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human touch

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What?” Keebo asks, confused.

“I said,” Kokichi’s smile is saccharine-sweet. “Get on your knees.”

Keebo used to think that he wasn’t easily swayed. That assessment was proven false when Kokichi managed to persuade him to do this within a matter of a few seconds, simply with honeyed words.

“Pleaaaase? I just wanna examine your awesome body!” sounds a lot more sinister now than it did at the time. Keebo told himself it was simple curiosity, that he’d get to educate Kokichi on his mechanisms as a robot and hopefully garner his respect.

He is now regretting this decision.

“But...but why?” He sputters.

“So I can get a good feel for ya, duh.” Kokichi plops back on to his bed, gangly legs dangling off the side. He gestures right between his knees. “Come on, kneel right here. I ain’t got all day, you bucket of bolts.”

Don’t humans have...what was it called—oh! Personal space!

This seems like an invasion of personal space. Kokichi doesn’t seem to mind though. Quite the opposite, with his grinning and all.


“You?” Kokichi raises an eyebrow. No room for argument, it seems.

Keebo gives in with a barely-restrained sigh. “Alright. I’m coming.”

Hesitantly, Keebo walks forward and gets on both knees in front of Kokichi. His hands stay clasped in his lap because he’s unsure of where to put them. Unsure of what to do at all, really.

“Good robot. Just a little closer–“ Kokichi grabs him by the back of the head and yanks him forward. Keebo makes a sound of surprise, blinking when he’s suddenly situated between a pair of thighs. “There we go.”

“Um.” His only options are staring at Kokichi’s groin or his unsettlingly happy face. He chooses the latter. “I fail to see why this level of closeness is necessary, but...what part did you want to examine?”

“Oh, just whatever I can reach.”

With that, a hand rakes through his hair. It feels weirdly ticklish, and his nose wrinkles with the effort to keep silent.

“Ooh, so lifelike.” Kokichi pet him as if he were a dog, mockingly patting the top of his head. “Almost human. Look at you go!”

He trails down the ends of his hair, reaching his face. He’s being surprisingly gentle about it, touch light and fleeting wherever it goes. It would almost be soothing if he didn’t know Kokichi, or the sorts of things he’s capable of.

“Kiss my hand.” Kokichi says, and Keebo nearly jerks back out of surprise.


“I wanna see how it compares to human lips.” With that as his apparent explanation, he holds out his hand expectantly.

“I can’t do that!” Keebo exclaims.

“It’s not like I’m asking you to make out with me.” Kokichi looks unimpressed by his flustered state. “Just a peck, c’mon. I washed it earlier and everything.”

Keebo stares at the hand, nervously contemplating.

Well...if it’s just a peck...

He doesn’t know what Kokichi would do if he dares refuse, so the best route is obviously to comply. Yes.

Keebo reaches out and grabs Kokichi’s hand. It’s not nearly as big as his own. Thin-boned and as pale as the rest of him. He appears to bite his nails, considering the jagged fingernails.

The pause of quiet is a muted sort of suffocating. He can feel a pair of eyes watching him closely.

All out of time to stall, Keebo squeezes his eyes shut and leans down, lips pursed for a kiss. Once his mouth meets skin, he can’t help but be pleasantly surprised.

Kokichi’s hand is very warm. You’d think that would be obvious, with humans generating body heat and all, but he’d always imagined Kokichi to be cold.

He lets himself linger a moment, feels Kokichi’s hand spasm slightly under his grip. When he pulls away, he even makes the exaggerated mwah sound he’d known humans to be privy to.

Kokichi’s eyes are unreadable as he gazed down at the robot. Not angry, at least. That’s a good thing.

“So...” Keebo says hesitantly. “Was that okay? Did it feel human?”

Kokichi looks at him a moment longer. He smiles, and it’s only 36% unsettling this time.

“Not at all.” He says quietly, and reaches out to pat Keebo’s cheek. “But that’s what I like about it. Felt like you.”

Keebo swears he doesn’t have the proper facilities to be able to blush, but he somehow defies his own machinery and does so anyway.

“Oh.” He mumbles, at a loss for words.

Keebo nearly says something else, but he has a feeling it’d just be flustered stuttering and tripping over sentences. Could this be a malfunction? Miu would definitely be hearing about this later!

The silence is charged. Slowly, Kokichi grins again.

Juuuuust kidding!” He says, voice back to being obnoxiously loud and joking. He pushes Keebo backward so he can get off the bed. “Did you really believe that? I’d never say something so corny, Kee-boy!”

Keebo deflates like a sad balloon.

“Ah, right...”