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It’s shockingly easy to sneak into Lan Wangji’s room. 

Standing very still against the outside wall of the Jingshi Wei Wuxian watches a couple of chatting Lan elders stroll by, for once not shooting him looks of contempt. 

As long as he doesn’t move suddenly his aptly named invisibility talismans will continue to bend light wavelengths around his body, allowing him to blend in with his surroundings. They slightly lose effect as he shifts back into action once the cultivators have disappeared down the stone path, his body barely showing as a wavering outline.   

The other problem so far is the effect radius of the talisman, only effective for one solid object, whether it’s a piece of clothing or human skin. Which explains why Wei Wuxian is only wearing his inner robe right now. The risks of the talismans failing at any time and leaving Wei Wuxian indecently exposed is weighed against how much he wants to go through Lan Wangji’s stuff – with snooping always winning in the end.  

Once he’s double checked no one is around he slides open the Jingshi door and swiftly climbs through, shutting it with a snap behind him.  

Lan Wangji’s room suits its owner well. It predictably has the same white and blue colour scheme the Lan sect favours, with painted cloud motifs. The entire shelving is the same smooth dark polished rosewood styled into rigid right angles. All of the minimally displayed trinkets seem to have a practical value, with the potted plants and Lan sect relics adding to balancing the feng shui. Even with the decorative items and its largeness the room manages to be elegant and modest, suitable for the Second Master Lan.  

The bamboo mats also look well made, without any flaw in the weaving and soft underneath Wei Wuxian’s bare feet as he tip-toes further in. He moves past the short-legged table on the floor, neatly piled with paperwork and essays, and around the leaf patterned divider screen into the sleeping area.  

It’s very orderly, with everything precisely in its place. 

The light of the setting sun shines through a high circular window onto Lan Wangji’s seven-string guqin, which is leaning upright against the bedside table. It’s tuning oil and a folded rag sit on top from its last cleaning. Wei Wuxian has to hold himself back from flopping onto Lan Wangji’s large made up bed and pulling up it’s neat tucked-in corners.  

When he steps closer his blurry foot slides suddenly on an uncovered floorboard, the normal mat covering is tucked forgotten underneath Lan Wangji’s bed.  

Wei Wuxian kneels down and pushes the secret compartment all the way open, gasping in delight when he sees a treasure trove of illicit goods.  

“Lan Zhan, you’ve been a very naughty boy,” he whispers, glee racing through his voice as he picks up what smells like Emperors Smile.  

Not all the items are bad. There’s a familiar painted portrait of Lan Wangji with a flower in his hair, a bamboo dizi, a pink bedded herb pouch, and a pressed flower. As interesting as the stories behind those mysterious items are what really captures Wei Wuxian’s interest is the bound booklets right down the bottom. 

He pulls them out in a single handful, a sound of triumph and shock mingling when he sees the topic of the hidden books.  

They are cut-sleeve porn.   

“Wha-” His breathless question is interrupted by voices outside of the Jingshi.  

With a skill born of living as a trouble maker all his life Wei Wuxian instantly shoves the booklets up his vaguely visible swaying sleeve, which he has expanded like a qiankun pouch, and scrambles to shut the floor board. He’s almost at the window, preparing to leap out in a single swoop, when the Jingshi door opens. 

Wei Wuxian throws himself into a curled-up ball in the corner of the room and freezes still, hoping and praying that his invisibility talismans don’t malfunction.  

Luckily the chameleon effect of the talismans does seem to be working as his translucent limbs begin to fully blend into his surroundings before his eyes.  

He stares in yearning at the so close window, wishing he could sigh in self-pity.  

At least his hiding spot gives him the perfect view of the entirety of the room, allowing him to bask in Lan Wangji’s radiant, if currently unwanted, aura as he moves past the doorway and takes a seat at his table.  

The shuffling of paper and the delicate flicks of Lan Wangji’s ink brush may prove he’s distracted but it doesn’t mean that Wei Wuxian is safe to move. Lan Wangji is a cultivator of considerable skill, just one twitch of Wei Wuxian’s legs as he tries to climb out the nearby window would give him away. Whether it’s the sound of his silk robe brushing along his naked skin or the shift of air currents around his invisible body or the blurry outline of his shifting legs.  

So he sits and waits. Turned to stone under the threat of Lan Wangji’s wrath at having his privacy invaded.  

It takes forever before Lan Wangji starts to ready himself for bed.  

