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RWBY Kink Fics

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This is for Ruby , Jaune reminded himself, You’re doing this to help Ruby.

He’d do anything for his fellow team leader. His first Beacon friend. The person second only to Pyrrha when it came to propping up his self-esteem when he needed it, deflating his ego and self-absorption when he really needed it, and helping him become a real Huntsman. If Ruby needed him to fight a Deathstalker, he’d do it. Ask Professor Port to give a definitive ranking of his top ten adventures, he’d do it. Tell Nora that the syrup was for the whole table and not just her, gods help him, he’d do it.

But right now, that meant sitting down with an arrogant, bemused-looking Yang and a contemptuous Blake while he, of all people, tried to offer some relationship counseling.

As unqualified as he was, someone had to step up. It had gotten out of hand: Yang and Blake seemed to break up every other week, only to immediately get back together, quarreling the whole time. And the fighting was the easy part: then there were the terribly tense moments at meals where both made a show of not talking to the other and everyone else felt so awkward and like they were anticipating a fight that it was impossible for any of them to have a conversation or even enjoy their food. And it had been terrible for RWBY’s team cohesion.

Ruby had attempted to mediate like they’d been taught in Leadership class. She wasn’t in charge for nothing, and Jaune knew from personal experience that she was really good at helping people realize their problems and getting them to work together to solve them. But… she couldn’t help someone who didn’t want to listen to her.  

Yang had refused to get “lectured by her little sister,” while Blake refused because she thought her leader couldn’t be impartial when her sister was involved—and if either girl wasn’t so self-absorbed, they would have realized that they’d both chosen reasons that were almost tailor-made to shatter Ruby’s heart! As much as he was concerned for his friends and for the well-being of their relationship, Jaune couldn’t lie—there was a quiet, seething spark of pure anger that was starting to burn inside him.  

But he had to suppress it. He knew that intra-team conflicts were best resolved by getting things out in the open in a mediated space, and even if he wasn’t their team leader, he could still make use of some of the skills he’d picked up. “Okay!” he started cheerfully, to a less than enthusiastic response. “So, how about we start by having Yang express, using some of the techniques we’ve been talking about, what she feels is source of the problem.”

Yang jerked a thumb at her partner. “I just don’t get why Blakey here feels the need to make everything into a fight.”

“Okay, so let’s-”

Blake scowled, “Not every time I disagree with you is ‘a fight,’ you just can’t accept anything that isn’t fawning praise!”

“Okay, Blake, it’s Yang’s turn so let’s try to discuss what-” Jaune attempted to avert it, but the fight was already on, and neither girl had any interest in listening to him. Which, he had to admit, was how they thought of him outside of mediation, so why had he expected anything different here?

“Do you ever get sick of constantly fighting?” Yang spat. “I swear, it feels like you’re trying to start fights just because you don’t know what to do when we’re not!

“Maybe we wouldn’t have so many fights if someone wasn’t chasing after every dick in Beacon!” Jaune flinched a little at the intensity with which Blake had said that particular word. This was… not where he had expected this thing to go. At all.

The accusation certainly left Yang reeling, her eyes flashing the terrifying red of her Semblance. “Oh, you’re one to talk!” she shouted, “We’re not even broken up for an hour before you’re draping yourself on Sun like a cat in heat!

“Oh, and when we’re broken up, are you saying you’re not throwing those, ” Blake gestured to her chest, “at everyone you can?”

They had broken into full on arguing. And then… and then that anger seized up in him. All his frustrations, all his annoyance, and most importantly at all, the knowledge that these two stupid girls’ inability to think about how their actions affected anyone other than themselves! How they were hurting Ruby! He didn’t think, not anymore, but acted, suddenly yelling “Enough!” and grabbing Blake by the wrist, yanking the surprised girl out of her seat and, before she could react, throwing her down over his knees and in a single motion, flipping up her skirt.

