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Stars die

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     It’s no wonder, after the last few years spending so long on Homeworld, that they would come to give him nicknames.

    Blue always called him Steven; there was the lingering fear that she would hurt him by slipping up and calling him by his mother’s name, or any other associated moniker. It was always a delicate chime of his name, as she cupped him in her hands. He really appreciated it.

    Yellow took longer with his name, but just as easily slipped into calling him ‘Little Diamond’, and, once in a rare while, referred to him as ‘Hybrid.’ He. . .didn't care for the diamond reference, even if that’s what he was. But, all things considered, the latter usually came across as endearing?
    White Diamond.

    Now, White Diamond was the toughest.

    She wildly swung between fond nostalgia as she called him Starlight, a nickname that took the breath out of him and sent feat coursing through his veins. She would suddenly whiplash to apologizing, calling him his name and asking if she could pick him up.

    Usually he cringed but allowed it, other times he said no.

    (It wasn’t just his mother’s nickname - this was what she called him as she ripped out his gem, shattered him; this was an association of the culmination of Rose/Pink’s past sins catching up with him-

    This wasn’t a nickname but a death sentence on his head.)

     So when she tentatively started calling him Supernova, he took it with confused curiosity. I’m fact, that first few times he didn’t register that he was being addressed. 
    But. . .he found he sort of liked it.

    It was his. Not his normal name, not what he was, not a name of the long-dead. Wholly his, and no one else’s.

    “Oh! Supernova; we didn’t expect your visit so soon.”

   White smiles softly, letting down her hand and Steven climbs onto it. When he’s not having nightmares of past occurrence, and she’s not drifting into her own past memories, she’s like some sort of grandmother.

    A giant, alien grandmother, but family nonetheless.

    His relationship with the diamonds would always be strange, would always have tension at intervals, but they were trying.

    And that, that he could work with.

    “Now, I’ve been having thoughts about reviving one of the old planets. . .”