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Problem Child Causing Havoc In The Hero Society

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Beside the river under the bridge lay a boy with light blond hair which spikes downward in all direction and a pair of striking purple eyes. He had a bored look on his face as he stared up at the sky. Noting the hamburger shaped clouds and the V formation of the flock of birds. 

"Please stop!"

The boy's eyes twitched as voices began to invade his peaceful, although boring rest. He turned his head to the side and saw a group of teens ganging up on a wimpy kid who was in tears and snot. His nose wrinkled in disgust at the sight. 

"What would you need these for?" One of the bigger teens sneered as he dangled a book in his hand mockingly. "Don't tell me you actually drew this? Wah, disgusting!"

They all laughed as the smaller teen shrunk (literally) in fear and embarrassment. "Pl-please give it back. They're important to me." He said with a shaky voice. 

The blond teen raised an eyebrow at the teen's show of courage. Although weak, he still has the guts to challenge the bullies for his possession. 

But as expected, it only brought more ire from the bullies for his courage. When they finally brought violence into the picture, the boy finally stood from his resting place and picked up a stone on his way. 

"Ah-ah!" He groaned in annoyance as he glared at the group of teens. 

It took awhile but the teens finally noticed his presence. Without even knowing who he was, they glared at him with a sneer. 

"What are you looking at, you brat?" One of the bullies said, voice low in an effort to intimidate the boy. 

The boy was not intimidated as he gave them a bored stare. "Can you do this somewhere else?" He drawled lazily. "You are ruining my nap."

"Huh?!" Their faces scrunched up in an ugly expression as their glare intensified. They completely forgot about the smaller teen they were bullying. 

The boy approved of his decision to quietly leave the area. But he did not appreciate the way the teen turned back and gave him a look of pity. 

He was contemplating on giving the teen a piece of his mind as well but decided not to because it took too much effort. Instead he focuses on the group of bullies who were insulting and sneering at him like some kind of psuedo-villains. 

He will shut them up soon enough. He pulled back his arm with the rock and sent it flying. He didn't aim to hit them directly, but the explosion he created by that single throw was enough to sent the bullies flying. 

A vicious smirk made its way onto his face as he proceeded to launch barrages of stones towards them. Taking delight in the way they scrambled like ants, he laughed at their pain. Even the teen that had managed to escape turned back with a horrified look on his face. 

Unfortunately, one of them possessed a speed quirk so they managed to escape him. Although, screaming in terror as they did so.

The boy's laughter ceased as he stared at the destroyed shore with a deadpan expression. He flopped back down on the grass and groaned. 

"I'm bored, If I could sell my boredom, I'm sure I could amass a small fortune."

To avoid any misunderstanding, his purpose wasn't to save the teen. His personal philosophy was 'To surpass and control the strong and weak'.

What's more, they were intruding on his nap. That would tick anyone off. 

The sound of his phone stopped him from his musing. Lazily, he took out his phone and placed it on his ears. "Yes~" He drawled. 


The boy -- Izayoi -- pulled the phone away from his ear at the sudden loud exclamation. "Suzuka, calm down. I won't hear you if you shout." He said calmly. 

[Oh, sorry. Te-he. Wait, it's not the time for that! There's someone here who wants to meet you.]

Izayoi raised an eyebrow in curiosity at her statement. "Oh? Who?"

[I dunno. But there's a talking rat baby polar bear and a man wearing all black with shady hair that looks like he had better things to do than to sit in the living room waiting for you.]

Izayoi nodded as he hummed in thought. A rat baby polar bear? He wondered who it was. It ought to be interesting, considering the description Suzuka provided for him. However, she tends to exaggerate so it would be better for him to meet them himself. 

He stood from his resting spot and left the destruction he had created, just as the police came with their cars blaring loudly. 

Too slow, Izayoi noted with a roll of his eyes. 

"Did they say what they want?"

[Uh, they said something about Golden Canary's last will.]

Izayoi's steps faltered when his adoptive mother's name was uttered by his adoptive sister. Will? He had never heard of such a thing even when he was sitting beside her deathbed. His walk increased in speed once he got his bearings back. 

"Anything else?"

[Um -- something about school?]

Izayoi scoffed as he heard that. "Of course it would be about that..."


"Nothing," He quickly assured the girl when her tone tilted towards concern. "I'll be back in five."

[Okay! You better hurry, the rat seems to be taken by Homura-nii.]

"Gotcha." Izayoi closed his phone and increased his pace. 

Without even alerting anyone if his arrival, Izayoi entered his home with a confident gait. Along the way, he gave the glaring receptionist a curt greeting before resuming his walk towards his destination. He turned to the corner and glared at the three adults who were drinking tea in his living room. 

Said adults froze when they noticed Izayoi's sudden arrival. 

Izayoi scanned his adoptive mother's friends -- or so they say -- with critical eyes. Well, Suzuka wasn't wrong when she said there was a rat baby polar bear in the room. It/he was even wearing a tuxedo. Beside it was the man wearing all black. Shady long hair, bags under his eyes and a slouch in his posture. He really does look like he wants to be anywhere but his current location. 


