of everything else, given her a hair trigger. But she wasn’t going to give in that easy! “I said, ‘do your worst!’ Just because you caaaaaaaAAAAAAAAN OH! ” The finger slid into her, and the hair trigger was confirmed, leaving Pyrrha seeing stars as she came. She gasped for air, struggling to keep herself from toppling forward.

“My word, prisoner,” he chuckled, “ You’re already moaning like a whore, girl.”

“I’m not- I’m not-” she protested, weakly.

“Oh, but you are,” and she felt his leering eyes cut right through her, exposing her. “All this struggle, all this defiance; it’s all an act. You can’t wait to tell me where all your little friends are hiding, you just resist because you’re desperate. Desperate to give in, to be used like the horny, needy slut you are. You’re worried if you talk too soon… I won’t fuck you like you need to be fucked.”

Every word felt like a slap, and it made Pyrrha hornier and hornier. “It’s not true,” she whined, impotently. “I won’t g-give in, I- I won’t!” But it sounded less like defiance and more like petulance.

It was made worse as Jaune’s hand gripped her breast, teasing and squeezing her nipple, finally found what he was after. Pyrrha gasped as a spurt of milk came from her nipple and Jaune murmured, “Maybe you’re not spilling your secrets yet…” 

Pyrrha whined as he removed the finger from her pussy, but then his lips latched on to her nipple. As he sucked the milk from her heavy tit, she bit her lip hard and felt her eyes roll up in her head. It felt good. It felt so good. “Oh- oh, please,” she moaned, “Please, please, I- I- ohhh!”

She came, slumping forward, but the short chain of the handcuffs leaving her dangling in midair. Jaune laughed, “Oh, you’re not a needy little slut, huh? Please, tell me: why did you cum like a whore in your interrogation if you aren’t?”

“Please,” she whined, “please...”

“‘Please’ what?” he teased, “‘Please fuck me, sir?’ ‘Please ravage my tight pussy?’ ‘Please use me like a bitch in heat?’ Which is it, prisoner?”

She didn’t have words, the shame and humiliation, coupled with the undeniable need left her moaning, her hands struggling to free themselves to- to… to break out? To escape? Or to let one hand squeeze her milky tits while the other shoved as many fingers into her twat as she could fit?

Suddenly, a hand gripped her hair and yanked her head up. “I asked you a question, slut! Answer it!”

“I- I-”

He threw her head back down. “Answer me!”

“I want your dick!” she squealed, “I need it! I need your cock! Please, sir, please!”

He was silent a moment, and Pyrrha panicked that she’d answered wrong. That she’d angered him, and now she wouldn’t get any cock. But then Jaune’s hand gently ran down her back, every inch of her skin electric with anticipation and need. “That’s a good girl,” he said, “A very good girl. It feels good to be honest, doesn’t it? So good...”

Oh, it was true! So true! It felt so good to be praised, to be his good girl.

“And now you want to be good for me… and tell me where your friends are hiding...” A momentary panic surged through Pyrrha. She- she couldn’t! They were all counting on her to- “And then I’ll reward you...” Jaune whispered and all thought of her responsibilities collapsed.

“They- they’re at Haven,” she whined, “They’re at Haven! Please, I’ll tell you anything, please, just, please, fuck me!”

His laugh was as cruel as it was erotic. “Haven? My, my, we hadn’t even suspected Haven… if you hadn’t broken so easily, we might never have caught them...”

Shame bloomed on her face, but the guilt she felt was nothing when her pussy felt so wet and empty. “P-please,” she begged, “I- I did what you asked...”

She moaned as Jaune’s hands gripped and kneaded her ass cheeks. “You did, didn’t you...” her heart was pounding in her chest, the desperate hope that he’d take care of her making her almost delirious, “I suppose you’ve earned a treat.”

Even before her heart could leap with joy, Pyrrha felt his thick, powerful cock slide right into her wet snatch. It stuffed her, scrambling her brain as her words turned to incoherent squeals and gurgles. And then he started thrusting, her fat titties and pregnant belly swinging as he rocked her against the wall. 

“Don’t worry,” he soothed, “your friends will be joining you soon once I’ve captured them.”

“Oh yes!” she cried in ecstatic need, “C-capture them! B-break those RWBY s-sluts like you- ugh- like you broke me!”

There was a hitch in his thrusts when she said the name “RWBY,” but he quickly caught himself. “Gods, you enjoy betraying them, don’t you? You’re picturing them succumbing to me right now!”

Gods, she was! “Yes!” she cried, “You’re b-breaking them in half on your dick! They’re losing their minds to your cock and you’re- you’re fucking their brains out!” His thrusts became faster, harder, pounding her against the wall and driving her to incoherence. “We never stood a chance against you! N-nev- N- Nev- NEVERAAAAAAGH!”

She screamed, feeling as Jaune’s thrusts halted as he shook with his own orgasm, flooding her pussy with his cum. Panting and gasping, she collapsed, once more dangling from the headboard, tongue lolling out of her mouth and every neuron in her brain sparking and fizzing as she struggled to hold onto anything resembling a thought.

As she slowly game back to something resembling consciousness, Jaune unlocked the handcuffs, freeing Pyrrha. Gently, he helped her lie down in the bed, and she looked up at him, blushing bashfully like he always did after they did anything this kinky. Words weren’t coming to her yet, but she smiled at him, a gentle smile that he returned, making Pyrrha feel almost as good as her orgasm did.


He stroked her hair. “Can I get you anything? A drink of water?”

“N-nuh- nuh-” her tongue was still too thick and unresponsive, so she had to shake her head no.

He smiled, a small surge in pride at his ability to turn the Invincible Woman’s brains to mush from pure, electric pleasure. He kissed her on the forehead, and she cooed happily, feeling exhaustion rise up around her. At that moment, the baby kicked and Pyrrha giggled, letting her arms cradle her belly, reassuring her future daughter that all was well and all was good.

And then she went to sleep.