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Hinata likes kissing.

His first kiss was rushed. They were behind the shed at school in the middle of winter. Hinata felt bad that she was out in the cold in a skirt, so they kissed quickly and he took her inside. It didn’t feel like as big a deal as he thought it’d be.

But then Hinata learned how to kiss for real. Not the “awkward unmoving statue” kissing. Not the “take a break to wipe off your mouth” kissing. Not the “trying to eat your mouth with my tongue” kissing. Hinata thankfully left that behind in high school.

Nagisa taught him how nice it was to kiss slow, like sweet syrup.

João showed Hinata how amazing neck kisses are.

He didn’t know he’d like tiny bites to his lips until Lara did it and Hinata started to squirm.

He found something new to enjoy about kissing all the time.

When his feelings for Kageyama grow into something more than friendship, Hinata wonders how he’d kiss. He’s a bit rough, anyways, and who knows how much practice Kageyama had while Hinata was off in Rio.

But Kageyama isn’t the rough kid he used to be. When he agrees to kiss Hinata, it’s fast and soft and then he’s done.

“I don’t know,” Kageyama says when Hinata asks him what’s going on, “kissing is kinda weird, right? Like, wet? Whatever.”

It’s not that Kageyama doesn’t like him, it’s that he doesn’t like kissing. Hinata can help with that. He starts with very light kisses - on Kageyama’s cheek when he makes dinner, on his bare shoulder after he hits snooze in the morning, on the tips of his fingers before sleep.

Hinata takes his time and teaches Kageyama all his favourite things about kissing. Kageyama likes to kiss Hinata’s neck when he’s blushing to hide his face - Hinata lets him because it feels good. Kageyama’s not a huge fan of tongue ... until Hinata’s panting more than breathing.

Hinata falls in love with Kageyama when he says “I don’t really like kissing, but I love kissing you.”