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Best I Ever Heard

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Jungkook peeks over the cards he’s holding in front of his face, eyes narrowed as he studies Jimin, trying to figure out what his next move will be. He has a feeling that Jimin is about to lose this game.  Jungkook’s got a decent hand himself, and is pretty confident that his opponent has a shitty one– if the way Jimin is incessantly nibbling at his lip is anything to go by.

They’re taking their game seriously, or at least, as seriously as they can considering their location. They aren’t exactly in a casino. They’re just outside their dorm room, sitting on the floor in the hallway like a couple of rejects. Every so often, someone walks by and has to awkwardly tiptoe around them, which kind of ruins the whole competitive atmosphere they’d been steadily building up for themselves.

It would be better if they were playing cards inside their dorm room. But they can’t go inside. Not yet, at least.

“Got any threes?” Jimin finally asks, and even though there’s a hint of hopefulness in his voice, he’s squinting in Jungkook’s direction, like he’s afraid to get his hopes up too much.

It’s probably a good thing that Jimin is a little wary.

“Go fish.” Jungkook answers smugly, crushing Jimin’s dreams with those two words.

Jimin’s nose scrunches up in an admittedly adorable display of frustration. He reaches out for the pile of cards sitting in between them, drawing another one. “This game sucks.”

“You’re only saying that because you’re losing.” Jungkook grins.

Lower lip sticking out, Jimin slouches against the wall. “No.” He mumbles unconvincingly.

Something that Jungkook learned early on about his roommate is that Jimin is a world-class pouter – he’s too cute for his own good. Not that Jungkook is going to let that cuteness get the best of him.

“Wanna play something else?” Jungkook suggests, already starting to gather up the cards so he can reshuffle.

“I wanna go back inside our room.” Jimin says, which is something that Jungkook wants too. His ass is starting to hurt from sitting on the floor, and he has an assignment he should be working on (although, playing cards in the hallway with a sore ass is infinitely more appealing than that). Jimin’s eyes flitter to their door, then back to Jungkook. “Do you think they’re done? You think it’s safe to go in?”

“Don’t know.” Jungkook shrugs. “You should check.”

“Why do have to check?”

“I checked last time. And I still haven’t fully recovered.”

Jimin sits there quietly, big eyes innocently blinking up at Jungkook, like he’s expecting him to cave in. When Jungkook doesn’t budge (it takes everything in him to resist), Jimin pushes himself to his feet with a sigh. “Fine.”  

Jungkook watches, amused as Jimin takes a few cautious steps into their room, disappearing from sight when he ventures further inside. 

Jungkook likes Jimin. Jimin is a great roommate; he always does his dishes, he takes the garbage out, doesn’t play loud music when Jungkook is trying to study, and he doesn’t come into his bedroom at night to watch him sleep.

Jimin respects all the things a good roommate should respect. 

Jungkook likes their other roommate just fine– Hoseok is a nice guy, and he’s really fun to be around. The only problem is that every weekend, his girlfriend comes to visit, and that in itself is fine too. What’s not fine is that they have obnoxiously loud sex. They have obnoxiously loud sex in their dorm which has very thin walls.That’s not fine, and that's why Jimin and Jungkook are out in the hallway in the first place. 

Jimin steps back out only a few moments later, and Jungkook raises his eyebrows at him, keen to know the verdict.

“Well?” Jungkook questions. “Are they done?”

Jimin hangs his head solemnly. “Go fish.”


Jungkook wakes up late on Saturday morning, which is unusual. Since his room is right next to Hoseok’s, he usually wakes up to the sound of a headboard banging against the wall. It works better than any alarm clock.

Yawning, Jungkook steps out into their common area. He nods at Jimin who’s already up, sitting at the table eating cereal. “Morning.”

“Morning.” Jimin hums back. “There’s still coffee left if you want some.” He says, legs swing back and forth as he chews. Even though Jimin sounds all bright like he’s been up for a while, he looks like he’d just rolled out of bed. His hair is all messy, bangs stubbornly sticking up, and his eyes are a little puffy like he hadn’t quite been able to rid himself of his lingering sleepiness.

He’s fucking cute.

Jungkook kind of wants to coo at him, maybe ruffle his hair a bit more– but he doesn’t do either of those things. Luckily, Jungkook has some self-restraint.

“Thanks.” Jungkook chooses to say instead. He pours himself a cup of coffee and brings it over to the table. But he barely even has time to pull his chair out before he hears something that makes him freeze.

Jimin must’ve heard the noise too. His eyes are going wide, and the fear that he sees in Jimin’s eyes mirrors the fear taking over Jungkook’s body. 


There’s that sound again – louder this time. It’s something hitting the wall. Jungkook and Jimin are far too familiar with that sound.

Morning sex.

Jimin drops his spoon into his bowl, droplets of milk splashing onto the table, but he doesn’t bother to clean it. He pushes himself away from the table, the harsh sound of his chair scraping across the floor so much better than the sound they’re running from.

Jungkook doesn’t say a word. He and Jimin take their coffees and go, heading straight for the door.

