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Payday and Steven Universe Oneshots

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In The Face of Evil

In the Crystal Gem's Temple,the entire crew were watching a film with Steven as the door of the house opened with Greg holding tickets in his hands.

"Who wants to go on a road trip?"He asked with stars in his eyes.

"Oh!Where are we going,dad?!"Steven asked excitedly.

"I bought us tickets to Japan,schtu-ball!"Greg replied as he nuzzled Steven's head.

"Oh,that's delightful,Greg!"Rose exclaimed with delight as the door burst open as the PAYDAY Gang entered the house carrying bags and a bag dripping blood.

"Oh,hey Pearl,you guys have a trash can and a shovel?"Hoxton asked the renegade pearl as he threw down a bag full of money and cocaine.

"Yes,it's in the storage room."Pearl pointed out.

"Get to work you shit for brains."Hoxton said as he gave Houston the body bag and went to grab the shovel.

"So,how's it going?"Dallas asked as he unmasked himself and sat down by the kitchen counter.

"Oh,yeah,Greg bought tickets to Japan,D."Amethyst said as she shoved some popcorn into her mouth.

"Yes,and it's going to be a fun time for us,schtu--"

Before Greg could finish,a shotgun blast erupted from the side as blood spilled out from the other side of Greg's head as the shot actually came from Wolf's shotgun.

"Dude!What the hell was that for?!"Amethyst asked as she summoned her whip as Hoxton and Chains pulled out their guns.

"Hold on,before you guys can go ahead and kill each other,that wasn't Greg it was actually a Cloaker in disguise."Dallas said as 'Greg's body started to glitch and revealed a man in a black suit with night vision goggles with him.

"Wait,since when did Cloakers learn how to shapeshift?"Chains asked as he hid away his pistol and looked at Dallas.

"Uh,since 2020?"

"What in the world's name is a Cloaker?"Bismuth asked as she analyzed the Cloaker's armor.

"This are sneaky little bastards who sneak up behind you and backstab you at the right moment,possibly also armed with a memory chip that embed themselves into your brains.Jacket hates this guys,"John Wick said as he touched the Cloaker's goggles and threw away the goggles and removed his gloves,"This guy's a big one,Houston gotta bury this one on the sea."

"Wait then where's the real Greg?"Pearl asked as she placed her spear back inside her gemstone.

"He's at the carwash."Garnet said as she adjusted her visor,using her future vision.

"Then how long has this 'Cloaker' been spying on us?"Peridot asked.

"Possibly for a month,this wankers could have brought reinforcements with him.Beach City could be infested with goddamn Cloakers."Clover said as she bagged up the corpse and threw it outside right at Houston's face.

"So we gotta keep an eye out for more of these mother fuckers."Wolf said as he discarded a shell as Jacket gave him a box full of shotgun shells.

"Vad du än säger,Herr Wolf.Vi är här för att hjälpa."Jacket said as held his tape recorder.

"Thanks,Jacket.I could always count on you."