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Of Course (Jooheon x Minhyuk)

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Chapter 1

“I wish he would shut up” Jooheon sighs as he looks over and sees a boy with light brown hair, almost chestnut colored, talking loudly to his friends, it something about a K-drama he must have seen, Jooheon didn’t care enough to listen. Hyungwon, Jooheons best friend, can’t help but laugh at Jooheon for being so bothered by the boy.

“He’s not that bad, all he’s doing is talking,” Jooheon looks at Hyungwon sharply “He’s being loud for no reason and its 8:00 am in the morning, I would hate to be around him all day if he’s that loud all the time” Right after Jooheon says that the chestnut colored haired boy breaks into a fit of laughter at a joke one of his friends must have said, this makes Jooheon quietly bang his dead on his desk for a moment. “It’s your last year, you can do it Jooheon” He whispered to himself before picking his head back up. Hyungwon, who continues to laugh at him, gets a cold glare from Jooheon. “Lighten up Joo, it’s only one class and that’s it.”

Jooheon had never been happier then the moment he heard the bell ring, he needed to get away from that boy who had ruined his morning. Jooheon didn’t know exactly why the boy bothered him so much but all he knew was that it he needed to get out of there. Picking up his stuff he shot the boy another sharp glare and walked out of the classroom leaving Hyungwon struggling to keep up with him.

-Later at the coffee shop where Jooheon worked

“I would die if he was my roommate, like I would actually jump out of the window.” Jooheon put his head in his face and sighed “With my luck he probably is.” Hyungwon and Kihyun shook their heads “You know Joo, sometimes you have to deal with annoying people, im sure not everyone likes you, I mean Kihyun thought you were a jerk the first time he met you.” Kihyun opened his eyes wide “I did not!! I said he seemed cold but I didn’t call him a j e r k.” Hyungwon laughed at Kihyun and slapped him lightly on the neck “Whatever Ki Ki”. Jooheon ignored them as they bickered, that’s when he saw the boy from earlier enter the coffee shop, somehow even the way he walked annoyed Jooheon “Of course he comes to this coffee shop of all places.” mumbled Jooheon as he waved off his two friends so he could get back to work.

The one thing Jooheon hated to admit was that the boy was pretty, he had a slim figure and was around the same height as Jooheon. But right now wasn’t the time to think about that because he had to take the boys order, oh how he would rather die than have to take the order of this annoying kid but, he really needed the money and couldn't risk getting fired because of his pride.

“What would you like to order?” Jooheon put on his most professional face trying to hide the annoyance behind it.

“Uhmm, can I have a Caramel Macchiato!!” The boy loudly asks for his order and Jooheon can only sigh at the unnecessary enthusiasm the boy has “Sure, what will the name for this order be?” Jooheon grabs the cup “Lee Minhyuk, but most people call me Min!” Minhyuk smiles up at Jooheon not understanding how much he was annoying the barista. “Ok, one Caramel Macchiato for Minhyuk coming up.” Jooheon walks away to start making the drink while his friends laughed at him from a distance, “Of course not only am I in his class, but he comes to the coffee shop I work at and I have to make his drink.” Jooheon lets out a long sigh while finishing the macchiato.

“Drink for Minhyuk!” He waits for a minute waiting for Minhyuk to grab the drink but then he sees Minhyuk over talking to Kihyun and Hyungwon, not paying attention to Jooheon at all. “Lee. Minhyuk.” He calls once more, a little louder and Minhyuk runs up to the stand grabbing his drink from Jooheon, “Thank you!” Minhyuk smiles brightly again at Jooheon before going back with Kihyun and Hyungwon.

Jooheon is even more annoyed than before, and not just because Minhyuk is loud or doesn’t pay attention to things, it’s because of that damn smile.

-Over with Minhyuk, Hyungwon, and Kihyun

“Nice to meet both of you I’m Lee Minhyuk!! But you can call me whatever.” Minhyuk beams towards the two boys that he was introducing himself too, Minhyuk always loved meeting new people. Hyungwon and Kihyun both chuckle and introduce themselves as well “Hi I’m Hyungwon, nice to meet you.” Hyungwon smiled, Kihyun smiled as well “Nice to meet you I’m Kihyun, I hope we can become good friends.” Minhyuk beamed even brighter after he said that “Me too! Also, do you guys know who the barista is? I think he hates me.” Minhyuk ends the sentence with a small pout.

“Oh that Jooheon, don’t mind him he’s just a moody person” Kihyun decides not to tell Minhyuk that Jooheon thinks he’s annoying and loud, that Jooheons problem. “Oh, okay, well you guys seem super nice, we should hang out sometime!” Minhyuk goes back to his normal cheerful persona and both Kihyun and Hyungwon exchange numbers with him before Minhyuk rushes out, apparently he was late for a job interview.

“He’s actually kind of cute, I wonder why Jooheon hates him so much.” Kihyun sips his tea and looks at Hyungwon hoping that maybe he knew why. “Honestly, I don’t know why. But he seems super nice.” Both of them huffed and shook their heads at Jooheon.

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Chapter 2

Jooheon had made it through the first week of his senior year in college, and he wasn’t that happy about it. Everyone loved Minhyuk, he somehow was able to make his way into everyone's heart, even Jooheons friends loved him.

This made Jooheon dislike him even more because anytime he would complain about Minhyuk his friends would ignore him, the only thing on Jooheon’s side was the fact he didn’t have a roommate, or at least he thought he didn’t.

Minhyuk on the other hand, did his best to keep his distance from Jooheon, he didn’t understand why the younger would glare at him all the time and refuse to talk to him. His friends wouldn’t tell him why either, maybe the guy really was just moody, or maybe it was just him that made Jooheon moody, he really didn’t know. The only time he had to talk to Jooheon was when he was ordering coffee but they normally only exchanged one or two words of his order. It was bothering Minhyuk a lot deep down.

Jooheon got the news that he was going to get a new roommate before his 8:00 am class, the class he had Minhyuk in. So as you can imagine he was already annoyed and this just added to the pile of things he wanted to complain about but couldn’t.

Minhyuk was talking to Hyungwon and Kihyun and all Jooheon could do was sit there and try to ignore them. “I had to move dorms, apparently they’re doing construction around so they wanted us to move, I hope my new roommate is nice.” Minhyuk was talking quietly to the two but the second Jooheon heard him say that he felt his gut drop.

Hyungwon and Kihyun who knew Jooheon was getting a new roommate internally signed, they hoped for Minhyuk’s sake it wasn’t Jooheon, they both loved Jooheon but neither of them would want to live with him, they especially felt bad for Minhyuk if they were roommates, Joo could be really mean sometimes.

“I hope your new roommate is nice too Min.” Hyungwon raised his voice a tiny bit making sure that Jooheon knew he was talking to him too.

-After class

Jooheon was back at his dorm praying that his new roommate wasn’t going to be Minhyuk. After a few minutes he hears a knock on the door. This was the moment that he was dreading a lot.

Slowly Jooheon walks to the door and unlocks it, his face turns into a pout when he sees, of course, Minhyuk holding a small box of clothes and other items. He did look cute though, he hated admitting that to himself.

“Come in.” Jooheon doesn’t even pretend to be happy about his new roommate and Minhyuk can tell. The atmosphere is tense as both of them awkwardly stand there. “Well are you going to unpack? Your bed is to the left and the bathroom is through that door.” Jooheon says with a sigh and points to where he’s talking about. “Oh and don’t make a mess, I like my dorm being clean.”.

“Ok, thanks.” Minhyuk doesn’t smile like he normally does, instead he quietly puts his stuff down and starts unpacking. Jooheon can’t help but feel a tiny but bad for the way he acting, but he can’t help himself.

While Minhyuk goes to the bathroom to take a shower Jooheon calls Hyungwon, obviously to complain about his new predicament.

“Come on Hyungwon you have to at least agree with me a little bit that he’s annoying”

“I don’t agree with you, he’s your roommate now so you should at least give him a chance, I promise you he’s really cool when you get to know him”

“I don’t want to get to know him, I want him out of my dorm.” Jooheon snaps back at Hyungwon.

“Joo, just give him a chance.” and with that Hyungwon ends the call leaving a frustrated Jooheon

Minhyuk was standing at the door of the bathroom, he heard the last thing Jooheon said.

“Wow, he really does hate me.” Minhyuk opened the door and kept his head down while walking to his side of the room. If he just acts like everything is fine maybe Jooheon will stop saying mean things about him. He was confused about why he still wanted to know Jooheon and be his friend, something about Jooheon intrigued Minhyuk.

Jooheon just wanted his average life back without Minhyuk, when he’s around, Jooheon can’t help how he acts. He doesn’t want to be mean but he just gets so upset when Minhyuk hangs around his friends, or really when he does anything, and now he has to be around him more than he wanted to, maybe he should give Minhyuk a chance like Hyungwon said.

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Jooheon was confused. Over the past few days he's gotten used to Minhyuk being around him and he didn’t know if he liked it or not, Minhyuk would do things that bothered him all the time, like talk too loud, leave towels on the floor, but the thing that bothered Jooheon the most is that he never got mad. But then Minhyuk would also do things that Jooheon loved, like laugh, Jooheon loved his laugh, make the dorm more lively, Minhyuk was also an excellent chef. Jooheon had learned on the second night Minhyuk stayed at the dorm, and lastly Jooheon hated to admit it but he kind of liked having the company.