Jungkook spends the rest of his morning sipping his coffee in the hallway outside their dorm. He’s unshowered, his teeth are unbrushed, and he’s still wearing the clothes he went to bed in. It’s not as bad it sounds, though.

He has Jimin with him, so really, it’s not bad at all.


The second that his professor dismisses class, Jungkook is slinging his backpack over his shoulder and running out of the lecture hall. He can’t wait to go home. It’s only 3pm on Thursday, but today had already been far too long of a day. All he wants to do is go back to his room, throw on a pair of sweatpants, pass the fuck out in bed, and then wake up ten to twelve hours later.

As he walks through the school, he lets his imagination run wild, envisioning the fat nap he’s going to take. He thinks about the way his sheets will feel against his skin, fantasizes about the plush softness of his pillow, and he can’t wait to draw the blinds and lock himself away in the dark quiet of his room–

His phone buzzing in his pocket snaps him out of his daydream. He pulls it out, and is a little less annoyed about the interruption when he sees it’s Jimin who texted him. And then he actually reads the texts, and he’s back to being fully annoyed.


[Jungkook, Jimin]

Jimin: Sooo you might not want to come home for a while

Jimin: Hoseok’s girl came a day early


Jungkook actually groans out loud.

Why is he being punished? He’s a simple man with simple wants – all he wants is to go home and sleep. But no. Hoseok and his loud girlfriend are going to make damn sure he doesn’t get to live out that fantasy. The universe must hate him. It’s the only logical explanation.


[Jungkook, Jimin]

Jungkook: Shit okay

Jungkook: Thanks for the heads up

Jimin: Of course. We’re in this together


At least that’s one thing Jungkook can be thankful for. He doesn’t know what he’d do if he had to suffer through this all alone. If he didn’t have Jimin, he’d probably have to pick up a hobby– something he could do to pass the time while he waits until it’s safe to step foot in his dorm room. Maybe he’d take up knitting…

Yeah. Thank god for Jimin.


[Jungkook, Jimin]

Jungkook: What are you doing rn?

Jimin: Sitting outside our room like a loser

Jungkook: You hungry? Let’s go get something to eat

Jimin: You’re officially roommate of the month

Jungkook: Do I get a prize?

Jimin: Your prize is me coming to eat with you

Jungkook: Wow. I’m honoured

Jimin: You should be


Fifteen minutes later, Jimin and Jungkook are sitting at a booth in the school’s cafeteria, plotting.

“We have to do something.” Jungkook says, slamming his fist onto the table, not at all menacingly. “We can’t keep living like this.”

“Agreed.” Jimin reaches over, stealing a fry from Jungkook’s plate. “Something has to be done.” He pauses, twirling the fry thoughtfully before finally eating it. “I guess we could always just ask Hoseok to keep it down.”

Jungkook considers that for a moment before wrinkling his nose. “Nah.” He dismisses, waving his hand. “That would be too easy.”

“You’re right. Easy is boring.”

“Exactly. Doesn’t make for a good story.” Jungkook drums his fingers on the table, appearing to be deep in thought, when in reality he’s only skimming the surface of his brain. “We could fake fuck.”

“Fake fuck?” Jimin repeats. Even though he doesn’t exactly sound amused, his lips are curving into a smile around his straw as he sips his soda.

“Yeah.” Jungkook shrugs. Is his suggestion an unusual one? Yes. Could it work? Potentially. It’s not like they have anything to lose at this point. “When he’s about to come home, let’s just lock ourselves in my room and start making really loud sex noises. Maybe he’ll take the hint and realize how thin the walls are.”

“Jungkook.” Jimin leans back in the booth, letting out a breathy little laugh. “That’s…” He trails off, and Jungkook can actually see when the lightbulb goes off inside his head, because his eyes light up. “Actually a really good idea.”

“I have those sometimes.”


Sometimes, Jungkook has good ideas. Most of the time, his ideas are stupid. And this idea of his is turning out to be stupid.

Funny, but stupid.

They decided to put their plan into action tonight, which is why they’re currently in Jungkook’s bedroom, staring at each other, both of them equally unsure about their next move.

“So…” Jimin says, dragging the out. He’s sitting on the edge of the bed, looking up at Jungkook, who’s standing by his door, listening for Hoseok. “How are we gonna do this?”

It’s a good question. Because how are they going to do this? In theory, it’s easy. All he has to do is hide out in his room with Jimin, and then when they hear Hoseok come back from class, he just has to channel his inner porn-star and moan like he’s being paid to do it. In theory, it’s simple. But actually doing it? That’s a whole other story.

Jimin is his roommate – his friend. It’s not like they’re used to making fake sex noises around each other. Maybe they should’ve taken a couple shots before this. Going into it sober was probably an oversight on his part, but there’s not much Jungkook can do about it now.

“Should I, like…” Jimin pauses to let out a laugh. “Moan?”

At least they both think this whole thing is funny – it makes everything less awkward.

“I mean,” Jungkook chuckles, “if you want to.”

That was part of the plan, after all– to make it sound like they’re having sex.

And even though it's part of the plan, Jungkook still isn’t prepared for the moan that Jimin lets out right then. Jimin’s moan is embellished, exaggerated in a way that makes it sound like it’s something from a cheap porno. Jungkook still thinks it sounds kind of hot for some reason.

