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Coming Around

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“Hey, Zack.” Ray curled up next to him on the couch and trailed her fingers up and down his arm.

Well here we go again, he sighed. Ray was at her games again, trying to convince him to finally give in and fuck her.

“What's up, Ray?” he mumbled distractedly, flipping through the channels on the tv, trying to distract himself from her nearness. It was as intoxicating as always. 

She didn't have to try so fucking hard. It wasn't like he didn't want her. Ray was by far the prettiest girl he'd ever seen, and maybe she wasn't fully aware of it, but she was sexy as fuck too. 

“I was just looking out the window tonight, and a thought came to me. Every time you look into someone's window, you're catching a little glimpse of their life.”

“Oh yeah?”

“And I started wondering... If you go through one of those windows, does that mean you've entered their life? Say they're not home. Wouldn't everyone think you're them?”

“I'm listening...”

“Let's break into someone's house, pretend to be them for awhile,” she eagerly suggested.

“Isn't that what we always do?” he laughed. “What do you think this is?”

“No, I mean- Not to stay there or anything. We just go into their house while they're not home, and pretend to be them.”

“You really have more than a few screws loose in that head of yours, don't you? Sounds like a good way to get ourselves got.”

“Come on! Doesn't it sound like fun?”

“You're so crazy,” he stood up in a huff. “Well, come on.” 

“Right now?” 

“Sure, right now.” He pushed her toward the bedroom and opened the closet. “Well? Find yourself something nice.”

“You want me to be Mrs. Carlisle?” she laughed. “Are you going to be my Mr. Carlisle?” 

“Doesn't really suit me, does it? What's his first name again?”


“Aw man, that doesn't really work either, does it?”

“It suits you as well as Francis does me.”

“Hah, next time remind me to pick some less swanky digs. Who the hell names their kids that shit?” 

“Says a man whose mother named him Isaac.”

“Hey! That's Zack to you, missy. We've been over this.”

“Whatever you say, Bennett,” she teased. “How about... I pick out something for you to wear, and you pick out something for me.”

“Nothing too revealing, alright? I'm self-conscious about my figure,” he joked, kind of.

“I would never!” 

“Uh huh. Sure.” He rolled his eyes and they both went into their respective closets. “Hey, Ray! We dressing for some kind of occasion?!”

“Whatever you want!” she called back.

Whatever he wanted, huh? Unfortunately for her, Francis may have been a skinny rich bitch, but she was still a good two sizes bigger than Ray was. 

He started digging through the drawers instead. Damn... This lady had some good fucking taste in underwear. The bottom drawer was even more shocking. Costumes, all costumes... Like the sex kind. He gingerly picked up an item, hoping he wasn't going to come across any unpleasant surprises. He couldn't figure out what the hell it was for the life of him. It was black and shiny, maybe a skirt or something, but it had a giant hole in the back of it. 

Hah! That'd make for some laughs. Let her figure out what the hell she was supposed to do with that. 

“Alright! Found it!” he told her.

“Okay! Give me a second! You know? Mister and Missus Carlisle are into some really weird stuff.”

“Yeah. Noticed that,” he remarked with amusement.

“You'd never know judging by the rest of the house,” she laughed and threw a box onto the bed as she came out.

“What's in the box?” he eyed it curiously. 

“Wanna see?” She lifted the lid and the first thing he saw was a stack of pictures featuring none other than the late Mrs. Carlisle in a variety of humiliating positions, gagged, bound and restrained.

“Wow,” he swallowed thickly, trying very hard not to think about Ray in those situations. “That's really something, isn't it?”

“I wonder where they keep all their torture stuff,” she whispered conspiratorially. 

“Hmm... If I was a rich sexual sadist, where would I keep my tools of the trade?” 

“Just kidding,” she sing-songed. “I already found it the other day.”

“Wait... What? So... The whole going through their shit and pretending to be them thing... Was... what? A set up?”

“Well... It sounded fun,” she mumbled and played with the fabric in her hands. 

“Damn it, Ray! We've been over this! You and me? We're not like that.”

“Why not?!” She whined and threw down the pile of clothes on the bed. 

“Don't you think I'm a little old for you? I mean, come on.”

“I think you're perfect for me.”

“It's me, Ray!” he cried. How was that so hard to understand? He was a monster, and she might as well have been a fucking angel.

“So what do you want me to do? Leave you on your own? Go get a regular job? Find a regular boyfriend? It's not going to happen, Zack.”

“Well you can't hang around with me forever!” 

“Then kill me. That's the only way you're getting rid of me.”

“Maybe I should!” he grabbed her and threw her down on the bed. “You've been making some pretty damn good faces for me lately.”

“Do you want to see what other good faces I can make for you?” she purred and reached a hand between his legs, stroking his obvious erection through his pants.

“Mmm Ray, don't do that,” he groaned.

“You want me to stop?”

