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Coach is mad about the losing streak, so the Adlers have an extra long practice.

Hinata’s been living with Kageyama for a couple days now, and sending a quick “I won’t be home for dinner” message seemed like the polite thing to do.

By the time Kageyama leaves practice, he’s a sore and grumpy man. His limbs ache and his muscles burn. He almost scowls at an old woman on the way home and puts in his headphones to avoid any other unwanted attention.

Kageyama opens the door to his apartment and stomps into the kitchen, but there’s Hinata, wearing Kageyama’s old Adlers sweater, putting a hot plate of food on the table.

“Hey, Kageyama! How are you feeling?”

“I’m tired ... what’s this?”

“Well I figured your extra practice would be tiring, so I had dinner ready, and I’m going to run you a bath. I got more of that bath salt stuff you like.”

“But,” Kageyama says, “why?”

Hinata pauses, tilts his head back to laugh, and keeps going.

“Kageyama, we live together now! I’ll help you on bad days and you’ll do the same for me.” Hinata pulls out the kitchen chair and refuses to leave until Kageyama sits. “I just want you to be happy.”

“Thank you, Shouyou.”

“You’re welcome, Tobio. I’m going to fill the tub.”

Hinata kisses Kageyama’s hair before heading off to the bathroom. After a quiet meal and bath, Kageyama joins Hinata for his daily meditation and Hinata offers to rub his sore leg muscles.

Kageyama is pretty lucky, he has the best boyfriend in the world.