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Tony's POV


      I knew it was going to be one of those days when I found Harley putting maple syrup on leftover spaghetti from last night. My face stays drooped with exhaustion as I stared at him from the open doorway.

      "That is so so very disgusting", I mutter loud enough for him to hear.  Harley jumps and swiftly places the bottle of syrup back in the fridge without looking at me. Slowly he turns around with a big grin on his face and a tub of now sweet pasta held against his chest.

      "Listen, my good ole Pops would never yell at me for something like this right?", he exclaimed his voice getting higher as he dragged on. 

      "I'm going to get a cup of coffee while you toss that and eat something a fifteen-year-old should be eating for breakfast, after that I won't tell Dad about this.", I say as I walk across the room towards the big fancy Keurig on the counter, my grey robe dragging across the ground.  

      "Papa, you're a saint", he cooed. Quickly Harley scrapes the noodles into the bin and tosses the bowl in the huge stainless steel sink across the island in the center. 

      "Har, you're an idiot", we both chuckle as I pat his back, my freshly brewed hot cup of chestnut coffee in the other hand. Quickly he clicks open the big double door fridge once again but getting out a green apple from one of the drawers. 

      "Jarvis, wake up the kids. Its time to get ready for school"

      "Of course sir", Jarvis says in a monotone voice. 

      "Go get ready Harley", I pat his back urging him to get moving. With the apple still in his mouth I get a gurgly okay and the teen heads out the door. 

      Rain trickles on the window in front of the sink that overlooks the city below us. The Stark tower being one of the biggest buildings around here and everything. When Steve suggested foster care I was hesitant at first, one of the reasons being the fact that we live in a building like this. Now that we have not only fostered four kids but adopted three of them as well I realized that this is the safest place for them. The top floor of a tower with a bunch of superheroes living below us, high tech equipment and two superheroes for fathers. Yeah, I don't know why I ever got so skeptical of it. 

The thumping of footsteps down the hall can be heard from here, but when Steve walked through the doorway I wasn't surprised. My little girl Morgan is at his hip, her dark hair sticking up all over the place along with a small yawn coming from her as she looked around the room. 

Steve slides Morgan into her high chair, "You want some cheerios hun?", he says buckling her down and giving her a big smile even though he looks exhausted. We get a few gurgles in response and a slap on t;he table. 

Steve stands up straight and sighs, "I'm guessing that's a yes?"

I sip my coffee and walk over to him, slowly rubbing his back and giving him a kiss. 

      "All night Tony, she kept me up all night", I laugh at him.

      "You want me to take tonight? You look like you need the sleep.", I set down my cup at the table, bending down and giving Morgan a kiss on the cheek and trying to fix her hair a bit with no success. 

      "You would be my savior"

We laugh kissing each other again, the clanging of dishes turning us around.

Castiel is standing at the sink with a bowl in his hand that he got from the dish rack, ultimately putting it down to get some cereal. We always get showers at night so everyone can sleep an extra half an hour, so I wasn't surprised he looked neat and tighty. His black hair is gelled back and he is wearing the tan coat we just got him over a blue shirt and a pair of jeans rolled up at the bottom. Cas has always looked and acted much older than a sixteen-year-old boy. He is also the only one of four that isn't officially adopted by us since he still has a legal guardian he could go to if they get there act together. 

Steve reaches up on top of the fridge to get one of the boxes of various cereals. Every kid likes a different cereal which is why we have five, one for me. Cas smiles tiredly and pours the Raisin Bran in his bowl, pouring in some of the milk that I already took out for my coffee and sits at the dining table quietly. 

      "You get all your homework done Cas?", asks Steve. 

      "Always do", he says in a monotone. Me and Steve look at each other awkwardly as he pours some dry cheerios in front of Morgan. 

      "Doing anything fun?", I ask. 

      "No", Cas says shoveling another spoonful of cereal in his mouth. 

This has been going on for a week now, the short responses. Ever since we got the call that his mother got high again he has been a bit down. We tried to talk with him but got kicked out of his room in response. So now we're just trying to ride it out and see if we can get him talking like he used to at some point. When Cas first got here he was kind of clueless to the whole foster care thing and loved everything about mythology. He would ramble on and on about Greek gods, different creatures and angels. Considering his name and the fact that his mom is a full on serious Christian, I'm not surprised that he knows a lot about angels and demons. 