Izayoi narrowed his eyes as he scrutinized the last adult sitting in the living room. He was buff, large, tall, blond hair in two spike upwards, wearing a plain suit that actually comes with his size. In short, the last adult was All Might. The number one hero and the symbol of peace in their current society. 

Someone who held such a prestigious title was sitting in his living room like a normal house guest. 

Suspicion immediately raise within Izayoi as he pulled up his guards. 

Suzuka entered the room with Homura bringing a stray of sweets and cookies. They placed it on the tea table and turned in delight when they saw who it was standing at the entrance of the living room. 

"Iza-nii!" The two children hurried towards their adoptive older brother, giving him a welcoming hug. 

"Where have you been for the past three months?" Homura asked curiously. 

"You didn't even call!" Suzuka pouted.

"Oi, Suzuka. You didn't mention that a large man with blond hair for horns known as the number one hero to be present as well."

The girl bonked her head cutely. "Te-he. I forgot."

"Don't you 'te-he' me."

"Why are they here Iza-nii?" Homura asked. 

Izayoi ruffled his adoptive siblings head in fondness, a small smile on his face. "How about we talk later? Our guests still have something to talk about with me, afterall."

They complained at first but in the end, they obeyed their older brother's words and went to play with the other kids. Making sure there was no one around to hear their conversation, Izayoi sat on the chair opposite of his visitors. 

"They're good kids." All Might said, trying to break the awkward silence that had befall them. 

"Yes." Izayoi answered curtly. He was not one to indulge in small conversation just to avoid an awkward situation when he was in suspicion. 

The number one hero fidget under Izayoi's hard gaze, breaking the strong and courageous image one would have of the number one hero. Inwardly, Izayoi was not guilty but rather satisfied at making the adults squirm. If he had guessed them right (and he did), he would like to give them a hard time. 

"Let's just get down to business, principal." The man wearing all black drawled as he took a cookie and began to munch. 

Izayoi raised a hand to stop the rat from talking. "Ah, can you guys start by introducing yourselves first? It's common courtesy."

"That's right." The rat said, nodding in agreement as he (seems more like a 'he' than an 'it') gesture towards himself. "I am Nezu, the one who could be a dog or a mouse or a bear, but more importantly... I'm the principal of U.A High school," He gesture towards the person beside him, who seriously needs to get more sleep. "And this is one of my teachers, Aizawa Shota and lastly my new teacher, All Might. It's a pleasure to meet you, Sakamaki-kun."

Izayoi appreciate a man who could introduce themselves in such a way. It urged Izayoi to do the same. So with a flourish hand gesture and his signature smirk, he bagan to introduce himself. 

"I am - just as the appearance suggests - uncivilized and savage, Sakamaki Izayoi. Vulgar, brutal, and hedonistic; all that I need to be a hopeless person, so please follow the Rules of Use and Dosage Guidelines when interacting with me, adults-san."

The man who looks like he was about to fall in exhaustion -- Aizawa -- groaned in trepidation at his self-introduction. He looked like he was fed-up with the world, wishing that he could go over to the empty seat on the other side of the room and sleep his responsibilities away. 

All Might on the other hand was staring at the boy like he had just grown a second head, unable to comment on his choice of word when introducing himself. 

Nezu just seemed to take everything all in stride. Sipping his offered tea like there was nothing wrong with his self-introduction. 

These adults various reactions just made Izayoi's smirk shined that much brighter. 

"That is..." All Might paused to find the right word to say. How thoughtful of him. "An interesting and honest introduction, Young Sakamaki."

Izayoi noted that he wasn't lying. It shows much about the number one hero's personality. 

"Enough of this," Aizawa began. "Principal, let's get down to business."

The rat nodded as he placed his cup down. Izayoi was a little disappointed, but it can't be helped. Maybe he could get another reaction out of them later.  

"If this is about my current status as a student, then I would like to decline. I have no interest in becoming a hero."

His statement brought down the awkward silence back into the room. They stared at him with various kind of expression, but he did not flinch under their gazes. He just returned it back. 

Without a word, All Might pulled out a letter from his bag and placed them on the table. "This is the letter The Poet gave me when we had met for the last time. She wished for you to read them." 

Izayoi stared at the letter. A feeling of nostalgia flowing into him at the thought of his adoptive mother. "Is she really a friend of yours?"

All Might nodded and he gave him a bright smile of peace. Whatever that means. "Of course. She was a brilliant young woman that could bring terror at the snap of her fingers! A person who held an immense amount of love for the people and her loved ones. Not once has she faltered in her sense of justice as she saved countless lives. Truly a remarkable hero and person." He stared at the table as though he was reminiscing the time he had spent with the young woman. 

Izayoi scoffed, but there was no mock in them. "The first line sounds like her. But only the first."

All Might chuckled at that statement, finding it amusing that Izayoi was trying to hide his honest opinion about his mother. "She told me about you."

The boy raised an eyebrow at that new info. "Really? Did she say how troublesome I was?"

Izayoi could see the metaphorical sweat dropped on All Might at his question. The man actually had to pause to give his answer. It just made Izayoi more amused by it. 

"Well yes, there is that but! She speaks highly of you. She has nothing but praise when she talks about you. Always a fond expression on her face when you became the topic of our discussion."

"Even that time when I brought the whole world into chaos by my attempts to play hide and seek?"