Even when Jooheon would say passive aggressive things to Minhyuk he would just shrug or fix whatever Jooheon would complain about. He never snapped back at him or complain about the things Jooheon did that annoyed him, and that frustrated the younger, how can he be mad at someone who would never get mad back.

“Minhyuk, could you please not eat my food. I literally bought that box yesterday.” Jooheon sighed and looked at Minhyuk who was, obviously, eating Jooheons cereal. “Im sorry, we didn’t have anything else, I promise I’ll buy you a new box.” Minhyuk smiled at Jooheon, how could he get mad at him, really.

Minhyuk was trying his best to get Jooheon to like him, he really was trying but he also couldn’t help he was a messy person. Minhyuk had his own way of doing things and maybe Jooheon would have to deal with that, and one of those things included realizing Minhyuk was going to eat his cereal, no matter what.

Kihyun and Hyungwon noticed something change within the two roommates relationship. Jooheon wasn’t complaining about Minhyuk as much, and he also would sit with them even when Minhyuk was around, usually Jooheon would walk away or completely ignore them all.

“Hey Joo, Hyungwon and Minhyuk are coming over to my apartment tonight, do you want to come, or are you gonna flake because Min is going?” Kihyun said half jokingly, half serious, he really hoped that if he got the two to actually hang out and have fun then all of the awkwardness between them would be gone. Plus he needed his wingman to be there while he talked to Hyungwon.

Jooheon lightly glared at Kihyun “Yeah I’ll go, you don’t have to be so mean.” Jooheon pouted, would it really be that bad if Minhyuk was there.

Jooheon went back to the dorm, Minhyuk was there too, he strangely was happy to see him there.

“Are you going to Kihyuns thing tonight?” Minhyuk asked while getting his school stuff out, something else Jooheon noticed about Minhyuk was that he acts dumb but he was actually really smart. Jooheon even had to ask Minhyuk for help on math, and that was a moment he was not proud of.

“Yeah, you?” He already knew the answer, he just wanted to hear Minhyuk talk.

“Yeah! I know Hyungwons going too, I hope it’s fun, I don’t get invited many places.” Minhyuk smiled again, he was obviously excited to be invited somewhere, that confused Jooheon.

How could someone who talks so much not be invited places? Jooheon let that go though, he didn’t want to make things awkward.

“Yeah, I’ve been trying to get Hyungwon and Kihyun together for years, tonight might be the night.” Jooheon chuckled, Minhyuk loved the sound. “Wait really?! They like each other?” Minhyuk gasped “I knew it.” Jooheon laughed and shook his head lightly “Do you see the way Hyungwon looks at him, i'm surprised Kihyun hasn’t realized already.”

Both of them laughed, Jooheon thought it was nice. Jooheon hated to admit that Hyungwon was right, giving Mihyuk a chance was by far the smartest thing Hyungwon had ever told Jooheon to do, second place to Hyungwon telling him that you can’t incubate an egg from the store.

After talking for a bit they both were getting more comfortable with each other and they even realized they had a lot of common interests. Minhyuk loved music, Jooheon loved making music.

Jooheon found out another thing about Minhyuk that night, he had an amazing singing voice.

Minhyuk had mentioned that he could sing and with much pleading from Jooheon he sang the chorus of Deans Instagram, and Jooheon was blown away, Kihyun would refer to it later as “whipped”.

By the time they had to leave to go to Kihyuns it had felt like they were talking for 5 minutes, something that scared Jooheon was that not once during their conversation did he get annoyed by Minhyuk at all.
On the way to Kihyuns, which was about a 15 minute walk he noticed that Minhyuk forgot a jacket.

“Take my jacket it’s going to be a little while before we get there.” Jooheon smiled lightly and stuck his jacket out for him to take. “No, you keep it, you’re going to get cold too.” Minhyuk pouted, no one ever offered him a jacket before, not even his ex. “Just take it.” Jooheon kept his hand out, when Minhyuk wouldn’t take it Jooheon ended up putting it around his shoulders anyways. Jooheon felt butterflies in his stomach but ignored them, he didn’t like Minhyuk, he was just giving him a jacket so he wasn’t cold, nothing romantic about that, right?

“Remember a jacket next time.” Jooheon went back to his original spot next to him. Minhyuk nodded his head lightly and held onto the jacket so it wouldn’t fall off. Maybe he liked Jooheon a little bit, just a little bit.

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The pair arrived to Kihyuns a little later than they thought, something about that walk changed their relationship a whole lot more than either of them would know at that moment, or rather acknowledge. It surprises people when Jooheon says he had never been in a serious relationship before, honestly Jooheons never liked someone like that, at least not in the way he liked Minhyuk. Minhyuk on the other hand had been in a serious relationship. It was toxic and left Minhyuk scared of love, he didn’t want to feel anything like that anytime soon, and it looked like Jooheon was going to make that hard for him.

Minhyuk took off Jooheon’s jacket, it smelled like roses and honey, Minhyuk’s two favorite scents. “Here’s your jacket, thank you.” Minhyuk spoke softly, he felt really small at that moment. “Keep it, you might need it again.” Jooheon smiled at Minhyuk and opened the door to Kihyun’s apartment.

Minhyuk groaned, he knew what he was feeling, and he didn’t like it.

“Well look who it is. What took you guys so long, I seriously thought you guys got into a car accident or something.” Kihyun rambled on about how long the pair took, Hyungwon just laughed at him and went to go grab them drinks “Calm down Ki, they’re only a few minutes late.” Kihyun pouted “Still.”

“You’re so cute” Hyungwon coos while handing Minhyuk and Jooheon a red solo cup with some sort of liquid in in. “Shut up you turtle.” Jooheon shook his head at his two best friends and looked at Minhyuk.

He took a second to admire how good Minhyuk looked, he didn’t know why but he started noticing small details about his features, like how his cheeks were a tinge pink from the cold weather and his eyes matched the color of his hair. He made a mental note to himself to remember that Minhyuk didn’t like the cold.

He was snapped out of his thoughts by a lightly buzzed Hyungwon.

“Yah come sit down!” Hyungwon threw an empty cup at Jooheon, missing, and accidentally hitting Minhyuk. Kihyun, of course, thought this was hilarious. He was slightly more buzzed than Hyungwon.

Minhyuk laughed then grabbed the cup, throwing in the trash and heading to the couch area, Jooheon followed.

“You guys really started the party without us?” Jooheon chuckled and looked at the two with a playful smirk, his main goal tonight was to get his best friends together.

Minhyuk obviously had to join in “I mean we can leave if you guys wanna be alone together…” Kihyun and Hyungwon both blushed and opened their eyes wide “W-why would you do that!” Kihyun quickly glanced at Hyungwon and saw he had the same expression. Hyungwon just downed his drink and went to go grab another one, once he left the room both Minhyuk and Jooheon were attacked by the smallest of the three. “I will beat both of your asses.” Jooheon fell on the floor laughing and Minhyuk followed after him.

Hyungwon re-entered the room to see his crush sloppily punching his friends, he really did love him.

“Don’t murder them, then we’d have to hide the bodies.” Kihyun got off of Minhyuk, who he was punching when Hyungwon entered the room, and pouted while going back to his spot on the couch.

Jooheon and Minhyuk eventually stopped laughing and sat on the couch opposite of the other two, closer than they were a second ago, neither of them really paid attention to it. “What games should be play?” Jooheon took a sip of his drink, gross.

All of them thought for a moment before Minhyuk piped up “Truth or dare?”

They all agreed, “Loser takes a shot, who goes first?” Hyungwon pointed at Jooheon “You” Jooheon winked at Hyungwon, this’ll be fun.

“Kihyun, truth or dare?” He sighed, he should have known inviting Jooheon over was a bad decision.

“Dare.” But Kihyun was feeling brave tonight, it was now or never.

“I dare you to sit on Hyungwons lap.” Jooheon smiled at his friend and tried his best not to laugh at the expression on his face, he knew Kihyun was going to scold him later for this. Hyungwon’s expression was something between surprise and hatred (towards Jooheon of course, he could never hate Kihyun). Minhyuk was dead, he didn’t expect Jooheon to be that bold so early in the game, I guess he had a mission.

Kihyun moved over to Hyungwon, surprisingly the two got comfortable real quick. It was Kihyuns turn to ask.

“Minhyuk, truth or dare?” Kihyun sharply looked at his new friend.

“Truth.” Minhyuk wasn’t that much of a dare person when he was sober.

“If you had to make-out with someone in this room, who would it be?” Minhyuk, unfazed by the question giggled, he knew what Kihyun was trying to do.

Jooheon interrupted before Min could answer “It’s obviously me.” Right after he said that he was attacked by empty red solo cups being thrown. “It’s not your turn!” Kihyun really needed to work on his anger issues.

“I would say Hyungwon, he’s got the thickest lips.” Jooheon playfully gasped, “I feel disrespected right now”

The game continued for a few more rounds, each round getting more intense because of the more they drank.

“Last round.” Hyungwon slurred his words as he pointed to Jooheon.

“Truth or dare?” Jooheon now feeling risky chose dare.

“I dare you to kiss someone in the room.” Hyungwon leaned back on the couch, Kihyun was barely awake, but he would have loved to see the look on Jooheon’s face.

Minhyuk was sure that Jooheon wouldn’t pick him, he thought he would pick Hyungwon as payback for daring him to do that, but he was wrong.