By then Wei Wuxian has immersed himself in a light meditation, going over ways he can improve one of his other inventions, a portable spar. So far it’s only caused massive amounts of water damage but Wei Wuxian wasn't raised a quitter.  

He’s pulled from his thoughts when Lan Wangji sweeps by, the flowing tips of his while robe kissing at Wei Wuxian’s toes as he leans up to shut the window.  

The entire time Wei Wuxian pushes his lips together into a straight line, not daring to even breath through his nose.  

Lan Wangji doesn’t pause in his nightly routine, remaining ignorant to Wei Wuxian’s growing anxiety at his closeness.  

It only gets worse when Lan Wangji start to strip off his layers. One by one he efficiently pulls off his clothing, starting at his belt, then his arm guards, his boots, and his outer robes.  

Wei Wuxian’s adam’s apple bobs as he swallows down the hoarse noise that wants to leap out his mouth when Lan Wangji is left in only his inner robe. The silk is incredibly thin, the light of the burning lamps flickers through the fabric, outlining every solid curve and line of Lan Wangji’s silhouette. 

His body has only gotten better since Wei Wuxian saw it in the cold springs.  

It has never been this difficult to keep hidden.  

He wants to weep in relief when Lan Wangji finally puts out the lamps and lays down, pulling his blanket up to his neck and lying flat on his back like a corpse.  

The only light in the room is from the window, the moon acting as a spotlight lined with geometric patterns from the room designs. He can barely see where the light curves through his invisible lap and reaches past to circle near the side of Lan Wangji’s bed.  

Now Wei Wuxian just needs to wait until it hits nine.  

He counts down the minutes, never taking his eyes away from Lan Wangji peacefully resting face. Each curve of his features his highlighted with the moonlight, tracing graceful crescents along his cheeks, jaw, nose, and brow.  

At least he has something beautiful to look at while he waits.  

He flinches as the sound of a huff resounds though the quiet room. For a long tense moment Wei Wuxian fears that it was him, unwittingly letting out the frustrated sound.  

He’s proven wrong when Lan Wangji hands resting by his sides draw up the sheets into tight fists. The deep growl of annoyance that follows would trigger most people's flight or fight signals.  

It just makes Wei Wuxian want to provoke an even stronger reaction. 

It’s well past nine. Just what is disturbing Lan Wangji so greatly that he’s going against one of his sects most strict rules? 

His curiosity is driven higher as Lan Wangji’s hand haltingly moves to his forehead, delicately tracing his ribbon from one end of his ear to another before he yanks it off in one resolute pull.  

A sound of interest is caught half-way up Wei Wuxian’s throat, luckily muffed by the relieved sigh Lan Wangji gives as his hand slides inside his sheet. 

Wei Wuxian narrows his eyes, peering through the shadows as he watches the lump from the hand move further and further down until it rests at Lan Wangji’s hip.  

“Nn,” Wei Wuxian whimpers the exact time Lan Wangji groans. 

The hand is moving in a very familiar pattern, caressing and rubbing, seeking a relief to an ache most humans suffer.  

It’s just Wei Wuxian would have never guessed the repressed disciplinarian Hanguang-Jun is one of those humans. 

The shamefulness of the situation catches up with him when Lan Wangji’s breath hitches at a particularly firm stroke. Flushing heat radiates from his stomach outwards, pooling in his face and groin. 

He shouldn’t be watching this. 

Wei Wuxian shuts his eyes and wills himself not to listen. But the lack of sight only makes all his other senses come into focus – the clogging scent of sandalwood incense, the taste of pooling spit in his parched mouth, the choked-off moans.  

He wants to hiss in sympathy when he hears Lan Wangji’s quiet groan of frustration, obviously unsatisfied at his touch.  

His stomach clenches and churns as the sound of tossing and turning reaches his ears. His curiosity overwhelms him. Through hooded eyes he watches as Lan Wangji kicks off his blanket while his hands decisively rip open his robe. 

Wei Wuxian chokes. 

Thankfully Lan Wangji is too distracted to notice as his hips thrust up into his pale hand cupping his cock, the fat head teasingly peeking out with every upward movement. His mouth opens in a silent moan, his back arching off the bed high enough for Wei Wuxian to see the top curve of his ass.  

