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Hurt Me Harder

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Kylo was waiting until they were alone.

That was something he’d never admit—not even to himself.

He sat alone in his office, and as the clock droned on past five, he kept working. He was no busier than usual, but he was always at least somewhat busy. Which made it all the easier to justify once all the other employees had begun to file out.

Early on in the evening, he’d phoned his assistant and put her on speaker so he wouldn’t have to pick up the receiver.

“Hello, Mr. Ren.” She answered on the first ring.

“That replacement receptionist—is she staying late tonight?” His voice was curt, and he didn’t bother giving her any greeting.

“Yes, sir; she told me until about seven o’clock.”

“Very good.”

“Are you not leaving yet? Should I stay late as well, sir?”

Kylo couldn’t help but note the small burst of hopefulness in his assistant’s voice. He paid it no mind.

“No,” he told her abruptly, gaze and attention dropping to scribble down a note onto the document in front of him. Brinna was staying on the line on borrowed time; with each second that passed, his focus was leaving her and centering back on the work in front of him.

“Okay,” she said after a few seconds. Long enough for Kylo to nearly forget she was still there.

“Thank you, Brinna.”

“Have a good night, sir,” she said in a small voice.

He heard a click, and his desktop phone went silent.

And he went back to work.

Over the next hour and a half that passed, he heard the telltale of scuffling outside his closed office door, a clear sign of people leaving their cubicles and desks, heading towards reception to leave the office for the night. And then, it was silent for quite some time. Every time he would set down his pen so he could hear over the scratching of his notations. His eyes would flicker towards the door. And he would know that the girl was on the other side. Every once in a while, he thought he could hear her tapping away on her keyboard. Setting down her coffee mug onto her desk. Holding his air still and silent in his lungs, Kylo listened for her breath, but she was too far away.

He tapped his pen on his desk in agitation, waiting for the right moment. He actually did have a lot to do, but it was difficult to focus on his work. Kylo wasn’t a man accustomed to anxiety. He tried to squash it down. For a while, it worked.

But then, about half an hour early, he heard her get up and walk towards the back offices, and saw the light go out from the other side of the crack under his door.

Kylo scrambled to his feet. He didn’t want to miss his chance; he’d been so engrossed in his work, he hadn’t even bothered to check the time. Now, however, as he glanced at his watch, he realized that she was leaving a full half hour earlier than Brinna said she would.

For a moment, his inhibitions left him. He didn’t think about collecting himself as he burst through his office door.

He also didn’t expect her to be standing right there.

Kylo’s breath stalled abruptly in his throat as he set his eyes on the girl for the first time in—well, far too long.

She stared back, brow pinched, eyes wide, brimming with genuine confusion. It dawned on him in an instant—the shock so plainly threaded onto her soft features.

She hadn’t even known that he was there.

A small, micro-eruption of pride settled into his chest, and he rolled back his shoulders, watching as the coat she was holding in her hand dropped from her grip and landed sadly on the floor.

And then she turned over the shoulder, and wrenched herself away from him.

Kylo allowed himself to be shocked for a split-second, before taking off down the hallway after her. He didn’t know what he should have expected. A part of him thought maybe she’d let him grab her right then and there. Would let him lift her up press her back right against his door, in the middle of the dark, empty hallway. He certainly wouldn’t have been opposed.

He rubbed his jaw as he quickly closed the distance between their bodies, even as she scurried away. She dipped into the pantry and he followed without warning, ducking inside and shutting the door behind him. Then, his gaze zeroed in on her. And he realized that it was just the two of them. Alone. In a very, very small room.

This was better. Even though everyone else was gone, there was something about being behind closed doors that felt like a marginally smarter move—not that there was anything smart at all about sleeping with his student, and then his employee. She looked like a baby deer caught in the headlights standing against the opposite wall like that. He stayed where he was, not wanting to frighten the little thing too much. He left the distance between them as it was. But good Lord in heaven did he drink her in—the hurt and fear in her eyes. She looked so angry—was she angry at the fact that he was there, or angry at herself for still wanting him? Kylo’s eyes grazed her entire frame, particularly over her chest, which was heaving with full, heavy breaths. His cock twitched in his pants, stirring with an unmistakable sensation. Kylo swallowed.

He couldn’t look away. It had been two long—half a year of aching for her touch, to feel the familiar drag of her lips across his skin, fingers through his hair. Half a year of burying himself in somebody else and pushing their faces into the pillow so he could just pretend that all of them were her. Half a year of hating her, half a year of swearing she was beyond forgiveness for what she’d done to his mind. Half a year of torture. Six months of agony.

