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Truthfully, when Third chose to start a relationship with a notorious player, he kind of expected there to be more fucking involved.

At first, the lack of sex seemed like a good thing, a sign that Khai had truly changed his ways and wasn't just in it for a quick hookup. Khai's restraint was almost flattering, proof of Third's worthiness. There were other reasons for waiting too. They were both busy with final preparations for graduation, and then Third got a cold so bad he spent the better part of three days in bed while Khai nursed him back to health. But now it's been months and Third realizes that he saw more of Khai's dick before they started dating than after.

Just last week they'd been making out on Khai's bed, slow and easy. Khai's fingers skimmed under the hem of Third's shirt, running up and down the curve of his back. Third had felt warm all over, heart racing with the way Khai sucked a hickey on his neck. They were both wearing jeans, but Third couldn't miss the hard press of Khai's cock against his thigh. Third's body reacted on instinct, hips tipping upward for pressure, and Khai let out a quiet moan.

Then, he'd shoved Third away from him and before Third could even ask what was going on, Khai was out of the bedroom. Third could hear the bathroom door shut and the shower running seconds later. Third, with his own boner to deal with, groaned into the sheets before rolling over and jerking himself off. It was disappointing, but when Khai re-emerged 20 minutes later, all pink-cheeked and warm from his shower, Third couldn't bring himself to say anything. Moments like this, sweetness for sweetness's sake, still felt too fragile to interrupt. Third just tucked his head against Khai's chest and breathed the affection in.



If this were any other problem, Third might turn to movies first. Unfortunately, he can't think of any gay films that don't end with one or more characters dead or unhappy. His second choice would be Too, the only person he knows with a boyfriend of his own to seduce, but it's increasingly difficult to find Too without said boyfriend these days. This leaves Third's third choice - Bone.

The opportunity arises when Khai leaves their coffee date early to meet with a professor. Third approaches the bar, where Bone is wiping down a bunch of shiny silver parts that belong to the espresso machine, and settles himself down.

"Why do you think Khai hasn't tried to have sex with me yet?" Third asks. "Do you think he's not attracted to me?"

"First of all, I've seen way too much tongue for me to say that Khai isn't attracted to you," Bone says, not looking up. Third doesn't point out that they'd put a sock on the door for a reason. "Second of all, why don't you just ask him?"

Third frowns around his straw. His iced coffee is mostly just melted ice by now, but he's committed to the forlorn sipping vibe. "It's embarrassing."

"Asking about sex isn't any more embarrassing than having sex," Bone says.

"Well, I haven't done either of them, so."

"So talk to him," Bone says, and whaps Third on the arm with his rag. "You guys need to learn to communicate, unless you want to wait three years to finally get off this time."



Third really had intended for them to watch the movie when he'd put it on, some decently-reviewed Western romantic comedy. Then, twenty minutes in, Khai had started absently stroking his thumb along the curve of Third's ankle bone and less than two minutes after that, Third had ended up on top of Khai, kissing him to the sound of a makeover montage in the background.

There's still a hint of novelty in being able to freely kiss Khai, the culmination of three years of waiting in the way their mouths slot together, in every touch of skin on skin. When Third kisses Khai, he feels like he's won. He's dizzy with the rush of it, cock hardening in his sweatpants and Third grinds down without thinking.

Khai stiffens beneath him, mouth going slack. Third pulls back immediately. "What's wrong?"

"I should go," Khai says. He tries to pull away, but Third is planted firmly in his lap and he's not planning on moving.

"Why?" Third asks. He can feel the shape of Khai's erection against his thigh. "Why do you keep running away before we can go any further?"

"I'm not-"

"Are you not attracted to me?" Third asks, sitting up so he can more easily look at Khai's face. "You've realized you don't actually want to have sex with a guy?"

"Not attracted to you? I have gotten a boner just from looking at your face," Khai says. It's blatantly unromantic, but Third is weirdly touched all the same. "It's not that at all."

"Then what is it?"

Khai tugs Third down by the shoulders, maneuvering them until Khai has his back to the couch cushions, Third's face against his chest. "I don't know what I'm doing, okay? It's been a long time since I didn't know what I was doing."

Third feels a little prickly at the thought of Khai with other girls, but he tries to ignore it. "It's not like I know what I'm doing either," he mumbles.

Khai cranes his neck back to look at Third, eyebrows creased. "Wait, really?"

"Did you forget about the whole 'I've liked you for three years' thing already?"

"I didn't know that meant you were a-"

"Don't sound too happy about it," Third says. "I shouldn't have told you. Your ego is already big enough."

Third knows Khai well enough to recognize that there's something obnoxious on the tip of his tongue. But then Khai's expression softens and the teasing that Third expects doesn't come. "I didn't want to let you down or disappoint you," Khai says.

"You couldn't," Third says, then amends- "At least not because of inexperience."

"It's important to me that I get this right," Khai says. His tone is unusually serious, and Third guesses that his words are referring to more than just sex. Third feels it in his chest, something squeezing around his lungs, leaving him breathless.

He tugs Khai in close again, arms wrapped around him. "I trust you."

There is a polite pause and then, "So, do you want to bang?" Khai says.

"Is that how you get girls to sleep with you?" Third asks, sputtering out a laugh against Khai's collarbones.

"Works every time," Khai says. Before Third can scoff any more, Khai is pushing himself to his feet, taking Third with him.

Third has to wrap his legs around Khai's waist to avoid falling. Khai manages to carry him to the bedroom like this, which is impressive, considering that he's usually the first to complain about having to lug heavy camera equipment around campus. When they reach the bedroom, Khai drops him down unceremoniously and then climbs on top of him.