Lan Wangji tosses his head to the side, facing Wei Wuxian, as he bites painfully at his lip to keep the pleasurable sounds in. His face is screwed up in effort, so similar to the look he gives Wei Wuxian before he yells at him for being shameless.  

“Mh- No.” Lan Wangji cuts himself off harshly, wrenching his hand away. 

This leaves Wei Wuxian the perfect view of Lan Wangji’s proud cock jutting out from between his hips, casting a long thick shadow.  

It’s Wei Wuxian’s turn to bite his lip, stopping himself from panting like a thirsty animal.  

Lan Wangji flips himself over and presses down into the bunched sheets, lying flat for a moment before he starts to grind down. His muscled thighs spread apart and push up, allowing him to gather momentum for his torturously slow thrusts.  

Moonlight flashes through the gaps Lan Wangji leaves as he pulls himself up, showing a flash of Lan Wangji’s erection before he pushes back down. The rocking movement gaining strength as Lan Wangji gives himself over to pleasure, losing his restraint and giving into his baser instincts under the desperation to come.  

Wei Wuxian’s own cock jumps, bunching up the fabric of his single robe. He feels wet and tacky at the base of his erection from the steady leakage of precome. He’s glad Lan Wangji is occupied because otherwise the smell of his arousal saturating the room would give himself away in a second.  

Even as Lan Wangji bites back his grunts of pleasure there is no hiding the meaning behind his rhythmic movements. 

Lan Wangji is imagining fucking someone.  

The very idea makes Wei Wuxian risk capture, uncrossing his legs with incredibly precise slowness so he can place his feet flat on the floor and spread his knees wide open. The silk of his robe pulls tight over his groin, offering a much-needed source of friction. The position leaves him exposed, cool air bushing at the bottom of his ass. 

It looks like he’s presenting himself to Lan Wangji. 

His hips slowly gyrate in time with Lan Wangji’s long hot thrusts. Each downward movement of Lan Wangji’s hips and cock into his mattress leaves Wei Wuxian’s thighs burning in sympathy from stretching so widely. His fingernails dig into his knees so deeply it feels like they’re going to imbed themselves through his robe and skin right into the bone.  

The twitch of his cock at every sensual movement Lan Wangji makes acts as a warning to not touch himself, it’s blurry outline briefly coming into focus before disappearing when it settles back into temporary stillness. There's no way he'd be able to stop from frantically jerking himself into completion if he lays a single hand on his aching cock. 

His chest aches from the effort of keeping in his moans of pleasure and desperation. He wishes he could talk, encouraging Lan Wangji to let go of all his restraint and come like he so obviously wants to. 

Lan Wangji’s defined biceps flex from effort, holding up most of his upper body weight as he rocks forward. Black hair spills in silky waves over Lan Wangji’s clenched back and face. His strained face is barely visible through the black curtain of hair and shadows, his bottom lip flashing every time he’s unable to hold back a gasp.  

Nearing his completion Lan Wangji lays himself flat against his bed, his hips making short sharp jerks. The shadow along the divot on the side of his ass grows and shrinks with every grind, his hips rolling forcefully as if he’s burying himself deeply inside whoever he’s imagining fucking.  

Even with his face partially buried into his pillow and sheet Wei Wuxian can hear the name Lan Wangji grits through his teeth like a benediction when he finally comes. 

“Wei Ying.” 

Wei Wuxian sucks in a sharp breath, adrenaline shooting through him. Confusion wars within him as Lan Wangji goes limp, his heavy breathing resonating throughout the room. It’s almost drowned out by the pounding of blood in his ears, thundering in time with his heartbeat. 

Did Lan Wangji see him? 

Wei Wuxian must look wrecked by now. His robe soaked with precome, hair in disarray from pushing it back against the wall, neck and face flushed with heat, his legs spread wide in beckoning. But looking down he can only see the slightest outline of his body, there is no way Lan Wangji had enough awareness to see him in that moment. 

So that means... 

Did Lan Zhan just...?  

He gaze is unwavering as he watches Lan Wangji wipe himself down, smooth his sheets wrinkle free, tie his forehead ribbon back on, and settle into his original resting position. Each action is deliberate and practiced, as if this clean up from his loss of control is a normal part of Lan Wangji’s nightly routine. 

Just how often does Lan Wangji touch himself to the thought of Wei Wuxian? 

His arousal simmers down from boiling point as he watches Lan Wangji succumb to sleep, his breath evening out and his face going lax. 

It’s the perfect time to escape. 