Jimin slaps a hand over his mouth, giggling behind it when he realizes what he just did.

And Jungkook thinks that sounds absolutely adorable.

“Not bad.” Jungkook nods his head, mildly impressed, not sure what else he’s supposed to say when his roommate fake moans for him.

When Jimin lowers his hand, Jungkook is glad to see that there’s still a smile on his face. “It doesn't sound like I'm actually having sex, does it?”

“I think it sounds like you’re pretending to have sex – there needs to be more noises and shit.” They need to make it sound more authentic. Hoseok could be back at any minute – they don’t have time to waste. They should already be fake fucking when he gets home. “Maybe we should rock the bed or something?” Jungkook shrugs. “Make it hit the wall?”

“Okay. Okay, yeah let’s do that.”

Jungkook takes a step closer to the bed, but stops the second he notices that the smile on Jimin’s face has turned into something that looks a little more timid than it had looked before.

“Um, can you just hold on for a sec?” Jimin asks softly, sounding so endearingly sweet. Yeah. Jimin is way too cute for his own good. “I think I can actually do better – I just need to get into character.”

Jimin’s commitment to the plan is admirable, and Jungkook finds himself having to fight off the urge to grin at how cute he is.

“Sure.” He takes a step back, curious as he watches Jimin. Because really, how does one get into character for something like this?

He gets his answer soon enough.

As soon as Jungkook gives him the okay, Jimin’s eyelids are fluttering shut, and Jungkook doesn’t know where to look anymore, because he kind of feels like a creep just staring at Jimin when he’s got his eyes closed.

He feels like even more of a creep two seconds later when Jimin starts bouncing up and down. Jungkook doesn’t know how to react – how does one react in a situation like this? All he can do is stare, eyes wide as he takes in the sight before him, listening to the sound of his bed creaking as Jimin lightly bounces up and down on the edge of it.

This is part of the plan, right? This is just Jimin trying to get into character, trying to get all the sounds right to make it believable. There shouldn’t be anything sexy about this – it would make more sense for Jungkook to laugh at his current situation than for him to feel something hot licking up his spine. But for some reason, this whole thing is far more arousing than amusing.

He knows that he should stop staring but he can’t.

He can’t stop staring, especially not when Jimin’s mouth is falling open so that Jungkook can hear the way his breath pushes past his parted lips. He doesn’t stop staring, especially not when Jimin tips his head back and lets out another moan.

This one is more hesitant than the last, like he’s testing out the waters, but it sounded real. That quiet little sound was still so pretty, and Jungkook shouldn’t be thinking that his roommate’s moans sound pretty.

But here he is, doing just that.

Jungkook is standing in his room, standing in front of Jimin as he bounces on his bed and moans, and fuck Jungkook is so fucking fucked.

Jimin looks like he’s gained some confidence now. He stretches his arms behind himself, leaning back on them, mouth dropped open, lashes fluttering – and fuck. He’s stunning.

Jungkook.” Jimin breathes out suddenly, and Jungkook swears that he’s never heard anything sound so good. “Fuck, Jungkook. Right there.”

When Jungkook tries to swallow, he realizes that his mouth is completely dry.

This is part of the plan. This is part of the ridiculous plan, this is what they’re supposed to do. They’re supposed to make sex noises, and it’s stupid. It’s so stupid, but Jimin is so hot, and Jungkook can’t help himself.

He can’t just stand there in silence– he has to play along.

For the plan.

“You like that?” Jungkook asks, voice so gruff that he's unable to even recognize the sound of it. 

“Love it, Jungkook.” Jimin peeks his eyes open then, looking a little shy as his gaze settles on Jungkook. He smiles sweetly, a demure twitch of his lips that sends a wall of heat slamming straight into Jungkook. How can he look so innocent when he’s doing what he’s doing – when he’s saying what he’s saying?

Honestly, Jungkook feels ridiculous. It feels like he’s a character in a terribly written porno– something written by an amateur– something with a lack of a solid plot and no character development, where everything happens so suddenly and so randomly, where it’s all over the top and far-fetched, and nothing of the sort would ever happen in real life.

And yeah, he feels ridiculous, but he can’t bring himself to care. He’s too preoccupied with watching Jimin bouncing up and down on the edge of his bed. The next thing he knows, he’s thinking about how good Jimin would look bouncing up and down on his cock.

Jimin would look so pretty getting fucked.

Jungkook wants to fuck him – he wants to fuck his roommate. Jimin is always so cute, always looks so innocent, and Jungkook wants to strip that innocence away, see what’s hiding underneath.

“Love what, baby?” Jungkook’s voice hasn't lost its gruffness, but it's steadier now, gaining confidence with each passing second. “Love my cock?”

Jimin doesn’t say anything for a moment. He slows down until he’s stopped bouncing altogether and just sits there on the edge of the bed, staring up at Jungkook. His mouth is still open, and Jungkook can hear the way his breath hitches in his throat.

“Want it.” Jimin says. “Want your cock.”