But before he could lunge forward, before he could snuff the flame that was scorching his skin, she leapt against him.

His breath left his lungs in the same moment his back hit the door. His blood surged, and he tried to inhale, but suddenly, her forearm was bracing his clavicle, pinning him to the wood behind him. He didn’t even bother to breathe when his eyes found her face again. It was drawn in anger. She looked like a fury. She looked strong. Kylo felt a surge of pride for her, not that she’d want it.

She shoved him again, for good measure, apparently. Kylo bit back a moan as his cock throbbed in his pants. It was beginning to strain the fabric. He clenched his jaw.

“How fucking dare you,” she seethed. “You’ve got a lot of fucking nerve, you know that? Who the fuck do you think you are, slithering back into my life like this? You have no fucking right?”

Kylo pursed his lips in frustration—anger, arousal, all of it. Fuck. He might be asking her the same question. He had hardly stayed at the Press to spend more time with the girl, and if it were up to him, he’d forget her altogether. He hardly expected her to waltz into his place of work just as he was trying so hard to pry her claws out of his mind.

“I didn’t-” he tried, intending that he was the last person who would have had anything to do with her employment there, but he didn’t get the chance.

“You just stay the fuck away from me and let me do my job,” she clipped, cutting off his words. “I deserve to be here, you pathetic asshole.”

Kylo felt his lips part before he could stop himself, shifting against her body which was so, painfully close to his.

She stepped closer, probably to make another point of how furious she was. That was when her hips brushed the tent in his pants. He clenched his jaw.

Well, fuck.

Her jaw dropped, and Kylo’s eyes fell down to where her hip was touching his dick. It’d been so long since he’d felt her. And as angry as she seemed, her body had finally gone still. He thought he heard her say something, but he couldn’t have been sure. His blood was pumping in his ears, dulling half of his senses. He swallowed thickly, feeling his own desire mounting in his veins. She had about two seconds to get off of him before Kylo reached a point he wouldn’t be able to come down from.

But just as Kylo’s mind was fogging over, she snapped up her hand, yanking him from his haze of arousal. His eyes snatched to hers in an instant, almost begging her to make the blow.

But she didn’t.

“You called me naïve,” she whispered, voice trembling. “Weak.” There was pain in her eyes. Kylo hadn’t known his words had caused her so much distress. He hadn’t known she’d held onto them for half a year.

“Do it, then,” he murmured, nodding towards her trembling fist.

She shook her head, and Kylo clenched his jaw in anger.

Was this little slut really going to make him beg for it?

“Do it!” He demanded, but to his disappointment, his voice nearly broke. His nostrils flared. His chest expanded with a deep inhale, and he tried to quell the frenzy that was mounting in his blood. It would be so easy. To tackle her to the floor, pin her against the counter; she would want him to. She’d never been able to resist him before. As angry as she was now, Kylo knew that nothing had changed.

“No,” she responded. "I’m not like you.”

“Aren’t you?” He asked, lifting his brow. He could sense her fury, and suddenly, she reminded him of himself more than anybody else. More than the woman he’d known six months ago. Maybe it should have given him pause, the way she had seemed to change. But his cock was aching. His throat felt dry. And he was tired of games. Still, she was resisting.

But then, finally, something inside of her broke. Kylo’s eyes narrowed as he saw a flicker of her old features on her face, the same vulnerability, or naivety, perhaps, that he’d seen so many times when they’d been together before. Her arm went slack, like she was giving up. Kylo's heart clenched at her softness, and he realized that in the same instant, it was now or never.

Seizing the sides of her face, he pulled her against him, lips finding hers six months too late, and the dam burst open. Kylo was unable to hold back. Months upon months of fury and desire were roiling inside of him, and suddenly, everything he’d yearned for was his for the taking. He wasted no time slipping his tongue into her mouth, feeling and tasting her softness and warmth. And she was letting him. It was just how he remembered her—unable to hold onto her anger long enough to remember she wanted to resist him. He groaned against her lips, seizing her body in his hands to pin her against the counter on the right-hand wall.

But then, just as soon as Kylo thought she was giving into him, she shoved him away, gripping him firmly by the collars of his dress-shirt. Kylo held his breath as she kept their bodies separated by mere inches. “I’ll show you weak,” she seethed.

