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Your pained eyes are looking at the same place as me (Won't you please stay in dreams)

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“Good morning, hyung!"

Jungkook groaned and resisted the urge to smack the younger for being chirpy so early in the morning. It was only 8 am and usually Jungkook would still be fast asleep but because of a certain someone who called him so early in the morning for a request to meet-up today, Jungkook was forced to leave the comforts of his bed.

It’s not like he can’t refuse—no actually he can but then if he indeed refuse, that someone would just invade his home, tear his house down, annoy and pester him until he leave and accompany him so saying yes to the younger’s request was the wiser decision.

But it still doesn’t mean he’s okay with it. If there’s one thing that Jungkook truly hates, that is someone messing up his sleep. Sleep is something that doesn’t come easily for someone like him who’s inspiration to write music strikes even in the middle of the night and as such, Jungkook treasures each and single second he could manage to get some sleep because god knows how many sleepless nights he spends on a daily basis just to get a single song right.

It was 8 am. He finally managed to finish the song he was currently working on and has the day free of work. If it was any of Jungkook’s normal day, he would be still sleeping until at least 12 or 1 pm yet he’s here, sitting in a café and meeting up with someone.

Needless to say, he was not in his best mood this morning.

“Can you please lower down your voice, Taehyung?” He said through gritted teeth, trying his actual best not to snap and be rude at the younger.

Taehyung actually pouted and pulled the chair opposite of him and sat down, “Why are you so mean, hyung?”

Jungkook gave him his best ‘are you fucking kidding me’ look and to most people that look would explain it all and have them cowering in the corner but since it was Taehyung he was talking to, who is too innocent, naïve and too kind for his own good, he has to explain it to him —in words.

Somebody fucking kill Jungkook now.

“Well, for one I certainly did not appreciate the call that you gave me at a very ungodly hour. I don’t know about you, Taehyung, but some people are still sleeping at five in the morning,” he said irritably.

For a second, Jungkook saw how Taehyung’s exterior cracked and how his smile dropped but in a split-second, it was immediately replaced with the younger’s trademark boxed-shaped smile. It was almost eerie how fast the younger was able to recover and regain back his smile. “Well, hyung, I just thought that since it’s your first day of being a divorcee, you would like some company, and who else would be the perfect candidate but me?”

At that, Jungkook’s irritation dissolved and his eyes immediately softened, actually surprised (touched) at how the younger is so caring. Noticing the change in demeanour of his companion, Taehyung smiled even more, crinkling his eyes in the process, “I mean, it’s no big deal.  I know how it feels and I’m free today so yeah. And I just think that we divorcees should stick together.”

At this point, Jungkook was truly rendered speechless. He and Taehyung were not really close before. They both studied in the same university, with Taehyung being an art major and him being a music major, but that was just about it. Their relationship was based on their association with their other friends. They really don’t hang out by themselves and if it wasn’t for their husbands—sorry, ex-husbands—being best friends, Jungkook is completely sure that he wouldn’t even meet Taehyung.

It wasn’t a big deal for him before. He was always content with simply being civil with the younger. However, seeing Taehyung now with his bright smile and warm eyes, Jungkook felt that he is missing a lot by not actually befriending him.

How could someone leave and cheat on a man as kind as Taehyung, Jungkook would never know.

As Taehyung excused himself to order food for the both of them, Jungkook murmured a word of thanks, too shy to actually tell it loudly and in the younger’s face.  He was definitely sure that Taehyung did not hear him but he couldn’t explain the fact that Taehyung returned with their food with his smile twice as bright than before.

When they step outside the café after their meal, Taehyung asks him again for another meal this week.

This time, Jungkook accepted without hesitation and irritation.

As planned, they met again later that week in the same café.

They bickered for a while on who will order and pay for the food this time but due to Jungkook’s advantage of being able to use the hyung-card; he won the argument and was the one to pay for their meal, something that Taehyung pouted at before hesitantly retreating in their chairs and leaving Jungkook by the counter to pay and order for the both of them.

Jungkook finds it surprising how they completely feel at ease with other. It was if they slipped back into a dynamic he hadn’t know existed between the both of them. He could not help but wonder if this is what they could have been like all the time if they simply tried to become more than just the partner of their partner’s best friend.

He was broken out of his musings when Taehyung spoke.

“Do you enjoy your job?”

Jungkook wiped his mouth with a napkin before answering, “It’s okay. It’s tiring and stressful sometimes but I woke up every day excited to go to the studio and produce songs. Does that answer your question?”

“Have you done all the things you want to do when you were—?” Taehyung trailed off unsurely.

“—when I was with him? Probably not. Why?”

Taehyung ignored his question and pondered for a moment, staring blankly in his cup of caramel macchiato in the table. Jungkook looked at him with his eyes full of curiosity before the younger sat up abruptly with his eyes brightly shining. “I just had the most brilliant idea, hyung. We should really have some fun, you know? Distract ourselves and just let ourselves loose and do things that we didn’t do before.”

Oh. So that what it is.

Jungkook, catching up with Taehyung’s train of thought, grinned conspiratorially and nodded, “Absolutely. We’ll be partners in crime.”

“Yeah! We shouldn’t let them influence our lives anymore,” Taehyung said with a bright smile but Jungkook could hear a tinge of bitterness and hurt in his voice.

Jungkook smiled as he listened to the younger rant and plan fun things for the both of them. He might not exactly be a “Taehyung-expert” and read him easily but he could see how the younger is getting back to his old self. Of course, Jungkook knew from the younger’s actions that he was still hurting and not over the divorce, evidence on point with the younger spouting and suggesting activities for the both of them, activities that Jungkook think Taehyung wasn’t able to do when he was with his ex-husband. Perhaps it’s petty and childish of Taehyung but Jungkook would take and choose this Taehyung in front of him rather than the Taehyung Jungkook saw half a year ago. The younger had been so wrecked with the confrontation that Jungkook was truly afraid that he would stay that way, eyes devoid of its usual warmth and was instead replaced with nothing but pure hurt and sadness as they glistened with tears. They may seem childish, doing things they weren’t able to do when they were with their ex-husbands, but the mischievous glint in Taehyung’s eyes along as he narrates his plan and his boxed-shaped smile whenever Jungkook suggests something as well pushes that thought back to deepest part of the older’s mind.

Jungkook would never admit it out loud but he was glad that the younger was coping fairly.

When they step outside the café after their meal, it was Jungkook who asks Taehyung for them to meet-up the next following days.

He swore that the grin that Taehyung gave him in return could rival the brightness of the sun.

Jungkook brings him to a pizza parlour the next time they met. He regretted a little when he asked Taehyung out since he doesn’t actually know what the younger would like to eat. He knows that nothing could go wrong with eating pizza since almost everybody loves pizza, but still, he could not help but voice out his doubts.

“You don’t mind eating here, do you?” Jungkook asks unsurely when they have taken their place in line by the cashier.

Taehyung laughed and looked at him with his eyes twinkling with mirth. “I don’t mind, Jungkookie-hyung. Besides, pizza is a growing boy’s best friend. Which is me.”

“You’re 22.”

“And you’re 25 and you brought me here so… your point?”

Jungkook shook his head in amusement and ordered a vanilla milkshake for himself, strawberry milkshake for Taehyung and a box of Hawaiian Pizza for the both of them. This time around there were no arguments between the two of them on who’s paying for their meal. Once Taehyung saw Jungkook grabbing his wallet from his back pocket, he flashed him his box-shaped smile and went off to find a table for the both of them.