Those words have lust settling at the bottom of Jungkook’s stomach, and this is not part of the plan. The blood rushing down to his lower half at an alarming rate is definitely not part of the plan, but frankly, the plan is the farthest thing from Jungkook’s mind right now.

“You sound so fucking good, Jimin.” Jungkook licks his lips. “Sound so pretty.”

“Wanna be pretty for you.”

“Yeah?” He’s teetering on the edge of sanity. He can still think, can still talk, but he’s so close to the tipping point– Jimin is driving him insane. Jimin looks so good, sounds so good, and he’s making it near impossible for Jungkook to keep his composure. “Bet you’d look so pretty with my cock in you.”

The noise that Jimin makes is downright filthy. It’s high pitched and needy, just shy of pitiful, making it sound like he came from those words alone.

“Want that.” Jimin breathes out. He fidgets, shifting his weight like he’s uncomfortable where he’s sitting, and for a moment, Jungkook wonders if the intensity of his gaze is too much for Jimin, if it’s making him feel awkward.

But then, when Jimin starts to squirms again, Jungkook sees what he’s actually doing. Jimin is pressing his legs together. He’s squeezing his thighs together, like he’s trying to get himself off just from the added pressure, and Jungkook has never been this hard from just watching someone.

“Been thinking about your cock for so long.” Jimin isn’t even talking anymore, he’s straight up whining. “Wanted you to fuck me for so long.”

Whatever sliver of self-restraint Jungkook had left buckles and then breaks underneath the weight of his arousal. He doesn’t say anything.

He can hear his blood thrumming in his ears, can hear his heart pounding against his chest, but other than that, the room is silent. Like they’re both holding their breath. The air is denser now, laced with heat. It’s thick but sweet, reminds him of syrup, and Jungkook swears he can taste sugar on the tip of his tongue.

It’s too much too fast and the air is too hot and too heavy, and he’s drowning in it. The lust is hanging so low, clouding his senses and taking over, and what happens next happens all at once.

Jungkook makes it to the edge of the bed in two strides, and then he’s shoving Jimin down onto his back, has just enough time to see the hunger glazing over Jimin’s eyes before he’s kissing him.

The kiss is desperate, rushed in the best possible way, leaving no room for gentleness, no room for breathing. There’s nothing careful about the way Jungkook takes Jimin’s lip between his teeth, biting and sucking like it’s some sort of punishment, and it doesn’t take long for Jungkook to realize that Jimin doesn’t mind a little bit of pain.

Jungkook swallows down Jimin’s moans, finds that they taste just as sweet as they sound. He loves the way Jimin lets him have his way with him, his mouth pretty much just a hole for Jungkook to lick into, pretty lips just something for him to play with.

Jimin’s back arches off the bed, acting with the same neediness that Jungkook saw in his eyes when he grinds their crotches together. The friction makes them both hiss, though Jungkook doesn’t find the drag of denim over his erection to be all that pleasurable. The layers of clothing between them is more maddening than anything, and Jungkook wants them gone.

Their lips separate with a wet smack, both of them panting as Jungkook does away with their clothes. He’s not in the mood to tease right now, doesn’t want to slow down, and the way that Jimin gasps as Jungkook roughly maneuvers him in his mission to rid him of his clothes only encourages him even further.

Jungkook likes it rough, and apparently, so does Jimin.

It’s not long before they’re both fully naked, and only then does Jungkook allow himself to stop. The view before him is too pretty to pass up, too tempting to just ignore. Jungkook kneels between Jimin’s legs, breathing heavy as his eyes drink him in. The sight of Jimin quenches something inside Jungkook, while at the same time lighting a fire within him. 

Jimin is beautiful like this, with his cheeks all rosy, with his chest rising and falling heavily. There’s a subtle quirk to Jimin’s lips as he stretches out, hands reaching above his head, back bowing off the bed, watching Jungkook as Jungkook drags his eyes over him. Jungkook loves the way that Jimin lays there, spread out just for him. He loves the way that Jimin lets Jungkook stare, like he knows how good he looks right now. It’s sexy as hell.

Rubbing his hands up and down Jimin’s thighs, Jungkook feels the fire in him growing hotter. “You’re fucking gorgeous.” He murmurs, feeling the need to say it, even if Jimin might not feel the need to hear it.

Jimin smiles up at him, humming appreciatively. He tilts his head to the side. “D’you have lube?” It’s an unconventional way to say thanks, but Jungkook isn’t complaining.

Laughing underneath his breath, he reaches over to his nightstand to grab the lube from a drawer. Only a second after he retrieves the bottle and has it in hand, Jimin is snatching it from him. He pops open the lid, keeping his eyes on Jungkook, even as he squeezes out a generous amount of lube onto his fingers.

Jungkook stares, incapable of doing anything else. Jimin lift his legs up, tucking his knees to his chest, exposing himself to Jungkook before he starts teasing his own hole. It’s indecent, the way Jimin’s hole twitches when he swirls his finger around it, getting it all wet with lube. Jungkook loves it. He loves how dirty he feels watching Jimin like this. Loves that Jimin gets off on being dirty for him.