If Jooheon was sober he would take taken the shot, but at this moment he was far from that “Fuck it”

It went by in a flash for Minhyuk, he felt someone pull on his shirt, he closed his eyes. He felt Jooheons lips centimeters away from his, and he didn’t care.


The hand that had a grip on his shirt left as Jooheon picked up a trash can that Kihyun had moved closer to them once the game was at its peak. Jooheon vomited, oh how he loved being a college student. Hyungwon sighed, a little disappointed, and called an end to the game. Minhyuk, who didn’t know what else to do, patted Jooheon on the back, he really didn’t expect the night to turn out like this.

Hyungwon somehow was able to carry the recently blacked out Kihyun to his bedroom and then passed out next to him, young love. Minhyuk on the other hand got up and cleared off the couch of trash, he figured that the wouldn’t be able to walk home. Jooheon finished and put the trash can to the side, apologetically looking at Minhyuk. He could add this to the top 5 most embarrassing moments of his life, if he could remember it.

Jooheon fell asleep on the couch almost as soon as his head hit the pillow, not worrying that he had class the next day.

Minhyuk fell asleep shortly after him, confused and tired.

-The morning

Jooheon wasn’t proud to say that he couldn’t remember much from the night before, and he hopes no one else did either.

He woke up and saw that Kihyun had left 2 glasses of water, one of them was empty, and some advil for them of the coffee table, as well as a letter. Knowing Kihyun it was probably a list of chores for them to do while he’s gone, that boy would never skip a class to save his life.

Minhyuk was already awake, he was in the kitchen making breakfast, Jooheon couldn’t complain. Minhyuk was an amazing chef.

He slowly made his way into the kitchen. “Good morning.” his voice was hoarse, probably from all the yelling they did last night, not that he could remember.

“Good morning, how’s your head?” Minhyuk smiled at him while he scrambled some eggs. “I feel like a hammer is bashing in my skull, you?” Jooheon sat at the bar area that overlooked the kitchen. “I’m sorry, mines not that, I drank a lot of water after you guys fell asleep.” He pouted at the thought of Jooheon hurting.

“That’s good, Ki still went to class so he should be able to tell us what we missed.” Jooheon wanted to ask him if he remembered anything about last night, but for some reason his gut was telling him not to.

Minhyuk remembered everything, even though they didn’t kiss just the thought of it happening made butterflies appear in his stomach, he didn’t want this yet, he didn’t even think Jooheon liked him. He decided to think about this later, he didn’t want to accidentally say something he would regret.

“Ah, that's good, it would have been suspicious if all four of us skipped, that teacher hates me” They both chuckled as Minhyuk put all of the food on the counter.

Hyungwon stumbled into the kitchen after smelling the food “Can you guys talk quieter.” Hyungwon glared at both of them and grabbed a plate.

-The afternoon

Minhyuk and Jooheon both made their way back to their respective dorm after cleaning up Kihyun’s apartment, Hyungwon stayed behind to “finish cleaning”.

They walked home in silence, not the awkward silence from before, this time it was peaceful. They felt comfortable around each other, and Minhyuk still had Jooheon’s jacket, he didn’t know how it still smelled like roses and honey, but he loved it.

Jooheon noticed this too, he didn’t want his jacket back at all, it looked better on Minhyuk.

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-At Kihyuns Apartment after Jooheon and Min left

Jooheon and Hyungwon ate all of the food that Minhyuk made this morning, so Hyungwon decided that he would make lunch for Kihyun, I mean it couldn’t be that hard to make a sandwich.

Wrong. Hyungwon ended up burning a grilled cheese sandwich, the simplest thing that someone could make, and before he had time to cover the evidence Kihyun came home.

“Omg who’s burning something!” He was in trouble

Kihyun ran into the kitchen and saw Hyungwon sheepishly holding the pan with burning food “Sorry…” Kihyun couldn’t even get mad at him, he looked too cute.

Kihyun chucked and walked up to Hyungwon and grabbed the pan from him “It’s okay Wonnie, go sit down and let me make lunch.” Hyungwon had a small pout on his face but went to go sit down. There’s no point in trying to argue with Kihyun.

“Thank you Ki, do you think Minhyuk and Jooheon like each other?” Hyungwon watched Kihyun from the counter, he had to admit that Kihyun kinda looked hot while cooking. “Maybe, I mean Jooheon wouldn’t let me wear his jacket even if he had an extra one, also did you see the way he was looking at him when they first came over. I’ve never seen Jooheon look at anyone like that.” Kihyun glanced at Hyungwon “I mean really” Hyungwon nodded his head in agreement. “True true, speaking of people liking people...” Hyungwon didn’t know where his sudden confidence came from but he moved from his seat by the counter to in front of Kihyun. “What about it?” Kihyun spoke softly and backed himself up against the counter as Hyungwon moved closer. “Do you have something you want to tell me Ki?” Kihyun slowly shook his head no, he was trapped.

Hyungwon pouted “That's too bad, because I have something I want to show you.” Hyungwon wrapped his arms around Kihyun’s waist, he waited a moment to make sure that Kihyun wasn’t uncomfortable with this.

He definitely was okay with this.

Hyungwon leaned in closer to Kihyun, he was glad he was taller than the older. It made his confidence boost. Kihyun wrapped his arms around the others neck, he felt embarrassed he had to stand on his tippy toes, but that was the least of his worries. Both of them closed their eyes and felt the world around them melt away. They’ve both thought about this moment for as long as they’ve known each other, and it was finally here. Kihyun was the one that finally sealed the gap between them. The moment was perfect.

-Back to Jooheon and Min.

Both of them had skipped the classes for the rest of the day, they just didn’t feel like going.

“Do you want to go get boba?” Jooheon looked at Minhyuk who was searching the fridge for something to drink. “Yeah!” Minhyuk didn’t know if he was more excited at the thought of being around Jooheon or the boba, definitely the boba, definitely.

Jooheon chuckled and grabbed his wallet, the boba place was a little bit of a walk but he didn’t mind.

They got to the boba place, which was normally busy, and were happy to see that it was almost empty.

Jooheon ordered matcha green tea boba and Minhyuk got the strawberry one, cute.

“That’ll be $8” Jooheon took out his wallet to pay but not before Minhyuk could push Jooheon out of the way and give his card to the cashier. “Hey! I was going to pay.” Jooheon pouts and Minhyuk lightly pushes him again “A gentleman always pays for the lady.” He laughed and Jooheon pouted even more “I disagree, I think that the lady should pay for things too.” Jooheon folded his arms against his chest. The cashier was silently judging them and went to go make their drinks. “ Do you have work today?” Minhyuk hoped he didn’t “Ah why did you have to remind me, yeah I do.” His job wasn’t the worst, but it was boring. “Imagine having a job.” Jooheon was about to hit Minhyuk when the cashier came back with their drinks. “Thank you!” Minhyuk grabbed both of them and went to the table by the window.

“So, where are you from?” Minhyuk sits down and looks at Jooheon. “South Korea” He sarcastically answers and Minhyuk kicks him from under the table “Hey that hurt! Jooheon playfully glared at him and Minhyuk just smiled and shrugged “Daegu, you?” Minhyuk smiled at him “Gwangju!” he missed his home.

“That's where Hyungwon was born, what a small world” Jooheon took a sip of his boba and cringed, sometimes they make it too sweet.

“Do you not like it?” Minhyuk saw Jooheon cringe, he didn’t mind the matcha boba.

“It’s too sweet, it’s fine though” Minhyuk grabbed Jooheons drink and switched it with his “You can have mine, it’s not that sweet.” Minhyuk smiled at Jooheon and went on talking more. Jooheon took a sip of the strawberry one, he wondered if this is what Minhyuk’s lips would taste like.

“I wondered what happened to them after we left?” Minhyuk pondered for a moment, even though he hadn’t known Hyungwon and Kihyun for that long he definitely shipped the two.

“Either Hyungwon fell asleep on the couch or he finally got the courage to talk to Kihyun about it, they’ve had a crush on each other for at least 4 years, it was starting to get annoying third wheeling.” Jooheon sighed, he hoped that he wouldn't be left out if they became a couple.

“Ah well now you have me.” Minhyuk smiled brightly and tilted his head, he really was glad he had Minhyuk.

They rambled on for a while before the boba shop started getting busy. The cashier was giving them dirty looks so they decided to go back to the dorm. Jooheon had to go to work and refused to let Minhyuk walk him there since it was getting cold out, he didn’t want him walking alone on the way back.

Later at the dorm; Minhyuk is alone.

Minhyuk was at the dorm working on school work that he missed, it was boring without Jooheon so he decided to pass the time the best he could. After finishing his work he put on a k-drama, Jooheon wouldn’t watch them with him so he figured he would watch it now.

He heard a knock on the door which was weird, he didn’t think that Hyungwon or Kihyun were coming over? Maybe he didn’t see their text.

Minhyuk felt a bad feeling in his gut when he went to open the door, he was right.

“What are you doing here?” Fear struck his heart when he saw who it was, how did he find him.

“Why are you so mean baby, I came all this way to see you.” Changkyun smirked and entered the dorm. He shut the door behind him.

“Well, aren't you going to show me around?” Changkyun was the reason that Minhyuk didn’t want a relationship with anyone, he was the reason that he moved far from home, he was the reason he ran away.

“Get out.” Minhyuk was trying to hold himself together, Changkyun didn’t deserve to see him cry, not anymore.

“You know I’m not going to do that. Since you’re obviously not as excited to see me as I am to see you I’ll get to the point.” Changkyun chuckled, he had him exactly where he wanted him. “Why did you leave?”