When Jungkook received their order and they’ve finally settled down on one of the tables inside the parlour, they started eating. Neither of them talked for a while, too busy eating their respective meals.

“So,” Jungkook finally asked the moment he finished eating two slices of pizza, “how’s life treating you?”

Taehyung took a slurp from his milkshake before answering Jungkook. “Life’s been good. Some of my paintings are on display in MMCA. I just came back from France a month ago because of an exhibition.”

Jungkook’s eyes bulged and replied, “Holy shit, that’s fantastic. Are you famous or something? Are you like the Korean Van Gogh?”

Jungkook could swear that he saw Taehyung’s cheeks flushing with pink for a while but in an instant, the younger’s face was back to its normal self. The younger smacked the older’s chest playfully and both of them laughed.

“I mean, I’m no popular producer and write chart-topping songs that sounds absolutely so good but I guess I’m okay. I’m no Van Gogh but yeah, I’m pretty famous in the art community,” Taehyung replied smiling.

“That’s fantastic, Taehyung—” he cut himself off mid-sentence when Taehyung’s words actually sunk in.

“I mean, I’m no popular producer and write chart-topping songs that sounds absolutely so good but I guess I’m okay. I’m no Van Gogh but yeah, I’m pretty famous in the art community.”

 “Why, what’s wrong?” Taehyung asked him worriedly after half a minute of his silence.

He forced himself to speak and look directly at Taehyung’s eyes. “You… you listen to my songs?”

Taehyung cocked his head to the side and looked at him completely clueless, “Am I not allowed to?”

Jungkook dismissed Taehyung’s thoughts with a wave of his hand, “Of course not. Stop being silly. You listen to my songs? Aren’t you supposed to be a classical music type of person?”

“Hey, just because I prefer classical music doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate other genres of music,” Taehyung replied with a pout.

Jungkook shook his head, “You know what I mean.”

He might not know Taehyung that well but he knew that the younger used to play the sax and the piano when they were in college. He only knew that because he accidentally listened to Taehyung’s ex-husband whining to his ex-husband about how Taehyung prefers Beethoven and Mozart over his music preference.

“I accidentally listened to your song when I was playing music on Spotify. When I first listened to your song, Autumn Leaves, I actually didn’t know it was you. I didn’t recognize your voice and it was only when I opened my phone and opened Spotify that I saw it was you. Your song was so good and awesome! It was such a shame though that you only have one song where you sang it yourself because I really love your vocals so I searched more about you and I was surprised that you have a lot of songs you wrote and produced for other artists and listened to it as well. Next thing I knew, I was downloading songs you produced and written. Your lyrics are so beautiful and soulful and you are truly so talented hyung. But wow, I’m now rambling and making an embarrassment of myself so I’ll shut up now,” Taehyung said genuinely, a soft smile playing on his lips and a light blush adorning his cheeks, sipping on his milkshake in order to stop himself from rambling even further.

Jungkook was completely rendered speechless. It was the first time Jungkook heard someone who he considers close to him compliment him with such sincerity. He should be used to it, the compliments. He gets it every time from anyone. From his fellow producers, fans and from other singers. But he didn’t actually know them and they didn’t actually know him either. There was no familiarity involved. They know Jeon Jungkook, the golden producer of famous artists. They don’t know Jeon Jungkook, the man who caught his ex-husband cheating on him, Jeon Jungkook who has a lot of insecurities and self-doubts.

Of course, he still appreciates the praises and compliments he receives from them but what Jungkook craves is the support of his family and friends, a support that he didn’t receive. His family never supported his passion for music so it’s no surprise that they didn’t gave him their support towards his work and took time to listen to it. He does have friends of course but being an introvert, he has doesn’t have that much. Even his ex-husband didn’t give warm compliments because Jungkook knew that he listened to his songs half-heartedly, most of the time just complaining that Jungkook spends more time in the studio composing rather than spending time with him.

Hearing Taehyung said those words, Jungkook fights the urge to cry and bawl his eyes right then and there. It sounds ridiculous but Taehyung’s word made him realize how much he still craves for some support and consolation, to tell him that that he is good, that he made it and they’re proud of him.

“Hyung? Are you okay? Did I offend you—“

Jungkook immediately cut him off and replied with a choked-up laugh, “No, no. I’m just surprised. Thank you,” he genuinely said.

Taehyung’s eyes immediately smiled and waved his hands dismissively, although a hint of worry can still be reflected in his eyes, “Psh, don’t mention it, hyung. You are really great and your songs are really awesome. Don’t even doubt that for a second, okay? Besides,” He took a sip from his milkshake again before continuing, “that’s what friends do right? Compliment each other, lift each other up, be a shoulder to cry on, stuff like that,” Taehyung said, eyes glinting mischievously and box-shaped smiled already in place on his face.

Jungkook mirrors his smile and nodded, “Right. Friends. We’re friends.”

Taehyung nodded enthusiastically and continued drinking his milkshake.

That night, Taehyung sent him memes of himself while telling him how much he loves his songs and that he would sell his soul to the devil to have at least a quarter of Jungkook’s talent. The younger even sent him blasting Jungkook’s songs while he was painting.

It sounds ridiculous and embarrassing at the same time, reading Taehyung’s text to him basically fanboying over his songs. Jungkook knows what the younger is doing but he still can’t help but feel his heart clenched in gratitude as he tries to text back to the younger and pretend to be annoyed.

They meet again a few days after. It’s a windy Thursday afternoon and for the first time, they are not meeting for food. They are sitting on a bench in Yeouido Park, watching the people pass by and the kids playing around.

Despite the noise in the park, Jungkook always finds himself at peace in here. This park was his place of fortitude and was his running place when he needed to calm down or relieve his stress. The park is one of his favourite places in Seoul, a fact that not even his ex-husband of two years know.

Yet now, he is sharing this place to Taehyung, just a few weeks after talking with the younger.

How ironic.

“I’ve been wondering,” Taehyung said, breaking the silence between the two of them, “How come you have only one song where you yourself sang the lyrics? Your vocals is so good and beautiful in Autumn Leaves. And don’t get me misunderstood, I love the artists that sang your songs but I think it would be more beautiful if it was you who sang the songs.”

Still not used to the trait of the younger praising him every now and then, “I just don’t.”

Taehyung nodded in response, and Jungkook knows that Taehyung knows that there is more to it but the older is thankful that the younger decided not to prod. For a while, a comfortable silence enveloped the both of them, until Jungkook noticed the younger fidgeting and opening and closing his mouth slightly while fiddling with his hands.

“Spill it,” Jungkook said, looking at the painter curiously.

The younger shrugged and refused to meet his eyes, “It’s stupid.”


At that, Taehyung looked at him direct in the eyes and smiled sheepishly before looking at his hands again, “I’m that obvious huh?” The younger sighed and closed his eyes in defeat before continuing. “Does it feel—weird?”

“Sorry?” Jungkook asked, not completely understanding Taehyung’s question.

Taehyung looked up and fixed his gaze towards Jungkook. “The ring. Does it feel odd that you don’t wear it anymore?”

That’s when Jungkook noticed that Taehyung doesn’t wear his wedding ring anymore. And going by how the tan line is almost not visible, he could guess that he removed it even before the divorce.

Probably after the encounter.

“I mean, I know he’s not worth it, but I can’t help thinking and mis—it’s stupid. I’m stupid and I—” Taehyung continued, “I just… I just want to stop missing hi—it. I just want to stop missing it. And I’m not making sense, am I?”