All Might laughed, proof that Izayoi's mother had told the man about what really happened that fateful day. "She praised your intelligence for managing to fool the world." 

Izayoi smirk fell and in it's place was a smile he rarely showed to others outside his adoptive family. "I was thinking of destroying the world if no one managed to find me." He added lightly. 

The number one hero burst into laughter at his nonchalant statement. "Truly the son of Young Canaria." He said, not caring at all about the meaning behind his words. 

Aizawa on the other hand had a perfectly concealed look of horror on his face. He gave a sharp glance at the principal, who only patted his knee in a show of false pity. His eye twitched in an effort to repressed his exasperation. He looked so done with the world. 

Without another word, Izayoi took the letter and gently opened the seal. He took out the still pristine paper and began to read. He etched each written word in his mind, scanning over his mother's last will carefully. 

It wasn't long before he finished reading the letter, an unknown feeling swirling inside of him that begs to be released. Making sure his expression was unreadable to his visitor, he raised his head to informed them if his answer. 

"When is the test?"

"A month from now." Nezu replied instantly, a sharp look on his face that showed so much intelligent in such a little body. 

Izayoi nodded. "I'll consider it."

"That's more than I can ask of you, Sakamaki-kun."

Once their conversation had come to an end, Izayoi escorted them to the door. He gave them a curt farewell before proceeding to make his way back to the living room to clear the teas and sweets. 

But Suzuka had beat him to it as she forced him to relax and allowed her to handle the chore. Relunctantly, he obeyed, sitting beside Homura who was fiddling with one of his contraptions. 

The younger boy turned to Izayoi and immediately frowned. The older brother smiled knowingly as he took off his headphone and gave them to the young boy to examine. 

"It ceased to function about a week ago." He explained. 

"How did you broke it?" The boy asked.

Izayoi thought over his journey for the past months. He had climbed the tallest mountains, approached an active volcano, tracked the deepest jungles and explored the Pacific Ocean. There were alot of things that could cause it to break but in the end he chose the most mild excuse. 

"I forgot to take it off when I went for a swim."

Izayoi expected the light hit from the younger boy, but he did not dodged it. 

"Take off the headphone when your going swimming." The boy stated with a deadpan look, unimpressed by Izayoi's decision. 

The older brother shrugged as he took back the offered broken headphone and placed it on his head. "I'm too lazy to take it off. You could make it waterproof."

The boy groaned as he took out his notepad of creations. "Fine. Might as well make it indestructible. "

Izayoi's eyes brighten. If Homura did manage to make his headphone indestructible, he wouldn't need to hold back his strength anymore in fear of breaking it. He always had to be careful on what he does to avoid damaging the fragile contraption. 

"That's a great idea, Homura." He ruffled his younger brother's head fondly. 

The boy protested but it was weak. Suzuka came right at that moment and demanded to be patted as well. With an amused laugh, he gave into her demands. 

The other kids that had been playing outside the orphanage came into the room and immediately swarmed their older brother with welcoming hugs. 

It took quite some time before Izayoi managed to escape the swarm of kids and quietly arrived at his room. He placed the letter on his table and slumped in the chair with a sigh. 

"Are you Sakamaki Izayoi-chan?"

Izayoi froze in his seat, surprised by the second occupant in his room. Robotically, he turned towards the person and note that the man was a tall gentleman in his forties wearing a twin tail tuxedo and a bowler hat. 

To think the man was able to catch him by surprise... Now he was more interested in the man's identity. 

"You sure have some guts to intrude in my room, pervert."

The man dramatically clutched his heart in pain. "Ouch, you harm me, Izayoi-chan."

The boy's eyes narrowed at the overly familiar nickname. "At least you have a good taste in bowler hat." 

The man eyes shone in amusement at the unexpected compliment. "Thank you--"

"Who are you?" His voice was harsh and curt, not trusting the man infront of him at all. His aura was too dangerous and it rang alarm bells in his head. Especially the fiery intense gaze behind that monocle. It made him feel like he was being read like an open book. What an unpleasant gaze...

"Now, now," The man began. "Isn't it rude to cut off a person's --"

"The pervert does not have the right to speak unless the owner of the house allows it," Again, Izayoi cut the man off with a sharp response. "So who are you, mister pervert?"

"Ah~being called a pervert by a 15 year old. Reminds me of my time with Canaria-chan. She also has a sharp tongue like you."

Izayoi eyes narrowed at that statement. His eyes traveled to the stack of papers beside the man, curious at what it contained. 

"But alas I should introduce myself," The man continued as he bowed flourishly. "My name is Baron La Croix. A close friend of Canaria-chan that has been sent here to deliver to you her last will."

"The name of a South America god that governs life and death at the crossroads that extend without end where the human realm and the world of god intersect…this death god also seems to have borrowed power from the side of life to obtain omniscience. Such an unpleasant name..."

The man crooked his mouth into a smile. "That is correct. People calls me Baron Croix. Unfortunately that is not my real name. My real name is. ...that's a secret." He winked. 

Izayoi cringe. "I don't even care," He waved his hand dismissively. "I don't know the reason for you being here but I have already received Golden Canary's will." 

Baron shook his head as he pointed towards the stack of papers that does not belong to Izayoi. "Ah, but that was only a tiny portion of her will. She instructed me with the rest."