Minhyuk had run away from his life with Changkyun, if he stayed with him he was going to go crazy. “You know why, now get out. Go back to where you came from and don’t ever talk to me again.” He spoke harshly, he had to be strong right now, otherwise he would fall into his trap.

Changkyun pouted, “I know, and I’m sorry, I came to apologize and take you home. This isn’t where you belong, I thought I was your home.” He looked at Minhyuk with a sorry expression, almost believable. “Stop. Get out. I don’t want to see you ever again.” He had to get him out of here.

“Okay, baby, I’ll come back later.” Changkyun put a piece of paper with his number on it on the counter “Here’s my number in case you need it. I’m sorry.” With that Changkyun took his leave, this was going to be harder than he thought, Minhyuk wasn’t a gullible child anymore.

“Don’t come back.” Minhyuk shut the door and locked it, right after that he fell to the ground. Only Changkyun could make him feel like he’s suffocating in an open space. He started crying.

Changkyun wasn’t even there for more than 5 minutes and Minhyuk was shattered.


Minhyuk left Changkyun many times before, and Changkyun would always win him back, it was an endless cycle that always ended with Minhyuk being hurt more and more, he was sure he was safe this time and out of his reach, but Changkyun always got what he wanted, and what he wanted was Minhyuk.

Minhyuk stayed on the ground for what seemed like an hour, he eventually forced himself to get up, he didn’t want Jooheon to ask questions or be worried, he wasn’t ready to share that part of his life with anyone.


Jooheon came back to the dorm a little later than he normally would, he had to work late today and didn’t have time to tell Minhyuk that he would be working overtime.

He came home to see Minhyuk laying in bed which was weird, he would normally wait for the other to come home before sleeping. Jooheon didn’t think much into it as he was exhausted from the night before. He immediately passed out when he got under his covers.

He didn’t hear the sniffles coming from under the covers on Minhyuk's side of the room.

Chapter Text

Changkyun had been watching Minhyuk for a while before he talked to him that night. He saw that his ex had been hanging around with a guy. The guy was tall and as far as he could tell, was hot too. He felt threatened by this guy, was Minhyuk moving on already? No, Minhyuk loved him.

He didn’t like sharing, Minhyuk was his and not anyone else’s, and he definitely wasn’t going to share him with a stranger.

Changkyun had to get rid of the boy that Minhyuk was around. He knew that if he wanted to get Minhyuk to himself he was going to have to get rid of the other one. It should be easy, all he had to do was play his cards right.


Jooheon felt something off in the dorm, it was strangely quiet. Normally when he woke up he would see Minhyuk in the kitchen dancing, cooking, or yelling at a k-drama. Jooheon used to find these things annoying, but now he kind of wished Minhyuk was doing all of those things right now, he liked Minhyuk’s chaos, even when it was a little much sometimes. Minhyuk was still under his covers, he had slept all the way till afternoon, that was unusual for him but since it was the weekend he figured Minhyuk was just catching up on his rest.

Jooheon checked his phone to see that it was spammed from text from Kihyun, and few from Hyungwon. He smiled while reading them, apparently him and Hyungwon were going out of town for the weekend, he was happy for his best friends but, ew, he didn’t need all of the info. At least he could spend that time with Minhyuk.

That’s when he heard the boy that had been on his mind all morning slowly was getting out of bed, Jooheon put his phone down and snuck up behind Minhyuk, who was sluggishly making his way to the kitchen.

“Good morning!!” Jooheon wrapped his arm around Minhyuk's shoulder, he expected Min to punch his shoulder and yell back. Instead, Minhyuk just softly pushed away from Jooheon, he wasn’t feeling well today.

“Please leave me alone.” Minhyuk hoped that Jooheon wouldn’t ask him anything more, he didn’t want to shut Jooheon out but right now he couldn’t let himself be vulnerable to anyone while Changkyun was here, he had to deal with him first.

“Are you okay Min?” Jooheon pouted and looked at Minhyuk, he couldn’t see his face because he was wrapped in his comforter.

“Yeah, I just feel sick today, maybe I caught a cold.” It was a good lie. A harmless one.

“Oh no, go back to bed, I’ll go get you some soup from the store.” Jooheon softly pushed Minhyuk back to his bed. “What kind do you want?” He felt bad for the boy but at least it was just a cold.

“Chicken noodle, thank you” He spoke softly.

Changkyun treated Minhyuk like this in the beginning of their relationship, he would make sure that he had whatever he wanted and Minhyuk couldn’t have been happier. Jooheon was different though, he would never hurt him, this wasn’t a relationship so he couldn't get hurt, at least not as much.

“Okay, don’t go anywhere and try to get some rest.” Jooheon pouted again and left for the store.

On Jooheon’s way to the store he felt like someone was following him, it was the middle of the day and the campus was a little busyier than usual. He pushed the thought into the back of his mind. It was probably nothing.

Minhyuk on the other hand felt bad for lying, now he was left in the dorm alone again while Jooheon went to go get him soup, he wasn’t even sick. Minhyuk sat up and grabbed his phone. He needed to sort this thing out with Changkyun before he came back to the dorm, he couldn’t imagine what he would do if Jooheon was there next time it happened.

Minhyuk took in a deep breath before dialing the number. He could do it.

“I knew you would call eventually.” Changkyun chuckled into the phone.

“I want you to leave, this isn’t going to be like the last time. I don’t love you anymore.” Minhyuk tried to sound as stern as he could.

“We both know that’s a lie, and I’m sorry to say it but we might have to talk later, I think I just ran into your boy toy, Jooheon is his name?” Changkyun felt threatened by the boy Minhyuk was getting close too, showtime.

No, not Jooheon, Changkyun could fuck up Minhyuk’s life but not Jooheons. “What are you talking about?” Minhyuk was worried, really worried.

“Maybe I should go talk to him, tell him all about our history together, wouldn’t you like that Min?” Changkyun had a plan to get Jooheon as far away from Minhyuk as he could and the key to that was making Jooheon think Minhyuk was a liar, that he was toxic.

“No stop, don’t talk to him, j-just stay away from him. I’ll do whatever you want.” He didn’t want Jooheon being dragged into this mess, if only he could outsmart Changkyun for once.

“Talk to you later Min.” Changkyun had a plan, and it looked like he was going to execute it perfectly.

After he hung up Minhyuk felt panicked, what if he hurt him? HE quickly got his things together, he had to go find them.

Jooheon had picked up the soup and was heading back to the dorm when he noticed a boy in a black hoodie watching him. He knew he felt someone following him. Jooheon wasn’t scared, he just felt uneasy. The boy started to approach Jooheon, maybe now he was getting a little bit scared. But, than the boy took off his hood and waved, this was weird.

He didn’t know if the boy was waving at him or not. At least until he came closer to Jooheon and spoke, his tone was friendly. “Hey, my names Changkyun, it’s nice to meet you.” Maybe he wasn’t so bad, Jooheon smiled and stuck his hand out to shake Changkyun’s. “Hi, I’m Jooheon.” Something about Changkyun was really interesting.

They ended up talking for a few minutes, Jooheon learned that Changkyun loved to rap, a secret passion of Jooheons.

Changkyun was good at what he did, he actually liked Jooheon as a person, it was too bad that he had to be involved with Minhyuk. They could have been good friends.

“ Do you go here?” Jooheon hadn’t seen him before, he wondered if maybe he was in one of his classes and didn’t notice.

“No, I actually came to visit my boyfriend, maybe you know him, I was going to surprise him at his dorm later but he never told me where it was.” The boy seemed innocent enough.

“That’s cute! What’s his name?” Jooheon smiled at him, he didn’t know that many people but maybe he could help him find the dorm.

Changkyun gave Jooheon another smile “His names Minhyuk, Lee Minhyuk.”

Chapter Text

Jooheon was shocked, there must be more than one Lee Minhyuk at this school, it couldn’t be his Lee Minhyuk. “I’m sorry I only know one and I don’t think he has a boyfriend…” Jooheon shrugged his shoulder, please don’t be his Minhyuk.

“You sure? He’s around your height with brown hair, he’s from Gwangju.”It was.

Jooheon was crushed, why would Minhyuk play with him like that when he had a boyfriend. He felt betrayed.”Uh yeah.. He’s my roommate, he actually has a cold...that's why I got him the soup, why don’t you just take it him, here's the dorm key.” He gave Changkyun the key and grocery bag, he just wanted to get away from the guy, and he definitely didn’t want to see Minhyuk, not right now, or really anytime soon.

“Thanks man, would it be weird if I asked you to stay somewhere else tonight, I mean it’s your dorm too so if you say no it’s fine?” Changkyun was just messing with Jooheon at this point, his plan was definitely working.

Jooheon felt like he was going to throw up “Sure...tell him I’m going to be at Kihyuns.” He figured he could stay there since they were gone for the weekend, he wasn’t going to go back to the dorm.

“Okay!” Changkyun smiled and waved at Jooheon while walking towards the dorm, now that he had Jooheon gone, at least for the moment he could get to Minhyuk.

At the dorm Minhyuk calmed down after a full blown panic attack, Changkyun was probably just messing with him right? He wouldn’t hurt Jooheon.

The door to the dorm open, only Jooheon had a key. He expecting to see Jooheon standing by the door holding the soup but instead he saw Changkyun.

Minhyuk was confused for a moment, but that confusion turned to concern, how did he get the key and know to get the groceries. What did he do to Jooheon?

