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9 to 5 Pace

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A quiet and peaceful moment. Something Katsuki relishes sharing with Deku. It feels so rare. And it’s not really something they can “schedule” in. The life of a ProHero didn’t accommodate “planning” something like that in. So that probably also made it feel all the more special. Something he wasn’t willing to break any time soon.

Not that he had plans to.

He was sitting quietly next to Deku and leaning back into the couch. Manspreading in all honesty, but in the opposite direction of Deku. So a measure of consideration. Holding up his book with one hand and other arm thrown over the back of the couch. Just appreciating the peace as he read his novel.

It seems like it takes so much longer to read for pleasure these days. Takes so much longer to get through stories.

He’ll never admit to anyone he also has to reread sometimes. He gets too caught up in casting side-eye glances at Deku. Soaking up his presence. Watching him crouched over the edge of the couch and table. Hovering over a scattering of papers on the coffee table in front of them. Scribbling in one of his notebooks.

Of course that’s something he still does.

But it just so happened that he was actually absorbed in his reading, so when Deku sat up Katsuki didn’t notice.

Something he knows Deku takes pride in the fact that Katsuki does let his guard down around him. Enough so that he’s not on alert and tensely keeping an eye on his every move.

Of course Katsuki notices things. Things most people don’t notice. Or at least wouldn't remember after so long. Something Izuku likes to playfully jab him with when he comments on Katsuki jibes about being such a damn nerd.

"Oh come on, Kacchan~ If we're gonna be calling each other a stalker now maybe you should remember all the 'extra details' you have stored away before you criticize me!"

But there is a difference between this casual intimacy, of knowing Katsuki pays attention to him like no one else enough to know stupid shit. Loathe as Katsuki is to admit, it's true.

When Katsuki is wound tight and ready to spring into action either for defense or offense?
There’s a big difference between Katsuki keeping tabs on someone and noticing little details about them that would help him (or them really) if push came to shove and shit hit the fan. He analyzes people and works out plans just as much as Izuku. Though Izuku won't deny a lot of that seems more innate. More instinctual on Katsuki's behalf. He's had a wealth of knowledge stored away to refer to long before he did. He was always just more instinctively able to make counter measures without having to over think it.

Without the doubting himself Izuku does it streamlines the process even more quickly.

But Izuku's gotten so much better about that over the years.

Izuku also won't discount how much work Katsuki's always put into improving his quirk use as well as always finding new ways to apply it to make himself a better hero.
Something so many people seem to not acknowledge.

They're able to push each other to new heights in ways no one else could replicate. They can also be the support each other needs.
How could they ignore such mutual benefit?

So Katsuki’s eyes widen when he’s suddenly yanked out of his reading by feeling the soft touch of Deku’s lips on the side of his face before the damned nerd every so casually just gets up, stretches, and makes his way to the kitchen.

What the fuck.

Katsuki's eyes linger even after Deku's disappeared around the corner.

Snapping his book shut he slides it onto the table before he pushes himself up, inhales a breathe, "Deku! You better not be trying to cook something unsupervised!"

"Kaccha-n!" Izuku whined, "How'm I suppose to get better if you never let me cook?"

Katsuki steps up behind Izuku and bodily presses him into the counter in front of them while slipping his arms around the others waist, he leans his head in to whisper, "I told you that I'd handle the cooking from now on."

Deku chuckles and leans back into Katsuki, nuzzles his cheek against the blonds head, resting his hands over Katsuki's arms, "Of course that sounds great, but I can't let you just leave me behind-"

"Deku-" Katsuki tightens his hold and brushes his lips against the shell of Deku's ear, "I'm saying I'm always gonna be there."

Izuku blinks, processing the comment a moment before his eyelids slide closed and he reaches up with one hand to shift Katsuki's face, tilting his head to press their lips together, "Yeah, I get that. I want you with me, always, Kacchan"

Katsuki smirks, pecks Izuku's lips once more, "So then I don't see us having a problem"

Izuku breaths a laugh, "It's still a problem for me to not even try improving my cooking!"

"You know you can't beat me, nerd."

"Hah! Has it ever stopped me?"

"Never," Katsuki claims Izuku's lips again, "but that's why I love you."

Izuku inhales a sharp breath, he just stares with eyes widening more and more.

Katsuki frowns, he should really breathe-

Izuku spins and has pushed them both to the floor, grunting at the impact Katsuki's ready to give Deku a piece of his mind only for Izuku to clamp his head between his hands and shove his tongue into his mouth.

The discomfort and irritation at the spazz is quickly forgotten as much as the vegtables on the cutting board.