Noticing the younger’s distress, Jungkook shook his head and smiled gently. “I think you’ll get used to it.”

He hums in acknowledgement and silence reigned once again between the two of them. He swore he could hear someone murmur a soft thank you but it could have been just his imagination.

It’s been two months since Taehyung called Jungkook for a meet up in the café at 8 o’clock in the morning for the sole reason of having a companion after the rapper’s divorce.

Jungkook doesn’t know when it started but he started to be comfortable around Taehyung.

He doesn’t know when Taehyung became Taehyungie and when he started to feel completely at ease with the younger.

They fall into an easy pattern, a pattern that Jungkook doesn’t realize they actually have.

They meet for lunch in the pizza parlor where Jungkook brought Taehyung every other day. When it’s not that, they meet for in the café for morning coffee or afternoon tea. On Sundays they meet for brunch while on some Friday evenings, when Jungkook isn’t busy writing songs and Taehyung is not painting, they will go either of their apartment and open Netflix and watch movies until they decided to call it a night and leave.

Jungkook tries to ignore the fact how domesticated it all feels and how he’s totally okay with it.

On a Tuesday afternoon, when they were about to go in their separate ways after having a chat over muffins and café, Taehyung asks him almost nervously, “Are you free this Thursday?”

Jungkook pauses in his steps and tried to remember his schedule for that day. Noticing the older’s silence, Taehyung continued, “I mean, it’s fine if you aren’t! I mean, I’m just asking and wow, you’re not even required to answer and I’m just gonna go home now and—”

Over the course of months they have interacting with each other, Jungkook picked up a lot of facts about the younger. One of those is how the younger rambles when he is too excited or nervous.

Jungkook will never admit it but something in him feels giddy seeing the younger in his cute (wait—cute?) ramblings.

Deciding to end the younger’s torment, Jungkook laughed loudly and gripped one of Taehyung’s shoulders, “Taehyung, I was just checking my schedule if I was free that day, which I am. So, what’s up?”

“It’s really nothing, hyungie,” Taehyung replied, averting his eyes to avoid the older’s gaze.


“Oh, it’s just I have showcase, yeah? And I need to someone to be my subject. But—gosh this is so embarrassing. Just please forget I even asked this, it’s stupid,” Taehyung replied after a few seconds, brushing one of his hands across his face out of embarrassment.

Jungkook chuckled and pat one of Taehyung’s shoulder, “Taehyung, breathe.” After the younger took a several moments to calm down, Jungkook urged the younger to speak again. The younger sighed and murmured to himself softly but still be able to pick up by Jungkook’s ears.

“Okay, focus. Focus. You can do this, Taehyungie,” Taehyung said to himself and Jungkook can’t help the adoration flowing through him at hearing such cute chant from the younger.

After he encouraged himself, Taehyung finally looked up to meet Jungkook’s gaze, his cheeks sported a light shade of pink and his face visible of unease and anxiety, “Sorry. It’s just I need someone to be body painted. I could ask my friends for help but they are mostly girls and I don’t want to use a female subject again when it comes to body painting again after an incident before and the male friends I have are either busy or too uncomfortable to do it. So would you please help me and be my subject?” he asked in a small, meek voice.

For a moment, silence enveloped between the two of them. Thinking that the older was rejecting his offer, Taehyung was about to apologize when the producer suddenly spoke.

“Do I need to do anything? Wax my body or something?”

Taehyung’s head turned to him instantly and Jungkook unconsciously mirrored Taehyung’s bright smile plastered on his face, “You’ll come?!”

“Yeah, I—"

Jungkook didn’t get to finish his sentence because he was suddenly tackled by Taehyung. The younger grabbed and hugged him tightly while murmuring thank you’s in his ear.

“You don’t know how much this means to me, oh my god. I tried posting online an ad finding models for this but the people I actually met just either came because they thought the ad was just a kink for sex or that they would be sex afterwards. Most of them actually freaked me out especially that one guy who just couldn’t take no for an answer, I was really creeped out and lowkey nervous.”

Something dark flared deep inside Jungkook’s chest, an emotion he can’t explain that suddenly overcame his senses as he listened to the younger’s tale about meeting the “interested” model. The older found himself clenching his fists tightly against his sides as the younger tells him about that one particular guy that creeped Taehyung out. Something primal rose deep within him, screaming at him to hide Taehyung and protect him away from those bastards.

Before he knows it though, Taehyung was hugging him again and chastely kissing his cheek before running into the other side of the street while screaming happily at him that he’ll text the details.

And if Jungkook felt knots forming in his stomach while his cheeks sported a deep shade of pink because of what Taehyung did, and how the dark feeling inside him subsided immediately as Taehyung’s lips touched his cheek, it was no one’s business but his own.


Hyung, you are really coming, right? You’re not bluffing…?

(11:30 pm)


Why would I bluff about something like that?

(11:32 pm)

I promise I’ll come.

(11:32 pm)



Just checking. Sorry.

(11:33 pm)

It’s just that…

(11:33 pm)

Never mind.

(11:35 pm)

Thank you.

(11:35 pm)

Thursday came and Jungkook was standing outside of Taehyung’s apartment. The younger texted him prior to wear something that he would be okay to be possibly get splattered with paint, bring an extra change of clothes and not to bother with anything else, despite the older’s claims that he should bring at least something since it would be his first time coming to the younger’s home. However, Taehyung brushed the offer away and replied that Jungkook accepting to be the model for his project is a big thanks itself and it should be Taehyung who is doing the thanking instead.

Jungkook knocked on the door of the apartment and after a few moments, the door opened revealing Taehyung, a paintbrush tucked behind his ear and boxed-shaped smile on his face. He is wearing a black shirt underneath his overall, paint both fresh and old already splattered on some of his clothes.

“Hey! I was just finishing up the backdrop! Please come in,” Taehyung greeted, opening the door wider for the older to enter.

Jungkook looked around the living room of the younger’s apartment, taking in the interior of the artist’s home. The younger’s living room was very stylish yet warm to the eyes. The room was mostly composed of earthly hues of color, with the walls off white, the couch beige and the pillows scattered over it colored between the shades of yellow and brown.  Frames of both pictures and paintings alike adorn some parts of the walls and shelves.

The room was a direct contrast to Jungkook’s sharp black and white themed home. Taehyung’s living room emits a very homely and accommodating aura and strangely, Jungkook loves it.

“Do you want to eat something first? Some water before we start? It could take hours to paint so you may have to get comfortable,” Taehyung asked, peering at the older and studying his expressions. “You can still back out,” Taehyung asked, eyes shining an emotion akin to fear and worry, something that Jungkook doesn’t understand why such emotions would be felt by the younger.

“Taehyungie, I promised, didn’t I?  Besides, this would be a good opportunity to finally see you at your own world. Also, not everyone can brag that they were body painted by the oh-so-great and worldwide famous Kim Taehyung,” the older joked, trying to lighten up the atmosphere and assure the younger.

Which is a complete success when the younger laughed, his soft chuckles filling the otherwise silence in the air. The younger breathed out a sigh of relief and smiled, “Right. Follow me hyungie. My studio is down by the hall.”

As they navigate the apartment, Jungkook couldn’t help but marvel at how artistic and sophisticated the whole house was yet still not losing an ounce of the warm and welcoming aura.

Just like Taehyung himself.