Khai's hands tangle into Third's hair as he leans down to kiss him. There is more fervor in this one than any of the kissing they've done before. Khai is no longer holding back, and Third feels swept up in his intensity, hands groping under Khai's shirt, nails scraping down Khai's back. Third is hard again almost immediately.

"Take this off," Third demands, tugging at the hem of Khai's shirt.

Khai pulls away to yank off his shirt and then takes Third's off while he's at it. Then, once he's tossed both shirts to the floor, he sits back on his heels and looks at Third. "You are really beautiful," Khai says, voice soft and honest. "How could you think I'm not attracted to you?"

"Stop it," Third says, feeling hot all over under Khai's gaze. But there are things he wants to know, validation he's been craving for years. "Do you think about me? When I've made you hard?"

"Do you want to know?" Khai asks as his fingers trail along the waistband of Third's sweatpants, teasing. He's still looking at Third, his fond expression giving way to something more unchaste, and maybe Third gets now why he was so good at bedding girls.

"I do."

"I think about you all the time," Khai says, letting his hand dip lower, fingers squeezing around the clothed bulge of Third's cock. "Touching you. You touching me. Is that what you think about?"

Third gasps, pushing his hips up against the heel of Khai's hand. "Yes," he says. Third would never admit because he still deserves some secrets, but he'd gone back to his dorm after the freshman ceremony ended and jerked off thinking about Khai's face. He'd been younger and hornier then, and assumed that the feelings stirring in his chest were lust. He hadn't realized until later, after he'd gotten to know Khai properly, that it was more than that. But yes, he's thought about Khai, then tried not to think about Khai, and as of late, has been unable to think about anyone other than Khai.

"Good," Khai says, still stroking Third's cock through his pants.

"I want you to fuck me," Third says.

Khai's veneer of confidence falters for a moment. "Can I?"

Third rolls his eyes. "I'm asking you to. I want you to fuck me," Third repeats. "Do you have-?"

"Yes," Khai says, nodding a bit too eagerly. He rolls off the bed, rooting around in his bedside drawer before returning with a condom and a bottle of lube. "I did research."

"Porn isn't research."

"No, like. I googled stuff." Khai squeezes his hand around Third's arm. "I don't want to hurt you."

Third surges up, hugging his arms around Khai and pressing their mouths together. He is so, stupidly in love.

Khai manages to get the rest of their clothes off as Third kisses his neck, sucking red marks onto Khai's pale skin. He knows from experience, though none of it sexual, that Khai bruises easily.

"How do you want me to do this?" Khai asks, his voice breathy as Third licks over a hickey he's just left behind. "On your back or on your knees or-?"

"I want to look at you," Third says. "I want you to look at me."

Khai is gentle with him, fingers trailing gently up the soft inside of Third's thighs as he leans down to kiss him. The first press of his wet fingers against Third's hole is tentative, exploratory, and Third says, "Go on. I've done this before."

"To yourself?" Khai asks, pushing his finger into the soft heat of Third's body.

Third nods.

"Thinking about me?"

"Haven't we already established that?" Third says, but it comes out more desperate than annoyed as Khai slides a second finger in, curving up inside him.

He spreads his legs apart as Khai works him open, Khai watching his face the whole time. The way Khai is looking at him, asking him, "Does it feel good?"- it's almost more overwhelming than the stretch of Khai's fingers. Third feels like he's having an out-of-body experience, as though seeing Khai through his freshman eyes, when he physically ached for this level of devotion from Khai.

"Come on," Third says. He's grinding down against Khai's fingers now, wanting more. "Fuck me."

Khai gasps aloud and then he's wiping sticky fingers on Third's thigh, fumbling around for the condom and lube. There's an urgency to his movements, but his touch is still thoughtful when he presses the head of his cock against Third's hole, carefully scanning Third's face for any sign of discomfort. He pushes in slowly, so slowly that Third lets out a whine, a truly embarrassing noise from the back of his throat that he didn't mean to make, but it gets Khai to move.

Third's eyes squeeze shut as Khai fucks into him, Khai's restraint slipping with each thrust of his cock. His fingers grasp at Khai's arms, braced on either side of him. The feeling of Khai inside him is a lot, the stretch of it, the rising heat in Third's chest, and Third can feel tears pricking behind his eyelids.

"Are you okay?" Khai asks. There's a hand against his cheek and Third turns into it, nodding his head.

"Don't stop," he says, looking at Khai, nails pressing into Khai's skin.

Khai pushes Third's legs up higher and thrusts in harder, hips up against Third's ass, bending over to kiss him. Khai's making his own breathy noises, mumbling praises against Third's mouth and neck.

"I love you," he tells Third as he wraps a hand around Third's cock.

Third is too overwhelmed to say it back. He makes a strangled moan and he's coming, hips arching up into Khai's hand, feeling his release all over his body. This seems to spur Khai on and he's practically got Third bent in half as he fucks him, desperate. He comes saying Third's name, fingers digging into Third's thighs.

For a moment, it's just the sound of their breathing, each of them panting with the effort of filling their lungs. Then Khai reaches down, thumb swiping gently under Third's eye. His face is wet, Third realizes. He hadn't realized he'd been crying. "You good?" Khai asks, hesitant.

"Really good," Third says. He smiles, and Khai smiles back at him, warm and satisfied.

Khai gets up first, throwing away the condom and returning to the bed with a washcloth to wipe the come from Third's stomach. They'll need to shower and change the sheets, but Third isn't in any rush. He lets Khai wrap himself around Third, spooning against Third's back.

"It's different, when you're in love," Khai says.

Something swells in Third's chest. He is loved.