Izayoi gaped at the stack of papers in disbelief. "Is that really a will or a novel!"

The man shrugged his shoulder as he approached Izayoi's bed and began to take a nap. "I don't know. She has always been one to do the unexpected. You better read them now if you want to finish it by sundown."

"Nn." Izayoi stared at the papers in exasperation before making his way to the stack of papers and brought it to the table. Reluctantly, he began to read. 

It took a while, but he finally managed to read almost all the papers. It mostly contains memories of his time with Canaria before they created the CANARIA foster home. 

Usually this kind of thing would be a hassle and a waste of his time, however because he truly had fun during his journey around the world with Canaria, he didn't find it a hassle. Compared to the ten years he had experienced before Canaria adopted him and the five years they spent together, it was a life that he could proudly say that it was fulfilling. 

He placed the previous paper about that one time he requested to see a battlefield. Oddly enough, there was nothing that could describe our time there together. Only vague words that remind him of the time.

By the end of that excursion, Canaria vowed to never bring him into the battlefield again. It was also the first time she left him behind in a sour mood. That caused Izayoi to promise her that he would never enter a battlefield again as long as she lived. 

It was a sour memory but educational nonetheless. Maybe that's why she didn't write it down in such details like the other memories. 

He took the next stack of paper and began to read. The first few words caused him to jump in alarm as he read the content over. 

'I'm sure that you are wearing your watch as you read this on January 1st. By the time you look at your watch again, the time will be at 16:53, 36.963 seconds.'

Izayoi glance at his watch, shocked that the words written on the paper was true. A smile quickly grew on his face as excitement began to take over his body. 

"Damn, smelly old hag! To think you have this up your sleeves."

'Didn't I tell you not to call me smelly old hag.'

Izayoi scanned his rooms for any hidden cameras when he read the line. Sure enough there was no such thing, the only abnormality in his room was the man in a tail coat. 

He wondered if one of her friends had the quirk to look into the future. In such details as well... 

'Okay. I'm sure you already roughly guessed it. This is my final game. The host is the 'me who doesn't exist', the opponent is also 'me who doesn't exist', the challenge requirement is also me. Hence, there's only one way for Izayoi-chan to win! That would be to find the nonexistent 'me' and 'you' and hand it over to the entrance!'

Suddenly, the entire will and testament stacks flutter everywhere, moving out to land at various places of CANARIA foster home. 

The roof, courtyard, corridors, reception room and etc. They had even flew towards a dozen other places, leaving Izayoi momentarily dazed that the sudden phenomenon. 

"A delay quirk?" Izayoi muttered in amazement. A single paper flutter infront of him. He snapped out of his daze and snatched the paper from the air 

'In addition, if your still unable to figure it out by 1800hr -- I will be bringing everyone with me as my prize!'

"…What?!" Izayoi felt a very bad omen. Knowing his adoptive mother more than anyone else, she would never make false rules when she was the game host. 

He rushed out of his room and searched the whole compound for his adoptive siblings and the children. To his horror, there was no one. Not in the rooms, the backyard or the kitchen. There was no one in sight. Shocked by the sudden development, he checked his watch and found that it has reached 17.00.

He has an hour to solve his mother's game. If not, that will be the time that everyone in the CANARIA foster home went missing. 

It was 17.38 when Izayoi finally managed to retrieve all of the scattered will and testament. Once he did, he made his way to his bed and clutch a pillow, smashing it down towards the sleeping man with a force that managed to rip the pillows apart. 

"WUAH YO!" The man cried out in surprise and he jolted upwards from his slumber. 

"Woah, what Woah! How long are you planning to snooze on my bed?" Izayoi accused with impatient. 

Baron clambered off the bed, albeit unhappily, as he brushed off the feathers from his body. Raising his head, he tilted it slightly as he looked at Izayoi. "Well then, what's your business? Have you completed the game?"

Izayoi narrowed his eyes at the man. Seems like he was right in believing that Baron was involved in the game. Instead of pointing out the man's involvement right away, Izayoi offered the answer to Canaria's riddle. 

"The riddle was to find the nonexistent 'me' and 'you' and hand it over to the entrance --"

He began, scrutinizing the man's expression as he began to talk. 

"Firstly, it would be impossible to hand over an item that did not exist and I can only presume that it is a metaphor to describe something that exists -- as for the item in question, it was hidden in the previous stanza."

The host is the 'me who doesn't exist', 

the opponent is also 'me who doesn't exist', 

The challenge requirement is also me. 

"The only line that is different from the other two is the last line that doesn't deny it's own existence. So if I replace 'challage replacement' for 'last testament and will', then the only recount that wasn't mentioned in the will and last statement that did not talk about 'me' and 'you' --- would be the the incident where we had gone to observe the battlefield. And hence, that would be the answer for the riddle the 'me' and 'you' who doesn't exist."

The man clapped slowly at the boy's reasoning and deduction, getting an A+ for his complete explanation of the answer for the riddle. However, although he accepted Izayoi's answer, the man did not do anything further. 

Narrowing his eyes, Izayoi tried to intimidate the man. "Aren't you the 'entrance'?" 

The man faked a surprise look. "Oh? Me? That's a really interesting conjecture. What makes you think that, may I ask?"