Jungkook just let the fact sink in that indeed Taehyung is a very famous artist and that his art is probably sold for thousands or perhaps even millions of won. The older also realized that this would be the first time he would be seeing the artist’s workspace and works.

However, before Jungkook could even feel the nervousness seep in, he was suddenly thrusted inside the artist’s studio and Jungkook felt that he was suddenly transported into a whole new world.

The whole room was spacious and bright, one wall completely made of glass allowing the sunlight to come inside the room. Ironically, the interior of the room compared to the whole apartment was much simpler, with all white walls and with some random streaks of paint splattered in some parts. There were shelves holding different materials such a buckets of paint, sketchbooks, paintbrushes as well as tools for sculpture. Racks and racks holding tens of painted canvasses and different sculpture pieces flittered inside the room while there were a wide array of pictures framed posted on the walls and photobooks sorted in one of the shelves. On the most center of the room is a large canvass of a painting of galaxy, the canvass surrounded with spotlights and a brown stool in front of it.

Jungkook didn’t bother hiding the awe in his face as he walked forward to the center of the room, marveling the painting of the galaxy up close, trying his best not to touch the painting in fear of tarnishing its beauty.

“Do you like it? This will be your backdrop for the shoot,” Taehyung said softly at his side, looking at Jungkook and studying his reaction.

Jungkook shifted his gaze from the painting to Taehyung, who was playing with his fingers and shuffling from one foot to another. “Taehyung… I have no words. These are beautiful. Wow.”

The younger remained silent so the older continued and glanced back at the different artworks inside the room, “Seriously, Taehyung. These are incredible, what the fuck. I already knew you were good since you told me you have stuff in museums but I didn’t know you were this good. These are fucking perfect. And you take pictures and make sculptures too? What the fuck?”

Jungkook laughed loudly when his gaze landed back at the younger and found Taehyung turning into a lovely shade of pink and squirming out of embarrassment. “Please stop talking. You’re being embarrassing right now, hyung.”

Jungkook laughed again and sparing the younger, diverted the topic, “So, what will I do?”

Taehyung cleared his throat and lightly slapped both of his cheeks in an attempt to tone down the furious blushing of his cheeks.


(Wait, what?)

“Sit on that stool please. And remove your shirt. Are you fine with possibly getting paint with those pants? I could lend you some if you aren’t,” Taehyung stated, already grabbing the palette beside the canvass and starting to mix some colors.

With a nod, Jungkook removed the green bomber jacket he was wearing and his black Stussy shirt, leaving him in just his skinny jeans and Timberlands. He took a seat in the stool situated in the middle of the room and waits patiently for Taehyung to give further instructions.

Taehyung finally turned around to face Jungkook after he finishes mixing the colors and the older didn’t fail to see how the younger look at looked at him up and down and gulping visibly. Realizing that he was staring, Taehyung cleared his throat and shook his head, finally making its way near Jungkook. He dips his paintbrush in with black ink before he fixed his gaze at Jungkook, “I’ll start making the outlines, hyung. Please try your best to stay still but if you get tired or have a cramp, don’t hesitate to ask for a break, okay?”

After seeing the older nod, Taehyung finally let his brush touch Jungkook’s skin, drawing line after line. Jungkook was never the patient person, always wanting to do something with his hands and gets fidgety when he sits in one place without doing anything for too long. Not only that, the feeling of the brush touching his skin feels kind of weird and he has to fight the shiver whenever he feels the wet paint dripping on his skin.


Time seemed to pass by as he immersed himself in watching the younger work. Taehyung was uncharacteristically quiet, only letting out a sound of hum whenever he gets the painting right or a groan and a low whine whenever he messes something up. Although the younger did attempt to talk while he was working, the conversation dwindled down after a very short while, with Taehyung too focused on working and painting Jungkook. The younger however didn’t fail to occasionally ask Jungkook if he was still okay and not uncomfortable, something that made Jungkook smile every single time because the younger is too kind for his good.

Up close, Jungkook noticed that Taehyung’s eyes are different with one another, with one being a monolid and the other being a double, that the younger’s eyelashes are incredibly long and beautiful that it casts shadows over the younger’s cheeks, and that there is mole on the tip of his nose and that the younger pouts adorably while working.

After an hour or two and layers and layers of different shades of blue, violet, black, and green over Jungkook, Taehyung took a few steps away from Jungkook and scrutinized every detail before nodding and deeming his work done.

“How do I look?” Jungkook asked, trying not to move too much and ease the cramps on his shoulder in fear of the just drying paint to be ruined.

“It would be better if you see the pictures after with the backdrop,” Taehyung grinned conspiratorially, “So until then, no peeking, okay? Let me just get the lighting right and fetch my camera. Stay still, alright? Do you need to go to the bathroom or drink something?”

After receiving a shook of the older’s head, Taehyung opened the blinds by the window, effectively minimizing the light in the room. He turned off one of the lights in the room as well and dimmed the remaining few that are still on. He walked towards the location of the spotlights and manipulated the lights until it was just lit enough to emit a soft glow. After a few more minutes of Taehyung playing with the settings of the spotlights as well as taking sample shots of Jungkook and seeing it on his laptop monitor, Taehyung finally addressed Jungkook.

“Hyung, I’m going to take your photos now that I will use for the showcase, alright?” Taehyung asked, holding a DSLR camera in one hand while brushing the stray strands of hair on his face on the other. “Just close your eyes and relax.”

So Jungkook did.

It was weird knowing that Taehyung is taking his photos and that he can’t see what the younger is doing and how Jungkook himself looks like. And as how long and strenuous the process of painting Jungkook took, the process of picture taking on the other hand took less than a few minutes, perhaps somewhere less than 20. After Taehyung shouted that Jungkook can open his eyes now, the older couldn’t contain his curiosity any longer and asked the younger, “Can I see how I look now?”

The artist laughed heartily at the barely concealed excitement in the older’s voice and after a nod, he directed Jungkook to look at the younger’s laptop screen and see the outcome.

And holy shit, Jungkook was not prepared to see that.

Gone was the Jungkook he knew— actually scratch that, gone was the human Jungkook for he was nothing short of being a part of a galaxy itself in the picture. He was decorated with stars and constellations, with nebulas, shooting stars, and even other galaxies. He was not in space, he is space.

“Taehyung…” Jungkook uttered, completely loss at words at seeing how the artwork turned out to be.

“Is it okay? I still have to do some editing on it before I finally print it out and display at the gallery.” Taehyung asked softly, playing with the presets of the editing software on the laptop and biting his lip raw out of worry.

Hating to see the look of insecurity on the younger’s face, Jungkook cupped the Taehyung’s chin to make the artist look at him, “Taehyung. This are more than okay. This is… this is fucking perfect, okay? Don’t think otherwise.”

And when the younger exhaled out of pure relief, figure turning lax and boxy smile finally making an appearance on his face, only one thought runs on Jungkook’s mind.

He’s beautiful.

It was only when Jungkook was already lying on his bed at his apartment later that night that he forgot to take home back the jacket he was wearing before he took a shower after Taehyung painted him.

Jungkook doesn’t ask for it back and Taehyung never made him remember.

However, seeing Taehyung practically drowning while wearing the green bomber jacket few days later on their usual café meeting, cheeky smile on his face and declaring the jacket is his now, Jungkook couldn’t help but simply laugh and did not even bothering to refute the younger’s statement.

It was late one night when Jungkook received a call.

Being an introvert, Jungkook has a limited set of friends, and all of them know that Jungkook doesn’t talking through phone calls while his family rarely contact him. As such, the calls Jungkook receives are either from work or because of an emergency.

