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Kentucky Fried Villains

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If someone asked Hawks why he bought the kfc Christmas special every year, he would just shrug and make up some random excuse. He was after all known as someone who enjoyed chicken a lot, so it wasn’t that surprising that he indulged in it on special occasions. Which Christmas should be, even though a hero’s schedule didn’t account for holidays (crime never went on holiday, after all), but still the tradition remained.
Maybe Takami Keigo would have had a different answer to the question, one that dug into stories that spoke of long lost families and a few scattered recurring events (you couldn't even call them traditions) in a complicated childhood. But then again, people barely knew the name of the winged hero, because it was simpler to see the hero and not the man behind, especially if said man’s parents weren’t exactly saints. No, that wouldn’t be good for anyone’s reputation, much less the number two hero in all of Japan. He couldn't blame them; he barely remembered it himself.
Still, regardless of the reason, the tradition remained. More often than not he would eat it alone, and keep the leftovers for all the festive period; he was occasionally joined by pro hero (and pro friend, if you asked Hawks) Miruko, for a rare moment of socialization outside of their working duties.

This year’s Christmas dinner, apparently, would go quite different.

In hindsight, letting a villain into your house, and subsequently letting him know where you live, especially if he was part of the most dangerous criminal group in the country, was a bad idea, but even the best of men can't control their instincts, and so Hawks slipped one too many times, and ended up inviting the infamous Dabi to his apartment, just once or twice (probably once or twice to many to be considered something he did for the mission, but what the commission didn't know wouldn't hurt him).

He did not, hower, expect to kick open the door that night, with his hard earned bucket of greasy heaven in his arms, only to find the whole of the ex League of Villains sitting in his apartment screaming (well, Toga and Twice were screaming)"Merry Christmas!"
"Took you long enough to arrive. Well, at least you brought food" said another voice from one of the kitchen chairs, one he recognized as Shigaraki's.
"I didn't even know you were here? How did you even get in?"
All of his open space house was occupied by villains: next to Shigaraki, drinking a glass of water, was Mr. Compress (yes, still wearing his mask, no you don't want to know how he does it). In front of them, on his couch, we're Toga and Twice, who were obviously watching a movie previous to his arrival, as it was still playing in the background. But where was…
"Surprise, birdie."said a voice next to his ear, followed by the feeling of arms around his torso and a warm chest behind his wings, almost making him drop his chicken. Dabi sure knew how to make an entry, and now he knew, or strongly suspected, who was the mind behind this.

"We just wanted to celebrate with you! No stabbing is allowed though, which is a shame really" came Toga's prompt answer.
"We always have Christmas together! And I hate it. It's the best time of the year!" explained Twice. Hawks was about to open his mouth to say that he really appreciated, but he was very busy (which he was, he had a whole pile of reports and a bucket of greasy heaven to eat), when he realized that, if nothing else, this could be very good for his mission. After all, what better way to catch someone off guard and make them say things they shouldn't then when they had a full stomach? And so they got to setting up the dining table… and the kitchen island, and the little table in front of his couch, as his house was really only furnished for one person. They divided the chicken equally by launching themselves at the bucket and fighting for the biggest pieces, then launched themselves to get the best sitting spots. Hawks ended up 'accidentally' on the couch next to Dabi and Shigaraki, who were debating on who deserved to keep the piece that ended up between them (they compromised and shared it). Along with the meal, they had some easy and nice conversation, and if any secret was spilled, Hawks didn't notice and didn't care, as he was probably having the best time he'd ever had with a group of people, even though they were villains (perhaps because they were villains, and didn't hold him to the standards of being a hero, but just as a friend, for once - even Rumi couldn't do that at times). At the end of the meal, it seemed like everyone was too tired to do anything but crash on the floor (apparently they weren't used to eating properly), which left Hawks to tidy up what little mess they had left - they were incredibly tidy for being criminals. He wanted to wake up Dabi to thank him, but he knew he rarely got the chance to rest, so, in a moment of weakness, or perhaps of bravery, that he should have regretted, he knelt above the couch and gave him a little kiss on his temple, before going to bed himself.

Dabi had a nice dream, for once, before nightmares took over once again: one of red winged angels and feelings of freedom. When he woke up, earlier than the others, he remembered the previous night and smiled softly. He couldn't help but feeling grateful towards his host, who had accepted them and their chaos without much complaint. He went into Hawks's bedroom and knelt in front of his nest (you couldn't call it anything else, that mess didn't even look like it ever was a bed) to run his fingers up his cheek, softly caressing his face and then his hair. He left, waking up the rest of the League and go out of the house using the spare key he had secretly taken and copied.
When Hawks woke up, stomach and heart full, he thought that maybe being a villain wasn't so bad, and then he put away that thought for later; it was too early for that sort of thing.