The quiet of the room is filled by a loud shout and multiple thumps before a pair of boys come running into the kitchen. We all turn and stare at them from the table as they run in circles around the island. Peter chasing Harley, and Peter looking incredibly irritated as Harley laughs hysterically. It doesn't take long for Harley to get caught and pinned to the tiled floor with a loud thump and groan. 

      "Hey! No rough housing right now, get something to eat!", Steve says getting up and walking over to the boys, standing over them with that serious 'it's to early for this' look.

      "He threw an apple at me dad!", Peter says as he gets up off Harley. Harley gets up laughing like a mad man, literally thinking this is the most funny thing ever for some reason. 

      "Har, please no throwing fruit at others. You're getting to old for this.", I say as I watch Morgan shove a couple cheerios in her mouth. 

      "No one is any fun around here", Har glares at Peter before walking back out of the room. Peter sighs out loud before opening the cupboard doors and getting out a granola bar. 

The rest of the morning is pretty normal for us on school days. Everyone eats there meals, or whatever is close to a meal around here. The three boys gather there book bags and head off to the elevator, Happy waiting for them outside of it. The downside to being any close to me is the risk of crazy vengeful people so we don't really like them going outside the house without supervision. That's why Happy is getting an extra hundred bucks a day to drive the kids to school. 

Jarvis speaks up before the boys and Happy head out, "Sir, someone is asking to be let up."

      "Who is it Jarvis?", I ask.

      "It is Miss Potts sir", the boys and Happy all look at me with that familiar question filled look. We all know Pepper doesn't come to visit ever, she wants something and I think I know exactly what it is. 

      "Shit", I mutter. 

Happy gets the memo and hustles the boys into the now open elevator, Peter waves at me saying goodbye and I give him a half wave back before turning around and heading off down the hall. 

      "Let her up Jarvis", I say unenthusiastically. 



Steve is sitting on the couch in the living room when I walk in, Morgan is sitting on the floor by his feet smacking a pair of blocks with farm animals on them together. He is sitting back cross legged on the couch with his phone out in front of him going through some type of article online. 

      "Steve, Pepper's here", I say sitting next to him in a rush. He scrunches up his eyebrows and relieves a slow breath out. 

The tapping of heels on hardwood floor can be heard from down the hall. Me and Steve look over our shoulders in time to see the slim redhead walk around the bend and into the room, the sympathetic look on her face is to familiar. The same look she put on for Har, Peter and Morgan.

      "Hello Tony, Steve", she pauses in between our names giving length to her introduction before setting her eyes on Morgan and smiling. Slowly she walks over to us, setting the file and papers on the coffee table. 

      "I think you know what's up", she says as she crosses her arms and waits. 

Steve picks up a piece of paper lying on top looking over it while I look through the second one, neither of us saying anything to Pepper.

I stared at the file, "two boys?". The red head nods and flips open the file to a picture of the two, both sitting in a bland white room. One looking scared while the other seems almost, angry?

      "Both found in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road, there father was the last remaining family they had. We found the body of him in a pit a little down the road from them, they have no one now except a old man named Bobby. But further inspection proves that this Bobby isn't safe to be a parent, an alcoholic and his home was found overflowing with weapons or satanic books and supplies."

Steve sighs and rubs his eyes from his seat. "We already have four other kids, you can't find anywhere else?", I ask.

      "Tony, they have been through five other foster homes, you're there last chance."

      "Seriously?", Steve asks. 

      "Yes, unfortunately", says Pepper.

      "Sam is twelve, the younger one of the two, he is incredibly sweet and smart and just a pleasure to listen to. Dean is sixteen and I can tell he has a heart but he is mean and sarcastic, he loves his brother but has trust issues. Dean is also known to get violent, but I don't think he would hurt anyone on purpose.", she pauses "In the last foster home Dean was abused, sexually and physically. We had to make an arrest of course. I want them to come here, I know they'll be safe."

Pepper is good at her job, I'll give her that. 

"We have a toddler, and three other kids dealing with personal issues as well. If we were to take them in, would they be safe.", says Steve as I rub my temple thinking. 

"Like I said, Im confident that Dean doesn't get violent unless provoked."

I sigh, "Anything else?".

"We found traces of self harm on Dean, both arms.", she says. 

We have never dealt with something like this. The kids we took in have dealt with neglect and loss and addiction, but not abuse and violent tendencies. 

"We'll do it", I say without thinking. If I think to much about it I would never take them in. 

