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Adventures of Lan Bunji and Wei Bunxian

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Under the warm summer sun, dozens of bunnies hopped about in the grassy meadows of the Gusu Lan Sect.

They were fed carrots and cabbage, the freshest food that could possibly be found. Water was provided in multiple small bowls every day, and they were free to jump about but given shelter during the rain. In other words, they had a perfectly happy life.

A little far away from the herd of rabbits were two bunnies.

One was pure white, a white ribbon over its tiny head.

The other one was pure black, its bright red eyes shining under the warm sunlight with a red ribbon tied to its ears as it hopped back and forth beside the other bunny.

A hop forward, then a hop to the back, its tiny little paws trying to catch the flopping ears of a sleeping Lan Bunji.

Wei Bunxian, the black bunny, always took this time when Lan Bunji, the pure white and regal looking rabbit, was sleeping to play with his ears. Especially because whenever they were far away from the herd and alone, it would flop forward and back, keeping Wei Bunxian intrigued and excited.

This happens every late morning, and sometimes a few brave bunnies will try to approach the cute, active, black bunny.

However, even before the Wei Bunxian can notice his friends had come over, Lan Bunji would open its sharp golden eyes and glare at the bunnies, daring them to come close. Of course, they were scared of the angry bunny who was known to bite any bunny or human aside from Wei Bunxian, hence, left the premises and the two bunnies alone.

Too bad, naive and excited Wei Bunxian never notices that Lan Bunji is merely pretending to sleep, flopping its long ears to keep his attention and make sure he is entertained enough that Bunxian would stay still in one spot, not running around the whole meadow and getting all messy.

Again, Lan Bunji closes its eyes, pretending sleep as its nose twitches happily, listening to the soft padding of grass as he flops his ears again, Wei Bunxian's cute little paws hopping all around him.

For the bunny, this was the best life it could have.