Izayoi checked his time again and saw that it was 17.40. It was not the time to give long winded explanation, but it seems like he had no choice. 

"Your name is the last clue. Her statement of 'bringing everyone with me' would mean that she intends to bring them to the world of the dead."

The man nodded. "Hmhm. Then?"

"In other words, you are the entrance to the world of the dead as your nickname had suggested. South America god that governs life and death at the crossroad," His faltered slightly at his next word, looking at the man in tail coat warily. "My guess is you have a quirk that relates to death..."

"Nn. Nn." The man nodded along with Izayoi's conjecture. "That sure is a very interesting conjecture. But you who said the conjecture seems to be in doubt."

Izayoi gritted his teeth in frustration but kept quiet. 

"Oho? Looks like you are more in doubt than I thought. Judging from your character, I thought you would be happier to meet someone strong... Oh well, not that it matters. I will just answer your two doubts. Firstly, about the will. It was not tampered by me. Canaria truly wrote it with her own hands."

Izayoi clenched his hands into fist. "…and the other doubt?"

The man in a tail coat smiled crookedly. "That's the correct answer. I am Baron Croix, the one that possessed one of the most dangerous quirk in the world. Death inducement."

The man stretched his body as his presence grew. Izayoi took a step back and another to pull away from the man -- Baron Croix. 

"…Ha! I see! So you weren't just putting on an act of bravado." Izayoi said, putting on a brave face even though uneasiness fill his heart. 

"Of course not. But somehow you still seems to be in doubt?"

"Nope, there's no such thing... I did want to insist thinking otherwise but now that I'm facing you, there's no more question what is true or false."

Izayoi might shrugged his shoulder in a nonchalant manner, but lives were at stake. Cold sweats were beginning to trickle down his spine the more he was in the presence of the Baron. 

"I see. No wonder Canaria was worried..."

Izayoi stared man, puzzled. "What?"

Baron sighed. "I mean, Izayoi-chan, is that you are a very boring fellow," Izayoi's eye twitched at that. "Oh my, it is such a waste and pity to the point that it makes one surprise, shocked and very dissapointed in your entirety. Haiz. And here I heard that you were an interesting person. Although you might have a strong and abnormal quirk, it is clear that you have lost the method to release it's full potential. Or should I say you rejected it with your mental seals -- let me say it bluntly, you have become so used to the rules of society and I can't let you clear the game like this, you know? "

The heels of the man shoes tapped onto the floor as he held his bowler hat down, walking closer towards the boy with each menacing steps. 

A dread feeling fell in Izayoi's stomach as dark clouds began to emit from Baron's body.

A violent wind shattered the windows in the small room, allowing the weather from outside to enter.

"Well, then," Baron said, his steady approach towards Izayoi halted. "I have to adopt some extreme measures to start the ball rolling. And so, I hereby welcome you to my realm of death -- The crossroad of life and death!"

Izayoi's eyes widened in slight fear as he watched the man burst into black shadows.The dread feeling within him increased as his skin prickled uncomfortably. His vision began to turns grey as the air around him thickens.

"…Oi, Oi. What in the world..."

 Izayoi ran towards the nearest window and found the world had turned grey. No, not the world, but the area around CANARIA foster home in the shape of a spare. It's a wide area quirk's field. 

The boy gasped as he clasped his mouth and nose with his hand tightly when the smell began to invade his sense. The smell of death. 

Cold sweats ran down his spine as he tried to adept to his surroundings, eyes shifting left and right trying to figure out a plan to get himself and his adopted siblings out of the dangerous situation. 

Izayoi jumped down the window and ran towards the edge of the sphere. He reached his hand out only to be repelled back, causing his hand to sting in pain. 

"Izayoi-chan, this is the field of life and death I have created specially for you. Do you like it?"

Izayoi swiveled his head to look at the direction of the voice. He spotted the man standing on top of CANARIA's roof, hand spread in a flourish manner. 

"For you, Izayoi-chan, I will add an additional hurdle. So don't be reserved and display it all before me, Baron Croix! -- for I too want to see your enormous strength that you were gifted with by the world with my own eyes!" He announced. 

The man turned into shadows once again, disappearing into the ground. He grabbed onto Izayoi's delicate neck -- who was late in his reaction -- and forcefully threw him to the ground. 

Izayoi gasped out a small curse at the sudden attack. He tried to grab for the man's wrist that was pinning him down in hopes of turning their position over, but the man dissolves back into shadows only to appear behind him.

"Well, aren't you kind?! You only tried to neutralize my attack when I tried to kill you. It's so hard to find people like you these days." He laughed mockingly. He kicked the boy in the back as hard as he could. 

Izayoi was sent flying into the walls and shot back out into the garden, meeting a tree on the way that fell the moment he made impact with it. Dust trails along the boy's trajectory, concealing his fallen state from the man's eyes. 

The man tilted his bowler hat down, but it is not because of guilt. There was no such feeling within him. Instead he felt a sadistic satisfaction raise from within him by the ordeal. 

"Oi, you perverted bastard!"

"What?!" He turned around in surprise. This is due to the fact that the trail of destruction was still present and yet the course of the voice appeared behind him. It was not because he was called 'perverted bastard'. 