And yet when Wei Wuxian stands up he does not go to the window. Instead he soundlessly pads over to Lan Wangji’s bed, looming over his sleeping form. If Wei Wuxian had not watching him act so depraved just minutes ago he would never guess Lan Wangji has recently come. His appearance is impeccable, his sleeping form radiating purity and virtue.  

But Wei Wuxian knows better. 

The honorable Hanguang-Jun imagines fucking the Yiling Patriarch.  

It might not be on the Wall of Rules but Wei Wuxian is pretty sure that is illegal in the Cloud Recesses - and probably the majority of the cultivation world.  

Lan Wangji is such a “bad boy”, Wei Wuxian whispers, finishing the thought out loud. When Lan Wangji doesn’t stir at his words he presses his luck further, his hand reaching out to touch at the bold veins of Lan Wangji’s exposed wrist. It’s the same one he used to pull at his cock. Wei Wuxian wonders if it’s still stained with the salt and bitterness of his arousal.  

His mouth opens a little, tasting the musk still lingering in the air on his tongue. It’s mixed a little with Wei Wuxian’s own scent, making everything smell of sex. 

But that’s what Lan Wangji wants - to fuck Wei Wuxian until his come has dirtied the sheets along with Lan Wangji’s own spent. Or would he want to finish so deeply inside of Wei Wuxian that he will only smell of Lan Wangji’s come, the heady aroma leaking from his pores whenever he sweats.  

If Lan Wangji can imagine such perverted things about Wei Wuxian without him knowing it’s only fair that he can touch Lan Wangji while he’s also unaware.  

Just like he’s wished to so many times Wei Wuxian traces a feather light fingertip around Lan Wangji’s face. Following the bow of his full lips, the slope of his nose, his high cheekbones and sharp jaw.  

Once he’s done there he traces down his throat, a gentle swan-like curve. Over his adam’s apple and to his clavicle. The sharp jutting bones disappear underneath Lan Wangji’s loosely tied robe and blanket.  

If he’s gone this far and Lan Wangji has remained asleep why not go a little further? It’s only fair, since Lan Wangji has received so much pleasure from an imaginary Wei Wuxian for so long, the real Wei Wuxian needs to catch up on receiving his own pleasure from Lan Wangji as well. 

He shuffles through his sleeve in search for a certain talisman, pushing past the cut-sleeve booklets before he can reach it.  

The binding talisman he places on Lan Wangji’s wrist is one he recently perfected, making those under its effect feel as though their limbs are weighed down by a tonne of pressure. Even with his legendary Lan strength Lan Wangji shouldn’t be able to escape.  

With his safety secured Wei Wuxian carefully pulls down the blanket off and opens up Lan Wangji’s robe. Despite the darkness the flawlessness of Lan Wangji’s body is obvious, his pale skin shines, stretched over his thick pecs and solid abs.  

He really is the perfect man.  

Not wanting to get distracted Wei Wuxian doesn’t look any further down, focusing his attention of Lan Wangji’s defined torso.  

First he traces at the edges of Lan Wangji’s pecs, marveling at how firm yet giving they are to his pokes and prodding. Curiously he moves to circle the dark pink areola of Lan Wangji’s nipples, leaving goosebumps in his wake. It’s only when he gently pinches the nub of the nipple between his fingernails does Lan Wangji give his first reaction, trembling under Wei Wuxian’s touch as a shiver runs up his spine. 

Wei Wuxian freezes, worried his fun is about to be over. 

But Lan Wangji settles back down, his face neutral and slack in his deep sleep. However the increasing thump of Lan Wangji’s heart underneath his palm tells him he’s on the borderline of waking.  

Reluctantly Wei Wuxian moves his hand away, not willing to risk it by playing with Lan Wangji’s sensitive chest – no matter how fun it is.  

He does enjoy trailing his finger over the bumps of Lan Wangji’s abs, stifling a giggle when he imagines slapping the solid surface with a crisp smack. They flex and ripple under his fingertip, as if begging for a firmer touch. 

The further down he goes the hotter it gets, both his and Lan Wangji’s temperatures rising, one in anticipation and the other in blissful ignorance. 

Even if Lan Wangji’s mind is unaware of what’s happening his body obviously isn’t as Wei Wuxian looks at his half-hard cock, growing thicker with blood at every curious touch.  