Something stirred inside of Kylo, and he swallowed down another moan. He nearly cracked a smile. Give me everything you’ve got.

With one hand on his jaw and the other gripping his tie, she flipped him their bodies around so she was the one pressing him against the counters. Kylo growled into her mouth as she kissed him again, but noticed her lips were sloppy and unfocused and unforgiving. And it was driving him wild. He released a shuddering moan, begging her without words to go harder.

Kylo wasn’t a stranger to being in control—that much was an understatement. But even then, especially then, he could feel himself slipping. Aching for more. His lips and tongue knew no direction, only that they craved her cruelty.

It had been too long, and his control was wavering.

Without thinking, Ren darted his hands towards his belt. But to his surprise, the girl actually smacked them away. He rose his gaze, looking at her with eyes that had blown wide with shock. Never had she done anything like that before. Never would Ren have allowed it. But there he was, so weak with desperation, that when her hand flew to grasp his jaw, all he could do was tremble.

He growled again, and his achingly hard cock brush her center. She smirked, eyes darting downwards to examine the state he was in. “Who’s weak now?” She breathed, breath fanning across Kylo’s mouth. He shuddered under the heat of her lips, which dipped towards his neck to lick a broad stripe up his skin.

“You can tell me I’m fragile, Ren, and you can tell me I can’t resist you.” She pulled away then, and the aching in Kylo’s pants was growing more and more unbearable. But her behavior...her easily she chided him—he'd never seen anything like it. Not from her. What should have infuriated him had only rendered him speechless. “But you and I both know,” she breathed, hand sliding across his chest, “That you have needs that can’t be silenced. You’re desperate. And you need me. You don’t want to, but I’m in your mind, in your dreams, under your fucking skin.”

Kylo trembled. She was using his own words against him. Words he never should have confessed. Words he hadn’t meant to. Months ago, when he confided in her, out of pure anger in outrage, that he hadn’t been able to get her out of his head despite his deepest wishes for her to just disappear, he never thought that they’d be used as a weapon against him. She was always so sweet back then. But now, now...

Now, she was everything and more.

“Tearing you apart,” she whispered, leaning in to breath the words across his lips.

He was going to burst. He was sure of it. He wanted to fling her to the ground, but for some ungodly reason, he could barely even breathe, let alone move. He wanted her too badly. She’d weakened him beyond repair.

It was agony, he thought, as she leaned upwards to capture his lips once again.

He molded his mouth to hers, moaning beneath her lips, not even able to discern whether the sound was a product of pleasure or pain. His cock was aching, and she could tell. Kylo knew she could tell. And she was ravishing in his pain.

Thing was, though, she looked damn good doing it.

She pulled back with a smack of her lips, lifting herself to sit on the counter.

And then she began to undress.

“I’ve had enough of going whatever you want me to do. Now, we’re going to talk about what I want to do.” Kylo swallowed as he swallowed her down with his eyes since it was all he could do. Her shirt flitted to the floor, and he clenched his fists. “Come take my skirt off,” she ordered.

Kylo furrowed his brow. He should resist. He shouldn’t want this. He should want nothing other than to be in control. He should throw her to the ground and fuck her however he wanted. But one side of his brain couldn’t keep up with the other, and without knowing why, without even thinking, Kylo found himself complying. He stepped forward with a curt nod, and his hands drifted to grasp his cock through his pants in an attempt to quell the painful need for friction.

“Don’t fucking touch yourself,” she ordered sharply.

Kylo clenched his jaw in fury, but complied, but stepped as close as the counters lining the wall would allow. He placed his hands on her hips and closed his eyes. The feeling of the warmth of her skin breaching the smooth fabric of her skirt...he missed it. He missed everything about the girl. He missed fucking the life out of her.

His hands were trembling as he pulled the fabric down her thighs, and as she ordered him to leave her stilettos on. As he pulled the skirt over her feet, he couldn’t help but admire the shoes. They were a good look for her. She looked powerful.

And if there was anything Kylo liked, it was power.


No, his mind responded, eyes darting up to capture her gaze. But she wouldn’t give. It was clear on his face. If he was going to have her, it was going to have to be by her rules. He bit his tongue and sank to his knees, and was met with the solace of her cunt sitting only mere inches from his face.

She opened her legs wide, and didn’t need to say anything. Slowly, Kylo moved, his hands skimming her sinfully soft thighs. His throat clenched as he swallowed, trying and failing to keep himself composed. But his fingers were nearly trembling as he hooked them beneath her panties, pulling them to the side to reveal her folds.