“What did you do?” Minhyuk stood up out of his bed, he didn’t know what Changkyuns plan was, but he was going to be ready to fight if he needed to.

“Your little boy toy thinks that, me, your sweet boyfriend decided to pop up and surprise you, now it’s just me and you for the night.” He cooed and walked closer to Minhyuk.

Minhyuk was mad, no, he was much more than mad, he was furious.

“You’re not my boyfriend first of all, and why would you tell him that! What are you trying to do, I don’t want you!!” Minhyuk pushed Changkyun, he wasn’t one that normally got violent but he was done, Jooheon probably thinks Minhyuk was just playing with him that whole time.

Changkyun was surprised at the sudden outburst but quickly regained his balance and grabbed Minhyuk’s arms, pinning him to the wall. He was still stronger.

“Why are you being so rude, I saved you from him. We are meant to be together and he would just distract you from me.” Changkyun tightened his grip on Minhyuk’s wrist, not tight enough to leave a bruise, but definitely to leave a mark.

“You’re a psycho. We weren’t meant to be together back then, and definitely not now.” Minhyuk looked Changkyun in the eyes than kneed him in his area. He pushed Changkyun away before grabbing his and Jooheons phones and running. He needed to find Jooheon before he got caught.

The only place he knew to go was Kihyun’s. He ran as fast as he could, he knew that Changkyun could be following him but even if he wasn’t as strong as him, he was faster.

It started raining and all he was wearing was a t-shirt and black sweatpants. Great, he’s being chased by a psycho and now had to run in the rain without anything to stop him from getting wet. Not only that but he couldn't exactly remember where the apartment was, he hoped Joo was there. He had to explain himself to him, even if he wasn’t ready to yet he had too. Before Changkyun did something else to tear him and Jooheon apart.

He found his way to the apartment finally, he was soaked from head to toe in the icy cold water.

Jooheon was at the apartments, sulking around by himself, he thought him and Minhyuk really had something and it was pulled away from him in an instant.

That’s when he heard banging on the door. He wasn’t about to get himself murdered no matter how sad he was “Who is it?!!” He jumped off the couch and slowly moved closer to the door.

Minhyuk felt relief flood over him when he heard Jooheons voice. “It’s Minhyuk! Please let me in!” Jooheon reached to open the door but then stopped, “Why?” Jooheon was hurt. “Please I’ll explain once you let me in.” He felt like he was going to cry if Jooheon didn’t open the door.

Jooheon opened it to see the soaked Minhyuk, he gasped quietly and moved out of the way to let him in, he noticed that his wrists were red. “Min…” Something bad must have happened between him and his boyfriend. He shut the door after he stepped in and locked it, closing the blinds as well.

“What happened?” Jooheon spoke softly, even if he was upset and hurt because of Minhyuk he still cared about him.

Minhyuk was shivering “Him…” He wanted to explain more but he was about to freeze to death. “Oh, let’s get you into warm clothes before we talk more.” Jooheon looked at Minhyuk sadly and ran to Kihyuns room for any clothes, he ended up finding a pair of grey sweatpants and a black sweatshirt. He gave them to Minhyuk who went to go change in the bathroom.

Once Minhyuk was done he came out to see Jooheon making hot chocolate for them, why was he still being nice to him even after Changkyun told him those lies.

Jooheon hands Minhyuk a mug and they sit down at the counter. Jooheon wanted an explanation. Minhyuk took in a deep breath “First of all, I am sorry, I tried to text you but you left your phone at the apartment.” Jooheon sighed “It’s-” He was cut off by Minhyuk “Second of all that is not my boyfriend, that is my ex, he hurt me a lot in the past and can’t accept the fact I have moved on, he took everything from me and now he’s trying to take you and my life here away. I’m sorry.” Minhyuk looked down, he was disappointed that he let this happen, now Jooheon was dragged into the mess of his life.

Jooheon felt like shit, he was the one that gave Changkyun the key to the dorm and Minhyuk got hurt because of it. “I’m so sorry Min I should have known…” Jooheon should have known that the guy wasn’t Minhyuk’s boyfriend, I mean it's something he would have imagined Min would have told him.

Minhyuk started crying, it started off softly and then escalated. Jooheon wrapped his arms around Minhyuk while he cried, he was going to kill Changkyun for doing this to him.

After a few minutes Minhyuk lifted his head from Jooheons chest, “I’m sorry I got your shirt wet…” Jooheon smiled at him and shook his head “I don’t mind, do you want to go watch a movie?” Minhyuk smiled up at him, Jooheon moved his arms that were around Minhyuk and grabbed onto his hand as he led him into the living room.

They cuddled up next to each other and watched Minhyuk’s favorite movies for the rest of the night, for a minute before he fell asleep he forgot about all his worries, it was just him and Jooheon.

Chapter Text

Minhyuk woke up wrapped tightly in Jooheon’s arms, this something that he could never get used too, and he wished he could wake up every day like this, whenever he was with Jooheon he felt genuinely happy.

Of course all good moments had to come to an end, and he knew that he would have to sort everything out with Changkyun eventually. At least he had Jooheon to help him through it, but he wanted to enjoy the moment right now without thinking about his problems.

Minhyuk closed his eyes and drifted back to bed, he didn’t want to wake up yet, just a few more minutes couldn’t do any harm.

Jooheon woke up a few hours later from the light was seeping into the living room, he wished every morning was like this, he had Minhyuk right here, in this moment they were together. He did his best to slip away from the sleeping Minhyuk without waking him, he needed the extra sleep from all that happened last night, and went into the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal.

He wanted to kill Changkyun for making Min feel that way, not only that but he also felt violated that he had been watching them, how long had Changkyun been spying on them waiting for the right moment to split them apart, what had happened if Jooheon wasn’t at Kihyun’s that night or couldn’t find his what there. What if he tried to hurt them again. He was too deep in thought to hear Minhyuk sneak up behind him.

“Good Morning!!” Minhyuk wrapped his arms around Jooheon and back hugged him, he was glad Minhyuk was back to his usual self, he missed the glow he gave off even if it was only gone for a day.

“Yah!” He jumped a little, startled from the loud noise and chuckled before turning around so he was facing Minhyuk. “Good Morning. I made an extra special breakfast for an extra special person.” Jooheon playfully winked at him before pointing to the box of honey bunches of oats.

Minhyuk smiled and shook his head “Oh wow it even has almonds, thank you.” He pulled his arms away from Jooheon and went to go get himself a bowl.

“I know, I’m great.” Jooheon smiled at him one more time and then left to go get changed for the day.

Minhyuk thought Jooheon was more than just great, he thought he was perfect.

Minhyuk changed into clothes from Kihyun’s dresser, he hoped the other wouldn’t be mad when he got back from his trip. After changing he went back into the living room and waited for the Jooheon.

Jooheon threw his clothes in the washer and leaned against the doorway between the living room and kitchen “What do you want to do today?” Minhyuk looked up from the couch, Jooheon looked really good in black.

“Do you want to go go-carting?” He hoped Jooheon wouldn’t think it was a dumb thing to do, whenever he asked Changkyun to go with him he would be shut down instantly and called childish. Apparently he was an adult now and he should be doing adult things for fun, fuck that, he wasn’t with Changkyun anymore.

“Hell yeah, it’s a date.” Jooheon grabbed his wallet and went to go call an uber, he really wished he owned his own car but he didn’t need one since Kihyun owned his own, but of course they were gone for the weekend.

While Jooheon did that Minhyuk was getting his shoes on, he wanted to think it was an actual date.

-Arcade place

The pair walked into the go-carting area, Jooheon had noted that it also had an arcade game area, sweet.

“Can we do the go-karts firstttt.” Minhyuk grabbed Jooheon’s hand and pulled him towards the stand. “Fine but then I’m winning you something from the claw machine.” Jooheon smiled and paid for the tickets. “I’m going to destroy you at this.”

“You will not.” Minhyuk playfully glared at him, they were racing against each other and some other kids.

“1…..2…..3!” The whistle blew and they both pressed the gas pedals. “Loser does the dishes!” “Deal!!”

Minhyuk was in front of Jooheon for the first two laps, then when they turned the corner Jooheon passed him. He blew a kiss at Minhyuk before going past the finish line.

“I let you win.” Minhyuk pouted and folded his arms against his chest after getting out of the go-kart, Jooheon though the looked extra cute, his hair was all messed up and his cheeks were flushed red. “I know.” He knew that he won fair and square but he couldn’t argue with Minhyuk when he looked like that. “We can rematch later, now we go to the claw machine.” Minhyuk stop pouting and nodded his head, they went to the Pokemon one. Minhyuk pointed to the squirtle “I want that one.”

Jooheon got it on the first try.

The two played a few more rounds of go-carting and arcade games. Obviously Jooheon was good at everything in there but he let Minhyuk win more times then him so the boy would be happy and stop complaining that the machines were broken whenever he lost.

After they were done they went to a karaoke bar, what could go wrong?

“I haven’t been to karaoke in so longgg” Minhyuk walked down the hall to the small karaoke room, the last time he had gone were with his friends Wonho and Shownu, they are people he had to leave behind when he ran away, he wondered how they were doing.

“I went with Hyungwon and Kihyun last summer and couldn’t talk for a week, it was terrible.” He cringed at the memory and turned on the tv that had the lyrics of songs, they ordered some drinks, who wants to karaoke sober?