Steve looks over to me with sympathy in his eyes, "Are you sure Tony, you think we can handle this?". I cup his hands into mine kissing them, nodding my head in response. 

"Its not fare to them, we have to at least try.", I say quietly. 

Pepper speaks up, "Ill take care of everything". She gathers her papers, "I'll give you a call when there on there way, and there will be paperwork when they show up. But I'm sure it's nothing you don't already know about."

It doesn't take long for her to leave, she always seems in a rush. 

"Guess we better get a couple room's ready", Steve exclaims. 

"Oh my God, how are we even going to handle this. What do you do about people who are abused, how are we going to self harm proof a house again, or in our case a fucking building.", I'm rambling. My heart is racing faster than it has in awhile. The last time being when Harley ran away after his Dad died, and I had a panic attack. 

Steve kisses me, and pulls me into a hug. "Its going to be okay, we can do this"


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Dean's POV


Apparently when you build a Center for Troubled Young Boys on the shitty part of a city, it doesn't get funding or just any profit period. Last week we got moved here after the hell of a last foster home and it was obvious in the beginning. I mean, the fact that they crammed seven bunk beds back to back in one bland white brick room was just one of the obvious indications. If not that, the globs of chunky brown slop they give us with juice would be the icing on the cake. 

The red head said we wouldn't stay here long but I doubt she even cares. I will never trust another person in this god awful system again.  

Now if they could just lay off the security measures in this place so I can get me and my brother out of here and to Bobby. The first time I even attempted to open the door out of here, the alarm went off and I was locked in what I call, the white room. A bland white room with nothing but a poster with a giant yellow smiley face saying "It'll get Better" on the door and a single plastic covered mattress on the floor. I was in there for six hours before bald man, pornstache, head master person came in and of course gave me a long agonizing speech on how me and my brothers situation was getting situated and no one here is allowed to leave until instructed they can. Bullshit, its all bullshit. 

The second time I went in that room though was for punching another kid. Some pimple faced bitch took the charm around my neck and ran, and you don't fuck with my shit and get away with it. I was in there for a whole ten hours that time. On the bright side though, the kid never took my shit again.  

Now on a relatively windy night of October I'm just regretting giving Sammy my blanket. With the many aspects of this place that are bad, the lack of heating is one of worst. Growing up in Motel rooms is not the ideal life for kids but it had heating and a TV and sheets on there beds. On the bright side though, I'm one of the few people in here that got a long sleeved shirt, so that helps a little. The only reason I got it though was because of the scars on my arms that could "potentially trigger other kids" even though all the other boys here only have drug, alcohol and anger problems. I have never self harmed because I wanted to in my life, but being a hunter involves proving your not possessed or some shit and that involves cutting yourself or gurgling holy water, and we didn't always have holy water. Remembering about all the times I came home from the arcade or something and dad held me at gunpoint outside the motel room, forcing me to cut myself with a blade gives me chills. Luckily Sam didn't learn about the life until recently and didn't have to do it. Because with the system, no one believes in monsters and if you say one thing about it you're a crazy mentally scarred teenager who grew up in a bad situation. So instead of trying to prove to them I'm not a self harmer, I thought it'd be easier to just go with it. 

Sammy moves around in the bunk above me and the whole thing creaks as I am sat up in bed thinking. The entire room is pitch black, the only light being Rick's cigarette and the city lights through the window. Rick is sitting on the window sill, the window being open as far as it can go which is like an inch with the wire screen nailed down behind it of course. They don't want kids jumping to there deaths out the window, which apparently happened once.

Rick is probably the coolest person in here, and is the only person besides for Sammy that I talk to willingly. He's blunt and honest and doesn't treat me and my brother like we're stupid. His step dad brings him in a couple packs when him and his, as he says "crackhead of a mother" comes to see him once a month. He offered me one the other day and I denied, cigarettes are not my thing, and he nodded and smiled. I don't know why but that made me feel good, the fact that he was maybe proud made me happy. Even though he is the same age as me I idolize him, he made this shitty fucking place his own.  

I scooch off the bed and slowly make my way over to where he sits curled up by the window. His cigarette sits in between his lips, the smoke hovering around him but also making its way outside. The orange glow that's coming from it glimmers on his brown eyes and his dirty blonde hair, that's now down to his chin, lays against his forehead and cheeks. 