God no, but he did his best to be indifferent. He couldn't have her knowing just how much power she had over him. If he slipped up now, there's no way he'd be able to deny her anything. 

Those beautiful blue eyes of hers bored into his, eyes that were so much brighter than they were the day he met her. She brushed his hair out of his face and arched her back, pressing her soft slender body against his. She was colder than he was, leeching heat from him, cool and comfortable, the perfect complement. He was practically shaking when she leaned in and nuzzled his cheek. In that moment, he wanted nothing more than to feel her soft skin against his. Then he remembered why that was impossible. He was a monster, and she was perfect. He could never let her see what he really looked like. He'd lose her for sure. And that's how she finally coaxed him to turn his face toward hers. 

She slung an arm around the back of his neck and pulled him in close.

“Kiss me,” she murmured against his mouth, her lips just barely grazing his. His breathing quickened, his heart was hammering in his chest. Could he really? What if she hated it? Would she hate him? “Zack,” she coaxed him with her soft voice, barely even a whisper. “It's okay.”

“Yeah, alright,” he breathed and briefly pressed his lips against hers.

“That's it?” she giggled and leaned her forehead against his. “Was that the first time you've ever kissed someone?”

“Thought that was pretty obvious,” he laughed and gave her another chaste, almost polite kiss. “You too?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“You don't... You don't hate me now... Right?”

“What?” She grabbed the sides of his face and bumped his nose with hers. “How could I ever hate you?”

“Most people do, you know.”

“Since when am I most people?” Her lips curved into a small soft, smile and she grabbed one of his hands, guiding it to one of her perfect little tits.

“Um... Is this... okay?” He gently caressed it and slid his other hand down her body, slowly parting her thighs so he could position himself between them. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pressed her hips against his.

“Do I seem upset about it?” 

“If I do something you don't like, just tell me to stop, okay?”

“Don't count on it,” she smirked and slung an arm around his neck, pulling him down for another kiss. 

He met her more eagerly the second time, attacking her mouth with earnest. They moved together, bodies completely flush, exploring each other with curious hands and hungry kisses. She tugged at his bottom lip with her teeth and ran her tongue over the seam of his mouth, begging for entrance. 

A dopey sound, half way between a lustful groan and a laugh of disbelief escaped him and he invaded her mouth with his tongue in return, taking in the overwhelmingly sexual taste of her mouth. 

Their kisses were sloppy and unpracticed but passionate and full of need after depriving themselves of each other for far too long. Just what the hell was he so worried about before? He was an absolute fucking moron.

Once again, she made the next big move, her eager hands tugging at his shirt and pulling it over his head.

“Ray?” he rasped and held himself at arm's length, trying to figure out just how far she meant for things to go.

“Mine too,” she breathed and guided his hands to the hem of her shirt. He hesitated, nerves getting the best of him for the first time since they almost burned up in that fire together. “Zack, I want you,” she assured him. “I'm ready to give all of myself to you.”

“Are you-” he swallowed thickly. “Are you sure?”

“Do you think I'm pretty?” she frowned a little. “I mean, if you don't- It's fine. You don't have to-”

“Shut up,” he breathed and ripped her shirt over her head, throwing it to the side. “Fuck... Pretty? Really?” He laid a trail of kisses down from her neck, over her beautiful perky tits, down her body until he reached the waistband of her shorts. “You're not pretty at all, Ray. You're fucking perfect.”

“Keep going,” she urged him and lifted her hips so he could pull her shorts off her hips. A guttural moan rose up from his throat at the sight of her. She wasn't wearing anything underneath.

“Christ... Ray...” he continued kissing his way down her body, lightly nuzzling her perfectly trimmed little pussy before moving to her thighs.

“Ah! Zack! That's embarrassing.”

“Embarrassed already?” he let out a huff of laughter and ran a gauze covered fingertip over the length of her wet pussy. “Even though I'm going to kiss you here too?” 

“What?! No! You don't have to-” 

He ran his tongue over her and groaned at the taste. 

“Hah... Never tasted anything quite like you.” He gave her another experimental lick and parted the lips of her sweet little pussy for better access. He explored her with his mouth, delving inside her wet, hot center and suckling her.

“Zack,” she whimpered and and pulled at his hair. “What are you doing to me?” 

Instead of answering, he continued ravishing her with his tongue. Apparently he was doing a damn good job, because she was bucking her hips against his face and digging the heels of her feet into his back. 

“Oh!” she mewled and and lifted her hips a little more, forcefully pressing his face against her like she forgot he had to breathe. Fuck it. Breathing could wait. He wanted to see where this was going. “Don't stop-” she pleaded with him. “Oh god, don't stop.”

Like hell!

He kept going and was well rewarded with the most delicious cries of pleasure from his girl. She let out a choking gasp and arched her back, gripping the sheets and nearly pulling out a fistful of his hair as she came. 