So hearing his phone ring at quarter to 2 am, Jungkook didn’t even bothered looking who was calling, immediately picking up the call and putting it in his ear. “Hello, this is Jeon Jungkook of Golden Closet Music, how may I help you?” Jungkook replied groggily, albeit trying to mask the irritation for his sleep to be interrupted in the middle of night.


Jungkook suddenly sat up from his bed at hearing the younger’s familiar voice, though a little bit bewildered because of the loud music coming from the younger’s call and how the artist slightly stumbles over his words. “Jungkookie-hyung! Guess what, guess what?”

“I’m hanging up.”

“Hyungieeeee~” Taehyung whined on the other line and just solidified the older’s suspicions that the younger is drunk. Sighing defeatedly, Jungkook grabbed one sweatpants from his cabinet and wore it, throwing a random jacket over his figure, “Where are you? You sound drunk. I’m coming to get you.”

Taehyung giggled on the other line and perhaps if it was any other day, it would be endearing but now, Jungkook could only feel worry seeping in through his veins. “Taehyung, where are you?” Jungkook asked while simultaneously trying to put on some sweatpants and a jacket, bringing a spare with him just in case Taehyung doesn’t have one.

After Taehyung mumbled the address of the bar, relieved to find out that the bar is a few walks away since he doesn’t trust himself to drive with him just woken up.

When Jungkook saw the younger saw, he almost choked on his own saliva when he saw how sinful the younger looks with that black button-up with button on top left unbuttoned and leather jeans. His eyes are decorated with kohl, giving him a more smoldering look.

“Jungkookie-hyungie, you came!”

And yep, Taehyung is still a dork.

Jungkook rolled his eyes fondly and approached the younger that is slumped on the bar stool, the bartender attending to the younger before leaving and giving them some semblance of privacy. Jungkook immediately draped the spare jacket he had on the younger and touched his forehead for his temperature, “Taehyung, what are you doing here?”

Taehyung pouted at him and blinked owlishly at him, “Taehyung is allowed to have fun and drink,” he replied, crossing his arms in a cute manner.

What a big baby.

Jungkook laughed and asked the bartender for some water before continuing to talk to the younger, “But you hate drinking. You told me so before.”

The bartender, who looked probably a couple of years older than them, arrived with the bottle of water and a bunch of painkillers and replied, “On the house. The poor boy just drank few beers and was immediately started to get wild. Take care of yourselves on the way home.”

Jungkook thanked the bartender softly and urged the younger to drink the water and the medicine. When they were about to go home, Taehyung stood up and then immediately fell down on the floor, giggling. “Hyung, I can’t feel my legs.”

Jungkook sighed resignedly and crouched in front of the younger, “Hop on.”

The younger squealed, hopping eagerly but gently on the younger’s back, holding tightly on the older’s neck. “You’re the best, hyungie.”

After a few steps outside and without the blaring music of the bar deafening their ears, they were finally surrounded by silence, occasionally disturbed by a random car passing. After a few moments, when the younger have substantially recovered, Taehyung spoke, “I saw them hyungie. Jimin and Yoongi.”

At the names, Jungkook faltered in his steps momentarily before continuing his pace. “I was supposed to be just hanging out with Seojoon-hyung and Hyungsik-hyung but then I saw them with their group of friends in one corner of the bar and then they announced that they were getting married. Seojoon-hyung saw it so we moved to another bar and there we got drunk. Hyungies left a few minutes before you arrived since they Hyungsik hyung have to go back to the hospital to do his shift”

At hearing the younger’s tale, Jungkook scoffed and not-so-gently shifted Taehyung’s position on his back, drawing him higher using his arms. He doesn’t understand why he feels angrier about the fact that Taehyung feels genuinely upset over the fact that Jimin is getting married rather than the fact that his cheater of an ex-husband is finally marrying his side-chick. “Don’t tell me that the reason you got smashed is because you suddenly had an epiphany that you still want Jimin back.”

Taehyung slapped Jungkook’s shoulder and snorted at the older’s overdramatic sound of pain, “Of course not, idiot! They’re the perfect couple, don’t you think? A cheater for a cheater. I drank because I’m angry at them because why did they have to be happy first when we’re the good people. They don’t deserve that happiness.” And if Jungkook would be able to look at the younger, he would see how much the younger is pouting and Jungkook just wants to kiss (wait, kiss?!)  remove that pout away.

Jungkook shifted him again on his back and said playfully, “Well, at least you managed to punch Jimin in the face when you saw them that night.”

Silence enveloped the two of them before Taehyung replied, “That was a good punch though, wasn’t it?”

“Absolutely fucking good.”

Both of them laughed, not mindful that look silly laughing in the middle of the streets at two am.

December quickly came and along with that came Taehyung’s birthday.

It was funny how Jungkook found out that it would be Taehyung’s birthday on the 30th, with him finding it after Taehyung off-handedly remarked while they were eating pizza and after exchanging their Christmas gifts for each other (a fancy headphones for Jungkook and a brand new polaroid for Taehyung) a day after Christmas that he misses the good old days in college and he couldn’t actually believe that he would be turning 23 in a few days.

Needless to say, Jungkook panicked so hard that Taehyung was clutching his sides and claiming that his Christmas gift was enough birthday gift for him. Jungkook of course wouldn’t settle for only that.

Taehyung has been one of his closest friends these past few days and Jungkook will be damned if he doesn’t get the perfect birthday gift for the younger.

It took several nights of thinking and brainstorming before Jungkook thought of the perfect gift.

Fast forward to present, with Taehyung clearly awestruck, eyes glinting under the Christmas lights on the ceiling of Taehyung’s apartment with so much happiness and form clearly vibrating with excitement, “Are you serious?!”

Jungkook laughed and nodded, “I am. Happy birthday, Taehyung. This puppy is yours now.”

With that, Taehyung let out a loud squeal, hugging Jungkook tightly but careful not to crush the puppy in the older’s arms. “Oh my god, Jungkook. He is so cute. Can I hold him, please?” Taehyung said, cooing as the puppy licked one of his fingers.

Jungkook shook his head and transferred the puppy into Taehyung’s arms, the younger absolutely amazed and delicately holding the puppy in his arms as if it was a new born child, “Oh my god, he is so cute. Adorable. With a very capital A. Look at his eyebrows! How did you even know I want a dog?!” Taehyung asked in a very fast pace, and Jungkook couldn’t help but compare him to a puppy, practically wagging its tail out of excitement.

The thought brought a chuckle in Jungkook’s lips, “I was brainstorming for ideas for your birthday gift and then I remembered that you want a dog before. You mentioned it when we were at the café, I think, and you said that with Ji—him practically hating dogs and preferring cats, you couldn’t get one. Honestly, everyone knows that dogs are superior. So I went to the animal shelter and found one and chose him, because his eyebrows look like yours,” Jungkook remarked, slightly nervous on how he almost mentioned Taehyung’s ex-husband.

Taehyung laughed fully, either not noticing the slip-up or was simply not bothered by it anymore (Jungkook hopes it’s the latter), running his hand on the puppy’s fur, “Obviously. Dogs are god tier. It’s something that doesn’t need to be questioned, it’s a fact. And yes, our eyebrows are superior,” at that, the puppy barked and Taehyung giggled, “look at him, he already knows who his father is. Does he have a name?”

Jungkook shook his head and Taehyung hummed in thought for a few seconds before letting out a sound of glee, “Yeontan! The name of my son will be Yeontan!”