Wei Wuxian is not only impressed with the size but also Lan Wangji’s stamina. To be at this stage after coming moments ago and while he’s asleep - Hanguang-Jun truly is the ideal man.  

Lan Wangji's erection is still wet with come, a sheen glistening at the top and sides. The thin patch of public hairs at the base curl with perspiration. A single drop of precome leaks from the blushing head, the clear liquid drips down the side of his cock, tracing along a prominent vein.  

Wei Wuxian licks his lips.  

A sudden thirst overwhelms him, saliva pooling in his mouth to combat how dry it feels.  

Just a taste, Wei Wuxian promises himself as he leans forward.  

His breath gusts over Lan Wangji’s erection making it twitch so violently it slaps against his mouth.  

“Hah,” Wei Wuxian breathes, his eyelids fluttering against his cheeks.  

He presses his pursed lips to the tip of Lan Wangji’s cock, as chaste as a virgin’s first kiss. But the kiss doesn’t remain innocent for long as he opens up, flicking his tongue in one flat wet stroke. Salty bitterness bites at his taste buds, the flavour is so intense he starts drooling, leaving him only more parched.  

Wei Wuxian smacks his lips like he’s just finished drinking an entire jar of Emperors Smile. 

It’s not bad.  

He laps at the head of the cock again, licking away the come until he only tastes overheated skin. Under his hungry ministrations he cleans Lan Wangji up, sliding his tongue up and down the base of his cock until he’s wet with spit.  

Wei Wuxian thinks he can do better. 

Ignoring the growing pains at his shoulders from leaning down for so long Wei Wuxian positions himself back over the top of Lan Wangji’s cock, sucking in a deep breath through his nose and holding it. He grips the base of the erection, keeping it steady.  

In one skilled move he swallows Lan Wangji whole.  

“Hng,” Wei Wuxian muffles around the full feeling stretching his mouth to its limit.  

His throat flutters around Lan Wangji’s cock, clenching tight with each choked back swallow. He breathes out a shaking breath, letting himself relax into the immense sensation.  

Lan Wangji, still fully asleep, thrust up into the wet heat engulfing him.  

The sudden brutal action brings stinging tears to Wei Wuxian’s eyes. His hands tighten uselessly at Lan Wangji’s trembling hips.  

Unaware of the overpowering effect he’s having Lan Wangji’s hips drives up again, the head of his cock inadvertently hitting the back of Wei Wuxian’s throat.  

Thankful for his lack of gag-reflex Wei Wuxian focuses on keeping his teeth out of the way as Lan Wangji continues to rock in an uncoordinated mindless fashion into his gaping mouth. Each movement is strained with effort, muscles bunching and straining from fighting against the heavy weight of the talisman tying him down. 

Wei Wuxian lets it happen, gladly allowing Lan Wangji to use his mouth for his own pleasure.  

Wei Wuxian bobs his head with each grind of Lan Wangji's cock, making lewd wet hungry sounds in encouragement. His tongue wiggles against the underside of the cock, only lying flat whenever Wei Wuxian clamps down tight and sucks. 

A rumbling moan escapes Lan Wangji when Wei Wuxian gives an experimental graze of his teeth around the thick base of Lan Wangji’s cock.  

He has never felt more powerful. 

Wei Wuxian loses himself to the unrelenting rhythm, his eyes going hooded and dazed. His entire consciousness is focused on nothing except Lan Wangji’s cock forcing his mouth open, unconsciously fucking Wei Wuxian’s mouth without hesitation.  

It’s only when he feels the slick precome at the back of his throat increase does he reluctantly pull off, his plans not allowing for Lan Wangji to come just yet.  

Lan Wangji is soaked, filthily dripping from Wei Wuxian’s spit and drool. 

He gives the erection one last kiss before he focuses on his own long ignored arousal. The good thing about Lan Wangji being asleep is that he can’t complain.  

“Mhn,” Wei Wuxian moans in relief as he circles his fingers around his aching cock, feeling the pulse of blood along the straining length.  

Arching sideways he reaches over to Lan Wangji’s bedside table, snatching at the half empty jar of oil he uses to polish his guqin. 

His nerves spark as cool air brushes at his skin as Wei Wuxian makes quick work shrugging off his robe while congratulating himself on the foresight to only wear one thing, leaving it pooled to disappear into the floor. 

Hopefully he won’t have to escape because he doesn’t have the brain capacity right now to remember where it landed.  

