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Adventures of Lan Bunji and Wei Bunxian

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A drop of rain splashes onto a pink nose, splashing over a soft face.

Startled, Wei Bunxian jumps and twitches its nose with a wild shake of his head, turning and hopping back into the little hut their owner made for them.

Once he settled and was no longer hopping about in order to shake off the water, he moves back towards the entrance.

Bobbing up and down on its legs, sitting right below the edge of the roof, he puts one paw out from the boundary, running back in when it gets wet before he goes back, sticking out another paw before it got dampened by big droplets of water, jumping away quickly and dashing back in. This cycle continues three more times, the last with his nose, cringing when water splatters to his beady eyes.

Wei Bunxian was bored, that's what it was.

Further inside, Lan Bunji is sitting calmly, eyes closed and meditating, almost falling into a nap with the gentle thuds of big rain droplets on the wooden roof, the smell of wet grass delicious but it was not yet time to eat. The rain was nice after a hot afternoon, cooling their home and watering the grass. Surely, by tomorrow, there will be more for them to nibble on.

One particular bunny, he is sure, will have plenty of grass to roll and play on.

Hearing the rustle of dried grass near him, he opens his eyes to take a peek, only to see a very wet Wei Bunxian looking at him with big, innocent eyes.

A few more rounds of wetting various parts of his paws, nose, and tail, Wei Bunxian finally decided to jump right over the border of the roof, hopping high and jumping around wet grass and rolling in delight.

That's why he was so dirty with grass all over.

Fur dripping and matted against his body, Wei Bunxian was shivering as he moved closer. Lan Bunji merely stared as Wei Bunxian tried to snuggle up.

But instead of cuddling close, Lan Bunji got up and moved further into their home to a corner, away from Wei Bunxian.

Seeing this, Wei Bunxian deflates, flopping out onto the cold wooden floor, closing his eyes and curling up to keep warm. He couldn't help when he sneezes, nose twitching and buried further into his own fur, shivering and flopping both his ears down over himself for coverage.

He tries to sleep, but it is too cold.

When he is about to give up and try to find somewhere else that's warmer, a whole stack of hay suddenly tumbles all over his body, warm and smelling of the afternoon sun, soaking up the water covering him.

Now that his job was done, Lan Bunji takes his place next to a happy Wei Bunxian as always with a proud look, flopping his long ear over the black bunny and his bundle of hay to keep him warm.

The rain was chilling, but if Lan Bunji is here with him, Wei Bunxian will never have to worry about feeling cold.