“Jungkook,” Jimin moans, slowly easing a finger into his hole. His eyes are already rolling back into his head, and if this is the way he reacts when all he has is one finger in him, then Jungkook knows he's bound to be in for a good time. “C-can’t wait. Can’t wait for you to fuck me. Know you’re gonna fuck me so good.”

Yeah, Jimin is going to be a lot of fun. 

Jimin is shameless, fingering himself open right in front of him, but Jungkook isn’t much better. He’s got his fingers wrapped around his dick, lazily stroking himself as he watches Jimin. The slide of his hand over his cock is rough and dry, but he’s so turned on that it feels better than it has any right to.

“Gonna fuck you exactly how you want it.” Jungkook promises, low and soothing, like he’s trying to calm Jimin down. Not that he cares that Jimin is already a moaning mess. “Like it rough, don’t you baby? Is it okay if I’m a little rough with you? Don’t want it soft, do you?” Jungkook has a feeling he already knows the answer, but he feels the need to ask anyway.

“N-no.” Jimin presses another finger against his hole, eyebrows furrowing. “Don’t want it soft, wanna get fucked good. I can take it, I promise. I’ll take it so good.”

And Jungkook doesn't have any doubts that he will.

Jimin is impatient, starts fucking himself with three of his fingers now, hips rutting down onto his hand like he just can’t wait to get a dick in him. The breathless whimpers he’s letting out are downright sinful – and he looks like downright sinful too. He looks like something that should only be seen in a debauched dream, eyes all glossy, shining just like his spit slicked lips. He’s staring directly at Jungkook, mouth hanging open so that moans can fall off those plump lips of his unhindered.

Jungkook.” Jimin whines, his leg jerking, curling in on himself when he forces his fingers deeper. “Jungkook, feels good. Fuck, fuck.”

 Jimin already sounds so far gone, blubbering senselessly, and Jungkook can’t wait to really fuck him stupid.

Acting on autopilot, Jungkook grabs the lube and wastes no time coating his erection with it. He’s in a trance – enthralled by Jimin and the noises he’s making, and Jungkook doesn’t want to waste another second watching him when he could be fucking him.

“You ready for me?” Jungkook asks, already reaching out for Jimin.

Nodding fervently, Jimin bites down on his lip."Y-yes. Yes, 'm ready. Oh fuck, please."

Jungkook to grabs Jimin’s wrist, his fingers slipping out of his hole with a wet squelch that makes the both of them groan. He flips Jimin over, more than pleased with the gasp he lets out when he’s manhandled onto his stomach. Grabbing Jimin by the hips, he yanks him up so that his ass is in the air, and he roughly spreads his cheeks just so he can see the way Jimin’s hole flutters when its hit with cold air.

“Jungkook.” Jimin whimpers, burying his face in the sheets. “Jungkook, please.”

If Jungkook hadn’t just watched Jimin finger himself open for him, then the way his voice cracks and wavers might’ve made him think that he’s embarrassed.

But he knows Jimin isn’t embarrassed. Just desperate.

“You ask so nicely. You know just what to say when you want cock, don’t you?” Jungkook teases, smiling at the way Jimin’s breath trembles on his next exhale. “Not your first time, is it baby? Know just what to do when you wanna get fucked.” He takes his own cock in his hand, rubbing the head up and down Jimin’s crack, the slide nice and wet as he smears lube around.

Jimin entire body shudders. “J–” He cuts himself off, choking on something. Probably his own spit. “Jungkook.”

“Say please for me again, baby. C’mon, be nice.” Jungkook coaxes, tip pressing against Jimin’s hole. “I know you’re sweet. Be good and show me just how sweet you can be.”

Please.” Jimin obeys easily, a needy whine steadily rising in the back of his throat. “Please, please, I want it. Want it so bad. Please, Jungkook, I–”

Jungkook pushes in with one sharp snap of his hips, groaning when Jimin’s tight heat wraps around his cock. It envelopes him so perfectly, already has him feeling hazy, already has him steadily approaching the point where he’s reduced to nothing more than a slave to his desire.

But he still has just enough presence of mind to give Jimin a chance to adjust. Jungkook isn’t doing much, just grinding his hips in little circles to let Jimin get used to the feeling of being filled, yet Jimin is still whimpering like he’s getting his brains fucked out.

“So big, you’re so big, oh my god.” Jimin pushes himself up onto his hands, back arching beautifully, on display just for Jungkook.

“And you’re fucking dirty.” Jungkook has been patient long enough. He grits his teeth, pulling out only to slam straight back into him, just so he can rip a strangled moan from Jimin’s throat. “Listen to yourself.” He wonders if Jimin knows that he sounds good, wonders if other people have told him how pretty he sounds when he’s getting fucked. The thought of it has jealousy pricking the surface of his skin. He’s rougher on his next thrust, the force of it pushing Jimin further up the bed.

“Fuck.” Jimin chokes out, hands balled up into fists as he grabs at the sheets. “Keep fucking me like that – don’t fucking stop.”

