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Five years later

“HARRY JAMES POTTER!” Lily’s voice thundered from the upstairs bedroom. Remus jumped and Severus sneered. James looked completely unaffected.

A blur with messy black hair streaked past and James called, “He’s down here, Lily.”

The redhead stomped down the stairs. She held up what appeared to be strips of fabric. “This is a brand new set of robes that cost us 10 galleons! Do you see what your son has done?”
“Well, I don’t know what you ever expected out of my son,” James said and then, when Lily advanced toward him, hastily jumped to his feet. “Okay, okay, I’ll go get him.”

“Remind me why I decided to do this again,” Lily grumbled, slowly lowering herself into a stuffed armchair, one hand on her swollen belly.

“You’re having the kids we can’t,” Sirius said cheerfully from his place next to Severus. Their threaded hands lay on Severus’s knee.

“I have kids,” Severus said. “Two hundred annoying brats.”

“They’re not that bad,” Remus said lightly.

“Easy for you to say,” Severus snapped. “They all like you.”

“You could try not insulting them,” Remus suggested. “And quit showing blatant Slytherin favoritism.”

“I can’t help it that Slytherins are superior,” Severus said with a rather smug grin.

“Superior at sucking up and having rich parents, of course,” Sirius said. 

“As my husband, shouldn’t you be on my side?” Severus asked.

“I’m on your side,” Sirius said. “It’s that Professor Snape I don’t like. Ghastly fellow. I heard he likes hanging students up by their thumbs.”

“I heard he has a pet cat he’s in love with,” Remus said.

“I heard he’s never showered in his life,” James added as he re-entered the room, a squirming four-year-old hefted under his arm.

“You’re lucky you have Harry,” was all Severus said with a very significant scowl.

“Enough, children,” Lily said. “I need to discipline my son.”

As Lily launched into a tirade, Harry frowned at his shoes. Sirius looked over at Severus and noted his husband seemed to be enjoying the lecture very much.

Then Severus caught him looking and flashed a genuine smile his way, a smile that touched his eyes and made Sirius want to plant kisses all over his face. They had come so far and not a day passed that Sirius didn’t appreciate the distance.

But more and more, Sirius was starting to appreciate the future. He looked at Severus and saw evenings playing chess, mornings bickering over who made better tea, weekends bundled up in bed. He saw adventures in other lands, new spells shared, and he even saw Severus cajoling him into being a Potions test subject.

Sirius saw in Severus a content life and after everything, it was all he could ask.

“Ready for lunch?” Lily asked, Harry now snuggled in her lap, barely fitting with the baby bump crowding him out.

“Ready,” Sirius said cheerfully and stood up with Severus, hand in hand.