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Cat and Mouse (Highway to Havasu fanfic)

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“What the fuck are you doing back here?” A voice boomed. Startled by the thunderous voice, they turned around. They saw a tall, muscular man with a black eyepatch over his right eye. His scraggly dirty blonde long hair only very lightly brushed his shoulders and he wore a bright white tank top and blue overalls. His face was framed by some scruffiness. He didn’t notice, but his overalls were slightly shifted to his left, revealing a dimmed nipple under that tank top. The person stood up straighter and shuffled away from the table.

“I don’t mean any harm.” The person said defensively. Ronathan appeared to make a chuckle.

“You’re clearly here for something. What do you want?” Ronathan prompted. “You here due to my website?” While waiting for their answer, he crossed his arms.

“Website? You got a website?” They asked cluelessly.

“Yeah I do. And I asked you a question,” the taller man began to take slow, amble steps towards them. The person kept staring at him as he sauntered over to them like they were his prey. They were mesmerized by the way he looked. Nice, broad shoulders, toned, muscular forearms, and icy blue eyes. They stared, completely in silence.

“I’ll repeat this one last time: I asked you a question.” Ronathan’s voice became gruffer. As he was inches away from the person, they could hear his slow, raspy breathing. They weren’t sure if they were completely frightened out of their wits, or possibly aroused.

“I’m not sure where I am, sir,” the person finally responded. “But what’s your name?”

“You’re not sure? Well, you stepped into my damn property. It’s well hidden here in Lake Havasu, so you somehow made it back here,” he was fully invading their personal space now. His mouth hung open and his breath reeked of alcohol. The person didn’t do anything else; instead they stared back at him in defiance.

“By the way, the name is Ronathan. But you should’ve known that from the entrance.”

A silence dropped between the two. His steely blue eyes hungrily examined the person. Observing each and every facial feature. Eventually, he lifted his tattooed hand up and ran his fingers delicately over their smooth cheek.

“Soft. Just like a fluffy cloud.” Ronathan mumbled.

Suddenly, his eyes widened and with his larger hands, he immediately grabbed the person by their waist. The person let out a gasp as they were lifted away from the table, then pressed against the wall.

“You still don’t know, do ya?” He growled, “on why you’re here?”

The person shook their head. His hands let go of their waist. His breath lingered for a minute, then he let out a sigh.

“You know what I do, to people that sneak up back here?” He growled, his left hand trailing up to their neck, right fingers tracing their jawline.

“Uh… no?” They replied, their tone hesitant.

“Good. Because you’re gonna experience it right now.”

Immediately Ronathan gripped onto their hips, this time, grabbing on them way tighter than the last time, as if he was holding on the edge of a cliff. Out of surprise, they accidentally spread their legs open. Ronathan snuck his right thigh up their crotch. They emitted a pleasured groan. Ronathan smirked at their approval. He bucked his knee against their crotch, causing a shudder and moan. His knee twisted up against their crotch, causing even more moans of approval from them and the eye patched man gave a mischievous, low chuckle.

“Damn, you’re sure liking this,” Ronathan teased.

Another sound of arousal echoed from them like ocean waves crashing inside the room. Ronathan immediately thrusted his crotch up towards theirs, speeding up his pace. The moaning was uncontrollable and their crotch throbbed from the friction of his denim overalls. They wanted more, more of his animalistic thrusting. The muscular man let out heavy grunts and panting. Their faces grew sweaty and flushed from the blood rush and the heat gathering between them.

He can tell that he was growing hard, and his erection was rubbing against their crotch. He licked his lips.

“You like that, huh?” Ronathan tempted, “my hard cock grinding against your crotch huh? You like this punishment? You like this humiliation?” Suddenly, he licked the other’s face with his wet tongue. The lick left behind a light spit mark trace on their face. Despite the reeking smell of his breath, they were still titillated.

Why can’t you just take off the overalls already? They questioned in their head.

Breathy moans and erotic obscenities filled the room. Ronathan’s nose traced the other’s face.

But once it felt like the euphoria was at a sky high, Ronathan stopped. He grunted before lifting himself up from the person. They laid there for a minute, trying to process what had just happened. Once their head seemed to clear, they shot up from the ground, dissatisfied. They noticed how Ronathan appeared to be fiddling around with his overalls.

“What the hell?!” They shouted. “You were doing so good! What made you stop?”

“I’ll just let you go. For now. Something tells me you’re a good kid,” Ronathan says, his tone patronizing.

They looked down at the floor. Ronathan leisurely walked over to them and lifted them up from the ground, startling them a bit. He put them back to their feet. Once he finished doing that, he pecked a kiss right on their forehead and patted their head lightly like they were a tiny kitten. He lead them back outside, as if they were scolded for doing bad and this was their punishment, a timeout. Ronathan acted like nothing between him and them had never happened. The person ended up leaving feeling discontent. They wanted more; they expected more. And instead, they were left hanging on a string that the teasing Ronathan left out for them. For now, they left the place, but they knew where to locate it.

Ronathan crossed his arms. He had the feeling this wouldn’t be the last time he would see them.

When Ronathan strolled back to his shack, his roommate came out of nowhere, hands slowly examining each of his body.

“Did you get everything you wanted from them?” He asked. Ronathan glared at him.

“Fuck you.”