“Shit, Jimin.” Jungkook’s fingertips sink into the soft flesh of his hips, fucking into him unforgivingly. His groans spill out into the room, mingling with Jimin’s high pitched whining. And god, Jimin sounds fucking unreal. The noises Jimin makes are downright filthy, made even dirtier by the fact that he’s not even trying to hide how much he likes Jungkook’s cock, or how much he likes getting fucked.

“Ah – ah –ah –” Jimin chants an endless series of them, eager as he ruts back to meet each of Jungkook’s thrusts.

Jungkook absolutely loves it. He’s never been with anyone this vocal – everything Jimin does is perfect, everything he does is pushing Jungkook further into a frenzy, and with the way things are going, it won’t be long until he’s spiralling out of control.

“Got such a tight little ass.” Jungkook grunts, more than pleased with the way Jimin tightens around him when he says it. “Gonna let me come in it?”

The sound that Jimin makes is less than human, and he tosses his head back, letting it echo throughout the room. “Please. Please come in me, come inside me, oh fuck. Want your cum in me.”

“Gonna fuck you full of it, baby. Fill you up then pull out, just so I can watch it drip out that pretty hole of yours.”

“Oh my god Jungkook. L-like it when you talk to me like that, don’t stop talking to me like that.”

Jungkook huffs out a laugh. “Didn’t know you were so dirty, Jimin. But look at you, taking my cock like a pro. Begging to get filled with cum.” Jimin moans at that, legs spreading further apart, inviting Jungkook further in. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were a slut.”

“I am a slut.”

Jungkook grins. “Yeah, you are, aren’t you? You just hide it so well, baby.” He presses his fingers deeper into Jimin’s skin when he starts to lose his grip, their sweat making it difficult to keep a firm hold. It just has Jungkook wanting to fuck him harder, wanting to make them both sweat even more.

“Wish I didn’t. Wish we would’ve done this sooner.” Jimin mumbles, airy and sweet. “Want your cock in me every night – you can fuck me whenever you want.”

Hissing out a curse, Jungkook finally forces himself to stop. It’s hard to do, hard to stop when everything in him is screaming at him to just shove Jimin’s face into the mattress and fuck him dumb. But Jungkook wants something else first.

Jimin whines out a complaint when Jungkook stops moving, but Jungkook doesn’t pay it any mind. He leaves just the tip of his cock inside Jimin’s hole, watching the way it clenches like it’s trying to suck him back in. He’s panting hard, can feel the sweat beading on his forehead, and Jungkook loves it. Loves the burn in his chest and the heat around his dick.

Jimin turns his head, craning his neck to look at him, and damn is he ever a sight to see. His face is all flushed, red just like his hips where Jungkook’s hands have been groping and grabbing nonstop, and Jimin’s eyes are watery, half lidded like he’s struggling to keep them open at all.

Reaching out, Jungkook finally lets his hands roam over the smooth expanse of Jimin’s back. He presses his palms flat against him, heated skin against heated skin, rubbing soothing circles over him before dipping down to rub at his stomach.

“Fuck yourself on my cock, baby.” Jungkook encourages, his hands wandering higher up Jimin’s body to his chest. “You want my cum, don’t you? If you want it, you gotta work for it.” He brushes his thumbs over Jimin’s nipples, smirking when he hears a sharp intake of breath. “C’mon. You’re a little slut, right? I know you know how to move your hips. Sluts like you know how to work a cock.”

He’s probably being a little cruel, especially considering the way Jimin is already trembling, barley able to hold himself up on his hands and knees. But Jungkook doesn’t care, he wants to see what a cockslut Jimin really is.

Jimin whimpers like he wants to protest, but he’s so good, so obedient, and he slowly pushes back to take Jungkook’s cock all the way in again. He’s rolling his hips steadily now, over and over again just so he can get Jungkook’s cock buried deep inside. Jimin fucks himself like it’s his last chance to get a good dicking, like he doesn’t want to waste it.

“Perfect, baby.” Jungkook rasps, fixated on the way Jimin’s hole swallows his cock down every time he rocks back. “Just like that. You’re so fucking good.” Jungkook keeps going, keeps telling him how pretty he is and how well he’s doing, though he’s not sure if Jimin can even hear him over the broken hiccups he’s letting out.

It’s not long before Jimin’s pace falters, losing all rhythm.

“Jungkook?” It sounds like a sob, and some sick part of Jungkook hopes that Jimin is crying. Jimin drops his head, letting it hang between his shoulders. “Fuck me? Jungkook, please. Please – can’t do it hard enough.” Jimin acts with the same desperation he speaks with, starts helplessly squirming around. “Please, pretty please.” He stretches his arms out in front of himself, pushes himself up higher on his hands, only to drop back down onto his elbows, like he can’t figure out what to do. “Want it harder, want you to fuck me harder. Don’t care if it hurts, just fuck me.”

“Yeah?” Jungkook growls, hands finding Jimin’s hips again, gripping him tight as he thrusts into him. “Like that?” He keeps going, can't stop now, the sound of skin slapping against skin spurring him on, urging him to go faster. The bed groans and creaks, protesting underneath their weight as they fuck it against the wall, but Jimin is loving it, is begging for more, and Jungkook is far more inclined to listen to Jimin than the bed.

“Yes – yes, just like that, keep fucking me like that.”

