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Chapter 5 - A Diversion

Luckily avoiding those trying to kill himself or Sylvain, Felix had finally made it to the Alliance’s medic tent – only to find it full to capacity with half-dead soldiers and not enough healers. “Damn! What… What am I…? Guess I have no-”

“Choice? Yes, you do,” Lorenz cut in, “and that choice is to stay here.”

“You out of your mind?” Felix retorted. “I’m not going to wait here for Sylvain to die!”

“G-Go… back…” Sylvain muttered without lifting his head up.


“To…To the Kingdom’s tent…” were Sylvain’s last words before completely passing out.

“He’s right, you know,” Ignatz spoke up while tending to a heavily injured and unconscious Hilda. “With how Sylvain is right now, Claude would… uh… probably not appreciate it if he found him here, even if we did have space.”

“But how do you expect me – an Alliance soldier, mind you – to make it there without getting killed?”

It was at this point that Lorenz stood up and said, “I’ll cover for you.”

“How do you mean?”

“I know Claude better than anyone else in this army. I’ll create a diversion while you do your business.”

“And I know Claude well enough to where he wouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for something like that.” Felix began to stomp off, making Ignatz visibly nervous.

“Honey, just trust me on this.” Without another word, Lorenz finished treating his last patient and walked out the tent, with a curious Felix observing from inside.

Having barely dodged an arrow from Failnaught, Lorenz did not take long to locate his leader. “Claude, I have just finished treating all of my patients and Ignatz is almost done, too.”

“Thank you, Lo- Whoa!” Claude pulled back his wyvern in time to dodge a javelin. “Excellent. Today’s a good day to put the Axe of Ukonvasara to good use.”

“Especially right…” Lorenz noticed a golden spear coming from behind Claude, and managed to block it, “…now.”

“Move!” Dimitri angrily pushed back with Areadbhar, moving Lorenz only about a centimeter. “I need to kill… her!”

Felix took this opportunity to start moving, which thankfully Lorenz noticed. “You need to calm down, you boar.”

“How dare you!” Dimitri tried to kick Lorenz in the shins. “Your strength is, like, 20!” You can’t beat me, so give up! Just like that traitor, Felix.”

Claude then decided to join in the fight, shooting an arrow so close to Dimitri that it cut off some of his hair. “I can assure you that that future Duke Fraldarius is having much more fun with us than he did with you. And maybe you will too! Come on, why don’t we join forces and take down the Empire together?”

“And fall for one of your schemes along the way? No way, you oaf.” Dimitri took the arrow that nearly hit him and threw it – along with a thrust of Areadbhar – back at Claude. “You missed, in case you haven’t noticed.”

Felix got so sick of seeing his friend-turned-enemy act ravenous - even more than he had remembered - that he had the urge to throw the Sword of Zoltan at him full force. Not wanting to blow his cover, however, he kept his sword sheathed. “You got that one right, Claude. Heh.”

So were Felix’s last words before he headed to the tent, with only Mercedes and Annete inside.