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In the Light of Dawn

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Soft morning light filtered into the jingshi, gently illuminating the figure laying in the bed beneath the window. Long black hair was splayed out across the white silk sheets, the bare back of Wei Wuxian rising and falling gently with each deep breath as he slumbered away. Despite the sun just now beginning to peek over the horizon, much of the Lan sect had already begun their day. His husband had already risen for the day, his side of the bed slwoly cooling. In the trees, mountain birds were already singing, Hanguang-jun’s rabbits tussling in the grass.

The door to the jingshi slid open quietly, Lan Wangji slipping inside. Approaching the bed, he kneeled down beside his husband and gently swept his hair away from his face, his lips curving into a soft smile and his eyes filled with adoration. Wei Wuxian shifted slightly, eyes fluttering open slowly.

“Lan Zhan,” he whispered quietly, a sleepy smile stretching across his face. He shifted over in the bed and patted the empty spot next to him. “Come lay back down.”

“Mn.” Without hesitation, Lan Wangji slipped off his outer robes and crawled back into bed, settling down beside his husband and pulling him into his arms. Wei Wuxian giggled, pushing his face into Lan Wangji’s neck.

“Ah, my husband is so good to me!” Wei Wuxian pressed a wet kiss to his husband’s cheek, throwing his arms around his neck. “He comes back to me every morning, despite rising much too early.”

Before Wei Wuxian could go on, Lan Wangji’s lips were pressed firmly to his own. The kiss was soft and sweet, leaving Wei Wuxian’s chest feeling warm. He pulled Lan Wangji closer, deepening the kiss briefly before pulling away and placing a kiss on his husband’s nose. They catch each other’s eyes for a moment, content with just being in the other’s arms. Wei Wuxian leaned forward again to kiss him on the lips gently, then on one cheek, then the other, and then on the forehead. His soft laughter filtered through the jingshi, lightening the quiet atmosphere.

“I could kiss you all day, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian said, bringing his forehead to rest against Lan Wangji’s. “You’re so perfect.” His husband made a small noise of disagreement, shaking his head slightly.

“Wei Ying,” he said, his tone insistent, “not perfect at all.” He tried to tighten his arms around Wei Wuxian when he made to pull away, but Wei Wuxian reacted quicker. Sitting up, he looked down at Lan Wangji fondly.

“You are, Lan Zhan.” Ducking his head down, he pressed a kiss to his forehead, moving down to his nose, his lips, then his chin. “You,” a kiss to his neck, “are,” a kiss on his collarbone, “so,” a kiss to his bare chest where his inner robes had slipped open, “perfect.” Moving back up, he kissed Lan Wangji firmly on the lips. Large hands settled on his waist, rolling him over onto his back. Wei Wuxian settled happily under his husband’s weight, sighing as the kiss deepened. Lan Wangji’s mouth drifted down to his neck, nipping lightly at the thin skin at the hollow of his throat. He sucked hard before moving back to admire the mark he’d left, his eyes filled with satisfaction. Wei Wuxian laughed and reached up to run his fingers through Lan Zhan’s hair.

“Like what you see?” Lan Zhan gave a small nod.

“Mn. Mine.”

Lan Wangji settled his weight down atop his husband and held him tightly. A sad smile fell across Wei Wuxian’s face as he held his husband just as strongly. His heart ached to think about the 13 years his husband had spent mourning him, how much pain he had put him through with all their miscommunication. Sometimes he caught himself wishing that he’d chosen to go back to Gusu with him. Maybe they wouldn’t have lost 13 years, maybe they would’ve already had 13 years of this happiness that surrounded them now, with many more to look forward to. Wei Wuxian blinked rapidly to fight back the tears threatening to overflow.

“I’m here now, Lan Zhan,” he managed to choke out. “I’m here.”

Using the hand he had tangled in his hair, Wei Wuxian pulled Lan Wangji’s face up to meet his, kissing him fiercely. It was different than the kisses they’d shared before now; those ones had been soft and tender, full of love and contentedness. Now they were desperate, filled with years of longing and sadness. I’ll always be here¸ Wei Wuxian tried to convey through the kiss. He let himself become lost in the taste of his husband, the feel of his hands across his body, to familiar scent of sandalwood. I love you.

As the disciples of the Cloud Recesses began their day, the couple hidden away in the jingshi remained oblivious to the rest of the world. It was just the two of them, their love for each other filling every corner of their home. In the soft light of the morning, quiet whispers of “I love you” and “I’m here” were the only sounds to be heard.

When at last they pulled away, Wei Wuxian found himself chuckling. “You know,” he started, “wouldn’t it be great if you stayed here all day? I’m sure your uncle will survive one day without you.”

Lan Zhan’s only response was a disapproving look, which only made Wei Wuxian begin to cackle hysterically.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” he shouted once his laughter had died down enough for him to speak. “Your uncle may survive, but I don’t think your disciples will.” His voice softened as he spoke next. “And I think Sizhui would miss you.”

“Mn.” Lan Wangji sat up, pulling his husband along with him. “He’ll miss you too.”

Wei Wuxian’s heart stuttered in his chest as he thought about Sizhui, his little A-Yuan. The boy had grown up to be a strong cultivator, and he felt his heart swell with pride. His heart felt light as he rose from the bed, being sure to give a teasing glance and a wink over his shoulder back at Lan Zhan as he watched his naked back, and moved over to pick his robes up off the floor where he had hastily discarded them the night before. He hadn’t missed the darkening of his husband’s eyes and had to fight against the urge to crawl right back into bed with him.

“Come on, husband,” he teased. “Our little A-Yuan is waiting for us.” A thought occurred to him as he finished putting back on his robes. “Oh, and Jingyi has probably broken some rule by now. Maybe if I hurry, I can save him from some punishment or other.”


Lan Wangji rose from the bed and put back on his outer robes. Reaching Wei Wuxian’s side, he looked down at his husband and gave one of his rare soft smiles. Grinning back up at him, Wei Wuxian grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the jingshi. In the light of dawn, they went together into a new day, love shining between them that rivaled the morning sun in its brightness.