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Shackled Soul

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Victor stood quietly in his father’s office waiting for him to calm down. His job choice had not been at all what his father expected nor accepted.


"Come now Victor, you should really stop this little rebellion of your's, you are of high status! Stooping so low as to go around the streets like some common delivery boy?! Where is your noble blood's pride?!" 


"I never asked to be born into this life, please father, understand that this brings me joy. I love seeing the smiles upon delivery, from the starry eyed lovers to the hopeful child even some of the other nobles gratitude shin-!!" SLAP


His cheek stung. His father had hit him before and much like then it was always to silence him. The blonde couldn’t move, barely breathed while the man’s hand was still so close to him. Light punishment from the mafia head was meant to be a warning, Victor already knew to stay in place and be quiet when his father gave such warnings.


"You WILL cease this ridiculous endeavor at once!! Showing such a disgracing form to other nobles?! Are you insane?? What will they think of this family if the would recognized your face, EVER THINK OF THAT YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT?! You better never go out as such again this is an order as the HEAD of this family, if you disobey your relations to this family will not stop the guns I will send, am I clear?"






A shaking voice left Victor’s lips in order to appease his father. ".... yes father."



In the time he was ‘relieved’ from his job as a postman, he took to just help around the home in small ways and look after his sister. Being that she eternally lethargic after her surgery... Their father was disgusted to learn she was in love with local seamstress and ordered for her to be lobotomized, their mother didn’t fight his choice and Victor didn’t understand why they all said she was sick and she needed to be fixed by the doctor. She didn’t really react to much either, it made the thin blonde feel sad for her sake, being robbed of all joy. On some days he would accompany his mother when she went out, be it shopping for clothes or jewels, an event with other nobles her husband needed to be at but didn’t have the time for, even sometimes she would drag Victor around in hopes to set him up with some noble girl to keep the high status and wealthy income.


It was months of doing nothing but help his mother and his sister before his father sent for him.


"You sent for me father?"


"Ah, Victor, excellent timing~! I thought about what you had said, your.. 'love' for the life of a simple postman when delivering what belongs to them, was it?" The man stood from his chair and walked around the desk a wide smile on his face. That unnerved Victor greatly, why would his father seem happy to talk about a job he deemed worthless and below the nobility status the family held.


With a cautious nod he stood there, not wanting to show ‘weakness’.


"Well my son, I have decided that it is time you return to it."


"REALLY?! I can keep doing deliveries with Wick?!" He couldn’t help but feel hope at this. He could go back to deliver letters and bring joy to others. He would be able to go around the city with his dog, Wick, without worrying that his father would hunt him down on his routes.


"On one condition... you take your place in this family business. You will be the one delivering for this family."


Victor’s blood ran cold. "Wait, no, that would be-"


"Now Victor, this is what you wanted wasn't it? You got so blue over not being allowed to deliver and cause joy and yet here I am giving the chance for you to take that silly mantel again but you wish to refuse?" The warning could be heard in his tone, if he were to refuse, Victor knew he would never be able to do what he loved.


He knew he wouldn’t have any choice after this... maybe it could be worth it if his father wasn’t sending him to kill anyone. "... what... will I be doing deliveries of?"


"Just discreet deliveries such as plans, documents and maybe the odd parcel or two, you already were known as the local delivery boy, no one would suspect you for such."


"... if that is... all then.. I accept the offer father"


"I'm glad you see it my way, Victor." That smile sent shivers down the blonde’s spine but maybe it was just his fear towards his father's profession.



Victor regretted accepting his father's request, he once opened one of the parcels he was delivering to an innocent family of a well known cop, one that held a bomb inside. He was taught his lesson of such a crime, NEVER open someone else's mail. It wasn't long after that incident that the head of the family called upon him once more.


"Deliver them to their maker, that is an order."


The gun felt heavy on his shaking hands, the dark room feeling so cold, even with his father over his shoulder ordering him to fire. Bright golden eyes hazed over with tears, he couldn't run away from this, these poor people would die even if he wasn't the one pulling the trigger. He was a coward though, being under his father for so long, knowing the brutal punishments he would receive when he disobeyed, he remembered the pain caused to his faithful puppy once when he simply asked to go play with the kid of a rivaling mafia family. He pulled the trigger.


"I'm sorry."


The memories haunted him, any scream, any grunt of pain, even the slightest yelps of surprise caused him to shake now. He couldn't take it anymore. If he had known doing what he loved for this family would hurt this much, would cause so much pain... maybe... Victor turned his head to look as the gun that resided in his mail bag along with many of his father’s personally created parcels, then at the sleeping dog that was chained outside his window.


"It would be better... if it stops right? No one else would be hurt..."



A while later, Victor opened his window and went to Wick. The dog woke up and looked up at his mast with joy and then confusion, usually his master had his bag and uniform on when he wanted the bulldog to accompany him on deliveries.


"Wick, I need you to go to little Rosette's home and stay there from now on okay? I know she loved taking care of your and giving you treats whenever she saw you on our routes."


That was odd too, where was master going? Why wasn't he coming with to the girl with all the flowers and tasty meat treats?


"I hope you have a good life Wick" With that, Victor unchained Wick and attached a letter to the bulldog's collar. normally he would have his bag. This was so strange and it didn't feel right, his master felt wrong, very wrong and sad.


Wick ran as he usually did for deliveries but a block away from the house, the dog turned around, nothing felt right at all and he knew his master NEEDED him right now!


"You wanted to speak with me Victor? It is so late in the night and I was getting tomorrows meetings set up, this had better be important."


"It is father, I just..." Victor stood before his father's desk, his silk night gown tied tight and his arms lightly crossed over his midsection. He has placed as many of his father's designed bomb parcels as he could inside his pajama and robe without it rising suspicion.


"I just wanted to say goodbye." His father looked confused for a second before Victor opened his robe and the parcels slowly fell, it was as if time slowed down. He would end it all tonight, he would take them all with him. His arrogant  and cruel father, his mother that always turned a blind eye and indulged in the riches, his lobotomized sister, any of his father's croons. At least Wick would be safe, the only one not stained by this family, the dog would live a be- BARK


No! There stood Wick, by the window looking in. With this much gunpowder, the whole house would be destroyed, the little dog wouldn't survive for coming back to support his master!


"Oh Wick, I'm so sorry, I never wished to take you to hell with me! Please forgive me!"


Then... everything went bright and warm.


It felt as if he had slept for months, his body was sluggish and his eyes refused to open.


"What... Happened? Where...?"


Finally sitting up and opening his eyes to look around. He saw that he was in a forest of sorts with a hunched over statue near by, sitting on a road that he could see lead to a large manor in front of him. Then he heard a whine and look behind him... there sat Wick, the golden furred bulldog looked sad and worried, as if it hadn't slept waiting for Victor to wake up and didn't know if he ever would.


"... Wick.... OH WICK!! I you’re here!!"


A strange sense of joy and guilt over took Victor, he didn't understand why he felt so strongly guilty over his dog being with him, in truth, he couldn't even recall how they both ended up in this road in the middle of who knows where.


"Hey Wick, you think the people of that manor up ahead would help us find where we are? Oh what's this?" There was a letter by the hunched statue, addressed to him!! Was this real? Did he finally get his first letter?! Was that why Wick looked sad? Was he sad that Victor was sleeping instead of reading it? With new found energy, the blonde opened the letter and read it's continues, a smile growing wide on his face.


"Look Wick, we have actually been invited to that manor up ahead! We can stay there while we get our bearing!!" The dog seems to be smiling but the sad and worried expression stayed. But Victor would make his dog feel better once they were inside and away from the elements.


That was when his life at the manor began.