He wasted no time in diving against her, lips meeting her sex, eyes fluttering shut as he worked his tongue. Instantly, her taste brought him back to the early days of their relationship, and memories he’d been trying to block out came flooding back to him. They infiltrated his mind, clouding his usually resolute stature, and all of the rules he’d set up for himself were thrown out the window. He told himself he’d never allow her to weaken him again. But there he was, lips buried against her cunt, wholly unable to resist her.

She was indecently wet, but he could hardly hold that against her when he was coming apart at the seams. Besides, there was no point in acting like he didn’t like it. He stroked his tongue upward, coating it in her slick cum, savoring her taste, feeling her buzz beneath his mouth. He was at least managing to appear well put together—until she gripped his hair and pulled. Hard. Kylo moaned in pleasure, dipping his tongue against her entrance.

But then, she straightened up beneath him. “Up,” she commanded. Without even meaning to, without even giving himself the chance to argue, he did as she said. And then she grabbed him, pulling his lips to hers. She captured his mouth in a deep, sensual kiss, and Kylo felt her tongue dive into his mouth. He fought the urge to moan, but when she pulled away, he realized he wanted more.

“Do you want to fuck me?” She lilted.

He swallowed heavily. “Yes,” he admitted.

“And why should I let you? You say I can’t resist you, but you’re the one coming apart.”

He grit his teeth, fighting the urge to scream. How long was this going to go on for? How long was she going to milk his misery, his agony? “Because, I- fuck,” he growled. She stroked a finger up his throbbing cock, teasing him through the fabric of his dress pants. He threw his head back, releasing an indecent groan.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?” She mumbled.

Gritting his teeth harder, if possible, he gave her a single, stiff nod.

“Then I guess you should probably admit that you need it.”

He lowered his gaze, but didn’t meet her eyes. 

And that was where he drew the line. 

She wouldn’t make him beg. No one would. Not now. Not ever. He’d rather leave with his cock as hard as a fucking rock. He’d rather lock himself away in one of the men’s bathroom stalls and take care of it himself “No,” he growled.

Kylo heard her inhale as she hopped off the counter. And then he realized she was bending down and gathering her clothes. He clenched with tension. Okay, so maybe leaving without getting what he wanted wasn’t an option. 

Maybe she needed reminding who was in charge.

He lunged forward, seizing her by the arms, wrenching her upright and pinning her against the counter. But in the instant before he could claim her lips as his, he heard a loud crack in the air.

He heard the sound before he registered the pain.

Heat erupted, exploding over the left side of his face, stinging his cheek. He felt his eyes go wide with shock, but he couldn’t formulate a single thought. All he knew was that he was now past the point of maintaining his dignity. His cock throbbed within the confines of his dress pants.

“Yes,” he breathed, meeting her gaze, jaw tight. “Yes, I need to fuck you. Please.”

She exhaled through her nose and lifted her chin, but something inside her quaked, like she hadn’t expected his response. Like she didn’t completely know what to do about it. But for whatever reason, as she lifted herself back on the counter, she seemed to accept the role that she’d walked into.

He didn’t think that she’d come prepared to really hurt him. But for the past six months—beyond that, really—he'd been lost. Aimless. Now, the one thing he was desperate to hold onto was a sense of control. He’d failed utterly in provided that for himself.

And then she waltzed back into his life. Brimming with confidence. And he ached to feel the strike of her hand again.

He met her eyes. He’d never seen them so cold before. But he knew that finally, she understood.

Kylo crashed against her, lips finding hers, feeling her tongue breach his mouth. She yanked him forward by the beltloops, undoing his pants and reaching inside, teasing his cock over his briefs. He shuddered against her lips as finally—finally—she felt his length firmly under her hand, giving him at least a portion of the friction he was dying for.

“Are you going to give me what I want?” She breathed.


“Not fast enough.” Before Kylo could even complete his thought, her free hand was wrapped within his dark hair, wrenching his head to the side. He growled in pain, and his cock stirred again. He gasped for air, throat feeling impossibly dry. “That should be a resounding yes.”

“Yes,” he hissed, voice dripping with aimless fury.

“Good,” she purred. And then, her hand dipped beneath the confines of his briefs. And for the first time in months, he felt the warmth of her hand wrapped around his length, without the barrier of fabric, without solely appearing in a dream. His eyes fluttered shut in pleasure. She’d taken him to the brink, nearly past his limits. Every part of him ached with desperation, his cock already leaking his desire. She began to stroke him but the motions were slow, her thumb torturous as it dragged over his overly-sensitive head. He grit his teeth and huffed in pain, heavy breaths falling through his nostrils. 