“You go first.” Minhyuk leaned back in the chair and waited for Jooheon to pick a song, he hadn’t heard him sing before, so who knows maybe he was good.

Jooheon chose a rap. Minhyuk didn’t know he could rap?

“You’re about to be amazed.” Jooheon smiled and started the song, his whole persona changed. Jooheon was spitting out bars faster than his heart was being, and at that moment was quite fast on it’s own. Jooheon had a talent for rapping, he couldn’t turn it into a career, it was too risky.

Once the song was over Minhyuk stood to give him a standing ovation, “Wowwww I didn’t know you could do that, what other talents are you hiding from me?” Minhyuk gulped the rest of his drink and took the mic from Jooheon.

“Just a few if you want me to show you tonight.” Jooheon winked again, alcohol made him flirty, Minhyuk’s cheeks flared bright red, luckily the room was a little dark so he hoped Jooheon wouldn’t see. “You’re turnn.”

He chose the twice song fancy and did the choreography with it, alcohol made Minhyuk a living meme, and Jooheon was on the floor laughing.

The night went on like this, progressively the songs got louder and the lyrics more slurred. They sang all the way until their time was up. Both of them were a little more than just tipsy, they got a uber to take them home, they didn’t think they could walk that far.

Once they got home the atmosphere changed a lot.

“I have a serious question.” Minhyuk slurred his words and held onto Jooheon so he
wouldn’t fall.

“What is it?” Jooheon tripped on his way to the couch, making Minhyuk and himself tumble to the ground.

They both started laughing again, after a minute they calmed down and Minhyuk asked what he meant to say for a long time but didn’t have the guts too.

“Do you like me?” He looked back at Jooheon who had stopped laughing, this was a terrible idea why did he ask that, was he stupid of course Jooheon didn’t like him like that, they were just friends.

“No” Jooheon looked down, Minhyuk felt his heart break, he got up to go to the bathroom, he didn’t want Jooheon to see him cry for the second night in a row.

Jooheon grabbed Minhyuk’s hand before he could walk away, he pulled him closer to him lightly, not wanting to hurt the other one.

“I think I love you.” Jooheon wrapped his arms around Minhyuk’s slim waist and kissed him, Minhyuk was shocked for a moment before kissing back, it was sloppy from the alcohol but it was the most love Minhyuk had felt in a long time so he savored every moment.

And Jooheon was right, Minhyuk’s lips did taste like strawberries.

Chapter Text

They both reluctantly pulled away from each other, neither of them had expected this to happen, Jooheon didn’t even know where the confidence came from. But both of them were more than glad that it did. When Minhyuk’s pulled away his eyes were wide and he was short of breath, Jooheon looked like he was on cloud nine, he was an almost dazed expression on his face.

Jooheon had never told anyone he loved them, besides Kihyun and Hyungwon of course, but this was a different kind of love. He wanted to be around Minhyuk all the time, even when Minhyuk annoyed him he wouldn’t change it for the world. He was his home, and his home was where his happiness was, with Minhyuk.

Minhyuk had of course been in a relationship and at one point he did love Changkyun, but his was completely different, Jooheon never made him feel sad or made him feel that his feelings were invalidated. What he had with Jooheon right now was honest love, it wasn’t forced or based purely on sex or popularity, it was something that made him feel good about himself, not dirty. He was a broken person on the inside when he came to this school, he had nothing and knew nobody. Now he had something here that was his, he had friends, he had Jooheon.

When he looked in Jooheon’s sleep eyes he could have sworn he saw the stars in them. Jooheon broke the silence.

“What are we?” It wasn’t a dumb question, Jooheon wanted to be with Minhyuk but he knew that the other might not be ready for that, and if Minhyuk didn’t even want that kind of relationship than he would do his best to not pressure the older one. The last thing he wanted to do was pressure Minhyuk into doing anything.

“Maybe we could try it out? You know, us?” Minhyuk chuckled, he thought that this was perfect, he wanted to take things slow, because in the end if everything crashed and burned at least they would get their slower. He wanted to be able to preserve their relationship for as long as he could.

Jooheon paused for a moment to make sure he heard him correctly and then smiled at Minhyuk “I think that’s a good idea.” Jooheon smiled into the kiss, it wasn’t as sloppy the second time but it was just as perfect. Jooheon was on cloud nine, maybe if he met Minhyuk earlier in life he could have had the boy avoid all the situations that hurt him, but that wasn’t the situation they were living in so now all he had to do was be there for Minhyuk when he needed him too. They could be in their own euphoria.

They chuckled and pulled away again before Minhyuk grabbed Jooheon’s hang and headed to the couch, he was tired after the long day they had.

After a few hours of watching TV together, and Jooheon stealing a few kisses from Minhyuk, their buzz’s wore off and they decided to head back to the dorm. Changkyun was probably gone by now and they knew a way to sneak into the dorms without being seen in case he was watching. They were tired of sleeping on Kihyun’s couch, and Jooheon refused to sleep in the bed after reading Kihyun’s text about him and Hyungwon together, gross.

The walk back was cold, Minhyuk was rubbing his hands together to create some heat, at least until Jooheon grabbed his hand to hold it. Minhyuk felt warm on the inside and his cheeks were bright rednow, oh the things Jooheon could do to him.

Once inside the dorm they both cuddled under the covers in Jooheon’s bed. The two might not have been worrying about anything at the moment, but they should have been, Changkyun was far from done.


Jooheon woke up from the sun shining through the blinds, he stretched his arm out and reached for Minhyuk just to feel that the boy had gotten up already from under the covers. Jooheon figured he was either in the shower or cooking, he slowly moved out of his bed and into the kitchen when he heard the other one humming a sweet melody.

Jooheon tried to sneak up behind him but he was caught by the other before he could do it. “Good Morning!!” Minhyuk wrapped his arms around Jooheon’s neck and kissed him on the cheek quickly, cute. He chuckled and pulled Min closer “Good morning, Hyungwon and Kihyun come back today so we might be obligated to have them come over and tell us about their “romatic getaway”.”Minhyuk shook his head lightly and smiled, the pair were really cute together. “Bet you’re going to hear about it all month.” “All year.” Jooheon sighed and hopped up to sit on the counter to watch Min cook.

Mihyuk rolled his eyes playfully at him “They’re cute let them be.”.

He was just about to mix the pancake mix together when he realized that they ran out of milk. Shit, how was he supposed to make pancakes without milk.

“I’ll be right back can you watch the eggs, I just need to go to the store and pick up some milk.” Mihyuk gave Jooheon the spatula and grabbed his jacket. Before Jooheon could offer to go instead Min was out the door, he was serious about his cooking. Jooheon had burnt the eggs within the first 3 minutes of Minhyuk being gone.

The walk to the store didn’t take long because he knew the way by heart now, he had been a few times to pick up the occasional toblerone or two, or three...He was on his way back when he felt a weird feeling in his gut, the last time he felt like this he was met face to face with Changkyun. He hoped this wasn’t what he was feeling this time, he didn’t want to deal with that right now.

Minhyuk sped up his walking though when he felt someone walking closely behind him, he was probably just being paranoid. He took a shortcut through an alley between dorms so he could get there faster, if the person was still following him now than he knew something was wrong, and they did. He heard the person stop walking in the alley.

“You really thought I was gone?” Minhyuk dropped the bag and turned around, it was Changkyun. He gasped and started running but not before the other could grab him. Minhyuk was struggling so Changkyun knocked his head against the wall making him knockout, he wasn’t bleeding luckily. Changkyun never intended to hurt Minhyuk at all, at least not physically, but Minhyuk was a fighter now and he wasn’t going down without a fight so sometimes Changkyun had no choice but too.

He pulled Minhyuk out of the alley and into his car before driving away, they were going home.

Jooheon was still at the dorm drinking the cheap coffee him and Min had bought the night before, waiting.

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Jooheon was getting really worried, it had been 45 minutes since he left and the store was only 5 minutes away, it shouldn’t be taking him this long to just get milk. What if Changkyun had found him and did something? Jooheon pushed those thoughts to the side, it was the middle of the day and people were out so he should have been pretty safe even if Changkyun was there.

His phone started buzzing, assuming it was Minhyuk he answered without looking at the caller idea. “So eager to answer huh? Well, guess I’ll get straight to the point then. You took something of mine, so I had to take it back.” Changkyun clicked his tongue knowingly from the other side of the phone. He had Minhyuk back, and he wouldn’t let Jooheon take him again.

“Let him go, he isn’t mine, he doesn’t belong to anyone, and especially not you. Don’t you dare hurt him.” Jooheon spoke in a low, dark tone.

“Cute, if you care about him so much then stay away, the more you try to get him the more he will get hurt, and we don’t want that, do we?” Changkyun chuckled, Jooheon wanted to kill him, but he wasn’t a killer, so he would have to Minhyuk back by finding him.“He’ll never love you and you know that.” Jooheons voice was getting more serious everytime he spoke, he was done playing games.

Changkyun stopped laughing, Jooheon was testing him. “That doesn’t matter to me, he will eventually accept my love, and he won’t ever get the opportunity to love you either. “ Jooheon was disgusted listening to him, he wanted to hang up but he had to find out where they were going first.

“Where are you taking him?” Changkyun knew better than to give him an exact response, he really didn’t want the boy to come looking for them. “Home.” With that he hung up the phone, Jooheon would never be able to find them, and he could take Min back to where he belonged.

