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Maribat Mondays

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For this year’s class trip, I finally was able to land a trip to Gotham. It may be the most crime rated city but it has many opportunities. I signed up as did many other schools for the trip and sent a whole essay on why our class should be chosen. Even though everyone may shun me this is an opportunity that could help me and make my class see the truth. Due to Tikki’s luck, we were chosen to go. That is why we’re now on a plane to Gotham. We had a day’s rest and finally were heading to Wayne Enterprises.

“Hello my name is Richard Grayson and I will be your tour guide,” he greeted.

We were touring around the place and were finally dismissed for lunch when I saw him. After the trial that happened and the league going down with it, I thought he was dead. The trial when my mother had been in mercy for her life since running away from the league and marrying when she wasn’t. She was desperate and right before she was served she said that she would offer her daughter to Damian Al Ghul. That is when I knew my mother didn’t care for me, she used me like some key to be spared. They accepted her offer but the condition they presented was for us to stay there and for her to train me as an assistant. We met on many occasions back then and went on many missions together. Even though I might have hated the fact that we were engaged since we were little I fell for him hard. The fall of the league happened and that was the day my mother and I escaped. I never imagined seeing him again but here he was my betrothed.

“Dami?” I say.

“Angel,” he replies.

This wasn’t a dream it’s real anger flares through me, he could have come looking for me but he never did, is that all much he cared for me I thought. Without thinking I slap him hard.

“Owww,” He says holding his check.

“That’s for not coming to get me,” I say.

“Seriously Dami, I was worried,” I say.

“I’m here now Angel and I won’t be going anywhere soon,” he assures.

“Damian I never knew you had a friend from the past,” Richard says.

“That’s because she isn’t a friend Dick,” he says.

“I know everything about him,” I explain.

“Do you think that you know everything about me because I have changed,” Damian says.

“Why don’t we discuss this at your house tonight, I’ll see you for dinner,” I say and walk out the door.

That night:

Ding Dong

“Master Bruce, I didn’t know we were having guests.” Alfred states.

“I didn’t either,” Bruce says.  

They head to the front watching all the boys standing there and Damian introducing them.

“Hello, my name is Marinette,” I greet.

“Marinette meet my brothers, Dick, Jason, and Dick.” He says.

“I’m Bruce his father,” he greets.

“And I’m Alfred the butler,” he says.

“More like their grandfather,” Jason adds.  

“Who is this Damian?” Bruce asks.

“My fiancé,” he says.

“WAIT WHAT!” the boys shout.

“Damian you can’t just make people you met your fiancé,” Bruce says.

“How do you know that we have just met?” I ask.


“I have known Damian ever since we were little back in the league, we were betrothed when we were little,” I explain.

“You said that you knew everything about me then tell me what have I been doing?” he says.

“You have been Robin helping your family also known as Batman, Night Wing, Red Hood, and Red Robin with bringing Justice to Gotham. Also, you made a new friend Jon,” I say.

“You haven’t lost your touch,” Damian says.

“Marinette I need my cheese now or else the world is going to end,” Plagg complaints.

“Plagg!” Tikki yells.

“Well guys meet Plagg Kwami of destruction and Tikki Kwami of creation, just like you’ve been doing superhero things so have I,” I explain.

“This is so unfair how does Damian end up with an angel when he is a demon,” Jason complains.

That night I learnt a lot about my future family. This all happened just because my mom was held in a trial. I guess that is a good thing now I ended up with a large family and well I guess my relationship with Damian is just about to begin.