We don't make eye contact and he just keeps to the window breathing slow, not bothered by me at all. I on the other hand curl up just like him in the midst of the silence, looking out the window as well. Just in time to see a older homeless man on the curb below us take a swig of the cheap bottle of alcohol in a paper bag that probably came from the seven eleven down the street. Man, I wish I could get a soda or something greasy or sweet from there. Dad always bought me and Sam junk when he was going to be gone awhile, and diners and fast food joints are our go to places to get food when we were on the road. Never thought I would miss that shit. 

      "My head hurts", Rick breaks the silence first. 

      "Nothing I can do about that", I say. Last time I asked for something to get rid of a headache I was ignored not once but the three times I asked, so I just stopped asking and dealt with it. 

      "I know", he pauses "my head is just fucking killing me", his face stays firm and he doesn't seemed bother by it at all. Rick then huffs in and pulls the cigarette out of his mouth blowing the smoke towards the window. Bobby used to smoke, when we first met him smoke seemed to just linger throughout his house. At first it stung my eyes, it didn't take long to get used to it though. 

      "You know Greg used to molest me", my throat closes up at the sudden twist in topic, that and the lack of emotion in his face but that's a bit but not completely surprising. I try not to let it get to me though, I don't want him to think I'm bothered. 

      "Whos that?", I say a bit quieter than I intended. 

      "The bald guy who literally looks like a pedo"

      "The one with the pornostache?", I ask.

      "Exactly", he takes another drag of the cigarette. I feel a shiver go down my spine at the thought of him giving me that speech. He was alone with me in a room, he was alone with me and my brother in a room. Like I said before, you cant trust anyone. 

      "But ever since you came he stopped, I dont know why but he did", he looks down at his knees. 

I hesitate telling him but knowing him, he wouldn't judge. "Probably because I was in the same boat in the foster home before this", I say. The homeless guy left, everything is still in here and in the street below us. "He probably knows the people keeping an eye on me are keeping a close eye on everyone around me", I sigh.

      "Oh", the air is still and once again we are in silence but its different this time, I feel awkward. "Dean, don't pity me and I wont pity you", he locks eyes with me. His gaze is stern and serious, this is the Rick I recognize. "And don't see me as weak, I would kick his ass if he wasn't able to keep me in this hell hole longer", I of course don't doubt this for a second. "Whelp, our lives are shitty and I'm tired", he says as he rubs the now small cigarette on the window sill to put it out, putting the bud in his pocket so no one finds it. 

We both get up from this short conversation and make our way to our beds. Rick is on the top bunk to some ten year old with anger issues and climbs up the ladder, it creaking like usual before he gets as comfortable as you can get here. I do the same in my own bed, laying back, staring up at the multiple boards holding up the bed Sam is on. 

The room is so dark, I don't even realize when I start to doze off. 

My body is shaken and I jolt up almost hitting my head off the bunk above me. Immediately I put up my fist getting ready to defend myself against whoever's there, but when I see miss red head I put my fist down. 

      "It's okay, its just me.", she says in a quiet voice. The lights in the room have been turned on and a couple kids have already gotten up from bed. Looking back to Pepper I see Sammy there to, behind her looking at me with sympathetic eyes. 

      "What the fuck are you doing here?", I don't show any ease in my voice, I'm pissed. 

      "I found a place for you and Sam", I roll my eyes as she says that knowing its just going to be another mess. "I brought both of you your clothes, we got to get going."

I groan in response, stretching a bit before getting out of the bed. Pepper hands me the stack of clothes I was forced to change from when I came in here, the only thing I got to keep was the charm around my neck.  Sammy has his clothes as well and stands there smiling away, obviously eager to leave. 

We both get taken to the bathroom, changing into our outfits. Mine is a grey shirt covered in a flannel along with some jeans, a pair of brown boots and the brown leather jacket my dad gave me. Sam on the other hand is just wearing a white shirt, brown jacket along with jeans and a pair of beat up sneakers.

Walking through this place after a month or so of being locked up here is kind of awing. I'm escaping, pretty soon I'm going to breathe in the nasty air of this city and its going to be amazing. Then the conversation from last night comes to mind and I'm immediately thinking of where Rick is, what is he doing? Looking around as I walk through the building, I cant find the shaggy hair boy I've spent all my time with. Maybe he's still in bed, I didn't see him in there but I was tired I could've missed him. What if pornstache came to get him, he probably knows I'm leaving so no more extra eyes on him. Should I tell someone about what that guy does to kids? I don't think Rick would want me to, I'd betray him and he'd never trust anyone with anything like that again. I know how he feels and I wouldn't want anyone telling anyone. 