Jooheon was panicking, where was this “home” he was taking him. It could be anywhere, he didn’t even know where Minhyuk was from, wait, yes he did. The same place Hyungwon grew up. He picked up his phone and called Hyungwon. It took a few times but he finally answered. “Wherewereyouborn?” He spoke fast, he didn’t have time for this. Hyungwon took a moment to figure out what Jooheon said “I was born in Gwangju, why?” Jooheon didn’t answer and just hung up, he could explain later.

He grabbed his wallet and ran out the door with nothing else, he was going to find Minhyuk. The train station wasn’t far from where he was, he ran. He got on the train for Gwangju without a second thought, even if he was wrong he had to try. Gwangju was a big area, and he didn’t know where exactly he was going, and there were hundreds of families that were named Lee.

He felt hopeless, but then he remembered something that Minhyuk had mentioned once, two people names who went by Shownu and Wonho. Maybe if he found them then he would be able to find out more about where he could be.

The train didn’t take that long but when he got off he felt lost, he didn’t even know where to begin. He should have thought about it before hopping on a train into another city. Jooheon was filled with determination though and wasn’t about to give up yet.

He went to a coffee shop that was right outside the train and sat down at one of the tables, he needed to find out who those two guys were and where they were at. He tried googling them at first, nothing showed up for Shownu, maybe that was because it was a nickname. He tried Wonho next, nothing. He tried that on almost all of the social media platforms in existance and nothing was showing up.

He sighed and put his head down against the table, he failed. How was he supposed to get him back when he didn’t even know where to start?

“Are you okay?” A muscular man with blond hair looked at Jooheon concerned, I think he was the barista. “Yeah I’m fine.” Jooheon didn’t mean to snap at him but he did, he was just frustrated. The barista sighed “My names Wonho, if you need anything tell me.” The man quickly walked away from the obviously grumpy Jooheon, wait what’d he say his name was.

Jooheon quickly got up from his seat and chased after the man, obviously scaring him in the process. “Excuse me but what’s your name?” The man looked confused for a second and then pointed to his nametag “Wonho, why?”

Jooheon stared at him in shock “Do you know anyone names Lee Minhyuk.” Wonho looked down at his feet “Not anymore. Now excuse me.” He tried walking away but Jooheon grabbed him “His ex kidnapped him and I’m trying to find out where he is, please.” Jooheon was begging at this point, Minhyuk had made a place in his heart and without him he didn’t know what’d he do. Wonho’s expression darkened, he knew about Changkyun, and he knew that’s why Minhyuk had to leave everything behind, he hated Changkyun for that.

“Let’s go.” Wonho spoke in a low tone as he took off his aperon and set it on the counter, the man working with Wonho gave him a small nod as the other one checked out of work to go with Jooheon. “How do you know Minhyuk.” Wonho had never heard him talk about a ‘Jooheon’ before. “I met him at our college, he is my roomate.” Jooheon pouted, he hoped that Wonho knew where to go, he needed his Min back.

“I see, how did Changkyun find him.” Wonho was walking fast towards the parking lot and Jooheon was having a hard time keeping up “I don’t know, he just showed up one day saything that he was his boyfriend and wanted to take him home.” Wonho sighed, he knew what Changkyun meant by home, it was where him and Minhyuk had stayed for about 2 years while they were dating on and off. They got to Wonho’s car and they both hopped in.


Minhyuk slowly woke up with his head feeling like shit, where was he. He was blindfolded and his arms were tied together tightly by a piece of cloth. It was dark and he couldn’t see anything around him, he felt vulnerable. He knew he was in a car though from the sound of other cars passing around him. He remembered where he was now, Changkyun took him.

He started panicking and banging anything around him, if only he could see what was around him, he did this for a couple of seconds before he felt someone's hand grabbing at him “Stop moving so much you’re going to hurt yourself.” Minhyuk didn’t stop. He wanted to get out of there. He was able to get the blindfold off and he looked around the car frantically, the windows were tinted so no one could see inside of it. Changkyun was in the front seat trying to drive with one hand and stop Minhyuk from breaking anything with the other.

“Let me go, this isn’t my home.” The more he said it the more he wished that Changkyun would finally get it through his head, but everytime he said it the other only got more determined to get what he wanted. “That’s not going to happen baby, get some more rest we still have some ways to drive.” Changkyun pouted at the boy in the back seat and then handed him a bottle of water, “Don’t ever call me baby.” Minhyuk sharply spoke and took the water bottle from him quickly, he was really dehydrated and didn’t even think for a second that something would be wrong with the water. But after the first sip he knew that something tasted weird

A few seconds later he passed out.

-Wonho and Jooheon

Wonho and Jooheon were in the car, the atmosphere was cold and Jooheon didn’t know what to say to the other. “How long did you know Minhyuk?” Jooheon didn’t know what else to say. Wonho sighed deeply “I knew him since we were little, it was me, Shownu, and Minhyuk, and then later came Changkyun. We were all best friends before they started dating, and then Minhyuk started to pull away from us saying that if he hung out with us too much he would be in trouble. Then they broke up and Minhyuk went back to being himself, and then they got back together.” Wonho paused for a moment to get his thoughts together, it was hard for him to think about those times. “Every time they got back together Minhyuk would be pulled away more before finally he had to cut us off, not long after that he ran away from home, some of the rumors that went around said he was dead.”

Wonho looked like he was about to cry but he quickly pulled himself back together, now was not the time to dread on the past. Jooheon on the other hand was shocked, it was a lot to take in, how could Minhyuk be so happy and cheerful even after going through all of that?

They went back to sitting in silence, neither of them wanted to talk anymore anyways. That was until they pulled up to a large house, almost like a mansion. “We’re here.”

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Minhyuk- (A few hours before)

Minhyuk was confused, he didn’t remember anything after he passed out. All he knew was that when he woke up he was in a large bed. The room was dark and he couldn’t see much but he knew exactly where he was, it was his room that he stayed in before him and Changkyun were dating. Minhyuk easily found his way to the bathroom and turned on the light, his skin was unmarked but the did have a bump on his head, his clothes were changed into an over sized sweatshirt but he still had on his sweatpants from before. That made him feel a little bit better on the situation he was in.

Minhyuk made his way down the stairs, not bothering to be quiet, he knew the way out but it would be pointless trying to leave until he had a plan. Changkyun would just come back and get him if he ran, he had to be smarter than him, one step ahead, maybe if he played Changkyun's game the way he wanted him too than he would be able to get out of there sooner, it might mean doing things he didn’t want to do but he was going to do about anything to be able to get out of there.

“Good afternoon.” There Changkyun was, smiling at him, for a second, just a second Minhyuk felt like the other was sincerely smiling at him, like the way things were before he turned bad. It was only a second he thought this was, he was going to stick to his plan, so he smiled at the other softly.

“What did you make?” Minhyuk spoke sweetly, not too sweetly though, Changkyun was smart and would figure out what he was up too if he wasn’t careful, he had to be casual. But even that small action made the other shocked he expected that Minhyuk would yell or trying to leave. He didn’t stayed shocked too long and answered “I made your favorite, waffles with strawberries on the side.” He looked proud of himself for making the food.

“Oh, thank you, you didn’t have to do all that.” Minhyuk looked down, Changkyun was the one that taught him how to cook, it was some of the best nights that they spent together cooking, he didn’t want to think about the good times anymore.

“I wanted too, for you.” Changkyun smiled again, Minhyuk couldn’t deny that he was handsome, he followed Changkyun into the kitchen, it looked the same as it did the day he left. They had pictures of them together on the fridge, Changkyun even left the letters that they wrote to each other on the fridge as well. All of the baking things that he bought Changkyun were still in their places on the counter.

He had most of his belongings here, the house was him home, he spent enough time here it would be stupid to say it wasn’t. But it didn’t feel like his home anymore, or did it? Minhyuk shook his head at his thoughts, this wasn’t his home, he had to get back to his real home, Jooheon.

Changkyun noticed the other looked deep in thought, “Are you okay?” He lightly tossed a strawberry at Minhyuk’s head, before it hit him the other swatted it away.

“Yeah sorry, just thinking.” He gave him an assuring nod so he wouldn’t be asked anymore questions. “But can I have my phone?” He tilted his head slightly and did his best to look innocent, Changkyun hesitated before answering. “No, you’re just going to call that boy aren’t you?” Changkyun pouted and set the food down on the island, he then leaned against the counter facing Minhyuk and folded his arms against his chest.

Minhyuk sighed and put his head down “I was just going to tell him that I’m okay.” He played with his fingers, I was a habit he did when he got nervous, he only ever did it around Changkyun though.

Changkyun walked back to Minhyuk and put his hand over the others to stop him from focusing on that and lifted his chin up so he was looking at Minhyuk’s eyes “Don’t worry about that I already told him you were okay, you can get your phone back soon. Now eat something.” Minhyuk felt something flutter in his chest when Changkyun touched him, he didn’t know if it was nervousness or disgust, maybe a mixture of both. But he knew for sure he was starving and he wasn’t about to let the food go to waste, no matter who made it.

Changkyun chuckled at Minhyuk and sat next to him, he might act all tough but he actually had a really soft spot for the other, even if he was the one to hurt him. His plan to get Minhyuk back simply involved making him happy, if he could do that then the rest would be easy.

Changkyun cleaned up after they were done and Minhyuk went to go take a shower.

Instead of going to the bathroom he snuck into Changkyun’s room, maybe he could find his phone and text Jooheon. When he opened the door, he went to the side table where Changkyun keeps all important things. He slowly opened it up making sure not to make any noise, the last thing he wanted was being caught in here even after he was doing so well. He didn’t want to think about what would happen.

