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The Chained Goddess

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{Name}, goddess of fortune and prosperity, was an unfortunate woman. Jealousy and envy had chased at her heels since she was but a young child. The only daughter to the King of the Heaven’s, as well as his only child, she was looked after with great care. She never wanted for anything. Gods and goddesses, of course, did not struggle the way mortals had, but she always managed to obtain the best jobs, best fabrics, best everything. And despite her father’s fickle and rather twisted nature, she was still loved deeply by him. If she cared not for a god or goddess he was pursuing, he would drop them and pursue another.

This was her downfall. A woman whom her father was intimately involved with felt the most jealousy one would. Why couldn’t the King care for her more than his daughter? She was the most beautiful in the Heaven’s, the most talented in subjects like dance, singing, and music, as well as the best partner to have in bed. So, why was it that he would always ignore her whenever his daughter entered the room?

One night the King’s bedmate left him to slumber away by himself so she could creep through the palace without any extra eyes. She had clutched at the amulet she had spent a pretty penny on once she arrived at the door that led into the princess bedroom. And there she found the princess, quietly slumbering away like a babe. What a fool. What a spoilt little fool. She was quick with her actions and quick with her incantation. The young princess glowed a faint amber, but that amber brightened every-so slightly. The glow ate at her body until she no longer laid asleep. The glow, now a small orb, was transported into a vase that was kept on the princess nightstand. Her job not quite done yet, she walked over to the vase and pulled out a string of gold. She had to be slow with this, for with one misstep her entire plan would unfold without anything to show for it. She whispered another incantation under her breath as she wrapped the gold string around the middle. Once tied, the string turned into thick chains, but within a second the chains dissipated and fell to the floor with a few loud clanks. Fear tugged at the lover’s heart as she watched the chains turn into dust. It had worked, but she wasn’t aware that it would cause such a ruckus.

Now it was time to be quick. She snatched the vase from its perch before she ran towards the opening into her room that led onto the balcony. She jumped over the railing and allowed her body to float downward until it reached the ground. Without any hesitation, she ran in the direction of an old well. A well that barely anyone knew of, and thank the Heaven’s for that. It had taken fifteen minutes before she reached the well and with a smirk of triumph she stared into its dark abyss. She held out her hand and released the vase she held. She watched with satisfaction as the darkness swallowed it. When she could no longer see it, she released a crazed laugh. The King was finally only hers.

It was peculiar really. Surely she had not slept-walked into a new room. A room that she found herself locked in. The walls bowed outward and as the stretched upwards they grew closer together. They met at the ceiling… Or they must have. She had a hard time seeing the ceiling. Quite honestly it made absolutely no sense. Where was she?

“Papa?” She called to her father, but when she got no response she pursed her lips in thought.

“How odd, he usually always answers me when I call for him.” She hummed to herself. “Oh well.”

She shrugged her shoulders as she all but skipped over to a large bookcase. What a hefty piece of furniture it was. Without much care with the situation at hand, she plucked a book out from the bookcase and bounded over to one of the plush cushions that littered the floor. She plopped down and tucked her legs underneath her to get into a more comfortable position. With a smile, she opened the book and began to read.

That was how she spent her time in there. She would finish a book, go find another book, read that one, then the cycle would repeat. It wasn’t until she reached for the final book that she realized something was definitely amiss. She tried to summon a pitcher of water but nothing appeared. Okay. She then tried to summon her furry friend Plop, but he did not appear either. Noted. So summoning was a no go.

She went to the walls and poked and prodded at every inch. It was when she was floating in the air, staring upward in annoyance, that she came to the conclusion that she was trapped somewhere that had an ancient spell on it. A spell that would be hard to find and taxing to cast, even for a god.

“It must also mask my presence. Papa would surely have found me by now if not.” She hummed to herself as she let her body slowly float onto the floor, her sway reminding one of a feather. “I suppose I just have to wait this out.”

She closed her eyes. In the meantime, she would take a rest.

Who knew how much time had passed before she opened her eyes. The only reason as to why she awoke was because she felt something amiss. It was a slight hum that tingled her ears, a common thing that let her know something was about to happen, what that something was she did not know. She stood up and glanced about the room but found nothing amiss. In the blink of an eye though she was removed from her prison and suddenly stood before a young man that must have been no older than 20.

