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Chapter 9 – Hell Yes


Felix had nearly made his way to his quarters, tired from the day’s training – and Sylvain’s cajoling. So I guess he’s not above flirting with women yet. That moron will never truly change, then.

“Hmm?” Felix had been so distracted by his thoughts that he barely noticed a mildly shaking Sylvain wandering about the second floor dormitory – which, conveniently for them was otherwise deserted. “You’re normally in bed early. What’s wrong?”

Sylvain nearly jumped into a wall at this question. “Oh, Felix! N-Nothing! Nothing at all.”

“C’mon, you know that’s not true, you idiot.” Felix’s sternness stopped Sylvain from pacing anymore. “What, the girls are giving you trouble again?”

“Feeelix!” Sylvain started to break. “I’m loyal to you no matter what! Haven’t my actions lately proved it?”


“Besides, there’s something else… Something more serious. I think that Dedue suspects something between us.”

“And you’re going to let that dog scare you?” Felix didn’t sound daunted in the slightest.

“B-But…” Sylvain shed a tear, knowing full well that Felix was right.

“But what?”

That suggestive tone was enough to Sylvain to let down his guard completely and give his boyfriend a tight hug. “Dear goddess, I can’t hold back anymore!”

Before Felix could get a word in, Sylvain gave him a kiss – a kiss that he easily acquiesced to. To hell with it! “Sylvain…” Felix breathed between kisses as he dragged Sylvain and himself to Sylvain’s quarters. “Sylvain… I can’t take it anymore, either. You’re healthy now, right?”

“Of course,” Sylvain proudly declared as he forced the door to his quarters open, and baring his own chest to prove his vitality.

“Then take me now!” Felix demanded, sharply pulling Sylvain onto the bed. “I’m so damn tired of restraining myself after a month and a half!”

If Sylvain was not as hungry, Felix’s assertiveness would have shocked him – and so, too, would have the other man seizing his hands and cupping them firmly around his cock.

“Your body…” Felix had Sylvain pinned down. “I miss it so much!”

Sylvain didn’t take long to turn Felix on his stomach. “So do I. But, my love, you forget that I am fully recovered. Let me remind you of that.”

As Sylvain kissed Felix’s neck and played with his nipples, the heir of Fraldarius spoke, “You’re in control, you say, but you are slow as hell. Get on with it or… or will be the one in control.”

“Heh…” Sylvain gave Felix a few good smacks to the ass before saying, “You are not confident enough for that, I can tell.”

Felix did not want to admit it out loud, but he knew this to be true. Thus he knew that he could only comply and say nothing while Sylvain grinded his groin against his still-clothed ass.

“I almost feel bad…” Sylvain slowly started to remove Felix’s pants and underwear. “You’re normally very proud, aren’t you? Tell me, are you embarrassed?”

“Hell no!” Felix’s voice shook, but still had a hint of haughtiness.

“Oh, hell yes.” Sylvain smirked, taking a nip at Felix’s ear. “Goddess, I love how just a touch is enough to break you. Before we became an item, I could stab you and-”

“Don’t bring talk about violence into the bedroom! You’re pissing me off…” Felix muttered so quietly that Sylvain couldn’t hear.

“Hm? What was th- Ah…” Felix pressed his ass yet closer to Sylvain, and before the redhead knew it, Felix guided Sylvain’s cock in. Sylvain let himself enjoy this sensation for a spell before gradually beginning to thrust. “You… You clever bastard…”

Though hewas the one being topped, Felix smirked, satisfied he could elicit such a reaction from Sylvain. But now that Sylvain could really make love to him this time, without the restriction of injury, Felix froze in place, moaning as loudly as he could. “Please… Oh, goddess, Sylvain… I… I want it harder…”

Sylvain only let out snarl in response, then turned Felix around yet again to give him a kiss before going even faster – and harder. “You’re so…” Sylvain took a few shallow breaths before stroking the other man’s hair. “Felix! Al-Already… I’m already…”

Sylvain needn’t say another word as he came, his whimper stifled in a kiss. Felix dug his nails into his boyfriend’s back while he climaxed – and as the sensation of pleasure left him, he began to drift off.

“Heh…” Sylvain pulled out and pulled the covers over the both of them. “For all that tough talk, you sure fall asleep quickly. But that’s okay. I can’t wait to see more of this face – tonight and in the nights to come.”

Meanwhile, having just come from patrolling the second floor dormitories, Dedue entered the Knight’s Hall, not at all surprised to find his prince there. Dimitri, equally unsurprised, spoke, “Dedue! Good evening. You’ve been patrolling the monastery all night; you can retire for the night. Why be out so late?”

“It’s because I have some urgent news to report.”