The older laughed fully, bunny teeth showing and eyes crinkling in the corners, “You’re seriously naming him over a charcoal?”

Taehyung blew a raspberry at him and pouted, “He’s my son now. My son, my rules.” Taehyung then diverted his attention back to the puppy and kissed the tip of its nose, “That’s right. You are Yeontannie. My pretty little Tannie.” The puppy barked and Taehyung giggled and Jungkook couldn’t help the smile growing on his face.

“Well, I have to go. I’m pretty sure that you would want to celebrate your birthday with your close friends and Tannie today so I’m gonna go home. I just went here really just to deliver your present,” Jungkook remarked, although every fiber in his being is fighting the urge to stay with the younger longer.

“Wait—what?” Taehyung exclaimed, suddenly standing up from where he is sitting from the couch and letting Yeontan down the ground. He suddenly wrapped the older in a very tight hug, arms wrapped on Jungkook’s neck and the only thing the older could do is hug the younger back. After a few moments, Taehyung pulled back, peering at the older with his brown eyes, “I already celebrated my birthday with my other hyungs and friends earlier. And besides…” Taehyung cocked his head to the side and smiled, “…what makes you think I don’t want it to spend with you?”

Jungkook tries to ignore the loud beating of his heart as Taehyung uttered that statement.

He absolutely failed.

But seeing Taehyung wide, pearly-white smile as they play around with Yeontan and his content and relaxed stance while they were watching Netflix while eating ice cream and pizza, Jungkook starts to believe that perhaps, the younger does want him around.

And when he woke up late in the evening with Taehyung’s head resting on his shoulder, Tannie comfortably snuggled between them, he couldn’t help but smile giddily to himself.

Weeks passed by and Jungkook pleasantly finds that Taehyung has not grown tired of him in the least.

It was a Tuesday morning and the both of them usually meet at the cozy coffeeshop where they started their interactions and Taehyung is already late. Although bewildered since the younger is never late for their meetings, Jungkook already has an inkling as to why the younger is late. Taehyung’s showcase was two days away and the tiredness is apparent from the younger. They rarely meet nowadays due to the fact the younger is busy arranging and preparing the gallery but from the video calls and the calls they have, the lack of sleep and tiredness is visible from the younger’s growing bags under his eyes and the slur in speech due to drowsiness. Most of the times the younger often falls asleep during their calls and while Jungkook urges Taehyung to just sleep and rest, the younger is more adamant in trying to stay awake and talk with him.

“Taehyung, you can barely open your eyes. Go to sleep,” Jungkook said worried over one of their video calls late into the night. He usually calls the younger to check if the younger ate and is finally resting because, as Jungkook found out, the younger is really reckless when it comes to his health when he’s making his art.

One time, Jungkook dropped by at Taehyung’s dorm and found the younger so immersed in his art that he forgot to sleep and eat.

Needless to say Jungkook dragged the younger out of the studio and made him took a bath, eat, and finally sleep.

Taehyung hummed and shifted on his bed, “But I like talking to you, hyung.”


The younger’s adamant attitude in talking with Jungkook has the older’s heart do backflips and summersaults that sometimes Jungkook finds himself questioning what he really is feeling. Even this café meeting they have now is something that Taehyung suggested because quote, “he misses his hyung so much and needed his daily dose of Jungkook”. Despite knowing that the artist is naturally affectionate, Jungkook can’t help but feel giddy that the younger feels that way about him. Knowing that the younger is probably running on caffeine again and three hours of sleep, Jungkook took the liberty of ordering hot chamomile tea for Taehyung and Hazelnut Coffee for himself, asking to hold off their orders until Taehyung comes in.

He was browsing on his social media accounts when the younger came rushing in inside the establishment and Jungkook’s heart dropped in his stomach and was filled with worry as he took in the younger’s state.

The younger collapsed on the seat in front of Jungkook and the older was taken aback by Taehyung’s pallor. The bags underneath his eyes were worse compared the last time Jungkook was able to see him in the flesh. Although it is apparent that the younger just took a bath, with his hair damp and him smelling of the perfume he always wore, his clothes look ruffled and mismatched and signs of paint are still stuck onto his hand. His hair is unruly and unkempt and his hands are slightly shaking, no doubt due to the caffeine running on his veins.

“I’m so sorry, hyung. I know I’m late and I have no excuses. I forgot to set the alarm for today and I woke up late because I slept so late because I was finishing one of the artworks for the gallery. And I was finally running on time but then there was this huge traffic and then one of the staffs called about rearrangements and how we need to contact and new dealer for the lights because the current one we had is doing such a poor job and—” Taehyung rambled and Jungkook felt his heart broke with how frazzled the younger looks.

Jungkook reached across the table and grabbed both of Taehyung’s hand and encased it with his own, looking reassuringly at Taehyung, “Taehyungie, it’s okay. It’s okay.”

The younger took a deep breath and looked down, averting his gaze from the older. However, when the older saw the younger’s shoulders slightly shaking and his lips wobbling, he immediately went to the younger’s side and held Taehyung’s chin softly as to make him look eyes at the older. “Oh, baby,” Jungkook said sadly, the endearment unconsciously rolling off his lips.

It was as if the words triggered the waterworks because the moment the words were uttered, Taehyung sniffled and the first drop of tear came out, followed by another. Then another. Until he was crying a steady stream of tears. Jungkook did not hesitate to pull the younger to his side and let the younger cry on his shoulder, keeping an arm to the younger’s shoulder to give him a side hug.

The barista delivered their orders and gave Jungkook a worried glance, gesturing to the younger but Jungkook merely shook his head and thanked the barista softly. The barista, understanding the need for privacy, nodded his head and smiled softly before walking away to go back to the counter.

Jungkook was muttering soft nothings in Taehyung’s ear and running his hand on the soft, brown locks of hair Taehyung have. After a few minutes, Taehyung withdrew from Jungkook’s shoulders and rubbed his eyes furiously with his hands. Jungkook tutted and gave him his handkerchief and Taehyung smiled a watery smile at the older. “T—thank you, hyungie. Sorry for crying on you and ruining our meet-up. God, I feel awful.”

“Tae, I told you, it’s fine. I understand. Please don’t say sorry. Here, drink some tea, it might help you.”

“I didn’t notice we had drinks. Thank you,” Taehyung said softly before drinking a sip of the tea.

After brief moments of Taehyung sipping his tea, he sighed and looked at the older, “I’m just so so tired, hyung. It’s my first time spearheading a showcase that just features my artworks and I’m beyond stressed. Everything is not going according to my plan and just when I figured and fixed one thing out, another somehow becomes a problem. I don’t even know if this will be success. I mean, this would be the first time people would be just coming for my showcase and I don’t know if they would even love my artworks. And I—”

“Taehyung, breathe. You’re doing it again,” Jungkook said softly, holding his hand and grasping it firmly on his hold, “You’re overthinking things, Taehyungie. You’re amazing.”

The younger averted his gaze and Jungkook sighed, “No, Tae, look at me.” Jungkook grabbed Taehyung’s chin and softly forced the younger to meet his gaze, making sure that the younger see the adoration and comfort Jungkook’s eyes have, “Taehyungie, you’re the best artist I know. Granted, I don’t have a lot of artist friends, no wait, actually I don’t have a lot of friends in general.”

Taehyung chuckled softly and Jungkook mentally tapped himself at the back for cheering up the younger, never mind it be at the price of embarrassing himself. “But the point here is, you’re amazing. Words aren’t enough to express how beautiful your works are. It’s even better than Van Gogh.”

