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Chapter 11 – A Lecture on Tyranny

“Fhirdiad…” Dimitri, who had confidently led his army to the capital city, stopped to behiold the sight of it. “I missed you. Today’s the day you will be free of the occupation of that witch Cornelia.”

“”Now, Your Highness,” spoke Dedue. “I know that your resolve is a strong one, but please don’t do anything too rash. Your life is too valuable – especially now.”

“…” Dimitri held back his disappointment and recklessness, but only a little, as he and the army entered the castle.

“Lady Cornelia!” It didn’t take long for one of Cornelia’s soldiers to notice Dimitri. “Dimitri is- Aaaaagh!”

A swift stab in the gut with Areadbhar silenced the whistleblower. “Don’t worry. We will let her know. Won’t we, brothers and sisters?”

As Dimitri pointed the Areadbhar towards the peak of the castle, his soldiers ascended the stairs – and to their fortunes, they caught the enemy by surprise – all enemies, save for Cornelia.

“Damn you, Dimitri…” Cornelia gritted her teeth, with a Death Γ spell at the ready. “You and Edelgard should have been good little children and killed each other while you had the chance!”

It was that vengeful cry that drew Dimitri’s attention. “You… witch! I’ll make you pay for your tyranny!”

“Hah! So, the infamous ‘boar prince,’ who has mutilated even his own soldiers, is going to give me a lecture on tyranny? How rich!”

“You’re damn right I will.”

“I’m damn right you won’t! Release the Titanus and Viklams.”

With a snap of her fingers, Cornelia ordered three large robots onto the field – as if out of nowhere while two magical pillars shot beams at the Faerghus prince. Even with Cornelia’s forces seeming to concentrate on Dimitri, these ancient devices could nearly make an army on their own, and the prince knew it.

“Ngh…” Dimitri groaned while, with a fresh Viklam wound in his arm, he charged up the stairs. Two of the three Titanus surrounded him and blocked his way up the stairs.

Luckily for Felix, however, the heir of Fraldarius took that chance to dash up the clear path to attack Cornelia directly – an attack that she parried easily.

“Oh, you’ll have to do better than that, boy.” Cornelia cackled and paused to look at her attacker. “Hey, Fraldarius boy! You’re the only one, right?”

Felix didn’t cease his attacks as he asked, “What are you playing at?”

“Of course you’re the only one!” Cornelia laughed again, launching more spells all the while. “Because I killed the other one myself!”

“What…? Come again?!” Felix lowered his sword slightly. “You mean… You were the one who killed Glenn?”

“That’s right! And while I’m at it, I might as well tell you something else! That lovely Tragedy of Duscur… It was orchestrated by none other than yours truly!”

Felix, now a good distance from his foe, paused to say, “You…”

“Oh? Have I scared you?”

Felix’s sudden sprint towards Cornelia almost spooked her, as did his yell of, “You bitch! I will be the one to kill you, and nobody else!”

“Not if I kill you first.” Cornelia took advantage of Felix’s pure rage to send a magic spell right towards his gut – a spell that quickly grew large enough to ensnare him. “Ah, your anger is adorable,” she spoke as she gripped his arm even tighter, enough to draw blood. “But why get angry? I thought you hated your family. Especially that father of yours… Rodrigue, was it? I remember him. What a self-righteous fool he was, lauding your brother and comparing you two.”

“You… Arr!” As empowered by anger as he was, Felix couldn’t yet break free of the bonds, and his shame of being unable to do so only weakened him further.

“Felix!” Though he could still feel the wounds of the Viklams and Titanus, Dimitri felt strength enough to go rescue his comrade – as did Sylvain, who surprisingly sustained minor injures.

“No…” The sight of his helpless boyfriend temporarily distressed him, until he thought aloud, “No. He’ll be fine.”

“What?” Dimitri spoke up.

“Felix is stronger than this… I know he’ll be fine.”

“You underestimate the power of House Fraldarius.” Felix smirked as rays of light appeared above his head. “You fool.”

“Hm?” Cornelia didn’t seem scared by this declaration – at least not until the magical bonds started to unravel.

The Crest of Fraldarius fully formed, allowing Felix to charge at Cornelia while shouting, “You die now!”

“So this… is as far as I get…” Cornelia slowly breathed out as she collapsed, mortally wounded.

“Hold.” Dimitri’s voice sounded in the distance. By that point, all other forces defending Fhirdiad had been slain. “Before you die, I have something to ask you. What do you know about the Tragedy of Duscur?”

“Heh… I’d figure you’d ask that. As I’ve told Fraldarius boy here, I indeed played a role in orchestrating it. But there was one other who helped me.”


Cornelia chuckled before saying, “It was none other… than your stepmother, Patricia.”

“Lies!” Dimitri thundered. “You lying witch!”

“Oh, but it is no lie. She helped… She helped me…” Cornelia’s breath was almost gone. “So she could… see her daughter again.”

“That’s… That’s… But why?”

As Dimitri received no response after a long pause, he rammed Areadbhar into Cornelia’s chest with a loud, “Damn you!”

Sylvain took note of Dimitri’s temporary distress and spoke, “Your Highness…”

“No, I’m fine. I said I wouldn’t allow myself to be plagued by my past, remember? More importantly, go check on Felix. He’s sustained worse injuries than even myself.”

“Felix…” Sylvain nodded, walking up to his boyfriend slowly. Seeing Felix in such a state, the redhead had to resist the urge to console him, to take away the pain of his wounds. When he arrived at Cornelia’s body, he found Ingrid staring at her, too.

“Glenn…” As tough as she normally was, Ingrid teared up at the sight of her fiancé’s killer.

“So he and Father are finally avenged,” Felix declared, not only out of a sense of pride but also to console Ingrid. “Ingrid… How are you feeling?”

“I think the more pressing question is, how are you feeling?”

“Eh, I’ll be fine after Sylvain fixes me u- Oh… Um…” Felix had caught himself too late. “Yeah. Forget you heard that.”

“Except I won’t. Especially since… You know.” Ingrid cleared her throat. “I heard you that night. Goddess, I have never heard someone so loud in bed before. Don’t you realize how thin our dorm walls are?”

“You shouldn’t be paying so much attention to that kind of thing!” Felix snapped, then quickly returned to a calm demeanour. “So… You accept us?”

“Why wouldn’t I? If anything, it is your boyfriend I worry about.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about him.” Felix smirked as he sheathed the Sword of Zoltan and began to enter the castle. “Now enough talk about that. The prince is calling us to celebrate.”