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Soul Mates |ErrorxInk|

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Error's POV
I woke up to the sounds of a truck backing up outside. *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*
"Ugh... the hay is that noise." I jumped out of bed and went to my window to look where the sound was coming from, I looked over to where the sound was coming from and I saw that the house next door didn't have the for sale sign anymore and a moving truck was backing into the driveway with some men waiting to unload the truck.

I watch for a while as the men unload the truck and after awhile a car pulls up, I get excited as I watch the car closely, seeing if the new neighbors have any kids with them, it has been awhile since a new kid came to the neighborhood, I think that the last time a kid moved in was someone named cross. As I watched the car, a lady got out and then the back door of the car opened up and a skeleton kid got out of the back, he was unusual, he had milk white bones with a black splotch on his cheek and one of the kid's eyes seemed to be a star and he was bundled up really well even though it was summer, the lady looked unusual as well her skin was a literal black and her hair was a brown hombre and she was also wrapped up rather tightly as well.

I get excited at the sight of a new kid and run out of my room to tell my brothers, my older brother Geno and my younger brother Fresh, first I go into my older brothers room yelling "Geno there are people at the house next door and they have a kid!" Geno jumps at the yelling and falls onto the floor.

Geno's POV
"Ow..." "what was that for?" I look at my younger brother as he is yelling at me about something that involved the house next door. My little brother looks at me and repeats "There are people at the house that was for sale next door and they have a kid!" I stare at my little brother a little longer before what he says sinks in. "What?" Error says "There ar-" I cut Error off "I heard what you said, but a new kid?" Error replies with "Yeah and maybe if we ask mom she might let us and go out and say hi." I nodded at Error and said "okay, but lets go get Fresh first." Error stopped in his tracks and gave me a look that said, do I really have to? "Yes Error, we are going to get Fresh in on this too." Error sighed and left to go to Fresh's room and I then follow close behind him.

Fresh's POV
I slowly wake up to the sound of Error screaming in what sounds like Geno's room. I question it because I know how close my bro is to Geno so I write it off as something that Error brah is excited about, then I hear both my bros start walking to my room, I groan, I don't want to get out of my bed, I am still quite sleepy. I watch as Error reluctantly opens the door with Geno right behind him, Geno spoke first "good morning Fresh, Error told me that the house next door was sold and who Error thinks is the owner has a kid with them, so we were gonna ask mom if we could go out and say hi." I looked at my bros and sighed, I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and said "okie dokie my broski bros lets get a movin then." (I am trying to talk like Fresh :3)

Error's POV (sorry I change the POV a lot, I just think it helps tell the story.)
I'm the first one out the door and I went straight to Mom's room and open the door slowly and looked in with my brothers right behind me "hey mom?" I saw mom shift in bed and slowly sit up and look at us with a tired eyes and said "Yes? what is it boys?" we all look at mom and Geno is the first to speak "Well, Error said he saw that the house next door was sold and someone is moving in this morning and Error also said that he thinks he saw the new neighbors come to the house and they had a kid with them" I cut Geno off to put in a quick detail "Actually it was just a woman and a child." Mom then gave us a look that just knew what was going to happen next and asked "And?" Geno replied first "And... we want to go out to meet the new kid." Mom thought for a moment and said "Okay, but I am going with you, I want to meet this child's presumed mother." Me and my brothers looked at Mom for a second then we all smiled, then we all ran back to our rooms to get dressed.

~a few minutes later~

I had just finished putting on my coat and scarf when someone knocked at my door "Come in!" then Geno came in and said "You ready?" I took a quick glance around my room to see if I forgot anything then said "Yeah I'm ready." I then followed Geno out of my room and down the stairs to the kitchen, when I walked in Fresh and Mom were already in there, Fresh was at his usual spot at the table and Mom was almost done making four bowls of cereal. Geno went over to his normal spot and sat down, I followed close behind to go to my spot. Mom then came over with the bowls of cereal and gave us our Cheerios and sat down to eat.

When we had finished we all took our bowls to the sink and went outside to where the moving truck and the lady and child where. Mom took the lead with Geno and Fresh close behind with me behind them. Mom spoke to the lady first "Hello there!" The lady turned to my mom and replied with "oh! Why hello there, is there something you need help with?" Mom shook her head at the woman and said "no, no, no, I just wanted to say hi! You are moving into this house, correct?" The lady smiled and said "Yes I am moving into this house." Mom looked happy at that and replied with "I want to personally welcome you to the neighborhood, my name is Cq, and these are my boys, Geno, Error and Fresh, say hi boys." We all replied with a polite hello. The lady smiled at us and said "Well thank you! My name is Comyet and this is my son Ink, say hello Ink." Just then the child that was behind Ms. Comyet jumped out from behind his mother and gave a loud and happy "Hello!!!" I flinched a bit at the sudden outburst but my brothers were perfectly calm and replied with hello. I just stayed quiet behind my brothers. The child then came up to us and started talking at the speed of light while his and our mom had started talking. Geno was listening to the child go off about something and then noticed I was really quite and asked "you okay Error?" I replied with "yeah I'm fine." Geno wasn't convinced and said "you sure? You were the most excited out of all of us to speak to Ink." I looked at Geno and replied "I'm fine really, he's just more talkative than I thought." Then Mom went and said to Ms. Comyet "would you and your son want to come to our house for tea while you are waiting for the movers to finish?" Ms. Comyet smiled and said "Why thank you! That sounds wonderful!" Then we went to our house and something told me that this was going to be a long day.