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The Chained Goddess

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{Name}, goddess of fortune and prosperity, was an unfortunate woman. Jealousy and envy had chased at her heels since she was but a young child. The only daughter to the King of the Heaven’s, as well as his only child, she was looked after with great care. She never wanted for anything. Gods and goddesses, of course, did not struggle the way mortals had, but she always managed to obtain the best jobs, best fabrics, best everything. And despite her father’s fickle and rather twisted nature, she was still loved deeply by him. If she cared not for a god or goddess he was pursuing, he would drop them and pursue another.

This was her downfall. A woman whom her father was intimately involved with felt the most jealousy one would. Why couldn’t the King care for her more than his daughter? She was the most beautiful in the Heaven’s, the most talented in subjects like dance, singing, and music, as well as the best partner to have in bed. So, why was it that he would always ignore her whenever his daughter entered the room?

One night the King’s bedmate left him to slumber away by himself so she could creep through the palace without any extra eyes. She had clutched at the amulet she had spent a pretty penny on once she arrived at the door that led into the princess bedroom. And there she found the princess, quietly slumbering away like a babe. What a fool. What a spoilt little fool. She was quick with her actions and quick with her incantation. The young princess glowed a faint amber, but that amber brightened every-so slightly. The glow ate at her body until she no longer laid asleep. The glow, now a small orb, was transported into a vase that was kept on the princess nightstand. Her job not quite done yet, she walked over to the vase and pulled out a string of gold. She had to be slow with this, for with one misstep her entire plan would unfold without anything to show for it. She whispered another incantation under her breath as she wrapped the gold string around the middle. Once tied, the string turned into thick chains, but within a second the chains dissipated and fell to the floor with a few loud clanks. Fear tugged at the lover’s heart as she watched the chains turn into dust. It had worked, but she wasn’t aware that it would cause such a ruckus.

Now it was time to be quick. She snatched the vase from its perch before she ran towards the opening into her room that led onto the balcony. She jumped over the railing and allowed her body to float downward until it reached the ground. Without any hesitation, she ran in the direction of an old well. A well that barely anyone knew of, and thank the Heaven’s for that. It had taken fifteen minutes before she reached the well and with a smirk of triumph she stared into its dark abyss. She held out her hand and released the vase she held. She watched with satisfaction as the darkness swallowed it. When she could no longer see it, she released a crazed laugh. The King was finally only hers.

It was peculiar really. Surely she had not slept-walked into a new room. A room that she found herself locked in. The walls bowed outward and as the stretched upwards they grew closer together. They met at the ceiling… Or they must have. She had a hard time seeing the ceiling. Quite honestly it made absolutely no sense. Where was she?

“Papa?” She called to her father, but when she got no response she pursed her lips in thought.

“How odd, he usually always answers me when I call for him.” She hummed to herself. “Oh well.”

She shrugged her shoulders as she all but skipped over to a large bookcase. What a hefty piece of furniture it was. Without much care with the situation at hand, she plucked a book out from the bookcase and bounded over to one of the plush cushions that littered the floor. She plopped down and tucked her legs underneath her to get into a more comfortable position. With a smile, she opened the book and began to read.

That was how she spent her time in there. She would finish a book, go find another book, read that one, then the cycle would repeat. It wasn’t until she reached for the final book that she realized something was definitely amiss. She tried to summon a pitcher of water but nothing appeared. Okay. She then tried to summon her furry friend Plop, but he did not appear either. Noted. So summoning was a no go.

She went to the walls and poked and prodded at every inch. It was when she was floating in the air, staring upward in annoyance, that she came to the conclusion that she was trapped somewhere that had an ancient spell on it. A spell that would be hard to find and taxing to cast, even for a god.

“It must also mask my presence. Papa would surely have found me by now if not.” She hummed to herself as she let her body slowly float onto the floor, her sway reminding one of a feather. “I suppose I just have to wait this out.”

She closed her eyes. In the meantime, she would take a rest.

Who knew how much time had passed before she opened her eyes. The only reason as to why she awoke was because she felt something amiss. It was a slight hum that tingled her ears, a common thing that let her know something was about to happen, what that something was she did not know. She stood up and glanced about the room but found nothing amiss. In the blink of an eye though she was removed from her prison and suddenly stood before a young man that must have been no older than 20.

He was dressed in strange attire foreign to her. She eyed him from head-to-toe and did not mask the movements of her eyes what-so-ever. What did surprise her, however, was the unimpressed look he was giving her. That was rather rude of him.

