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Chapter 4 – Clash at Gronder Field

“Sylvain…” Felix had arrived at the apex of the stairs of the Goddess Tower – just before Sylvain had fallen asleep. “Good, that moron hasn’t arrived yet.”

“Huh?” Sylvain slowly began to sit up. “There’s only one person who would call me a moron with that tone of voice, and that’s-”

“Well, let’s see if the legends are true… Not that I believe in fate or anything.” Felix spoke as he started to walk towards the balcony, still unaware that Sylvain was present. “…I guess they’re not, or else Sylvain would have come. Then again, he’s probably too dense to remember – in more than one sense.”

Sylvain had chosen that moment to make his presence known. “Excuse me? I’m not dense!”

“Erk!” Felix sharply turned around. “I mean… Of course you are. Your grades have been slipping because you can’t be bothered to stop hitting on women.”

“I haven’t been attending classes that much lately, I’ll give you that. But more importantly… What do you mean ‘in more than one sense?’”

“N-Not telling.” It was then that Felix had taken note of that old toy lance. “So… So you still have it, I see. Good.”

“Felix… Come on, I’m being serious for once. And don’t think I don’t know what it means for two people to meet in the Goddess Tower.” Sylvain got even closer, running a hand through Felix’s hair. “I know you I hurt you and I’m sorry. But I love you and I… well, it’s the first time I’ve ever truly been in love. I didn’t know what else to say at the time.”

“No, I’m the one who should be sorry.” Felix finally managed to look Sylvain in the eyes. “I hurt  you even more, just walking out on you like that. But now… But now… I can say that… Sylvain…”

“Yes?” Sylvain sounded hopeful.

For some odd reason, Felix’s voice quickly began to sound different. “Sylvain! Sylvain!”

~Imperial Year 1186~

“Sylvain, wake up, you fucking idiot!” Before Sylvain could discern who spoke to him – or even before he could fully awake – a hard slap to the face by a lance had woken him up. “Goddess, if I had woken you up but half an hour later, you would be riddled with arrows right now.”

“Oh… Your Highness?” Sylvain arose, using the Lance of Ruin as a crutch. “I… I…”

“No excuses! The enemy is almost here!”

Ugh, not another dream… Sylvain groaned. And one that is conveniently interrupted by His Highness, no less. Why is it that all of my dreams are interrupted just when things are getting juicy?

“This is it, Gronder Field…” Claude stared upon the vast empty space between him and his enemies. “Hard to believe that just five years ago, we fought here in a mock battle.”

“Except this is no mere mock battle.” Edelgard noted. “This is for a unified Fódlan.”

“Ha! A unified Fódlan, you say,” Dimitri scoffed. “I’m not going to fall for that, you wench. Unified under your disgusting rule, maybe. I’ll not let you leave this battlefield with your head! Troops, advance!”

With that angry order, Dimitri led his army at full charge, eyes only on Edelgard.

“So…” Felix, who had remained faithful to the Alliance all these years, stared at Dimitri during his charge. “That’s the boar prince.”

Drawing his blade, Felix’s face contorted as he, too, charged at Dimitri. “I’ll kill you!”

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, m’dear, spoke an old but familiar voice from behind Felix – and with it, a swift blow of the lance.

“Try me, you-” Felix stopped mid sentence as he parried this attack and came face-to-face with his attacker – and the Lance of Ruin.

“It… It’s can’t be…” Sylvain eased up on his attack, giving Felix a golden opportunity to continue his own.

“Hmph!” Felix smirked at Sylvain’s foolishness as he slashed at the redhead’s unprotected arm. “Good for nothing then, good for nothing now.”

“And you…” Sylvain had barely enough energy to parry Felix’s attacks. “Rotten asshole then, rotten asshole now.”

Felix took a brief pause, apparently hurt by Sylvain’s words. When his resolve returned, however, the force behind his blows grew ever stronger. “ME?! You’re the one who broke my heart five years ago and I’M the rotten asshole?!”

At this point, Sylvain didn’t feel a need to continue his assault, for he could sense – and see – Felix’s unwillingness to fight. “Y-You? But… You were the one who broke my heart.”

It was at this point that Felix threw the Sword of Zoltan on the ground in disgust. “Dammit, Sylvain, don’t you know me well enough by now? You know I can’t express myself very well! Even back then, I… I couldn’t…”

Not caring that people around them were dying left and right, Sylvain cast the Lance of Ruin down and slowly approached Felix. “You couldn’t what?”

Felix subconsciously started to cry, and tried in vain to shake it off. “S-Sylvain… Don’t… We’re in a battle. On opposite sides, if I might remind you.”

“Felix, do you remember the promise we made when we were kids? About us dying together?”

“I remember something to that effect, yes.”

Sylvain then decided to pull the other man into a hug and continued. “I’m not going to break that promise, not for the world. Because I love you more than anything – or anyone – else in all the world.”

“Sylvain… So do I.”

Sylvain loosened his hug but did not let go. “What did you say?”

“I’m not repeating myself, you half-wit. I couldn’t back then, but… but now…” Felix felt too embarrassed to speak but would regret it all the more if he didn’t speak now. “I… I… Oh, forget it!”

Sill feeling at a loss for words, Felix let the sudden kiss he gave Sylvain speak for itself.

“Dear goddess, Sylvain!” Felix’s tears started again. “Do you have… any fucking idea how much I’ve missed you?! I… I… I wish I didn’t leave.”

“But it’s not too late.” Sylvain looked at his new boyfriend. “Come join us. Your classmates miss you.”

“And I’m sure Mercedes would be more than happy to cure that wound the Sword of Zoltan gave you,” Felix half-heartedly chuckled.

As the two men shared these tender moments, the crown prince of Faerghus couldn’t help but overhear – even from a very far distance. “Tch.” He raised the lance Areadbhar. “Like hell I’ll welcome back a traitor.”

Dimitri took advantage of the usually undistracted Felix and charged at him with Areadbhar – and with his loyal subject Dedue covering him.

“Felix…” Luckily for Sylvain, he snapped out of his romantic daze just in time – enough to notice a horde of Faerghus soldiers coming at him with Dimitri leading the charge. “Felix! Watch out!”

Felix was so caught in the moment that he didn’t believe he was in any real danger – until he suddenly felt a lot of warm, wet blood all over his clothes. Not really caring if it was his own blood, the pain-struck face of Sylvain made his heart ache. “Sylvain!”

“Heh, heh…” Sylvain tried to laugh off the giant gashes on his back, but knew his time of consciousness was short. “Guess I should have been paying more attention… You’re right, Felix… I guess I am… *cough* a good-for-nothing.

“Hell yeah, you are!” Feeling empowered by his anger, Felix hoisted Sylvain onto his back, cutting down several enemies on his way to the Alliance’s medic tent.