His naked figure can only be seen by the keenest of eyes, the edges of his silhouette blurring as he sways from pleasure as he gropes his way down his body until his trembling fingers circle as the wrinkled edges of his hole.  

He opens up easy, baring down on his thrusting fingers, slick from the now discarded oil. He starts with two, impatiently scissoring and pulling at his hot swollen entrance until he can shove a third inside.  

The stinging burn of the rushed preparation melds into pleasure with every bruising shove at his pulsing inner walls.  

The slick wet sounds of his fingering echoes in time with his needy panting. His quickness contrasts with the shuttering slow intakes of breath from Lan Wangji as the man remains asleep but still wholly effected by the filthy noises invading his dreams. His cock stands upright, so hard and straining it looks like it hurts. 

Even if he’s been masturbating about Wei Wuxian without his permission Lan Wangji has been so good for him tonight, staying still for him and filling his mouth so well. He’s earned his forgiveness and more. Lan Wangji should get his reward. 

So if Lan Wangji wishes to fuck Wei Wuxian, then who is he to deny such a good man his baser pleasures? 

At least by granting this wish Wei Wuxian will be getting something out of it as well.  

With all the skill he’s gained as a cultivator and mischief-maker Wei Wuxian thinks of light thoughts as he leavers himself up and over Lan Wangji’s hips, balanced over his rigid erection. He stills, waiting to see if Lan Wangji will finally wake up from the disturbance; letting out a relieved breath when he continues to lie inert.  

He reaches behind himself and takes hold of Lan Wangji’s length, enjoying its scalding heat as he positions the blunt head at his loose entrance, smearing the built up precome over his throbbing hole. 

Wei Wuxian’s thighs tremble as he bares down, holding himself back from sinking in one devastating slide, not wanting to shock Lan Wangji awake. Inch by inch he lets himself sink lower, his hole quivering at the unending stretch.  

Sweat prickles at his scalp. His undone hair sticks to his neck, it’s ends tickling at his lower back like the gentle touch of a lover.  

This thing is - he doesn’t want a gentle touch.  

He wants Lan Wangji to grip him so tightly bruises will colour his skin for weeks, a possessive brand to remind him of this moment. Wei Wuxian wants Lan Wangji to fuck him without mercy, not letting his righteousness hold him back from doing filthy things to Wei Wuxian, never stopping no matter how much he begs.  

His thoughts are so scandalous that he momentarily forgets himself, laughing out loud at his shamelessness. 

It seems Lan Wangji agrees with his depraved imagination, his unconscious state freeing him from those pesky morals as Wei Wuxian’s slow pace is completely abandoned when Lan Wangji aggressively trusts up, sheathing himself entirely inside him.   

Wei Wuxian’s yelp of pain is ignored as Lan Wangji battles against the weighted talisman, his entire body flexing in a single-minded desperation to go deeper. The kick of his hips drives Wei Wuxian into action, trying to adapt to the sudden extreme pace as he bounces up and down to meet the fevered strokes.  

His balance is tested by the erratic movements, no reprieve is given as Lan Wangji loses all control, a thundering growl spilling from his clenched mouth.  

“Ha-AH!” Wei Wuxian cries, giving up on being quiet and careful. He falls forward, his palms slapping in a satisfying manner on Lan Wangji’s pecs and ribs. Another cry leaves him when the position makes Lan Wangji hit the sensitive spot within him. 

Lan Wangji’s eyes fly open. 

His body jolts underneath Wei Wuxian like he’s been stabbed right through.  

Too focused on pushing back into Lan Wangji’s cock Wei Wuxian misses the glassy eyes tracing around his almost invisible outline, confusion and anger waring in his expression.  

“Wha- Hn-” Outrage and humiliation steals Lan Wangji words, his rasping voice cutting itself off when he almost moans at the sensation of Wei Wuxian’s warm wet heat constricting around him.  

Giving up on demanding answers while so unwillingly aroused Lan Wangji instead struggles to free himself from Wei Wuxian’s binding talisman, the veins of his arms and legs pulsing. Sweat beads on his heaving torso, dripping down his muscles with every straining shudder.  

Wei Wuxian smothers a groan into Lan Wangji’s chest and licks up a stray droplet of sweat, internally praising Lan Wangji’s noteworthy attempts to get out from under Wei Wuxian’s control.  