Looking back ahead of me I realize I'm a bit behind as Pepper and Sam walk side my side through the entrance, Sam talking miss red head's ear off about some story he heard in here. She smiles and nods but I know its just her job to do that.

Sam walks out the door and Pepper holds the door for me, smiling as she waits. When I walk past her she quickly follows and the alarmed door clicks behind us. 

The sun isn't all the way in the sky yet but the sky is bright nonetheless. A shiny black car sits by the cracked up sidewalk, a chunky man leaning against it waiting for us. Pepper walks ahead of us greeting the man. 

      "Happy, nice to see you again", she hugs him and the guy who's apparently called Happy for some reason face goes red and I get what's going on here immediately. 

      "You know Tony sends me for everything", she chuckles. Quickly Pepper turns around and nudges Sam forward a bit, and Sam being Sam ends up not having any problem introducing himself. 

      "I'm Sam, this is my brother Dean", he points back at me but I don't say anything or smile at him. Being polite isn't a necessity at the moment.

Happy kneels down to Sam's height and puts out his hand for a handshake. Its taking everything in me not to pull Sam away when Sam puts out his hand as well.

      "Nice to meet you Sam", he looks up at me mid handshake. "Dean", he pushes himself back up and opens the back door of the car that definitely does not look right on this street we're on.  Sammy jumps in the car and looks around in awe of the fancy seating and décor. Pepper on the other hand is handing Happy some paperwork in a tan file that is probably for us. 

      "Give this to Steve or Tony for me, I got another kid at the office waiting for reassignment that I got to get to", Pepper says as she looks over at me stalling before getting in this car. "Please give this place a chance Dean, these are some good guys", I roll my eyes ducking in and shutting the car door behind me. 

Sammy points out every landmark he can name as we head to wherever this Happy guy is taking us. About ten minutes into the drive I notice the huge skyscrapers getting closer and closer and it kind of feels like we took a wrong turn or maybe this guy is about to take us somewhere to murder us, who knows. 

      "Oh my god, Dean, look at all the fancy stores", Sammy's face is pressed up against the tinted window and I honestly never seen his eyes so wide. 

Growing up dad never liked to come to big cities like New York, if he did we were never with him. 

The car stops and I have no idea where we are but when Happy comes around the car and lets us out I find myself under a huge building with the words Stark all the way at the top of it. 

      "Where the fuck are we?", I ask. Happy looks at me surprised, probably by me just swearing unironically. 

      "The Stark Industries tower, its where Tony does his work and the Avengers live", happy opens the trunk of the car and takes out our single case of stuff. "This is where you'll be staying."

      "What's Avengers?", asks Sammy. 

Happy looks pretty confused, maybe the Avengers is something everyone knows but Sam and I aren't really up to date on modern things. 

      "A team of superhero's", Happy says walking to the large glass door that slides open for him.

      I suddenly feel really out of place here. 



 Tony's POV


I've been pacing throughout the living room for the past half hour since Pepper called me saying the boys were on there way. Steve's been reading some book about a mouse and a cookie to Morgan and I've attempted to focus on them and the laughs of my little girl, but the beating of my heart is louder. I have never been one to let pressure get to me but for some reason the children under my care are a completely different story. 

      "Tony for all of our sakes, sit down", Steve says patting a free space on the couch next to him with his free hand. 

      "Why are they taking so long, it shouldn't take this long.", I say ignoring him. 

      "Traffic probably, maybe they took a detour.", Morgan drools onto Steves arm oblivious to what's happening. "There going to get here either way"

Castiel is sitting on one of the big giant bean bag chairs in the living room, cross legged and fixated onto the iPad in his hands. He's drawing something but I have no clue as to what. Peter and Harley are playing some video game in Peters room, yelling and screaming at each other but somehow having fun nonetheless. I turn to look out one of the giant windows in the living room, biting the nail on my thumb until its sore. 

      "Anything else that Dean could hurt himself with", I stall a bit. "Anything I forgot."

All last night Me, Steve and the boys went through all our rooms for anything he could get ahold of that's sharp. Locked up drawers with knives, our razors in cupboards, pencil sharpeners or scissors or paper clips, we went through everything. Peter used to be on self harm watch his first month here after punching a mirror, so we all understood what to look for. We also went over the situation with the boys and how one of them could be potentially dangerous and that we all have to be patient with him. Honestly, the only person I'm worried about is Harley with his history of being very hyper. Basically he doesn't know when to stop forcing a subject or just talking period so I'm worried about him pushing Dean to his limit. 