He barely even registered the shocked look on Yang’s face before he brought his palm down, hard, on Blake’s backside with a mighty SMACK! Blake gasped, but before she could make another sound, his hand was already back up for another. “Why!” smack “can’t you” smack “just” smack “REALIZE” smack “that there are” SMACK “OTHER PEOPLE” SMACK “who are affected by your actions!” he bellowed, bringing his hand down for one final smack as Blake cried out in… something he realized wasn’t pain.

He looked over to Yang, her mouth hanging open. He glanced down to Blake’s face, burning with shame, and his eyes traced down her back to the site of his attention. Her cheeks were bright red, looking quite incredible on her pale skin. He couldn’t help but admire it, but that brought him to another realization.

She wasn’t wearing panties. These… these sluts! This whole… this “counseling” had… this had all just been some kind of foreplay for them? Have an ugly, public breakup, drag all their friends into trying to help them, and then angry makeup sex? But as he looked at her exposed ass, there was also the undeniable truth that he now realized was painted on her thighs and his right hand: Blake was extremely wet.

He glowered at Yang, realizing the way her thighs were pressed tightly together could only mean one thing. The usually self-assured girl shrank before him as he pushed Blake off of his lap and snarled, “Your turn.”

Unable to resist his command, she swallowed nervously, slowly rising from her seat and approaching him for her well-deserved punishment. But Jaune was impatient, and, like with Blake, seized her by the wrist and pulled her into place. He flipped up her skirt and noticed, with disgust, that she was as bare and wet as Blake had been.

“Count off!” he growled, and a trembling Yang proceeded to do so.

Smack “One!” Smack! “Two!” SMACK! “Oh gods, three!” Smack! “F-four!” Smack! “Five!” Smack! “Six! Thank you, sir!” SMACK! Oh! Seven!” Smack! “Eight, s-sir!” Smack! “N-nine!” SMACK! “Ten- aaaAUGH!

He then pushed Yang off his lap and looked down on the two dazed girls, looking up at him with identical looks of pure, chastened regret. And, Jaune noticed, with some satisfaction, a trembling eagerness for more.

Yang was the first to speak, her face burning with shame. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry, sir! We’ll be good!”

“We didn’t mean to be so selfish!” Blake pleaded.

“We promise, we’ll think about how our actions affect others!”

“A-and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to you!” Blake added, with an unsubtle note of desire in her voice.

“Strip,” he commanded, and both girls blushed as they seemed to race each other to be the first to fully disrobe. Once naked, he pushed Yang to the ground and, grabbing Blake by the hair, roughly pushed her face to Yang’s slit.

“If your problems are caused by your girlfriend being a little cock tease, well,” he growled, “I’ve got the perfect solution right here,” and he slapped his dick against Blake’s backside, before resting it on her crack. With two needy sluts moaning with desire, he described exactly how they were going to solve their problem. “There’s only one dick in your life now, and it’s mine. You’re going to be good girlfriends to each other and if you have a problem, you’re not going to have it out in front of your team, you’re taking it to me, and I will solve it. ” Then, to illustrate how, he thrust himself into a squealing Blake and drove her face into Yang’s pussy. “Do I make myself clear?

Blake moaned her acquiescence into Yang’s thighs, the once snooty girl now reduced to his pleasure pet and clearly loving it. Yang’s eyes were unfocused as Blake’s tongue lashed her, but she babbled her agreement. The sight of both girls, two of Beacon’s most desirable and two of the biggest pains in his ass, now suddenly looking so meek and open to him, not to mention the thrill of having spanked both of their juicy asses red and raw, meant that it didn’t take Jaune long before he could feel a surge building inside of him. “Remember, ugh, that this is for your own- good!” and then he came inside Blake, feeling her muscles tighten around his member and hearing the girl’s muffled cry.

As he withdrew from a panting and gasping Blake, he looked down on Yang and felt his cock stiffen as he realized that he wasn’t quite done here. Roughly shoving Blake aside, he moved on the blonde bombshell, the girl who endlessly teased him with those big, heavy tits, acting like he was a perv whenever he got flustered when she thrust them in his face. Well, now they were out, exposed, and totally at his mercy.