“Fuck! You're hot!” he laughed in disbelief and kissed his way back up her body, loving and worshipping every inch of her beautiful body with his mouth.

“You really think so?” she blushed as he weaved his fingers through hers and leaned down to kiss her again.

“I really do,” he murmured against her lips. 

She reached for his belt and frantically unfastened his pants, shoving them down his hips along with his boxers.

“Come here,” she breathed and shifted her hips, positioning him at her soaking wet entrance with her soft little hand.

“Oh god,” he muttered weakly. “This isn't actually happening, is it?”

“You don't want to?” 

“Are you kidding?” he huffed in amusement and steadily pressed forward, slowly pushing his way inside her. “Oh fuck! Ray...”

Despite how wet she was, she was still vice tight, and it seemed more than a little uncomfortable for her.

“You okay?” he checked and tenderly brushed her hair out of her face. 

“Yeah,” she sighed. “You're... a little bigger than I expected.” 

“Yeah?” he smirked. “Hah. Guess I probably should have showed it to you first, huh?” 

She looked down at where they were connected and her eyes widened.

“Oh. Wow,” she swallowed thickly when she saw how big he was. “That's why it's so hard.”

“What were you expecting?” he laughed. “I'm a monster, remember?”

“I'll admit it, just this once.” She shifted a little, trying to get more comfortable. 

“Still okay?”

“Just try to be nice, okay?” she offered him a weak, pained smile. 

“Aww, my sweet little Ray. Of course I'm gonna go easy on you, this time.”

Jokes aside, he wasn't fully prepared for the overwhelming wave of emotion that hit him once he was fully seated inside her. They were connected, the closest that two people could possibly get. The bond they'd shared for so many years was made physical and it was the closest to heaven that he'd ever get. He was surrounded by her intoxicating heat, scent, her taste, and he was sure that all of those things were unique to her. It wasn't just the admittedly incredible feeling of being inside a woman, he was with Ray.

“I love you,” the words escaped his mouth in a desperate whisper before he knew what he was saying.

“I know,” she breathed and leaned her forehead against his, stealing a quick kiss from him. “I love you too. Why do you think I've been trying so hard to get you to come around?” 

“I'm an idiot,” he muttered his self-deprecating apology and slowly worked his lips against hers in a deep and sensual kiss as he rocked his hips against hers.

“Uhn- Zack,” she whimpered.

“Still hurting you?”

She shook her head frantically and pulled him close.

“I've been wanting this for so long.”

He slid a hand up her soft thigh and palmed her adorable little ass, spreading her legs further and opening her up to him as he started his slow, experimental thrusts.

He'd always considered sex as something animal and disgusting, but he realized that once again, he was an idiot. Clearly it wasn't always like that at all. The frantic rutting he'd witnessed in dirty back-alleys was nothing like what they were doing in the least. They were connecting, loving each other with their bodies. 

There was a raw intensity in every touch, every kiss. Ray was a kind of release, an escape he'd never known. It was so different than the thrill he got from a kill, still out of control, but instead of wanting to destroy something, he was chasing their mutual pleasure. 

She was soon meeting every thrust, sliding and arching her body against his, moving with him like they were one person. The only sounds in the room were her gasps of pleasure and his labored breaths as he tried to control himself. As soon as he slid inside her, he was already worried about coming. She was too much. Too hot, too tight, too beautiful. 

Every one of his senses was overwhelmed. 

She wasn't kidding when she said she had some more faces to make for him. The flush of her cheeks, her heavy lidded eyes, her open mouth... It was impossible to look away from. 

Her moans became louder and he thrust himself deeper inside, faster. She gave as good as she got, raking her well-trimmed fingernails down his back and molding her body against his, trying to feel as much of him as possible.

He could already feel his balls tightening, his cock reaching that sensitive point of no return. He knew there was no more holding back. He was filled with a sense of dread, being unable to make her come again, but he was sure there was nothing more he could do.

“Ray,” he choked out. “I'm sorry. I can't. I'm gonna come.”

“I want you to,” she murmured and wrapped and arm around his neck, pulling him close again. “Come for me, Zack.”

“Ah-” he cried and pulled out just in time to avoid filling her up with his cum. He spilled himself all over her beautiful body, her perfect, pretty tits. “Hah- fuck. I'm sorry. I'm sorry,” he muttered his apology.

“Don't be sorry,” she soothed him with a gentle kiss. “This is what I've always wanted.”

He gazed into her half-hooded eyes and almost sobbed at the love and acceptance he saw there.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“It doesn't count if you say it during sex, you know.”

“Better tell you all the time then,” he told her with a soft smile, overwhelmed with emotion. “Thanks for setting me straight.”

“I'm glad you came around, Zack. Was it everything you hoped it would be?”

“Ray...” he sighed happily. “You're everything I never thought I could have.”