Worry worry worry, that's all that's consumed me for the past couple weeks since that meeting with Pepper. Thinking about what this kids been through just makes my blood boil and I want him to be safe and happy here. 

      "We've got everything I can think of, so try not to worry so much.", Steve keeps his voice low. His voice is always so soothing, that's why he's so good at comforting the kids through the nightmares that come sort of out of the blue a lot. Even before we were married he would help me through the flashbacks and nightmares that I got.

      "Dad, Papa?", me and Steve look over and see Harley and Peter peaking around the hallway entrance. "Since we're getting new foster you think we can get pizza?", asks Peter as Harley stands behind him smiling.

Steve smirks, "Of course" he says without hesitation. 

Harley claps his hands together and shouts with joy "Best day ever!", before pulling Peter back down the hall to there gaming session. 

Not long after Jarvis scares the living hell out of me, "Happy is requesting to be let up sir"

My heart starts racing again "Are Dean and Sam with him?", I ask. 

      "Yes, sir. Should I let them up."

Steve looks at me, "Of course Jarvis, let them up."


Dean's POV


      "Jarvis? Admission to the top floor please?", Happy asked the elevator door. The giant screen next to the elevator flashes to a blue wave and a maybe British, robotic voice comes out.  

      "Please wait a moment as I get permission."

This room is huge, multiple doorways leading to who knows where and men and women coming in and out talking on phones or each other about stuff that I cant comprehend. This seems more like a rich assholes business than any foster home I've seen.

      "Why in all hell would you bring us here fatass?", I say bluntly.

Happy's face goes red but he stays as serious as ever, "This is where you'll be staying, like I said before."

      "I like it", says Sammy who is all smiles at the moment.

      "Of course you would.", I nudge him in the shoulder chuckling. 

      "You may come up", says the robot in the wall. 

The elevator door flies open to a glass box of an elevator. A window in the back so you can see the outside while you make your way up. We all step inside, I lean against the wall as Sammy presses his face against the glass. Happy presses the top floor button, yes there is a top floor button, and the metal doors shut behind us. 

When the elevator lifts up its surprisingly fast and brief, makes me feel like I'm floating but also makes me a bit sick to my stomach. We all stay silent throughout the ride, the hum and click of passing each floor is daunting but not surprising considering the height of the building from down below.

As the doors whir open once again I am met with a long hallway consisting of a grey hardwood floor with clear glass walls on either side leading to offices and libraries. Sammy flies out and looks around at everything with his mouth open so wide his chin mine as well be on the fucking ground. I on the other hand have no interest in any of it, I'm not giving these people the satisfaction so a frown stays on my face. Happy drags out our relatively small bag and starts off down the hall and we both follow. 

The offices were obviously just a small section of this floor because after making a right turn the hall opened up to a huge living space. A couch shaped like a circle sits in the center on top of a white fluffy carpet, with a glass coffee table and a huge flat screen TV above a grey marble fireplace in front of the couch. Huge bean bag chairs sit up against one of the many huge windows that make up most of the walls in here. A couple of men sit in the center of the couch talking to each other as a small black haired girl, maybe two or three sits next to the coffee table with a black in her mouth. As well as a boy, teenager maybe, sits on one of the bean bag chairs with a iPad in his hand. 

I scoff as I stare around the room feeling incredibly small.

One of the two men turn around and smiles before nudging the other and they both get up. The smiley one is a blonde man with the buffest body I've ever seen, as he gets closer I suppress the urge to step back from him. The shorter one on the other hand is actually around my height, has a goatee and is built as well but definitely not a much as blondie. 

Sammy meets them both in the middle and puts out a hand to greet them, "Hi I'm Sam, You're home is really nice, I've never seen anything like it", he says with a big toothy smile "Is it really true? Can we stay here?"

Blondie bends down and shakes his hand, "Nice to meet you to Sam, I'm Steve. You and your brother are going to be staying here as long as you need to."

While they are finishing there stupid handshake, the goatee guy walks over to me. My heart races a bit faster at him suddenly getting all close and I immediately take a step back. Goatee stops and puts out his hand slowly while the other hand stays in his pocket. 

      "I take it you're Dean, I'm Tony", I glance down at his hand and back up to his face not taking the handshake. Tony nods like he understands something and puts down the hand in response. 

You cant trust anyone.