Yang gasped as he entered her. As he thrust, he was delighted to see that her breasts bounced and jiggled beautifully, like they were singing their approval of his actions. But he had work to do. Squeezing a fat tit in each hand, he glared and instructed Yang, “You’re not going to treat your sister like she’s a little kid, not anymore! She is your Team. Leader. And that means she gets your respect.” Then, giving her jugs a rough slap, he added, “It’s not like either of you could lead a team.”

Yang’s head nodded frantically. “Oh no, sir! We couldn’t!”

Blake pulled herself up to add, “We need someone to tell us what to do. We’ll be good from now on, we promise!”

“I promise we’ll be so good for you!” Yang added, giving her chest a nice, appreciative bounce. 

Jaune felt a cocky, irrepressible grin come to his face. “That’s what I want to hear. Now lick my cum out of your girlfriend’s pussy!” he ordered, as Blake quickly moved to sit on Yang’s face.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes! We’ll be good! We’ll be so good!” Blake moaned in ecstatic delight as Yang ate her out. It was too good, and best of all, he deserved it, for helping these girls figure out their relationship problems. It was the thought of how he could make sure his girls kept behaving that brought him over the edge as he gave Yang the same treatment he gave Blake.

Watching the girls then move into a 69 for his amusement, Jaune figured, while he might not have handled this the way Leadership class had taught him, he’d certainly found an excellent way to resolve the problem.

Jaune was having lunch with RWBY and the rest of his team and it was going wonderfully. No anxieties hanging in the air, no accusations or infighting, just two teams sharing a meal and enjoying each other’s company. Glancing over, he saw Blake and Yang sitting side by side, giggling together and holding hands, looking exactly like two happy girlfriends should look. Then Blake gave Yang a furtive whisper, and both got up to leave.

Weiss looked at them icily. “Oh? And where are you going.”

“We’re just going to go to the library,” Blake said cheerfully, before giving her girlfriend a quick peck on the cheek, “Get some studying done together.”

Yang smiled. “I just figured my girlfriend and I could enjoy some time together.” Her emphasis on her relationship status was clearly a needle at the still-single Weiss, who bristled at the remark.

“Have fun!” Ruby waved as the pair got up from the table.

“Wow.” Ren sounded like he couldn’t believe it. “I can’t believe it. They haven’t had a fight in weeks, and I’m almost starting to feel like this is… like they figured it out.”

“Yep!” Ruby added, cheerfully, “there’s no arguments, they’re spending a lot of time together, and they’re so happy.” Then she turned to Jaune, her big silver eyes sparkling with happiness. “Whatever you said to them, you really saved the day!”

Jaune blushed a little at the thought of Ruby learning what he had said to them, particularly as the hand in his pocket brushed the remote he kept there, his way of ensuring that they stayed good girls when in public. Perhaps it was for the best if Ruby didn’t know how he’d helped her.

“I’m just surprised Arc managed to actually make something better,” Weiss observed, airily, as Jaune flinched at her words.

Pyrrha, though, was the one to respond. “I’ll have you know,” she started, a barb in her voice, “that our leader is quite a bit more capable than you give him credit for.”

Weiss was about to respond with some new insult for Jaune, only to get interrupted by Nora. “Uh, are they alright?” she asked, and Jaune looked up, only to see Blake and Yang leaning on each other, exceedingly red faced and embarrassed. Jaune realized that, bracing from Weiss’s insult, he hadn’t noticed how his hand had clenched on the remote, activating both girls’ punishment vibrators. He was about to shoot them an apologetic look, but then realized… they had probably just enjoyed it anyways.

But so distracted by his mistake, Jaune had missed the frustrated look that briefly crossed Ruby’s face as she looked over their quarreling partners. A frustration, he might have noticed, had he seen, that was not so dissimilar to the one he had had before, with Yang and Blake.