“So the rumors were true.” He hummed to himself.

“What rumors?” She inquired and floated around him.

His eyes followed her casually as she did so. Even when she picked at a few strands of his hair to examine the color and texture he showed no signs of being perturbed. Interesting indeed.

“That a genie was enclosed within the vase of Gomora.” He stated.

That was when she laughed. Her arms circled around her torso and her head flew backward as her laughter continued. Did he think her a genie? How adorable.

“What’s so funny?” He asked and there was an edge there that had her laughter ceasing.

She wiped at the tears that pricked her eyes and allowed herself to float around him once more before she sat comfortably on his shoulder. She rested her elbow against the crown of his head and was successfully able to contain her chuckle when he glared up at her.

“I am a goddess, not a genie.”

“I’m not religious.”

“And I like apples. How does that pertain to the discussion at hand?” She asked him with a tilt of her head.

“It means I’m having a hard time believing you’re a goddess.” He quipped.

“But you believed me a genie a few seconds ago?”

“That’s because genie’s fall under the supernatural category.”

Another gush of laughter flowed from her mouth as she pushed off him to float in the air in front of him.

“What an interesting thought process!” She laughed but was jostled to the ground when the human grasped roughly at her wrist and tugged her down.

“Rules dictate that you do what I command. Whether that be three wishes or just one, you must do what I ask you!”

“Cocky for a mortal I will give you that.” She said and stared at the wrist he was tightly grasping. “And considering it was you who freed me I will give you three wishes. Like a genie.”


He released her wrist then and once freed she made a show of rubbing it gently. What a rude little boy.

“Are there any rules?”

“Rules! That is a rather important aspect of the wishing part I suppose.”

He stared at her. It was different than the glare and uninterested stare he had given her before. This was one was of…. Exasperation?

“Well, I suppose no wishing for immortality, yeah that is a good one.” She closed her eyes and nodded sagely to herself. “You also cannot wish me to make someone fall in love with you. I also will not perform a wish that asks me to raise a loved one from the grave, or anyone from the grave really. And no wishing for more wishes!”

“I wish for you to be my personal assistant until I say otherwise.” He wished.

“Assistant? Why would someone your age wish for an assistant?” She asked him as she tilted her head to the side.

“It isn’t the genie’s part to ask questions.”

“I told you, I am a goddess, not a genie.” She snapped and crossed her arms over her chest. It wasn’t as if the wish would be hard to grant. Her life span was different from his, so for him, a life-time would seem like ten-years to her maybe? 20? Wait how long did humans live anyways? But she also needed to get to her father and let him know she was okay.

“Whatever. Just grant my wish already.” He rolled his eyes at her.

She would have found it annoying if he wasn’t so adorable when he did it. Like a little rebellious babe. She snapped her fingers and watched with curiosity as cuffs appeared on her wrists. She followed their chains to the vase she was apparently just released from. Her eyes widened ever so slightly as a new pair of chains poked from the cuffs and shot towards the human. He caught them easily and right when he got a hold of them they slowly faded into nothing as if that entire scene was a figment of her imagination.

“That was odd.” He commented as he stared at the palm that once held the chains.

“You saw that too!” She shouted as she floated towards him. “Was that a metaphor of sorts?”

“How should I know. This is all pretty much new to me.”

“How exciting then! It is always fun experiencing new things, yes?”

“I personally don’t care about learning new things.”

“Well, that is rather boring.”

“It’s a good thing I could give a shit what you think is boring.”

“Such foul language coming from a child.”

His glare was on par with that one god Scorpio. She had met him all but five times but he always glared at her. Even when she was kind enough to offer him a treat from her special treat stash! Enough of that rude so-and-so, back to the task at hand.

“What of your other wishes?” She asked him.

“I’ll wait to ask those. I don’t want to use up all my wishes at once. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity after all.” He smirked at her.

What an amusing little creature this human was. At least her time on earth would be an interesting one.

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A giggle here and a small inquiry there, she traveled through what was a new world to her with eyes alight with wonder. Women were permitted to higher learning, which had been rare, almost unheard of before she was trapped inside the vase. She was still unused to how they wore such revealing clothing. And there was no odor on anyone. It was as if they were all rich enough to acquire expensive oils to mask their stench.

“Hey, Eisuke,” she whispered as she hovered behind him. “When did women start to get an education? It seems that a decision was made while I was imprisoned that allowed women to attend to their schooling like men.”