The man's eyes widened in surprise as he brought up his hand -- shimmering in black shadows -- to block the coming punch. 

Izayoi's punch sent the man flying, creating a shock wave strong enough to rattled the windows of CANARIA's building. 

"Oho? That was a defensive move. Does that mean my attack could have been fatal?" Izayoi asked. Surprisingly, he was not injured at all. The only thing that indicate he had been attacked was by the state of his clothing. Torn from left and right, as dirt and dust cover the rest. Other than his state of dress, what changed the most about Izayoi was his expression. No longer was he sporting a frown, instead it was replaced by a light smile that was more confident and a pleased look. 

"That's good, very good," Izayoi nodded, eyes shining in excitement. "You have some nice moves. It's been awhile since I had my blood boiling in me like that...? Haha. From the large gap between that time and now, I can't remember it at all! As expected of the man who has one of the deadliest quirk in the world!"

Izayoi started forward into a sprint that was equivalent to a cannon being shot from its barrel and created a crater beneath his foot that met the ground. 

Baron was slow to react as Izayoi grabbed his neck and flung him towards the nearest building. Fortunately, before the man made contact with the hard wall -- that would undoubtedly destroy it -- he turned into shadows and reappeared on top of the roof. 

"Let's fight to the end, Baron Croix! I request for you to accompany me in this game and play to my heart's content! Having prepared this game for me, having prepared this extra hurdle for me... and for being Canaria's stand-in agent for me! Your job should be putting up with me until I am bored of the game!"

Baron adjusted his swallowtail coat and dusted his bowler hat before placing it back onto his head. But this time, it openly showed his face. He was full of smiles as he replied. 

"Very well, if that is your wish...then I will throughly be your opponent as a stand-in host. But -- " His smile grew sharp and vicious. "Lad! I have already won this game the moment you are trapped within my field! If I accidentally kill you, please don't hold it against me!"

Shadows began to enveloped Baron's body, as the air around them began to grow heavier. 

Izayoi glance at his watch and clicked his tongue in irritation. "…Nn. What a headache...will I be able to make it?" Without anymore words being wasted, he launched himself towards the man and they began their fierce battle. 

They broke apart after the last confrontation. Izayoi and Baron Croix were both panting heavily, but there was not a single sign of injury on their body as all. 

On one side, Izayoi rendered any attack towards his body ineffective while Baron was able to recover in mere seconds without a scratch on his body. 

They were at a stalemate. 

Baron straighten his posture as he adjusted his beloved bowler hat. He stared at the boy with an unknown look. "Oh my, oh my. This is a separated stage I created with my own death quirk. What the hell is up with that body of yours? Why are you still alive and kicking after I have placed a death curse on you?"

"Nice question. I would really like to know too." Izayoi nonchalantly replied, like the thought of a death curse had not crossed his mind at all. 

Actually, it was he who was more surprised by the sudden turn of event. He can feel the uncomfortable prickling of his skin, and yet he was still standing. His quirk had always been a mystery to even himself.

"Is that so? Maybe I should make a new stage to motivate you? This is kind of getting boring --"

"No. That's enough."

Baron shut his mouth in surprise at Izayoi's words. He gave the boy a curious gaze. 

Izayoi held out his wrist that held the watch that miraculously survived the battle. "It's 17.50. The time is almost up," He sighed as he tilted his head upward towards the sky with his eyes closed. An expression of pure disappointment on his face. "Although I'm not satisfied at not being able to completely defeat you, I don't think I require another hurdle."

"…oh? Your satisfied?"

Izayoi glared at the man. "Didn't you hear me? I said I'm not satisfied! Listen to what others say, you damn pervert!" Although he said that, he wasn't feeling completely unsatisfied. The battle he had just experienced brought the flame that was beginning to fade within him blaze once again. 

"You, who possessed the quirk of death with this show of mastery should be able to ensure how your opponent die. I'm not sure if you truly intend to kill them if the time runs out, but if you did I will truly be unable to control myself."

Hearing Izayoi's declaration of victory before he even won the game, tone arrogant, Baron did not hide his expression of dissapoinment as he openly mocked Izayoi. 

"Oh my, oh my... What control? It sure doesn't seem like you to say that kind of thing. The source of one's will to survive lies in search of pleasure and for people like us who are the epitome of hedonist, shouldn't that be a very important part of our lives that we must never let go off? Moreover, Canaria's first lesson was 'To face your feelings candidly', am I wrong?"

Izayoi did not deny that and just closed his eyes. Following that, he tilted his head upwards and spread his arms.

"Hump! Are you really an acquaintance of her?"

"Huh? Yeah. Though I am more of her guardian than just mere acquaintance."

Izayoi blinked his eyes in surprise at that. He slowly turned towards the man that was watching him closely. Huh. Does that mean the man was his grandfather? Izayoi shook the thought away.

"I guess now it makes more sense why you don't know the true meaning behind her words."

"What?" Baron looked throughly confused and perplexed. 

"Since your the one doing the raising, I guess you wouldn't have known," Izayoi gesture towards the destruction their battle had created. Although the building was left standing, the same cannot be said to the wide backyard and garden. There was nothing left to indicate it was once beautiful and battle scar free. "Take a close look at the things around us. If I were to intentionally throw a tantrum, it will only take a matter of minutes before the structure of Human society crumbles. In this situation, it isn't even thinkable for me to release my stress. And when facing with that kind of 'me', the words 'Face your feelings candidly' only serves as a way to restrain me in chains."