Jimin’s body feels like heaven, and the litany of moans spilling from his lips is so beautiful that it has Jungkook fucking into him harder. Jungkook is a goner. The bed probably is too.

All he wants to do is fuck Jimin like this, fuck him on his hands and knees, with his cheek pressed against the mattress and with his perfect ass in the air, presented so nicely it might as well be wrapped up in a ribbon. Jungkook likes the way he can see Jimin’s fat ripple every time he fucks in, likes how red his ass is, likes that he can just dig his fingertips into Jimin’s skin and fuck and fuck and fuck.

It’s mindless really, but Jimin is driving him crazy, and he’d already lost his mind. When a particularly hard thrust pushes Jimin up the bed and away from him, Jungkook grabs him and drags him right back down onto his cock.

Jimin sucks in a sharp breath that sounds like a wet slurp, and Jungkook figures he must be drooling all over himself and the sheets. And it’s all more than enough right now – Jimin is more than enough – but Jungkook is burning up, feverish with need, and he still wants to push further, to take more and to give more.

He wants to hear what other noises he can rip out of Jimin.

Jimin is loud as is, but Jungkook has a feeling that he can get him to be even louder. Jungkook lifts his hand only to drop it straight back down onto Jimin’s ass, a loud smack ringing out just a millisecond before Jimin’s surprised yelp does.

“O-oh!” Jimin wriggles his hips, shoving his ass back, frantic in his search for Jungkook’s hand, for another slap. “Spank me again? Jungkook, spank me again?”

“Fucking greedy, aren’t you?” Jungkook scolds, but he’s smirking. He shifts so he can fuck in at a different angle now, jaw clenching as he gives a sharp thrust. “Can’t even say please? Did you get fucked too hard? Huh? Forgot your manners?”

“S-sorry, I’m sorry. Y-you’re just making me feel so good.” Jimin babbles, each word pitching higher and higher. “Just want you to spank me again. Do it harder –please. Pretty please, Jung–”

His words dissolve into a distorted cry, when Jungkook spanks him again, his own hand stinging from the impact. Jimin just begs for more, so Jungkook gives him more. He spanks him again and again, only quitting when Jimin finally stops asking.

The last slap he lands has Jimin screaming, writhing in the sheets, kicking his feet like he’s a toddler throwing a tantrum. Jimin reaches down between his legs, finally giving his neglected cock the attention it needs.

“G-gonna come!” Not only is Jimin loud, but he sounds fucking excited too – almost delirious. Fucked beyond the point of blissed out. He’s probably smiling right now, and god, if that isn’t the hottest thing ever. “Gonna come, gonna come. Jungkook, I’m gonna come.”

Jungkook’s whole body is searing, set aflame with a desire so strong that it’s threatening to spill over. He just wants Jimin to let go, just wants to be inside him when his orgasm finally hits, wants to feel his walls squeeze around him, wants him to scream until he can’t make another sound.

“You can come, baby.” Jungkook coos, deceptively sweet, contrasting with the brutal way his hips are slamming against Jimin’s ass. “Come whenever you want, you’ve been so fucking good for me.” He’s about to snap, the fire in him too hot, demanding to be extinguished, but he can’t stop praising Jimin, can’t stop fucking him the way he deserves. “Taking it so good, just like you promised.”

Jungkook leans over, draping his body over Jimin’s, his entire front pressing against Jimin’s back. He hooks his chin over Jimin’s shoulder, something primal stirring up in him as he bites at Jimin’s ear. "Doing so good," he says, a groan vibrating deep in his chest. “Making me feel so good when I pound your pretty ass.”

Jimin squeals when he comes. His whole body tenses up, and the way that he tightens around Jungkook is more than enough to send him over the edge too, and he falls right off it with his cock buried deep inside Jimin.

Fuck.” Jungkook comes inside of Jimin like he said he would, moaning as Jimin’s walls spasm around him, milking him dry. 

He thinks he might hear Jimin sigh out a thank you when he’d spurted out the last of his cum, but after his orgasm everything’s a little fuzzy, and he doesn’t know for sure.

Jungkook is breathing heavy, feels his hair sticking to his forehead, and he’s more than ready to just flop on top of Jimin, fully prepared to lay down and let his dick go soft in him. But he told Jimin he would do something else instead, and Jungkook is a man of his word.

He pulls out, ignoring the way Jimin gasps when he does, preoccupied with grabbing his ass cheeks and spreading him open to watch the way his own cum leaks out of Jimin. It trickles down into his crack, pearly white mingling with the glistening mess of lube, Jimin's fucked out hole clenching and unclenching around air.

He only tears his eyes away from the pretty sight when he hears Jimin whimper.

“Jungkook,” Jimin stretches his arm out behind himself, blindly searching for him. “Jungkook, wanna cuddle.”

How can Jungkook resist that?

“Anything you want, baby.” Finally releasing his hold on Jimin, Jungkook lets his hands gently rub over his ass instead, carefully smoothing his palms over the red marks blooming across his skin. “Let’s get you a towel first, though.”

