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Chapter 3 – I’ll Wait

“Splendid!” Manuela could not resist the urge to gush over her student. “I think I’ll vote for the Blue Lion House. Erm, not that I have preferential treatment towards my own house.”

Sure you didn’t…Shamir wanted to say, but instead said, “I will vote for the Blue Lion House, too. Your display was stunning, Sylvain.”

“Well, then it’s obvious who wins the White Heron Cup,” Alois began. “It’s the Blue Lion House!”

“Thank you, thank you. Ladies, calm down – there’s plenty of me to go around!”

So spoke Sylvain as he triumphantly strutted towards the ballroom – and towards Edelgard.

“Oh, Sylvain.” Edelgard, as sharp as ever, noticed Sylvain easily. “Just so you know, I have danced plenty tonight.”

“Oh, noo… Nothing like that.” Sylvain backed off, no longer intending to hit on Edelgard.

“Oh? You’re not hitting on girls for a change? Then, what is it? Do you want to join my house? I would need to get Professor Hanneman’s permission, but…”

“No, it’s not that, either. It’s just…” Sylvain looked around before lowering to a whisper. “I don’t suppose Claude and the rest of the Golden Deer will be showing up for the ball?”

“As far as I know, they’re still on their mission.” Edelgard’s gaze drifted to a group of students, at the center of which stood a smiling Raphael. “But some students either chose not to go or were sent back here.”

“So you’re saying some of them might be here?” Sylvain felt as excited as a puppy.

“I’m not sure exactly whom. Go ask Raphael.”

With a bow, Sylvain took his leave to said group, but before he could get a word in, Raphael shoved a large slice of chocolate cake in his face.

“Good, eh?” Raphael laughed while stuffing his own face with meat pies.

“Mm-huh!” Sylvain ate as fast as he could before saying, “Say, do you know where Felix is? He’s in your class, yes?”

“Not anymore. I transferred to your house, remember?”

“Oh…” Sylvain felt awkward. “But hey, you’ll never know! Knowing him, though, he’s probably hiding in some obscure place right now.”

“‘Obscure place…’” Sylvain thought aloud. “‘Obscure place…’ The Goddess Tower! Thanks, Raphael! I know where I’m going now!”

As he watched Sylvain run off, Raphael spoke quietly, “Why would Sylvain want to meet Felix in the Goddess Tower? Unless…”

When he had finally reached it – a quiet, romantic place called the Goddess Tower – Sylvain stopped running to stare into the starry sky. And it was just then that Sylvain remembered the legends of the place.

“Heh…” Sylvain sat down, in full view of the moonlight. For a time, he heard nothing except for the distant giggling of the ball-goers and quiet wind rustling the flowers. “I was stupid to think that he would ever come to a place like this.”

From his pocket, Sylvain retrieved a small toy lance – one that Felix had made for Sylvain when they were small children. At this point, he started to shake, despite how temperate the weather was. “I’m… I’m stupid… for still thinking he would come.”

Feeling even more heartbroken now, Sylvain assumed a fetal position, clutching the lance close to his chest. “But I’ll wait…” his voice trailed off as he began to cry. “I’ll wait as long as it takes.”