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Chapter 13 – Internal Flames

Having seeminly forgotten what had transpired the night previous, Sylvain had awakened to a peaceful morning – but unfortunately for him, he found it was the absence of people that made it that way. That was, until he heard Dimitri’s voice bellow, “Forward march!”

“Oh my goddess…” Sylvain scrambled to dress, and by some miracle he had made it out to the front line. What creeped him out, though, was Dimitri’s seeming indifference to his late arrival. He was afraid to find out if it was because the prince was annoyed, or because he was tired just like everyone else in the army. Sylvain didn’t speak up until about an hour of marching, and even then, he only had the courage to say, “Uh… Yo.”

Dimitri merely nodded and grunted in response – and of every other one of Sylvain’s attempts to talk to him. His silence only made the week-long, almost restless march to Garreg Mach Monastery even longer. And in that week, he had come to a grim realization: why hadn’t he tried to talk to Felix instead? Wait a second… Where the hell is he?

“Your Highness… Where is Felix?”

Not that Sylvain expected a response, but he was desperate to know why his boyfriend was not there. He was surprised, then, when Dimitri responded as such at the monastery main entrance: “I regret to inform you that both Margrave Gautier and Duke Fraldarius have ordered the two of you to stay away from each other.”

Sylvain would have panicked if he had truly believed what he just heard. “Uh… What?”

“I’m sorry that it happened… I tried to convince them at the Fhirdiad festivities that it was an asinine thing to do. But after how much they’ve done… I wouldn’t want to lose two valuable allies now.”

They were at the celebration? Sylvain could feel butterflies – and not of the good kind – in his stomach. “How did they even know I was there?”

“It was some lower noblewoman who told them. Frankly, I don’t know why you’re surprised.”

It… It can’t be… Those-

Dimitri’s face took on a sorrowful expression Sylvain had never seen before. “You two have been arranged to marry minor nobles of Dominic and Galatea territories – a terribly unsound decision, considering- Sylvain?”

At that point, Sylvain couldn’t bear to hear anymore. Without another word to his prince, he took his leave of the scene – and thankfully for him, Dimitri understood and let him go in peace.

“Felix…” Sylvain could hardly stop crying that name out as he walked under the gloomy sky to his quarters.

“Felix… Dammit! How does Father know about… about… Dammit!” Sylvain slammed the door and, feeling like he had expended all of his anger, he slumped on the bed face-first. He tried to fall asleep, hoping that the soft rain coming down would help, as it usually did. But with only the thought of Felix imbued in his mind, he couldn’t this time.

Sylvain then got up to turn off his lamp light, draw the curtains, and return right to his bed. With only the shady moonlight illuminating the room, he unbuttoned his shirt, letting the fingertips of both hands harden his nipples.

“Felix…” Sylvain sighed, taking his cock into his cold hand, shivering when he touched it. Yet he continued, firmly but gently, racing his hand in time with his rising heartbeat. “I miss your touch.”

Sylvain felt extremely tense, carrying on nonetheless. It really feels… like you’ve come back. The rain came harder now – so loudly that Sylvain couldn’t hear his own moans. He could hear very distance shouting of “Get out of the rain!” and “Take shelter!” from outside, but he thought nothing of it.

“Felix… Felix!” With his thoughts so focused on his beloved, Sylvain gave little thought to the orgasm that washed over him. As the pleasure faded out, Sylvain raised his hand and curled up, his tears flowing as some of the cum fell on his face. “I… I miss you…”

He continued to cry as he walked to the window, opened it, and let the blustery wind take the rest of the cum away. “Felix… You better get your ass over here… Or else.”