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The Grim adventures of the Loud house

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1. A Grim Loud day

Despite being in a new neighborhood, Grim must still fulfill his duties as the Grim Reaper. After a long hard day, he reaches his final destination: The Loud Residents


Billy is bored, all his friends are busy, so his mother sends him outside to make new friends. While walking down the sidewalk, Billy bumps into the neighborhood Tomboy and expert on almost all things disgusting: Lana Loud, who

Mandy vs Lori

Lori plans a date with Bobby to see dinner and a show that will only be in town for two weeks, but she discovers that she is short on cash. Her allowance, and paycheck won't be coming until the end of the month. Meanwhile, the Maxwells are desperate to get out of the house, away from Mandy for just one day, Lori overhears their conversation then proposes that she babysits Mandy. The Maxwells are overjoyed (maybe a bit too much) and permit her to watch over Mandy with the promise of a big payment. However, Mandy won't give up her rule over the house so easily.

There will be chaos

Eris is back in town and looking for a new victim to use her chaos apple. Lola is furious over the fact that she lost a pageant, and is willing to do almost anything to regain her respect. Eris sees this as an opportunity to use Lola to get her fill of chaos.

2 part Halloween special

The Grim project

Lisa wants to use Grim for an experiment, so Mandy lets her barrow him (with the condition of twenty bucks an hour)