“Usually only wealthy women could get an education at first, as I’m sure you’re aware. Or were you trapped even before then?” He waited to respond to her when he pulled out his cell phone, an interesting device that one, too bad he wouldn’t let her hold it. Something about “not trusting her”. When she shook her head he continued. “Well as time passed countries allowed more and more women to attend university. Now it’s the norm for that to happen.”

“Interesting….Interesting.” She nodded her head, her eyes honing in on the phone pressed against his ear. “What are the subjects they teach now in… University.” What an odd word. University. To be honest, she could care less about the subjects, but it was best to keep him talking so she could snag his phone from him while he was too preoccupied talking to her.

As he talked she made hums to let him know she was listening. All the while she floated from his left side to his right so she could grasp the phone with ease. Her fingers inched forward and right when she was about to graze the pretty piece of technology the contraption was pulled away from his ear and hidden in his jacket pocket. As she stewed to herself she paid little attention to who Eisuke was talking to. She wasn’t asking for much. She merely wanted to observe it. Wanted to call someone. Wanted to send someone a text. Wanted to play with it.

“Oh really. Thank you.” Eisuke laughed.

That was when she removed herself from her sulking state and floated around the girl that was talking to Eisuke so she could get a better look at him. He was also smiling. Ew. Forced smiles were so boring. She floated back over to Eisuke and sat on his right shoulder.

“Your smile is not reaching your eyes. It is very creepy.” She said and laid her chest across the crown of his head in an overdramatized fashion. “Try thinking of something that actually makes you happy. Your smile will not appear so creepy then.”

“If you’ll excuse me, I have a class to get to.” He excused himself with a politeness that was dripping with borderline annoyance.

The girl seemed not to notice and just gave him a charming smile before she walked in the opposite direction.

“Your input isn’t needed.” He almost growled. “A servant shouldn’t speak to their master that way anyways.”

“I thought I was your assistant?” She asked and floated in front of him.

Her legs reached towards the sky and her head dangled upside down in front of his own.

“You don’t seem to have the discipline to be an assistant. You’re actually no better than an untrained dog.” He scoffed as he began to walk up the steps to the building his next class was in.

“I feel as if you are trying to insult me.” She mused allowed.

Was he insulting her just because she pointed out a flaw? Oh was this a masculine pride type of scenario. She had dealt with that before. Many of the gods were prideful beings after all.

“My apologies, master. I did not mean to upset you, master.” She said and straighten her body to right-side-up.

Was that a good enough of an apology? Sometimes it took more for a god to forgive her, but gods were known to be more prideful than humans.

“I can’t tell whether you’re mocking me or not.”

“I am being genuine.”

“And here I thought a goddess would be more prideful.”

“An assistant, oh I am sorry, a servant, does not have the right to be prideful.”

He squinted at her then and studied her. Which was honestly odd because this was the first time he’d ever done so. One would think he would have begun his studying of her when she was freed from the vase.

“I don’t think you’re mocking me, but I also don’t think you’re taking the entire thing seriously.” He sighed and climbed even more stairs that would take him to the third floor of the building.

“Oh, I am not.” She told him flagrantly and flew to the top of the stairs. “I just thought it would be best to quell your male pride. I am very aware of how much pride means to a male.”

“You’re actually very rude, you know that.” He told her as he brushed passed her.

Well, brushed through her was more like it. While she was in this form she was more so a ghost than a living being.

“Rude may be I, but you are a man that would throw me away if given a better deal.” She hummed as she floated after him and oh my, the smirk he sent her way sent a thrilling jolt through her body. Her tongue swiped at her bottom lip as she felt her heart pulse in suspense.

“What could be better than a genie in a bottle?” He asked her, his voice low and husky.

“Why I do not believe there is anything more fruitful for a human to obtain.” She responded with her own little smile that spoke of her amusement.

He continued to smirk at her, but his was far more wicked than her own.


It was later that night when she found herself alone in the apartment she’d have to learn to call her own. She wanted to join Eisuke on his little outing but he had refused and ordered her to remain home. Well, technically he said in a stern voice that she must, “Remain here and don’t even think of following me.” What a rude human! Like she wanted to follow him anyways.

She flipped over from her stomach and onto her back so the ceiling could be the recipient of her annoyed glare. He was amusing sure, but he thought himself so important. It wasn’t that she wanted to follow him but that she wanted to further explore the new world which she had missed grow to such a modern society. She positioned herself so her head hung over the side of the bed. Her gaze now glued to the vase that was placed on a dresser. The thought of seeing the magical chain caused the golden energy to form. Another chain formed on her wrist and outstretched across the room, through the wall to ceiling window and outside to the city below. He was out there, her master, having so much fun while she lay there bored.