She was going to kill him. She was going to fucking kill him.

“You’re going to fuck this pussy because I’m going to let you,” she continued. “You don’t deserve me. You don’t even compare to me. You’re sad and pathetic and desperate, and if you don’t make me cum, then I’ll make sure as hell I leave you a dribbling, ruined mess.” The words fell directly across his lips, and he quivered. He deserved it. The punishment. The pain. He wanted it. And he was breaking. “So,” she breathed. “Do you think you can make me cum?”

If there was one thing he could do, it was that. Again, he thought about their nights together. How easy it had been for them. How he wished they could go back. As he nodded, his forehead fell against hers. She dipped away from him. She didn’t want his affection. Why would she? 

“Then fucking prove it,” she hissed.

Inhaling shakily, Kylo didn’t waste a second. He was about to burst at the seams. He fumbled forward, grunting as he lined himself up at her entrance, sliding himself inside.

She was tight. Tighter than he remembered. Tighter than what felt real, what felt possible. He stuttered on an exhale as something inside of him crumbled. He sank into the relief he’d been so desperate for. His muscles relaxed as he drew himself away, only to thrust inside of her once again.

She mewled against his ear and he drew away to hold her gaze. Her eyes were wide and hungry. As Kylo found a pace, she reached behind herself to release her bra from its clasps. It fell to the floor, and in the same moment, she raised her hands to knead at her soft breasts. Kylo held his jaw tightly as his gaze fell to her chest. This wasn’t for him. It was for her. For the pleasure of teasing him, of torturing him.

But he’d been without her body for too long. He’d suffered without her touch, without the feel of her slopes and curves beneath his mouth. And he missed her. He sank into her, lips diving towards her tits, desperate to take them in between his lips, to drag his tongue across her skin. She caught him in less than a second, shoving him away. He nearly stumbled but managed to catch himself, gaze snapping towards hers. All the while, he kept working his hips.

“Your only job is to fuck me,” she breathed apathetically. “I don’t need you for anything else. You’re useless to me, do you understand? You’re useless.”

Something inside of him seemed to quake. He’d never seen her like this. And in a strange way, he felt comforted by her power and control, even by her hatred. It made him want to envelop her, or let her envelop him. He clenched his teeth to stifle a groan as the tightness of her walls milked his cock. He didn’t kiss her, but he held her gaze. Stared at her as he thrusted into her heat, feeling her legs rattle beneath the weight of his thrusts. He could feel himself growing hot, feel a layer of sweat burgeoning on his forehead. His neat hair was falling loosely, tousled by the assault from her fingers. He felt positively unraveled. Indecent.

And it was absolutely fucking delicious.

Pleasure overtook him. With each passing moment, more and more of his mind left him, until there was nothing in his head. Nothing but the urgency for desire. For release. For her. He grunted, letting groans tumble from him lips. And with his inhibitions abandoning him, he dipped in to kiss her. She allowed him, but only for a moment. Then, she shoved him towards her neck. He collapsed against her, supporting himself by his hands, pressed into the counter, all of him having gone slack with the exception of his shaking legs and thrusting hips.

He mumbled and moaned into her neck, and she whimpered and gasped in turn. That only spurred him on more; every noise that fell from her throat twisted something inside of Kylo, added to his pleasure, but added also to the danger brewing deep inside of his chest.

“Mmm. More,” she breathed. His gaze found hers. He saw her face, and softened. It only made the fury and disgust she’d made it so clear she felt for him etch itself back onto her face. “Don’t be weak. Fuck me like you mean it,” she spat, clenching his jaw and throwing his face to the side.  

Kylo inhaled sharply, fingers tightening around the edge of the counter. But he clenched his jaw and slammed into her before his hands flew to her waist, tugging her against him so she met him halfway. His lips fell open and he groaned, feeling himself breach her deeper. Every inch of his cock was coated thoroughly in her wetness, his entire length sheathed inside of her cunt.

Good,” she stuttered, breathing hitching. “So good.”

“Fuck,” he stammered, feeling himself falling apart, and not caring to stop it. “God, you’re- fuck." He didn’t have the sense to say anything else.

Yes,” she gasped, body quaking beneath the weight of his ramming hips. “Yes. Fucking make me cum.”

