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are we there yet?

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It reminds me of Culloden House. All the tents. The men scampering back and forth.

I cannae lie to ye, Sassenach - the same thought has passed through my mind. Just less mud.

A good thing you enlarged the clearing, then.

I didnae mean to bring this war to ye, Claire. Ye’ve served in two of them already, wi’ nothing but sorrow and heartbreak. Only - only this time I know it is right.

And yet there’s that red coat Governor Tryon wants you to wear.

What I do on my own land is none of his business.

Even when it’s the land he granted you?

A deep sigh. It is. But I trust you, that this time the Crown will not prevail. The cause is right. It is just. I have my men - and we will do what we must.

A squeeze of joined hands. They won’t, that’s true. But it will be messy.

Is this war to no’ be a quick one, then?

Sadly no. It will endure for several more years yet, even after the Americans declare their independence.

Still - the English will not prevail. We are on the right side, for once.

We are.  

And with you at my side, a nighean donn, it will be a wee bit easier. No’ easy - just easier.

Bite your tongue.

I thought ye already did that this morning.