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The kindness of one who hates, the betrayal of one who loves

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“Lan Zhan you-“, the Yiling patriarch chuckled, blood spilling past his lips but his hands were to occupied to wipe it because they were preventing his insides from coming out.


Hanguang-Jun, Lan Wangji, Lan Zhan, his Lan Zhan had-had cut open his stomach and tried to kill him. There was no sign of remembrance, of remorse just a pure cold glare of victory.


Wei Ying chuckled again this time it was full of pain because he had trusted Lan Zhan and Lan Zhan has trusted him, he loved him and Lan Wangji loved him back. Because what other sects don’t know is that they had confessed their feelings and were eloped. Married, dating whatever you want to call it and Lan Zhan, his husband had just secured his death.


He collapsed, no comfort in it, no relief, just pure pain, pure agony, his hands came to rest at his side, his organs falling to the side, slowly leaking out of his body.


Lan Xichen has gasped in horror of what he just saw, he was too late and he couldn’t stop the death of Wei Wuxian at the hands of his brother, the person that loved Wei Ying no matter what.


He quickly ran to the Yiling patriarchs side, falling to his knees next to him grasping his hands. Lan Xichen looked towards his brother yelling at him, “what did you do!”. Lan Zhan looked shocked, “Brother he’s the Yiling patriarch he’s killed countless people, he cultivates the heretic path! He’s evil”.


Wei Ying managed a painful and cut off chuckle from where he was lying on the ground, Lan Zhans talking was interrupted by the gut wrenching sound that ripped its self out of a child’s throat. Lan Huan looked up only to see the hurried running of a mop of hair before it fell next to the demonic cultivators side.


The child cried out, “Xian-Gege!”. Wei Ying managed a weak smile on his bloody lips and pale face, his hand rising to hold the child’s cheek. “A-Yuan, I told you to hide what are you doing here?”.


A-Yuan only cried out, “A-Yuan saw rich-gege and wanted to see if he help Xian-gege”.


Wei Yings face broke at the admission, tears now making its way down the side of his face from where he was laying on the ground. “Xian-Gege please dont go! You need to plant A-Yuan and make siblings!”, the child said before he started sobbing.


Wei Ying heaved in a breath of air, “Xian-Gege is very sorry he couldn’t do those things. Very sorry that he broke his promise, just remember, I loved A-Yuan and we all loved A-Yuan okay?”.


A weak mutter of okay made it past the lips of the child. Somehow the child knew that Xian-Gege wouldn’t come back, wouldn’t tease him anymore And wouldn’t plant him anymore because Xian-Gege was going somewhere far away like Granny said, like A-Yuans parents.


Wei Ying beckoned Zewu-Jun to lean down as his eyes started stinging, Wei Ying whispered to him and he nodded.


Then Wei Ying, chuckled or tried to at least it was the best thing he could do, “fuh-funny, a person who hated me treated me better than a person that loved me”, Wei Ying sighed one last tear escaping before his chest slowed and his eyes closed.


Wen Yuan cried out, “XIAN-GEGE!”. Crying and crying before he looked back at Hanguang-jun, no longer Rich gege, and said with all the might he could muster in his little voice and said, “I hate you!”.


Lan Zhan only looked at his brother and the child in confusion sitting next to the now dead Yiling Patriarch.




Lan Xichen had buried Wei Ying in front of the mountain in a path of flowers, he paid his respect and A-Yuan paid his before he dropped him off at Lotus Pier per the dying wish of the Yiling patriarch carrying the words that Wei Ying had told him to say to the new sect leader, “I know I have no right to ask for anything after I took your family away from you but please take care of A-Yuan. Raise him to hate me i don’t care but please, please keep him safe. Farewell brother”. Zewu-Jun left Sect Leader Jiang in tears clutching the Wen child and finally made his was back to the Cloud Recesses.


He walked into his uncles study, looking at him sharply before curtly replying, “you’re going to regret this”.