He wasn’t worried about hurting her. They could hurt each other. That would have been the divinity he longed for. He could feel himself stretching her out as he pounded into her, and she clutched at his shirt for support. But then her lips were at his neck. He fluttered in response, feeling her lips, wet and sloppy, drag across his skin, across his collar. His cock twitched inside of her cunt, and he knew she was close. He knew that he was, too.

His eyes were wide, pupils blown, as he watched her. His gaze was glued to her face, but he was trying to take in as much of her body as humanly possible. He’d been with her long enough to realize when she was about to cum. He’d all but memorized her body. At first, she tensed, and then she began to shake. Her back wrenched upright and she threw her head back. Kylo’s mouth watered as he watched her cum, thrusting madly through her pleasure, sending jolts of ecstasy through her already peaking body. Her face was wrenched in ecstasy, as if trying to hold back a scream. But then her lips fell open, brows rose, and she released a strained, choked moan, a low scream that tore through her throat. The sound alone made something inside of Kylo shift. His stomach, his chest, his insides grew warm. He tingled with the beginnings of pleasure waiting to seize him. As she collapsed against his body, he could feel his own orgasm brewing.

Her body was relaxing, but his was just getting started. Watching her—staring at her as she came—turned Kylo into something that almost wasn’t human. She was limp and soft against his body, but he kept thrusting into her like his life depended on it, like her body wasn’t trying to recover from its unbelievable high.

He stuttered. Knowing he was close.

And that was the moment she shoved him away.

“No," she growled, watching him stumble backwards from the unexpected weight of her hands. He stood lamely, confused, cock in hand, confusion and anger etched on his face.

“Jerk yourself off like the pathetic scum you are. Cum on the fucking floor.”

Fury flickered inside of him, but he couldn’t stop touching himself. That was the trouble—he was on the brink of pleasure, but too close to stop. He stroked his cock furiously, his entire body screaming in the abandonment of her warmth and heat. It only took a few pumps to drive him over the edge, but he came sadly and quickly, wishing more than anything that he was still buried in the comfort of her cunt.

His jaw fell open as he watched the cum land on the floor beneath his feet. And he stared down at the lower half of his body, eyes blown in shock. Shock with himself. He stood there with his pants low around his hips, his cum gleaming on the linoleum, desperation and shame blooming on his cheeks.

She lifted her leg. Stunned at her apparent flexibility, his brow lifted as she lifted her ankle onto his shoulder. He was so pleasantly surprised by the view that he didn’t argue when she began to shove him to the floor. His knees hit the floor, and then his palms. He was met with the all-too-close sight of his own cum, inches beneath his eyes. He breathed heavily.

He’d completely lost control.

And he didn’t even know how to feel about it. Slowly, he lifted his gaze up towards hers. Silently begging for guidance.

“Shirt,” she ordered. “And skirt.”

Feeling himself blush, he lowered his eyes to the floor, hands fumbling as he gathered her clothing and held them up towards her. She didn’t look at him as she dressed, but Kylo couldn’t look away.

Once she was decent, she knelt in front of Kylo. He jaw tightened and he swallowed thickly. He burst with warmth as she seized his jaw ungently. Suddenly, everything was silent, painfully silent and heavily silent. Because she was staring into his eyes. Saying nothing.

Then, she cocked her head, examining the lipstick stains that smudged the collar of his shirt.

“Do you have a woman to go home to tonight?” She asked.

His gaze fell, and jaw tightened even more, until he felt like his teeth would shatter. Shame burned inside of him. And horrifyingly, he liked it.

“Good luck explaining this to her,” she lilted, giving his cheek a light slap. He grunted softly under the weight of her hand, ashamed to admit that it stirred something inside of him all over again. “And clean the fucking floor.”

He only looked at her once she’d turned around, pupils blown and brows lifted in shock as she shimmied from the room, high heels clattered against the floor. And he sat like that for a while. He sank back to sit on his heels, but stared at the stain on the floor, wondering what it said about him.

He was silent, mind slowly flickering back to life, chest heaving.

Kylo didn’t have a clue what to do about the girl, but he supposed he knew where to start.

With trembling hands, he reached into his pocket, withdrawing his phone. He typed a sloppy, indifferent message to the girl he’d met at the bar last weekend. Steph, he thought her name was. He couldn’t remember for sure. He hadn’t even saved a contact, but they’d already exchanged a few messages about meeting. That very night.

He told her not to even bother to show up.