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Hinata is planning a vacation.

Now, he just has to ask Kageyama to come. He doesn't want his brand new boyfriend to hate the idea of going on a trip to Brazil, but he REALLY doesn't want him to hate the idea of going on a trip with only Hinata.

Hinata brings it up while they're getting ready for bed the next time he spends the night at Kageyama's.


"A couple weeks before we start training for the season. I want to see Nice and Heitor's baby! And Pedro!"

"And you want me to come with you?"

"Only if you want to."

"I never got to vacation as a kid," Kageyama says as he puts toothpaste on his toothbrush.

"It'll be so much fun!"

"OK, I'm in."

"YEAH!" Kageyama smiles with his toothbrush still in his mouth and Hinata laughs at him.

The long flight is better when you have good company. They agreed on which old games they'd watch the week before, and Kageyama remembers to bring the gum to stop their ears from popping. Hinata fell asleep and Kageyama doesn't even complain about the drool stain on his shoulder!

They spend their first night with Heitor, Nice and little baby Sophia.

She's not as little as Hinata thought she would be from the photos, but she still can't talk. Nice asks if Kageyama wants to hold her and his eyes go wide like someone asked him to play libero instead of setter.

"I don't know ..."

Nice says something to Hinata and calls him over.

"Have you never held a baby?" Hinata asks, and Kageyama shrugs. He adjusts Kageyama's arms and gently places Sophia in them.

He's too busy telling a story about baby Natsu to see Nice take their photo.

Hinata takes Kageyama for a run every day, showing him different routes he perfected during his time here. They always race on the beach at the end, but they'll sit silently in the sand and watch the sunrise together. After a couple minutes, Kageyama will reach for Hinata's hand.

They go to Pedro's apartment, Hinata's old place, for dinner. Pedro freaks out over Kozume Kenma's signature and Kageyama doesn't get it. Kageyama is thrilled to meet someone that speaks a decent amount of Japanese, since Hinata has been forced to do most of the talking.

Kageyama tells Hinata this when they're walking back to their hostel.

"Does it bother you that you can't talk to people?"

"No," Kageyama says, "Because it's cool to watch you speak another language. You're smart, dumbass."

Hinata takes a swing at him and Kageyama laughs.

Hinata secretly signed them up for a charity volleyball tournament. Hinata stresses that Kageyama can say no if he's worried about a potential injury this close to the new season, but Kageyama waves him off.

He'd never pass up a chance to play with Hinata.

(Hinata jokes with the tournament organizers in Portuguese that, yes, while they are both professional volleyball players, Kageyama has played beach only twice and that should be enough of a handicap for their team. Kageyama, not knowing he's being insulted, smiles at Hinata.)

They spend all day in the sun, playing teams of all ages. They come in third, but they're not mad because they get to hang out with the kids and teach them some tricks. Hinata works as a translator as Kageyama describes his shoulder and arm stretches to a pack of 9-year-olds.

There's one little setter, and even though Kageyama barely speaks any Portuguese, he stays with this girl for hours going over moves and miming out plays. Like a parent at the park, Hinata has to fetch Kageyama when it's time to go home. The girl hugs Kageyama's leg goodbye.

"Hey," Kageyama says while Hinata is rubbing aloe on his shoulders the night before the flight back to Japan. "I had a lot of fun, thanks for planning this."

"I'm glad you had fun! I think this might be my favourite vacation," Hinata says as he lightly kisses Kageyama's cheek.

When their plane lands in Tokyo, Hinata squeezes Kageyama's hand.

"We have to split up now," Hinata says.

"Yeah," Kageyama says, and he squeezes Hinata's finger back. "But we wouldn't have to split up if we lived together."

Hinata moves in to Kageyama's place three months later.