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Soul Mates |ErrorxInk|

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Dream's POV
Today was the day! The day were I am going to try to confess to Cross! I am extremely looking forward to it! I got up with a smile on my face that morning ready for a hopefully great day!







If only that I knew that me and my brother were more alike than we both originally thought...

~Earlier that week~

Nightmare's POV
I've liked Cross for awhile now, but I know Dream has started showing interest in him as well. I really like Cross but..... I don't know how to deal with my brother, my TWIN brother, the one whom I know better than anyone, also likes Cross.

And I've noticed that Killer had been really close with Dream lately and Dream seems to like him but I don't think Dream realized it himself.

I decided that I need advice. And where do I go for relationship advice? To the person who had experience that I trust not to laugh at my predicament. Error.

I walked up to him just after we got out for lunch. Error noticed me and raised a silent non-existent eyebrow as a go ahead.


"YeS NiGHtmaRe?"

"I uh.... Need some advice..."

Error made a motion with his hand for me to continue. I gulped down the slight lump in my throat as I continued.

"I uh... Like someone and-"

Error's non-existent eyebrows shot straight up and his face turned questioning but otherwise stayed silent to let me finish getting my words out.

"-And I want to tell them I like them but I don't know how to go about it.... Is there any suggestions you can give me?"

Error put a hand on his chin as he thought. We sat there for a moment while Error thought of what to say, before he answered.

"I DoN't knOW hOw wELl yOU kNOw tHis pERsOn, BuT mY PerSOnaL AdvICe wOuLd Be jUst AsK. On A dATe, HaNg OuT, wHateVEr, JuSt whATeVer YoU tWo aRE tHe MoSt cOmfoRtABle DoINg."

What Error said makes sense. I nodded to Error in understanding muttered a thanks as I swam in my thoughts. I walked away to eat lunch with a plan forming in my head.

~Present time~

I'm going to let Cross know my feelings! I just have to ask him outside, maybe by the pretty tree on the side of the school right near the picnic tables we usually eat at.








If only I knew me and my brother think VERY alike.

I apparently got to Cross first, because I asked him to meet me at the tree just before lunch. He said yes!

Dream's POV
I'm going to confess today~ I'm going to confess today~ I've waited to realize that I like someone, and I would be able to date them and find love. So I went looking for Cross.

I was walking around the school looking a little before lunch, I have a free study period during this time, and I glanced outside and saw Cross and my brother talking on there way over to the pretty tree in the yard.

By the time I was able to get outside and to the side of the building about to turn the corner I heard Nightmare tone as he spoke and it made me pause. I listened in, even though I know it's rude.

"So Cross?"

"Yes Night?"

"I want to tell you something."

Oh no....

"Sure! What is it?"

"I uh... Want to tell you that I-"

No no no no no please, please don't be what I think it is....

"That I like you Cross, I like you a lot and of you don't want to do anything and remain friends or not at all that's fine too."

NO NO NO NO NO I WANTED- I wanted to.....

What's his answer?....


"Nightmare.... I like you too!"


I feel sick....

I ran....


Made it to the bathroom before I threw up..... B L A C K G O O P

I stared shocked because I knew my magic wasn't really supposed to handle this unlike my brother.... I still feel awful... *Swallow* I have to keep it down, don't show that I know....


But.... I feel.... Terrible. I feel some tears roll down my cheek.... They keep coming till I'm full out sobbing....


All I want is to love and be loved in return, but now with my track record, what're the odds of that?...... I still feel sick.... I... I.... I need my friends....

But..... I'm tired.... I'll just stay in here for awhile.... Let the tears out now so I can hide the rest later....

~After school on the walk from the bus station~

"Bye Cross see you tomorrow!"

"Bye Night!"

I wince and look away and feel my stomach rolling with that negative goop.... Nightmare notices...

"Dream? You okay?"

I nod instantly and reply, "Yeah I'm fine Nighty, just have a stomach bug..."

Nightmare rubs my lower back in a calming manner to try and help with my new established 'sickness'.

"Any better?"

I nod lying to him and myself. We go back in our house and I go straight to my room before throwing myself on the bed.

'it's not fair is it?'

'what? Who's there?'

'liking someone and they don't like you back'

'I... What?....'

'I can help with that.'

'Who are you! Get out of my head!'

'Imagine. If you don't get to be loved why let anyone else have theirs?'

'what??? I don't want that! Go away!!!'

'Aw but Dream, I AM you'




'Well to bad bud, WE have some HORRIBLE impulse control!'


I heard some fast pace thumps of someone running, I distantly hear, "DREAM!!! GOOP?!?! DREAM SNAP OUT OF IT!!!"

I... don't hear him anymore... I feel numb, like I'm underwater. I think I hear Nightmare calling me... What's the point.... I may have my brother out there but he took my chance and attacked first.... I'll just rest a bit....

Nightmare's POV
As soon as we got home I heard Dream run up to his room. I started throwing together something to simmer until dinner when mom gets home.




I ran up the stairs to Dream's room only to find Dream crying and throwing up black goop....


I grab Dream trying to get him out of whatever trance he's in. I'm screaming at him to wake up, the goop is starting to flow around him like mine does. I need help now.

To be continued.....