Even with his admiration he doesn’t offer any help, lying closer to Lan Wangji so Wei Wuxian’s cock is trapped between their abs. Gyrating his hips backwards onto Lan Wangji’s now stationary cock.  

His watches closely as fiery anger flashes to shocked pleasure and back again, an endless cycle as Wei Wuxian hole sucks his cock in deep. It must feel so good for someone as unflappable as Lan Wangji to involuntarily show such open expressions, Wei Wuxian’s insides hugging him tight in their scalding embrace.  

Since his limbs won't cooperate Lan Wangji changes tactics, kicking his hips up in an effort to buck him off like a horse. 

The sudden aggressive assault makes Wei Wuxian yell, his hole spasming as Lan Wangji reaches a new depth, sending bolts of pleasure-pain shooting up his spine and into his come-drunk head.  

“Lan Zhan!”  

At the familiar call of his name Lan Wangji freezes solid, almost like he’s sleeping again.  

“Wei Ying?” he questions, the name layered with a hundred different emotions. 

Wei Wuxian whines, too close to coming to care that his identity has been revealed. He grunts and wiggles his hips in an attempt to get Lan Wangji’s cock back where he wants it.  

He doesn’t have the patience for whatever life changing revelation Lan Wangji's going through right now.  

It seems like Lan Wangji has run out of patience as well because with one momentous heave his spiritual energy flares out, ripping the talisman keeping him mobile into pieces.  

Wei Wuxian’s world spins as he flipped onto his back.  

Lan Wangji doesn’t wait for him to get his bearings, manipulating his still mostly invisible legs, hiking them over the underside of his elbows and bending Wei Wuxian in half.  

“Lan Zhan! Be gentle,” he says in scolding, unable to squirm away from wandering hands as they pinch and prod at his displayed ass, searching for Wei Wuxian’s hole in the darkness.  

He reaches up to yank at Lan Wangji’s swaying hair in retribution, yelping when his wrists are restrained together in a single hand.  

“So unfair.” 

“You reap what you sow,” Lan Wangji growls mercilessly, briefly giving up his search to undo his forehead ribbon and tie it tightly around Wei Wuxian’s wrists.  

With Wei Wuxian now the captive one Lan Wangji doesn’t hesitate to unleash his punishment, never hesitating in the face of Wei Wuxian’s invisibility.  

He grabs two handfuls of Wei Wuxian’s ass cheeks and spreads them wide, his thumb pulling the edge of his hole open. With his thumb to mark the spot Lan Wangji glides his cock back inside, heaving deep in a single relentless shove.  

Wei Wuxian’s walls give way to the aggressive intrusion, still pliant from riding Lan Wangji. It’s a good thing because he’s given no time to adjust before Lan Wangji’s roughly starts fucking into him, with the same movements he used when fantasizing about Wei Wuxian earlier tonight.  

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian moans in encouragement, twisting his hips to meet every clap of Lan Wangji’s hips against his ass. “Is it everything you ever dreamed of?” He teases, hoping to provoke further savagery.  

“Wei Ying!”  

The threat layering the words do nothing to stop Wei Wuxian as he squirms and sighs at the frantic thrusting, gasping out Lan Wangji’s name over and over, begging him to go deeper.  

With one hand keeping Wei Wuxian’s legs stable Lan Wangji reaches out, his slender fingers trailing up Wei Wuxian’s chest and throat until he reaches his jaw. The same thumb which had kept his entrance open finds his mouth, pushing at the corner of his lips before Lan Wangji leans down and captures them in a bruising kiss.  

He can feel himself unravelling as Lan Wangji licks and bites at his mouth. His gasp of pleasure allows Lan Wangji’s tongue to penetrate inside, thrusting in with the same determination as his hips pushing into Wei Wuxian. It twists and twines with Wei Wuxian’s own tongue, tying them together in a sensual dance.  

It’s only when Wei Wuxian’s thighs begin to flex and shake in forewarning of his pending orgasm that Lan Wangji pulls away.  

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian whines in agony, losing track of his peaking arousal at the loss of intimacy.  

“You are not allowed to come until I can see you,” Lan Wangji orders. His fingers circle the base of Wei Wuxian’s cock, holding his orgasm hostage.  

“Please- please I need it,” Wei Wuxian begs, his wrists straining at their bindings. But unlike Lan Wangji he cannot escape. 


Lan Wangji emphasizes his point by shortening his strokes, hitting Wei Wuxian‘s sensitive spot with unerring accuracy.  