Shit. The dresser was empty, he looked in the rest of the drawers, he was getting really anxious now that he couldn’t find it, this might be his only opportunity to look.

Finally- He opened the bottom drawer, there was his phone, and something else, a card with a box of his favorite chocolates under it. Minhyuk hesitantly picked up the card.

He read what was written on the inside. “Ah Min, I can’t explain how sorry I am, I have done a lot of bad things and I know that you might not forgive me for all of them. But, I just want you to know that I have had time to think about you after you left. You’re the only person I love, or will ever love and I didn’t realize that until a few weeks ago. I just want you to know that I won’t keep you here if you want to leave, I knew that you weren’t going to give me a chance if I tried to talk to you with him around, I apologize for this selfish act, you probably feel scared and confused right now because of me. If you do forgive me or think that I deserve another chance please tell me. I will do everything to earn you back. I will always love you Min.” -Changkyun

Tears brimmed the edges of his eyes, his emotions were all over the place right now. Changkyun never was that much of an emotional person, even during their anniversaries the other struggled to say much. He put the letter back where it was, he still had the phone in his hand.

He put it back too, he wanted to figure out what he was feeling before he texted Jooheon, that would just confuse him more. He took a step back and looked around. The pictures on the wall of them, he had everything here, almost his whole life was here. He shut the drawer and quietly took another step back away from the dresser, he wanted to forget everything that was written in that note, the other didn’t deserve a second chance, obviously. But then why was he feeling so conflicted with himself, why did he put the phone back.

Before he turned around to leave the room he felt his gut drop, Changkyun was leaning against the frame of the door, holding roses. He smiled slightly at Minhyuk, who was wiping the tears away from his eyes. He wasn’t ready to be vulnerable in front of him yet. “What’d you think of it Min? Can you give me another chance?”


-Wonho and Jooheon ( Present time, ending of last chapter)

It was late darker in the evening when they got there, Wonho told Jooheon not to bother calling Minhyuk since he wouldn’t have his phone and that wanted to show up without Changkyun knowing, who knew what would happen to them.

Wonho knew the side entrance, Changkyun also learned that he was very skilled at unlocking doors. “Stand back.”

Wonho worked his magic and in seconds the lock was undone. “Okay, so upstairs and to the left is where room is, downstairs is the living room and all of that, I’ll look for Minhyuk, you look for Changkyun. If we can get Minhyuk out of here without him knowing that would be ideal.” Wonho spoke sternly to him, Jooheon couldn’t help but feel like Wonho had to so this before, and he didn’t like that. “Okay.” There wasn’t much time for conversation after they opened the door.

They both snuck into the kitchen, they were stealthy, there was some noise coming from the living room, Wonho nodded at Jooheon and he made his way up the stairs while Jooheon went to investigate the sound. It sounded like the TV.

As he was walking he felt like this was a real rescue mission, Minhyuk was probably terrified. Jooheon wanted nothing more than to have Minhyuk in his arms right now.

Jooheon gasped lightly at what he saw in the living room. He dropped his phone he was holding in case Wonho needed to text him.

Changkyun and Minhyuk were in the living room, they were watching a k-drama together. Minhyuk was leaning against Changkyun's chest, he was covered in a blanket and Changkyun was playing with his hair. Jooheon stared at them.

“What the fuck.”

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Jooheon looked at them both, this was what he never expected to see. Minhyuk quickly got up and looked at him in shock “J-Jooheon? How did you…?” Before he could answer his question Wonho walked into the room.

“What is going on?” Wonho glared at Changkyun, he hated him with his whole soul.

Changkyun chuckled “Me and Min were just catching up on a few things.” He wrapped his arm around Minhyuk’s waist and pulled him closer. Minhyuk put his head down, he didn’t want to see the look on either of their faces.

Jooheon felt betrayed, he was about to give up everything to get him back and now he was looking at the love of his life with someone else. “Is that true?” His voice was cracking as he spoke.

Changkyun looked at Minhyuk waiting for him to answer, Minhyuk slowly lifted up his head and regretted it. Jooheon looked disappointed and it broke his heart. “Yeah...just talking that’s it.” That was a lie and they all knew it.

“Than why didn’t you call me and tell me that.” Jooheon went from upset to mad.

“I-I was-” Changkyun interrupted him. “We were busy doing something, you can leave now, thank you for being a good friend of his.” Changkyun smiled at Jooheon and then turned to Wonho “And for you, I appreciate the thought but Min doesn’t need you in his life anymore.”

“If he didn’t need me in his life anymore he can tell me that, not you.” Wonho wasn’t going to let Minhyuk be dragged down like this, but if it’s what Minhyuk wanted there is not much he can do.

Minhyuk looked at Wonho with sad eyes “I’m okay, don’t worry about me.” He didn’t need Wonho to be dragged into this again, once they sort things out than everything will be okay.

“You’re okay? You can’t even look at me, you’re not okay, you ran away from home.” Changkyun was glaring at Wonho, Jooheon was leaning against the wall watching the scene play out. Minhyuk didn’t know what to say. “Can I talk to them alone Kyun?” Minhyuk lightly pushed himself away from Changkyun and he nodded. “Okay, I’ll be in the other room.” He kissed Minhyuk on the cheek before walking away, passing Jooheon on his way and making sure to give the other a smug grin.

“Minhyuk what’s going on.” Jooheon walked closer to him. Minhyuk stepped away.


“I can’t explain, he told me things could be different, this is my home.” Minhyuk felt tears brimming in his eyes but he didn’t want to let them fall.

“But what about us Min, what about everything we’ve been through.” Jooheon felt himself start to tear up, Wonho decided to deal with Changkyun while the other two were talking things out. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m stuck. I’m not good enough for you Joo, this is my life and you deserve better.” Minhyuk let a few tears slip out while he was talking.

“That’s not true at all, come back with me and we can sort everything out. This might feel like home but it’s not. If you stay here you will just end up like before, Wonho told me about everything. I’m not going to let you do this to yourself.” Jooheon stepped closer again and this time Minhyuk didn’t move away.

Jooheon lifted Minhyuk’s chin up with his hand and wiped the tears off the others cheeks. He missed Minhyuk a lot, he always missed Minhyuk. “Promise you will come with me.” Jooheon looked at him with an eager expression.

“Are you sure you want me to?” Minhyuk didn’t know why Jooheon cared so much, he felt guilty. “I want nothing more than to have you by my side Min.” Jooheon couldn’t express how much he loved Minhyuk, and he didn’t want to overwhelm him.

Minhyuk grabbed the front of Jooheons shirt and pulled him closer, Jooheon was shocked by the change in attitude. “Then I guess I have no choice.” Minhyuk smiled up at him and leaned closer, their lips met and both of them were in shock from the emotions that flooded through them. Minhyuk knew finally that he would never feel this way for anyone else, only Jooheon.

Just as they were about to pull away they heard a loud bang coming from the kitchen, both of them quickly ran to where the sound came from and of course it was Wonho and Changkyun in the middle of the kitchen, things were thrown on the floor already and both of them looked like they were going to kill someone.

“Stay away from him.” Wonho was the first to throw the punch, neither of them heard what Changkyun had said to cause the other to punch him, Changkyun wiped his lip with the back of his hand to see that it was bleeding. “You’re the one that left him!” Changkyun threw the second punch back at Wohno and things escalated from there.

After a couple of seconds Jooheon rushed in to grab Wonho and Minhyuk pulled Changkyun away. “Stop!!” Minhyuk was about to burst into tears, he hated seeing his friends get hurt, especially Wonho.

Wonho pushed Jooheon away but instead of throwing another punch he spoke “Touch him again and I will kill you.” Wonho spoke in a dark tone, even Jooheon was scared of him for a moment. Changkyun glared at him and turned to Minhyuk. “Tell them to leave because obviously they won’t listen to me.”

Minhyuk looked at him and then back to Jooheon. “I’m going back with Jooheon, I’m sorry, this isn’t where I belong.”

Changkyun grabbed Minhyuk harshly and slammed his against the cabinets. “What the fuck.” Before Minhyuk could answer he could feel Changkyun being pulled away by Wonho and Minhyuk being pulled out of the room by Jooheon.

They had to get out of there, Minhyuk quickly ran up the stairs and grabbed his phone, they both got into Wonho’s car and waited for the other to join them, after around a minute a bloody nosed Wonho came out of the side door and started running towards the car.

“Drive.” Jooheon floored the gas pedal and started driving back towards the train station. Minhyuk was in shock, “What happened?”

Wonho chuckled “He is fine, just might have a black eye for a few days, nothing he doesn’t deserve.” Minhyuk pouted and turned around to look at Wonho in the back seat. “I’m sorry, I should have told you where I was going.”

“It’s okay, just please don’t make me have to do this again, Shownu will be excited to hear that you’re okay.” Minhyuk smiled, he loved Shownu, he really did miss his friends.

Once they arrived at the train station Minhyuk and Wonho said their good-byes after exchanging numbers and promising to visit each other.

“You ready?” Jooheon held his hand out and Minhyuk grabbed it. “More than ready.”

The train ride back was a blessing for Jooheon, Minhyuk had his head rested against his shoulder asleep. Jooheon leaned his head against the window and put his headphones in. He had the love of his left next to him and that was the most important thing in the world.

Besides the 30 missed calls from Kihyun.