The younger pushed the older playfully and sniffled but his eyes are twinkling now with happiness, “Now, you’re just teasing.” Jungkook gasped and put on a mock-offended face, “I would never!”

Both of them erupted into giggles and fall back into a comfortable banter.

Later that day, Jungkook drove Taehyung back to the artist’s home. The older cooked the younger food after admonishing how the groceries he shopped for the younger last week were barely reduced.

After eating dinner with the artist, both of them failed to realize how late it was until someone texted the artist and they saw the time on Taehyung’s phone. Taehyung asked if Jungkook would stay the night.

Jungkook said yes, of course.

The day of Taehyung’s showcase finally came.

While Jungkook loves art, it would be the first time that he would be able to attend a showcase in a gallery, most of all a showcase of an artist he personally knows.

Although the exhibition wouldn’t start until 8 pm, Jungkook is adamant on coming earlier at the gallery. He just couldn’t wait to see the gallery Taehyung exerted so much effort on. Despite trying to bribe the younger a hint about the showcase, Taehyung would just laugh at Jungkook’s efforts and would tell him that the galaxy painting of him that they did weeks ago would be one of the highlights of the showcase. He knows how much the younger exerted effort for the success of the showcase and he can’t but be excited at seeing the fruits of Taehyung’s labor.

It was fortunate that the gallery where Taehyung’s works would be exhibited are not far from Jungkook’s home so he wouldn’t have to worry about the traffic. At 6:55 pm, Jungkook was ready to leave his apartment, donning a Saint-Yves Laurent black suit, his hair neatly gelled.

When he finally arrived at the gallery, Jungkook was left astounded.

He knew that Taehyung is famous, what with the stories of the younger and the quality of the pieces Taehyung produces. However, he was not expecting for Taehyung to be that famous, with the parking lot of the gallery almost full already despite the exhibit not formally starting in half an hour.

When Jungkook finally entered the gallery, he can’t help but be at awe at how marvelous everything is.

The paintings that are hanging on the walls are so beautiful it was as if by looking at it, you can actually feel yourself inside the painting. You can easily feel the warmness or the coldness, the sadness or the happiness the paintings evoked. The sculptures, on the other hand, are realistic to the point that Jungkook has to wonder if they would start moving any time.

Too immersed in marveling at the paintings, Jungkook was suddenly surprised when something obscured his view. “Guess who?” a familiar baritone voice said cheerfully by his ear.

Jungkook chuckled and turned around after removing Taehyung’s hands on his eyes.

And… Jungkook’s breath got stuck in his throat.

He always found the younger beautiful, even before they were in college and are still with their partners.

He found him beautiful with mismatched clothes that still seems to make Taehyung look like a model from a runway.

He found him beautiful when asleep and almost drooling on a pillow or in his shoulder. He found him beautiful wearing that sinful black button up in the bar despite being so adorably drunk.

He found him beautiful when pouting or angry. Fuck, he even finds Taehyung beautiful when crying or simply breathing.

But nothing could prepare from the Taehyung in front of him now.

The younger was wearing a white suit that features his lithe and curvy frame. He was wearing a dangling earring one ear and his lips are tinted lightly with red and holy shit, is that lace adorning his neck? As if that was not enough to make Jungkook hyperventilate, the younger, who previously have brown hair, has dyed his hair blonde, looking like a prince out of fairy tale or a fallen angel.

Fucking hell, he looks so beautiful.

It was only when Taehyung was turning a shade of red and avoiding Jungkook’s gaze shyly that Jungkook realized that he muttered the words out loud and in front of Taehyung, making the older’s cheek turn crimson as well out of embarrassment.

“Thanks,” Taehyung replied bashfully, his gaze soft and his cheeks still tinted with pink. “Let’s go, hyung. I want to tour you while the others aren’t here yet.” Taehyung said softly with a smile on his face. The younger was looking back and forth at something and nervously bounced on the soles of his feet. Before Jungkook could even question what is wrong, Taehyung grabbed his hand and smiled his trademark boxed-shaped smile, “Let’s go?”

And Jungkook cannot help but follow him helplessly with a (barely) concealed grin on his face.

The exhibition was a success and Jungkook couldn’t even but be so proud for the younger.

The younger managed to sell many artworks and Jungkook almost always finds himself almost gaping or low whistling when he see the younger selling some works and hearing how much the client bought the artwork.

However, one thing bugging Jungkook is that the galaxy painting they did is nowhere to be found.

Jungkook made sure to check every room and inch of the gallery for the said painting but it was nowhere to be found despite the younger saying to him before that it would be the centerpiece.

So when the audience trickled out and the person talking to Taehyung shook the artist’s hands goodbye, Jungkook approached the younger and smiled, “Tired?”

“A little,” Taehyung sighed while Jungkook raised an eyebrow. Taehyung rolled his eyes playfully and smiled, “Okay, a lot but I’m happy.”

Jungkook nodded, “Good. By the way, I was wondering, I don’t see the galaxy painting we did before?” Jungkook asked unsurely.

At the question, Taehyung lit up and sprang into action, grabbing Jungkook’s hands. “I almost forgot. Come with me,” Taehyung said excitedly.

Taehyung led him into a secluded part of the gallery and found a door, something that Jungkook didn’t noticed before while wandering around. At the look of confusion on his face, Taehyung explained, “This room is usually used for smaller exhibits.”

Taehyung opened the door and Jungkook found himself gasping.

There, in the center of the room, is the painting of the galaxy. Various fairy lights hang on the room, giving the room an ambiance of floating in space and staring at a galaxy. He couldn’t fathom how it was it him in the painting when it looked so perfect and amazing. Jungkook walked in front of the painting and resisted the urge to run his hands on the portrait and feel it in his fingers. After marveling it at quite some time, Jungkook turned to Taehyung, equally confused and amazed, “But I thought…?”

Taehyung, seemingly understanding the unspoken question, smiled softly and walked until he’s looking face to face at Jungkook, “It was at first. It was supposed to be the center piece. But then as time goes by, I realized that it is not something that should be shared with a lot of people. That’s why I crammed a week ago on a new centerpiece. However, in a way, it is still the centerpiece, just that, the audience is only you.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything. Just… did you liked it?” Taehyung asked hopefully, brown eyes peering at the older and waiting for his answer.

And with the younger looking so magnificent and beautiful and looking at him like that, it was as if something inside Jungkook snapped. Jungkook smiled so fondly and he cupped the younger’s cheek oh so gently, “Do you even have to ask?”

With that, Jungkook leaned forward and captured Taehyung’s lips on his own, relieved and ecstatic to find the younger kissing him back with equal fervor.

And it’s way better than any fantasy and daydream Jungkook had of kissing him because the actual feel of Taehyung’s lips, the way their lips glide against each other, the way the younger tastes and how he lets out this little whines and moans that have Jungkook weak in knees – none of them can ever be imagined.

They both parted way with bruised lips and silly smiles on their faces.

And Jungkook might got some silly reactions from the passersby when he yelled a loud yes! when Taehyung agreed for a date tomorrow morning but Jungkook doesn’t care.

None of it matters when Taehyung was smiling so wide and his eyes are sparkling with so much mirth that Jungkook swears the entire galaxy resides deep inside his eyes.

They went out on many dates.

From their first being an amusement park date to the next being a beach date. Followed by a picnic date and a date at an aquarium and more other dates that are even better than the last.

