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Chapter 20 – Every Last Second

“Your Highness, I suggest the death penalty,” Dedue suggested. The army had made camp that night, and they were only about a day’s march from Fort Merceus.

“No. Do you think that after all I’ve done, that that would be an appropriate punishment?”

“But with all due respect, that is the normal punishment in Faerghus for treason and abandoning the battlefield.”

“It seems to me that you’re only saying that because of your hatred of Sylvain. Yes, capital punishment happens in Faerghus, but usually only for the murders of nobles, spying, or high treason. This punishment, however, I may impose upon Miklan. At any rate, my word is final. For now, I will have Sylvain, Miklan, and Miklan’s gang confined, only freed if they are fighting battles for us.”

“You hear that, traitor?” Dedue snarled at the redhead. “Be thankful our prince is willing to show you mercy for what you have done. Now take him away.”

Sylvain didn’t respond to Dedue’s expected hostility towards him, but instead asked, “Before you lock me up, I have a small request. May I please have a few minutes with my brother?”

“Permission granted,” Dimitri responded. “But five minutes only, understood?”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Sylvain looked to the ground on his way to Miklan’s cell.

“Well, well, well.” Miklan had been sleeping until Sylvain had entered his cell, and the guards had left him standing there in chains. “If it isn’t the darling little brother who saved me only to turn him over to his even more darling prince!”

“Miklan, I swear to you that I hadn’t intended for Dimitri to capture you. Why else would I be locked up, too?”

“…So why are you here?”

“I wanted to ask you again, since I didn’t hear your response. What say you to inheriting House Gautier for me?”

“Fuck you.”

“Excuse me?”

“Did you honestly think that I would give any other response, knowing full well that my father disowned me simply for not having a Crest? Knowing full well that I could possibly find myself on death row?”

“Brother, please-”

“If indeed I am to be executed… Then you and your lot will ever regret messing with me. You should have just left me to rot at Conand Tower, then you could have spared yourself this awful fate.”


One of the soldiers opened the entrance to the tent and grabbed Sylvain. “Your five minutes are up, bub. To your cell with you.”

“Gee… Good night to you, too.” Sylvain sat and pondered in his cell. Already, he began to wonder how long he would have to stay here, his hands and feet bound. “And now… even though I’ve saved Felix, I may have to-”

“Have to what, pray tell?” sounded a voice from the tent entrance.

“No, please don’t kill me!” Sylvain curled in a ball for about five seconds before he looked at who entered. “Felix!”

“Yo.” Felix walked even further inside.

“Don’t ‘yo’ me! You need to get the hell out of here before Dimitri imprisons you, too. …Wait a sec, how did you even get in here.”

“If I can survive for as long as I did at Conand Tower, then knocking the cell guards out cold and stealing the keys is nothing.” Felix unlocked the cell door, left it open, and let himself in.

“S-Still…” Even in the moonlight, Sylvain could easily read Felix’s expression. “Hey, what are you thinking?”

“Oh, nothing…” Felix hummed as he undid the buttons to Sylvain’s shirt. “I’m just horny as hell after not seeing my boyfriend – I’m sorry, my fiancé - for a whole month.”

“Ah…” Sylvain flinched – but only a little – when he felt Felix lick down his chest. “So… You’re going to be the one to seduce me.

“Hell yeah.” Felix put two wet fingers inside Sylvain, massaging him at a quickening pace. “Unless it’s too much for you.”

“What’s too much for me is being unable to touch you, too.”

“And who says you can’t?” Felix forced Sylvain to sit up, baring his cock before him.

You clever bastard, Felix… Sylvain cracked his hands open at the wrists, barely enough to wrap them around Felix’s cock.

“That feels… hot…” Now pinning his fiancé against the wall, Felix crushed his lips against Sylvain’s, pushing his tongue inside.

“Felix… Take me… and make me even dirtier.”

“But I might never get another opportunity to see you like this again… I’m going to enjoy every last second of it.” Felix grinded his cock against Sylvain’s as the redhead pumped them together.

“Dammit, Felix, please!”

“My, how the tables have turned. Since you asked so nicely…” Felix turned Sylvain around, forcing the other man to drive his forearms into the wall, and slapped his ass hard.

“You’re killing me, man…”

“No, my love.” That ass slap was the only warning Felix gave before he pushed his cock into the other man. “This is killing you.”

“Oh…” Sylvain shrieked; his fiancé was a lot bigger than he expected. “Oh, sweet Sothis, Felix!”

“You don’t need to stifle your voice.” Felix continued thrusting, slapping Sylvain’s ass even harder. “Everyone else is asleep, or knocked out. Cry out as loudly… as you want…”

Sylvain decided he liked being smacked across the ass and pleaded, “Harder… Do it harder!”

“In what way? …I guess it doesn’t matter; I’m the one dominating you this time.” As the ass slaps got even harder, so too did the thrusts. “You like that, huh?”

Feeling Felix nip at his ear and neck, Sylvain moaned into the wall, even more loudly now that he could feel himself close to orgasm. “Felix…”

“Shit…” Even thought he was the one on top, Felix found out a little too quickly and a little too late that he couldn’t last like this. “You… You feel too damned good… Ngh!”

“Fuuuuck!” Sylvain shouted as loudly as he could while he came, feeling Felix fill him up.

“…” As soon as he pulled out, Felix returned to his "usual" embarrassed self.

“Felix?” Sylvain couldn’t help but grin at Felix’s behaviour. “You okay, dude?”

“…I think I’m going to go before I get found.” Felix hastily began to redress himself, but took care to leave Sylvain exactly as he found him.

“But I thought you had knocked out everybody.” Sylvain enjoyed watching his fiancé unwind.

“G-Good night!”

Even though he was still bound, Sylvain could rest easy that night as he watched Felix leave the cell. “Man, oh man… Felix Hugo Fraldarius, you don’t know how lucky I feel to be the only one who can ever see you like that.”