“No.” Jimin must not have any strength left to keep himself up, and he collapses on the bed, sprawling out on his stomach. “Don’t want it. Like feeling it drip outta me.”

Jungkook curses underneath his breath. He has no idea how Jimin can be adorable and filthy all at once. It’s not fair, really. Jungkook doesn’t stand a chance.

“I’m sleeping here.” Jimin mumbles. “And we’re gonna cuddle all night.”

“Yeah?” Jungkook smiles, fondness creeping into his chest. Of course, he doesn’t have any objections. “I don’t get any say in this?” But it’s in his nature to tease.

“Nope. And you’re gonna be the big spoon.”

“I wanted to be the big spoon anyway.”

Jimin’s already laying on his side, back facing him, just waiting to be cuddled. And Jungkook is never one to disappoint. He drapes his arm over Jimin’s waist, drawing him in close so that his body is pressed flush against Jimin’s. They're both sticky, and both too fucked out to care.

“Besides,” Jungkook murmurs. “Has there ever been a time in your life where you weren’t the little spoon?”

“You’re so nosy. Wanting to know the details of my cuddling life. Just because I’m little doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes wanna be the big spoon.” Jimin is adorable like this. Hell, he’s adorable all the time, but he’s especially adorable like this; words slurring together as they both bask in that post-orgasm glow. “There have been so many times where I wanted to grab you and big spoon the shit out of you.”

“Yeah?” Jungkook humours him, just so he can keep hearing Jimin talk with that lisp he’d suddenly adopted. “Like when?”

“Like when you do something sweet for me – like that time you made me dinner.”

“It was instant noodles.”

“It was still sweet. You’re sweet.” Letting out a dreamy sigh, Jimin nuzzles his cheek into the pillow. “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

“I don’t know. We’re dumb.”

“Agreed. But hey, now you get to fuck me dumb whenever you want, so. Better late than never, right?”

God,  Jimin. I used to think you were so innocent. Now look at you.”

“Don’t you like it?”

“I love it. The things you say – the noises you make.” Jungkook lightly pinches Jimin’s hip, causing him to squirm away and let out a breathy laugh. “Nothing’s ever sounded as good as you.”

“Well,” Jimin rolls over onto his other side, turning around so that he can face Jungkook. “I’ve never had anyone fuck me as good as you.” He’s momentarily distracted, eyeing something behind Jungkook. “Can I have a sip of that water?” He asks, making a vague gesture to the bottle on Jungkook’s bedside table. “Throat’s a little dry right now.”

“Hm. Wonder why.”

“Don’t know.” Jimin hums, feigning innocence. “Probably just had a lot of salt today or something.”

Jungkook snorts. “Probably.”

He props himself up on an elbow, and even though his eyes are initially on the water bottle, he gets side-tracked when he notices his phone lighting up, letting him know he has a few missed messages. Jungkook hands the water bottle to Jimin before grabbing his phone. It turns out there's more than just a few missed messages. Looks like Hoseok had been texting in their group chat. 


[Jungkook, Jimin, Hoseok]


Hoseok: Always thought you two would be cute together. I’m really happy for you :)

Hoseok: Mildly disturbed

Hoseok: But happy :)

Hoseok: Also can you text me when it’s safe to come back in?

Hoseok: Hey, you done yet?


Hoseok: Jimin I didn’t know you liked getting spanked wtff

Hoseok: Not that I was listening!!! I just walked in at the moment you requested to be spanked, but then I proceeded to promptly walk back out

Hoseok: Hey, you guys done yet?

Hoseok: ???


Jungkook grins, turning his phone to Jimin so that he can read the messages for himself. “What do you think, Jimin? You think it’s safe for him to come back in?”

“You know,” Jimin says, a playful smile spreading over his face. “I think I actually have another round left in me.”

Jungkook tosses his phone to the side, pouring all of his attention into Jimin instead. He treats him with the care that he didn’t spare him before, pressing their lips together in a gentle kiss. This time, Jungkook goes slow, is able to fully appreciate Jimin’s plush lips.

It doesn’t take long for him to get swept up in the sweetness of it, lost in the way Jimin’s fingers curl around the hairs at the nape of his neck. It's so delicate, so soft, and Jungkook can't help but marvel at how Jimin makes him want to hold him tight and protect him from the world, and shove him into the mattress and fuck him silly at the same time.

“I feel kinda bad.” Jimin mumbles suddenly, drawing back slightly, giving them both a chance to breathe. His breath is hot on Jungkook’s mouth, and all Jungkook wants to do is taste him. “Hoseok’s gonna have to listen to us all the time. At least we only had to put up with him on the weekends.”

Jungkook doesn’t feel bad– not right now, at least. Maybe the guilt will start to set in later, but right now he has a naked Jimin in his bed, and guilt is the last things he feels.

“He’ll be fine.” Jungkook says. He grabs Jimin’s thigh, hiking it up onto his waist to bring him even closer. “We can go to the store tomorrow and buy him earplugs.”

Giggling, Jimin bumps his nose against Jungkook’s. “You’re just full of brilliant ideas, aren’t you?” Jungkook can’t help but smile. Jimin is so cute. “Can I ride you this time?”

And Jungkook is so gone.