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The one where they're in the mafia

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“Canary is on the move. She’s moving fast down Barley Ave, take Sage St and cut her off.” Jordan glared at his radio for a second before flipping the lights and siren that he bought on eBay and began booking it down sage street. 


“Why don’t you use their names Bay? I haven’t learned their nicknames yet.” 


“Because you haven’t learned their nicknames yet. Canary is Emily Junk. She’s the weakest of the group it won’t be hard to catch her while she’s alone.” Jordan nodded although Baila couldn’t see him, as he rounded the corner of Stage street he saw Emily speed past on her motorcycle. He ran the light and began chasing the woman down. 


“Target spotted, chasing her down now.” 


“Rookie you really need to learn the cop lingo.” Jordan smiled at the exasperation in Baila’s voice. He chased Emily for a few blocks, every so often she would turn her head to look behind her. Each time she gave a little wave and a mock salute. “Rookie. What’s happening?” 


“Why? We aren't cops. I don't know why you use it.She’s taunting. She’s barely paying attention to the road, we’re headed for Barden.” After one more block another bike sped past him and slowed down next to Emily, the person took off their helmets and threw it at Emily who surprisingly caught it. Jordan frowned as he got a little closer, the woman on the bike was yelling. “Cap, Emily’s not alone anymore but I can't catch the other woman’s face.” 


“Abandon chase, That’s overkill.” 


“Overkill?” Baila let out an exasperated sigh, Jordan slowed down to the legal speed and cut down an alley where he parked. 


“Rebecca “overkill” Mitchell. She’s known for being extra with her murders.” 


“Why did you make me abandon chase?” 


“Because not only are you unarmed in a car with fake police sirens and lights. You're the only brother I have left and I want you alive." 


"I love you too Baila." 




Beca growled under her breath as she watched her sister speed past the cafe followed closely by a police car, with no helmet. She looked down at her lunch sadly as she grabbed her jacket and helmet. She grabbed plate and brought it with her outside it only took her a minute to find a homeless person to give it to, if she paid for it someone was going to eat it. She ignored his excited thank you’s and jumped on her bike and took off after her dumbass sister. 


She almost laughed at the cop’s face as she sped past him catching up with Emily. She whipped off her helmet and threw it at Emily thankful that she actually caught it. “What the fuck are you doing!?” She yelled at her. “Do you have a death wish? Because I swear to fucking God i’ll grant it.” Emily had the decency to look chaisted before pulling the helmet on over her head. She’s thankful for the years of practice at dangerous driving or she definitely would’ve wrecked before Beca even got to her.  


When the realized they were no longer being followed the sped passed an alley and back to the cafe Beca was just at. “Emily I swear to God you better have a good reason.” 


“It wasn’t my fault I swear! He’d been tailing me for like five blocks and then I heard his sirens turn on so I knew I had to book it. Why are the cops following me?” Beca calmed down a little hearing Emily explain, it’s not like she could’ve been that mad any way. She never could stay mad at Emily. 


“I don’t know kid. You owe me lunch.” 


"Hey don't you think there was something off about that cop car? He started following me when I was in the jewelery shop. I wasn't even doing anything bad and he starts a high speed chase? I don't get it. Also most unmarked cars don't look like a beat up truck teenage boys work on with their dad." Beca looked over at Emily with a confused frown. 


"I guess yeah. Also you watch too many movies with Jesse." 


Beca messaged the Bellas


Beca 2:30 pm: Emily's being tailed. Do not let her out of anyone's sight until we figure out what's going on. She's with me now. 


Emily messaged the Bellas


Emily 2:32 pm: I'm not a baby. I handled myself well today. 


Beca looked over at Emily with a raised brow. Emily held her ground and mirrored Beca's expression. "I'm not a baby." 


"I'm making a group chat without you in it" Beca rolled her eyes and swiped one of Emily's fries.