Wei Wuxian’s answering moan is half unabashed pleasure half frustration.  

“Okay okay,” Wei Wuxian gives in, huffing from the effort.  

Lan Wangji slows until he’s simply rocking back and forth, only giving glancing blows to the bundle of nerves within his inner walls.  

It really doesn’t help his concentration. 

Luckily as a natural born genius Wei Wuxian can do this with his hands literally tied, directing corrosive resentful energy to the talisman on the back of his neck and attacking the matrix until all the spiritual energy drains out of it like a sieve.  

Wei Wuxian’s image wavers like hot pavement on a sunny day and then suddenly, as if he was never invisible in the first place, he’s all there.  

Lan Wangji’s pupils blow even wider at the sight underneath him, of Wei Wuxian completely debauched, spread out for his pleasure and painfully hard.  

“Beautiful,” he says reverently.  

Wei Wuxian flushes at the complement, clearing his dry throat as he tries to regain his nerves. “Are you going to fuck me or should I leave?” He goads with half-lidded eyes, clenching his hole in encouragement.  

“Stay,” Lan Wangji whispers, leaning down to bite him. “Finish together.” 

 “Yes yes, anything,” Wei Wuxian says, displaying his neck, “come in me, fill me up so deeply it never comes out. Just fuck me, please.”  

Lan Wangji wordlessly agrees to his proposition, his hand on Wei Wuxian’s cock beginning to tug and pull him into completion. His teeth digging in hard enough to draw blood as he fucks in with renewed determination, creating a glorious ache blooming from both above and below.  

Wei Wuxian feels lightheaded, his limbs tremble weakly, jumping whenever Lan Wangji hits or bites an erogenous zone in or on him. The boiling heat resonates out from his groin into his entire body, sending liquid fire ravishing through his veins, scalding him from the inside out.  

As Lan Wangji’s thrusts gain an erratic edge the pleasure peaks in its intensity. Wei Wuxian moaning fucked-out noises with every stroke, losing all cognitive functions.  

He’s so close. 

The moment he’s waiting for finally appears when Lan Wangji lets out a vibrating groan and bites Wei Wuxian’s bottom lip, his teeth threateningly clenching tight.  

His vision flickers and then whites out. 

He can feel Lan Wangji flooding his insides with come, making Wei Wuxian let out a victorious moan of delight, his hips swaying into the wet filthy strokes.  

Their combined panting fills the room. The thick scent of their lovemaking sits heavily at the backs of their tongues. 

With a huff Lan Wangji twists them onto their sides, deliberately making sure not to pull out.  

They stare at one other, communicating in the wordless way only lovers do. They’re so close that Lan Wangji’s eyelashes catch in Wei Wuxian’s, sparking a giggle from his tired throat. 

Lan Wangji’s lips twitch at the joyous sound, making him leans in and kiss Wei Wuxian oh so sweetly.  

When he pulls back he asks, “are you alright?” 

Wei Wuxian’s giggling turns into outright rasping laugher. He weakly slaps his tied-up hands at Lan Wangji’s waist, pinching his side.  

“I should be the one asking you that. Did you like it? I didn’t take it too far? Where you really asleep until I slapped your chest?” 

“Mhm,” Lan Wangji hums, “Wei Ying did a good job, this husband is satisfied.” He pats at Wei Wuxian’s hands and starts to untie his ribbon.  

Wei Wuxian distracts him by kissing the corner of his lips. “I'm glad. You really went beyond my expectations, not even my vast imagination could come up with how incredible you look while touching yourself. Are you always that rough when you’re alone, even when we were studying together?” 

“Wei Ying brings it out in me.” 

He laughs at the cheeky reply, using his now free hand to gently squeeze Lan Wangji’s cheek in retribution before kissing it in apology. “If anyone in this relationship brings out the worst in one another it’s you. I was never this perverted before you swept me off my feet and ravished me. Even your boring sleeping schedule turns me on. You’re such a good husband to me, letting me do that to you.” 

“Wei Ying can do anything to me.” 

“I think that’s my line,” Wei Wuxian says, his thumb rubbing at the top of Lan Wangji’s cheek bone.  

Lan Wangji leans into the touch, adoration written plainly on his beautiful features even in the darkness of the night.  

“I’m glad you liked it,” Wei Wuxian says deceptively sweetly. "Because next time it's your turn to come up with a scenario.”