Baron stood quietly as he stared at Izayoi with a blank look.

"'Face your feelings candidly'--that's right, she always says that to me wherever we go. Traveling with me across the continent, sailing the seven seas, exploring the seven wonders of the world, tracking the historical sites and Human heritage to share with me the feeling of awe and wonder as I began to appreciate the beauty of the world -- she instilled those feelings into me so that I will never destroy the world."

In order to prevent Izayoi from destroying the world, Canaria had utilized the method of showing the beauty of the world to seal his strength. To ensure that there is love and compassion in his heart. 

"…Nn. That's what her words truly mean. Even if it's very tempting, I do not require anything that might destroy that seal that has been laid upon me. For it wouldn't matter if it is tomorrow or the day after…I will still continue to live in this world." Izayoi gave a wary smile as he looked at the grey sky. 

Something changed within Baron's eyes as he listened to Izayoi. For the first time since they met, Izayoi finally felt like he was being looked at seriously.

"Izayoi-chan... Do you like this world?"

Izayoi nodded, not embarrassed to show his true feelings about the matter. "Nn. I like it alot. To the point that I would endure with the fact that I would have to live with this boring life until I die." He gave his answer candidly with no shame, shyness or hastiness in his eyes or tone. 

Baron tilted his bowler hat downward as he sighed. "…Really? To think Canaria was able to cause the highest extremist which is adapt in this world."

"Yes. That's right. The Sakamaki Izayoi who was once a trouble making machine had now become a person that will adapt to the societal norms. For a memento, I would really wish to receive a letter of acknowledgement from you who is known as one of the deadliest mercenary in the world!" Izayoi burst into a carefree laughter, but the timing just made it seems empty. 

And Baron has seen right through it. The heart of Izayoi that was drowning in dissapointment and loneliness. Pulling his hat upwards, Baron gave Izayoi a determined look. 

"But this won't do, Izayoi-chan."

Izayoi's laughter halted as he looked at the man with a wary expression. "What?"

The man sighed dramatically. "I've only just now realized the true meaning behind Canaria's game that she has planned for you. I've just understood how to close the curtain for this game! That seal Canaria left on you...I will destroy it even if I have to use the harshest method--!"

Baron took his hat off and pulled out several cards. He threw the bowler hat without a second thought and allowed the cards to float beside him. 

"What...what are you planning to do?!" Izayoi shouted, his brows furrowed in concern as he stared at the cards beside the man. What concern him most were the images on the cards. It held both Homura's and Suzuka's images, as well as the other children. 

"I have sealed those children's life in this card of mine. It is the only place that could guarantee someone's survival when they are within my field. However, I will increase the potency of my quirk which even this card could not protect them from. If you truly want to save them, you can only choose to defeat me or destroy this field, there is no other choice!" Baron displayed his strong determination. 

And Izayoi felt his anxiety rise to the point of nausea throughout his body. 

Izayoi quickly shut the door that held doubts within his heart. He took a deep breath and forcefully calmed his raging heart, and found his composure once again. It was no time to panic, lives are at stake. 

"Baron Croix! Stop this! If you keep this up, even you will be --"

"That's right, Sakamaki Izayoi! If this keeps up, my quirk will go out of control. And once that happens, many lives will be lost, including me," He spread his arms wide as he gave his dramatic speech. "If you wish to save these lives, you can only depend on your power to destroy my stage!"

Izayoi harshly clicked his tongue as he gathered strength in his fist. He jumped and aimed the punch towards the mad man, but his fist harmlessly phased through the man like shadow. The shock wave from the punch caused the upper window of the foster home to shatter into millions of pieces. 

"Your full strength shouldn't be like that right, Sakamaki Izayoi! Do you wish to send everyone to the garden of death with Canaria?!"


Their surroundings darken and the smell of death thicken. If someone else were to take Izayoi's place, they would've been ten times over. Again and again Izayoi tries to punch the man -- the direct source of death -- until his fists finally shows the effect of the death quirk. 

Bloody beaten to the point it seems like his hands had began to decay.

The sight snapped Baron's patience. "You moron! With a punch like that, how can you break my quirk?!"

"Then what do you want me to do, you perverted bastard!?" Izayoi yelled back, his breath laboured and his hands throb in pain. 

"Don't just punch, use your quirk! So long as you use your quirk, this place shouldn't be a problem for you!"

"Quirk?" Izayoi was taken aback by the man's statement. That shouldn't be right, he was using his quirk. What was he talking about? 

"Yes! The strength you currently possessed is merely the surface of your quirk's full potential!"

Izayoi stared at his hands in confusion. "You say it's only the surface..."

"That's right! So long as you use the strength that lies dormant within your body, destroying my death field should not be a problem!"

Finding that Izayoi had begun to be optimistic, Baron smiled slightly. It brought his mood to taunt back. He spread his arms in a dramatic gesture once again. 