“He never ordered me to remain still like some doll.” She declared as she shot up into a sitting position.

He may have ordered her to stay there but he never told her that she couldn’t do what she wished while inside. Mischief danced across her irises as she got her to her feet. What could she do that would cause him turmoil? His face was very endearing when he was glaring in irritation. A shiver skittered down her spine and her insides quivered with an unknown emotion.

With pep in her step, she exited the room and entered his office so she could get a hold of the computer, a device Eisuke had never given her permission to use but never ordered her to reframe from touching it. She took a sit in the wing-back chair and had a little fun spinning herself around and around and around and around. Around she went, laughing joyously to herself, that was until she found herself too dizzy to perform the act anymore.

“What a fun piece of furniture.” She mused aloud to herself as she focused her gaze to steady.

The room no longer tilting this way and that, she focused on typing in the password that would gain her access to all the delicious fun she would be able to give herself. With honing her godly powers onto knowing the password, she was successful in typing it incorrectly her first try. She had never taken note of how Eisuke was able to use the thing, but how hard could a small electric box be?

Not very hard, actually. With just a few random clicks she was able to make it onto what must have been the InterWeb. She was originally going to browse the internet without any clear motive until she found something interesting. It was an advertisement, with words scrawled across it in pretty pink letters, “Looking for fun? Why not give us a call and let us have fun with you”. Oh? She let her head lull to the side as she contemplated the intriguing invitation. Entertainers were just what she needed. It would also be best if they stayed late enough for Eisuke to walk in on them all having fun.

She dialed the number that was written across the add and when a voice sounded from the receiver she almost leapt out of the chair. It would indeed take some getting used to such a device.

“Hello, I would like to request some people from your establishment.” She was direct and to the point and waited with excitement as they asked her how many she wished to join her in her night of fun. “Three is fine.”

When the call ended she shot up from the chair and glided to the front entrance. What kind of games would they play? Hide-n-seek was a rather fun one she enjoyed playing with her father. She let her gaze roam over the apartment in her mind’s eye and it was large enough for such a game. Perhaps the human race had invented other such fun games? If so she couldn’t wait to try them.

As she stood in the corridor pondering what games had been invented since her imprisonment a loud ring broke her from her thoughts. They had arrived! She made sure to have her feet firmly planted on the floor. It wouldn’t do if they all left once seeing a bizarre woman floating above them. No indeed. She skipped to the front door and opened it up with a charming smiling.

“Good evening!” She smiled as she ushered them inside.

“It is my first time using such a service so I am not privy to what we should do. I was thinking perhaps we could play a game of hide-n-seek until we can think of another game that would be more fun.” She told them as she showed them to the living room. She gasped as a thought raced across her mind and she clasped her hands together in excitement. “The winner could pick the next game, yes? A little competition is good for such games!”

Now she truly was excited! It had probably been centuries since she played such games. She wouldn’t even use her powers and would play like a genuine human. It wasn’t even much of a challenge to her. She was amazing at hiding. Her father was never able to find her and he was King of the Heavens!

“Hide-n-seek?” One asked.

He was the tallest of the three, but not the most well-built. The most well-built was probably the shortest of the three. The one with the best face was the man of average height.

“Yes!” She nodded enthusiastically.

“I don’t think she knows what the advertisement was really for,” Small-guy stated and looked at the other two with a look of amusement but a hint of exasperation flashed across his eyes before he looked to her. “Did you think the advertisement meant that we would actually be playing board games together?”

“Board games?” She mumbled and tilted her head to the side, her lips pursed. “Never heard of such things before. Are they fun?”

“You’ve never played a board game?” Average-guy asked, dumbstruck.

“I do not believe that I have.”

The three looked to one another, all perplexed. Was it really strange that she had never played a board game? These board games sure must have been a favourite amongst humans.

“Let us play hide-n-seek first!” She declared. “The winner can decide what game to play next. If any of you wish to play a board game you may suggest it then. But how to decide who is the seeker?”

Her eyebrows furrowed in thought as she looked to the three men in front of her.

“I’ll be it…. I guess.” Tall-guy stated rather awkwardly.

What an adorable human.

“Any room in the apartment not up for grabs?” Short-guy asked as he cracked his knuckles.

“Nope! Every room is fine to hide in!” She informed him and readied herself to go hide once tall-guy started the countdown.