It might be cliché and predictable but Jungkook wouldn’t had it any other way, not when it both of them are so happy and contented with each other.

Ever since they first kissed at the gallery, the two of them have become physical in their affections for one another. They haven’t had sex yet but that was okay for the both of them, contented on sharing kisses, hugs and holding hands, neither of them wanting to rush their growing relationship.


Taehyung’s kisses are enough for Jungkook to completely fall on his knees and worship the ground Taehyung walks on.

Taehyung is not shy on kissing him or showing his affection to him on public, despite both of them being prominent figures and that there are articles written about them. However, on closed doors, his kisses are way more heated and lustful.

The younger has this way of kissing him and nibbling his ear that makes Jungkook growl and just want to throw the younger on the bed and have his way with him. Jungkook, on the other hand, retaliates by kissing his neck and he’s rewarded by the low moans and whines from the younger that has all of his blood rushing south.

But Jungkook doesn’t pressure the younger, because he wants Taehyung to set the pace.

However, judging by how Taehyung looks at him so heatedly, his pupils dilated and full of lust; his form pinned against the wall by Jungkook’s lean frame, arms on Jungkook’s shoulders and his legs wrapped tightly on Jungkook’s waist, Taehyung grins conspiratorially and whispered huskily on Jungkook’s ear, “I think it’s time you take me to bed, don’t you think, hyung?”

And Jungkook has always been weak towards Taehyung so naturally, he did what Taehyung asked.

It was morning and they haven’t even taken a bath when they first said “I love you’s” to each other.

Jungkook was cooking their breakfast with his black Stussy shirt and sweatpants while Taehyung is wearing Jungkook’s white hoodie, the size too big for him that he is practically drowning in it. He is sitting by the kitchen table, sketching something on his sketchpad.

“Babe, would you like some strawberry on your pancakes?” Jungkook asked while transferring some pancakes from the pan to the plate.

“You know me so well, I love you.” Taehyung said unconsciously, still busy sketching on his sketchpad.

Jungkook promptly dropped the spatula on the floor, resulting in a loud sound echoing inside the kitchen. He turned slowly and looked at Taehyung, who looked as shocked as much as he is, the gravity of the situation suddenly dawning upon him.

“I—I,” Taehyung stuttered. Jungkook turned off the flame of the stove and approached Taehyung, lifting the younger on the table. The younger, taken aback, let out a shriek and steadied himself by wrapping his hands on Jungkook’s shoulders.

“Say it again,” Jungkook said, staring at the younger and touching Taehyung’s forehead with his. 

“I love you, Jungkook,” Taehyung said, and it was the first time the older heard the younger address him with no honorifics.

Jungkook mirrored Taehyung’s smile and whispered, “That’s a good thing then because I actually happen to love you too.” Jungkook wasted no moment in leaning forward and kissing the younger passionately.

Needless to say, not much eating of pancakes has been made that morning.

It’s December when it finally happens.

It was the early week of December and Jungkook is supposed to attend MAMA because he is nominated for numerous awards, the most important the nomination for the best producer of the year, his first Daesang nomination since he first started his music career. Of course, he invited Taehyung as his plus one, there’s no other person he would rather be with than Taehyung.

You see, Jungkook doesn’t care much for the award. No, he’s more nervous when he actually wins the award because then his Namjoon and Hoseok’s—his best friends in the music industry—plan for tonight would push through and what of the consequences of his plan might bring. They had to pull some strings to make it possible and it was hectic and nerve-wrecking at most but the most important ingredient for the plan to push through is for Jungkook to win that award.

So when he was announced as the best producer of the year and Taehyung proudly hugged him with tears on his eyes, Jungkook felt his nerves triple. Quadruple.

The MC, Park Bogum who was part of the few people that knows of the plan, whispered encouragingly at him as he handed his award and trophy.

Jungkook exhaled to calm his nerves and smiled brightly despite the growing butterflies on his stomach, “I want to say thank you to everyone who supported me each step of the way and helped me to achieve this award. To my fans who never fail to listen to my works, to Namjoon hyung and Hoseok hyung for helping me grow, thank you so much. But most of all, I want to say thank you to my baby, Taehyung. Taehyungie, I love you so much, baby. I would never be here without you. I hope you like what I prepared you.”

Jungkook saw a glimpse of Taehyung’s awestruck and confused face before all the lights turned off and the big monitor opened again only to reveal a video of Taehyung chasing Tannie with Jungkook laughing in the background. Taehyung turned to the camera and blew a raspberry and Jungkook laughed even louder, the soft whisper of “I love you so much” caught on camera. The screen turned black and then montage of Taehyung and Jungkook’s memories played, only this time, the videos are muted and are instead accompanied by a soft piano in the background. The spotlight turned back.






“You are the sunlight that rose again in my life

A reincarnation of my childhood dreams

I don’t know what this emotion is

If this place is also inside a dream”


The spotlight turned back on and revealed Jungkook, now holding a guitar and singing softly on the microphone. The audience went wild at what is happening while Taehyung’s shocked face is caught on camera, tears streaming down in his face and listening raptly on Jungkook’s singing.






This dream is a blue mirage in the desert

A priori deep inside of me

I’m so happy, I can’t breathe

My surroundings are getting more and more transparent


At this point, Hoseok approached Taehyung, urging Taehyung to come onto the stage despite the younger’s confusion and embarrassment due to the loud cheer of the audience and the live telecast of the program all over Korea. Four children, two boys and two girls holding white roses on each hand and a decorated cardboard on another. They were all wearing matching white tuxedos and dresses. They were all giggling conspiratorially, heightening Taehyung’s suspicions even further on what is about to happen.






I hear the far-away ocean

Across the dream, over the horizon

I’m going to the place that’s getting clearer

Take my hands now

You are the cause of my euphoria


Jungkook continued singing and watched Taehyung’s features carefully, his nerves multiplying every second as he approaches to finish the song. The children one by one gave the roses to Taehyung, each children saying a message of what Jungkook liked about Taehyung. They then soon aligned on one straight line on Jungkook’s side and facing Taehyung, both hands now holding to their respective cardboards.







Take my hands now

You are the cause of my euphoria


Close the door now

When I’m with you I’m in utopia


When he hit that final note, Jungkook slowly walked in front of Taehyung and kneeled down, one of his hand reaching towards his coat pocket and retrieving a ring and offering it to Taehyung, ignoring the loud cries of the audience and instead focusing on Taehyung’s reaction. The children turned over their cardboards and revealed the message “WILL YOU MARRY JUNGKOOK?” Taehyung gasped and is now crying a steady stream of tears, form slightly shaking with so much happiness.

“Taehyung, would you please do the honor of making me the happiest man by agreeing to marry me?” Jungkook said shakily, trying his best to appear cool and composed when he is nowhere near that.

Taehyung smiled at him and let out a watery laugh as he crashed onto Jungkook and hugged him tight into his arms. “YES!”

The crowd cheered even more but Jungkook doesn’t care. Not when he has Taehyung laughing tearfully on his arms and telling him how he is so silly for pulling such a big proposal and telling him how he loves him so much. Not when Jungkook himself is crying due to happiness and telling “I love you’s” back to Taehyung. Not when after they kissed passionately and Jungkook slipped the ring on Taehyung finger, Jungkook kissed Taehyung’s hand and Taehyung kissed him again. Not when this is the happiest they have been.

Right now, with Taehyung in his arms and a promise of forever, Jungkook knew that there’s no place he’d rather be.