"Well then, Sakamaki Izayoi. Show me the power that has forced Canaria -- the Poet -- to seal your powers. Show me the proof and miracle within your body that has moved that troublesome woman. If you don't utilize it now -- you might never get the chance to ever again!"

Although Izayoi was in cold sweat, his mood had begun to raise once again. To think someone had suggested for him to use his full power. The only time he had not held back was his cries when he was brought into this world. He knew ever since he was small that the world and society was a fragile and dreamlike shelter for him.

He fear that one day, he would accidentally destroy it. And now the other party was saying that he could use his full strength without holding back, and to even command Izayoi to use a dormant power that even he has not realized that he possessed.

Izayoi felt his chest soared at the thought. Unconsciously, he raised his right hand up high and due to the natural movement, his body realize that it was the perfect posture to release his quirk. 

"Just like that... I guess you still can't use the full potential of your quirk. But it's alright, you have time. Before then, swing your fist down desperately." Baron said as he scrutinized Izayoi critically. 

A light beam appeared in Izayoi's hand, and the moment he swung his hand down, the light pierced through the sphere like paper, creating a pillar of light that came from the heaven. 

The death sphere created by Baron dissipated, allowing the bright sun and the blue sky to shine upon them once again. 

Baron stared at the sky, a small proud smile dancing on his aged face. 

When Izayoi woke up, the sky was beginning to turn yellow. He was laying on the hard ground, with his face in the dirt and drool slipping down his chin. He jerked awake and quickly swipe the drool away with his sleeves, frowning at his undignified state. 

He turned his gaze towards his watch and found that the time was 18.15. He swiftly scanned the foster home from left and right. Finding the destruction from his battles still in place. 

Trying to keep down his panic at the sight, he recalls the last few minutes of his battle after the light beam he had created. However, something hugged him from behind, stopping his musing in place. 

Izayoi's eyes widened in surprise when someone actually managed to sneak behind him without him realizing it until the last moment. But once that surprise has disappeared, relief flood into him at the familiar sound of the children. 

"Iza-nii!" Suzuka exclaimed. 

"Iza-nii." The tired voice sounds so foreign in Homura's voice. 

Soon enough, several more children came running towards him and buried him in a pile. 

Izayoi huffed in annoyance, but on the inside he was glad to find they had not joined Canaria in the land of the dead. 

"Get off me, you brats! Didn't I tell you unless you have a D cup, don't even think about hugging me?"

Suzuka released his neck as she pouted at him angrily. "I'll have you know that I, Suzuka, will have a voluptuous body in the future! It's better if you feel the pre-order goods before it runs out!"

Izayoi flicked her forehead, feeling amused by her statement. "It's the future right. So it's not set in stone, baka."

The children laughed at the expenses of their friend who pouted like a squirrel in winter. 

A small smile took over Izayoi's expression at the sight of the familiar scene. But the peace soon shattered when he felt another presence approaching them at a high speed. 

Izayoi's warped his arms around the children, protecting them from the violent wind as All Might came crashing down from the sky. 

"I am here!" He said, in a typical heroic posture. His expression immediately turns to one of concern once he saw the huddled children in the middle of a destroyed backyard. "Children! Are you alright?"

Izayoi knew before he saw it that the sudden appearence of the number one hero have brought various of admiration from the children. So it wasn't surprising when they immediately left his embrace to greet the hero like normal children. Squealing and screeching in excitement. 

Izayoi sighed as he stood up, dusting off the dirt and dust from his clothing. He noted that he was in such a ruffled state that it would bring worry to anyone who saw his current state. His bloody fist did not help in his current image. 

A soft touch on his arm brought him to attention to Homura who was examining his fist, his expression squinted in worry. Izayoi ruffled the boy's head gently, reassuring the boy that he was alright silently. 

"Iza-nii, this letter is glowing..."

Izayoi turned to Suzuka and the letter she was holding. He grabbed the held out letter and scanned the content in surprise. It was a miracle the letter Canaria gave All Might survived that battle, but what truly caught his attention was the new words forming under the light of the setting sun. 

Izayoi quickly read through the content as fast as he could. Considering what he had experience when he read the previous will brought to him by the man wearing a tailcoat, he took into account every word that was written. 

A smile slowly took it's place as he read over her words. She always managed to surprise him. Predicting everything that had happened, she even got the time to mock him in her letters. Giving him a choice when she knew what he would have chosen. 

That battle with Baron had awaken a feeling he had forgotten. The trill of battles and new adventures. He had forgotten how much the world could offer. In a world with super-powered humans, there was bound to be more people like him. Low in number but they still exist. Maybe he didn't have to live a boring life afterall. 

He's a hedonist through and through, but it wouldn't dampened his boredom if he saved people on the side. Canaria was also a Hero -- former-hero -- and she got to live life the way she wanted it. 

"Hey, All Might..."

The number one hero turned his attention towards Izayoi who had called him. "Yes, Young Sakamaki?"

"That rat principal is still around right?"

The large man nodded. "Yes. Although I've arrived first, they are on their way."

"Good." Izayoi said as he turned to enter the foster home. 

"Young Sakamaki, we still need to discuss what happened here..."

"I know. Let's bring this discussion inside. I made sure to avoid destroying CANARIA completely, so it should be safe."

The man hesitated for a moment, but followed the boys lead in the end. "…Alright."