Once he uttered the number 50 she raced for her hiding spot. Hide-n-seek must have been just as much fun for them as it was for her because they had played it none stop since their arrival. It truly was fun. Too bad they had all started to run out of hiding places, for now, she and short-guy were sharing a hiding spot in a closet.

“I didn’t want to say anything at first,” Short-guy started in a whisper. “But you really don’t know what we actually do, do you?”

“What do you mean?” She asked her voice also in a low whisper.

That was when he moved closer. His fingers, coarse and warm, lightly played with her smooth ones.

“We’re more so entertainers of the… Sexual sort.” He purred and pressed a feather-like kiss on her collar bone.

Oh. Oh!

“My apologies! I honestly had no inclination of that kind.” She apologized.

“We could play a different kind of game while we’re here.”

“Does this game have any lewd undertones?”

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He started, his voice low, husky, and very alluring. “But I really want to.”

She had never done anything of that nature while in the Heaven’s. Her father had forbidden such matters. It wasn’t as if he was purposely trying to keep her pure, but more so that he did not think anyone suitable for her. Now with the opportunity to try something so daring with someone whose profession was that of pleasure, she couldn’t think of a better opportunity. She draped her arms over his shoulders and dipped her head down to whisper in his ear, in a way that she hoped was also alluring, “I would not mind at all.”

It must have been the correct way to seduce someone because the smirk he gave her sent her skin scrawling in delight. He pressed her against the wall, which pressed the primly pressed suits to scrunch up behind her. Both his hands gently cupped her face while he brought his lips close to her own. So close were they to kissing that when light from the bedroom broke the darkness she realized that they were still in the midst of hide-and-seek.

“Looks like we were found.” Short-guy chuckled, which garnered a giggle from her.

“Yes, I do believe we have been.” She hummed and stepped around him when he pulled back to give her room to do so.

A figure stood in the doorway that was not of the one that was the seeker. The contrast from the light outside the closet made it hard to see who it truly was until she reached closer to him.

“Eisuke!” She all but shouted with glee. She was so excited in fact that she didn’t pick up on the flare in his eyes or the irritated downturn of his lips. “Guess what we’re playing!”

“Seven minutes in heaven?” He asked, rather exasperated.

She again didn’t catch on to the heavy glare that he swept over her and to how that glare hardened when it landed on short-guy.

“No silly,” she laughed and skipped forward. “We were playing hide-‘n-seek. Would you like to play as well?”

“What I would like is for the last remaining gigolo to leave my home.” His words were harsh and it was then that {Name} took note of his less than pleasant mood.

“Gigolo?” She mumbled and tilted her head to the side in thought. “Is that what sex workers are called now and days?”

Short-guy gave a shrug and a lazy smirk her way. “I know when I’m not wanted. Too bad though.”

The wink he sent her way had her legs feeling of jelly.

“Yes. What a disappointment.” Was Eisuke’s bland reply.

She, being the ever so gracious hostess, walked him to the front door. He turned to her once he stood in the hallway outside the apartment.

“If you ever need me, you know where to call.” He gave her a wolfish grin. “I wouldn’t mind treating you to a good time…”

The door was promptly slammed in his face before he could finish his sentence. Her eyes traveled from the hand that was placed against the door to the face of its owner.

“I do not see why you are so angry. I had nothing to do and it was not as if I knew they were “gigolo’s”. I simply thought they were entertainers.” She explained to him and opted to float in the air once more.

He merely arched a brow at her before he walked passed her. She, of course, followed him. He walked into his closet and looked over the clothes they had crumpled and it was then that she took notice of the few pieces of suit shirts that had fallen off their hangers and were now strewn about the floor.

“Did you two fuck in my closet?” He asked as he picked up each shirt.

“What a vulgar thing to say. But, no, we did not have sex in your closet. We were close to kissing each other though. It is too bad, he looked like he would given me a wonderful kiss.” She assured him.

“Fine. Get rid of these clothes that both you and he touched.” He ordered as he practically shoved his way past her.

“How would you propose I do that?”

“Burn them. Toss them in the trash. Use your imagination.”

She more so heard than saw him shut the master bathroom door. Despite how normally he shut the door, it still gave the sense of him slamming it. Was it really wrong of her to invite people over to entertain her? It was his fault for leaving her alone. She looked down at the clothes before she let her gaze move to the ones that were barely hanging onto their hangers. With a dramatic sigh, she snapped her fingers and watched with mild satisfaction as the clothes disappeared into nothingness.