He was dressed in strange attire foreign to her. She eyed him from head-to-toe and did not mask the movements of her eyes what-so-ever. What did surprise her, however, was the unimpressed look he was giving her. That was rather rude of him.

“So the rumors were true.” He hummed to himself.

“What rumors?” She inquired and floated around him.

His eyes followed her casually as she did so. Even when she picked at a few strands of his hair to examine the color and texture he showed no signs of being perturbed. Interesting indeed.

“That a genie was enclosed within the vase of Gomora.” He stated.

That was when she laughed. Her arms circled around her torso and her head flew backward as her laughter continued. Did he think her a genie? How adorable.

“What’s so funny?” He asked and there was an edge there that had her laughter ceasing.

She wiped at the tears that pricked her eyes and allowed herself to float around him once more before she sat comfortably on his shoulder. She rested her elbow against the crown of his head and was successfully able to contain her chuckle when he glared up at her.

“I am a goddess, not a genie.”

“I’m not religious.”

“And I like apples. How does that pertain to the discussion at hand?” She asked him with a tilt of her head.

“It means I’m having a hard time believing you’re a goddess.” He quipped.

“But you believed me a genie a few seconds ago?”

“That’s because genie’s fall under the supernatural category.”

Another gush of laughter flowed from her mouth as she pushed off him to float in the air in front of him.

“What an interesting thought process!” She laughed but was jostled to the ground when the human grasped roughly at her wrist and tugged her down.

“Rules dictate that you do what I command. Whether that be three wishes or just one, you must do what I ask you!”

“Cocky for a mortal I will give you that.” She said and stared at the wrist he was tightly grasping. “And considering it was you who freed me I will give you three wishes. Like a genie.”


He released her wrist then and once freed she made a show of rubbing it gently. What a rude little boy.

“Are there any rules?”

“Rules! That is a rather important aspect of the wishing part I suppose.”

He stared at her. It was different than the glare and uninterested stare he had given her before. This was one was of…. Exasperation?

“Well, I suppose no wishing for immortality, yeah that is a good one.” She closed her eyes and nodded sagely to herself. “You also cannot wish me to make someone fall in love with you. I also will not perform a wish that asks me to raise a loved one from the grave, or anyone from the grave really. And no wishing for more wishes!”

“I wish for you to be my personal assistant until I say otherwise.” He wished.

“Assistant? Why would someone your age wish for an assistant?” She asked him as she tilted her head to the side.

“It isn’t the genie’s part to ask questions.”

“I told you, I am a goddess, not a genie.” She snapped and crossed her arms over her chest. It wasn’t as if the wish would be hard to grant. Her life span was different from his, so for him, a life-time would seem like ten-years to her maybe? 20? Wait how long did humans live anyways? But she also needed to get to her father and let him know she was okay.

“Whatever. Just grant my wish already.” He rolled his eyes at her.

She would have found it annoying if he wasn’t so adorable when he did it. Like a little rebellious babe. She snapped her fingers and watched with curiosity as cuffs appeared on her wrists. She followed their chains to the vase she was apparently just released from. Her eyes widened ever so slightly as a new pair of chains poked from the cuffs and shot towards the human. He caught them easily and right when he got a hold of them they slowly faded into nothing as if that entire scene was a figment of her imagination.

“That was odd.” He commented as he stared at the palm that once held the chains.

“You saw that too!” She shouted as she floated towards him. “Was that a metaphor of sorts?”

“How should I know. This is all pretty much new to me.”

“How exciting then! It is always fun experiencing new things, yes?”

“I personally don’t care about learning new things.”

“Well, that is rather boring.”

“It’s a good thing I could give a shit what you think is boring.”

“Such foul language coming from a child.”

His glare was on par with that one god Scorpio. She had met him all but five times but he always glared at her. Even when she was kind enough to offer him a treat from her special treat stash! Enough of that rude so-and-so, back to the task at hand.

“What of your other wishes?” She asked him.

“I’ll wait to ask those. I don’t want to use up all my wishes at once. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity after all.” He smirked at her.

What an amusing little creature this human was. At least her time on earth would be an interesting one.